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Feature on Graduation

Hello Squealer Readers! We hope you are all feeling refreshed after the Christmas break and are pleased to be back for another great term. January is a great time to reflect on what you want to get out of the year ahead and to start making small steps towards making those things happen. Want to dedicate more time to other people or the community? Consider volunteering either at one of our project days or more regularly. Want to meet more people and pursue an interest outside of your course? Maybe you should consider joining a student group. Whatever you want to get out of the year ahead, we want to help you achieve it.

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In this edition we look ahead to the officer elections this term and LGBT History Month. Get the latest news from UoC, UCSU and find out what your officer team have been up to. We share what your student groups got up to in the lead up to Christmas, showcase your Instagram photos from around campus and share the highlights of #thisUCSUgirlcan. We’re always looking for new and interesting content! If you’d like to contribute to The Squealer in any way, please contact nicola. Alternatively, if there is something you think we should be covering which we are currently not – make sure you let us know. Happy reading! Editor: Nicola Haydon Graphic Designer: Vincent Walden



OFFICER UPDATE ROWAN COOPER-GRITTEN Find me on: Email - Facebook - Rowan Cooper-Gritten

Hello, everyone! I hope you have been keeping well and as happy as possible in the onset of winter and impending deadlines and exams. Since the last edition of The Squealer I have supported and gathered responses for the UCSU Housing Survey. The survey aims to provide students with information about the quality of local accommodation and we hope to reveal the results soon. I’ve talked to students across campuses, promoting the Headspace app and discussing the changes you would like to see with UCSU support. I’ve advised you on accommodation issues in Ambleside and Carlisle and ensured that action was taken on your behalf. Working with LiSS International, I supported the International Food Bazaar in Lancaster. With my fellow officers I delivered “Vote of Thanks” speeches at the Cathedral during Graduation Week. I also ensured completion of a number of surveys regarding your awareness of services that the University delivers to support students with disabilities. I will provide a summary of results to the participants and to the University, to further promote awareness and effectiveness of UoC Student Support. I’m always willing to talk with you and get feedback about any health & wellbeing, accommodation and personal welfare topics or concerns that you may have, so that we can do what we can to make sure you have the happiest and healthiest time at university as you possibly can!


The Squealer | Officer Update

BETHANY CUTTER Welcome back to a new year at UCSU! We had a very busy end of semester 1, and we have lots planned for 2017! Since our last update, I’ve been very busy at all your campuses. In November, I ran the #thisUCSUgirlcan week which saw 16 events ran by student groups across campuses and a sweaty selfie competition. We also had Ghyll scrambling in Ambleside which you can find out about on page 22. I’ve helped RAG society run some events to raise money for Look Good Feel Better cancer charity and we had the first 2 panel meetings, giving me lots to do with your ideas! One of the things the Panel have achieved is getting the Rigg Cottage opened as a social space at Ambleside campus. I will be continuing to work on water dispensers, microwaves and all the other ideas you have. At the 2016 Graduations, I gave the vote of thanks, and I attended the new Vice Chancellors Inauguration. On Brampton Road, we had an Artsy Fartsy Pizza Party, where we received some great feedback, and during December I ran around dressed as an elf, handing out candy canes spreading Christmas cheer! You can imagine we were ready for break after all that! As well as all this, we’ve been planning the next semester of events and activities so keep an eye out for fun around campuses. I’ll be working with students to plan and run Fairtrade Fortnight, helping out with our elections, working on your Panel ideas and continuing to talk to as many of you as possible. If you want help with an idea you have or anything else, please do contact me. Let’s have a great 2017 at Cumbria!

Find me on: Email - Facebook - Bethany Cutter Twitter - @BethanyUcsu

THERESA PELLEGRINO Welcome back! Christmas, presents, family, time off, New Year, and countless naps; the holidays are always a good time to relax. Here’s hoping you have all had a good rest and have come back refreshed, ready for Semester 2. For some of you these next few months will be the home stretch; which means completing dissertations and the end of your time at Uni. I found this time of my Uni life the most difficult. There are days you might consider giving up, just as I did; however, keep going – I promise it will be worth it! Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete assignments, take many breaks (or even naps, I guarantee this will help!), keep yourself hydrated and fed and make sure you book in time to chat to friends, who are a great source of support! The LiSS team are also available to help out with referencing, regulation queries and further support so be sure to use them. And if you are still finding it difficult, just pop into the office or get in touch for a chat. Our support team are fantastic and I am available for chats through Facebook, Twitter, email or in person – don’t struggle alone! In the next few months I will be holding drop-in sessions in the various cafeterias on different campuses (dates and time will be found on our website and social media soon). I will be available for any advice you might need on all things academic over a tea or coffee, and will try my best to help were I can – I look forward to meeting lots of you! Till next time … T

Find me on: Email – Facebook – Theresa Pellegrino Twitter - @AcademicOfficer


The Squealer | News Bites

News Bites Want to find out what support University of Cumbria has available to you? Or maybe you just fancy some free cake? The university will be holding Welcome Back events in January across campuses. Ambleside: Tuesday 24th January, 11:30-1:30, The Barn Brampton Road: Tuesday 24th January, 11:30-1:30, Canteen Lancaster: Thursday 26th January, 11:30-1:30, Snack Zone Fusehill Street: Friday 27th January, 11:30-1:30, Learning Gateway London: 23rd-26th January, 1-2, Library Foyer

The WhatUni Student Survey is still open, giving you the opportunity to give your review on the University of Cumbria. If you complete a review you will be entered into a prize draw to win a ÂŁ200 food shop! Submit your review at before Tuesday 28th February to be in with a chance to win.


UCSU has its own podcast! You can now listen to a range of student podcasts at covering topics from laughing to Planet Earth. Interested in recording your own? Contact

Two UoC students are doing their placement with Eden Mencap and are supporting the Turn Penrith Purple campaign. Eden Mencap are working to raise awareness of Polio and the importance of the vaccines. They are requesting donations of purple wool (either in balls or knitted into squares or strips) ready for yarn bombing Penrith at the end of February, when the purple crocuses will be in bloom. Any donations can be dropped off at the UCSU office on the Fusehill Street campus or to Eden Arts at the old fire station in Penrith.


USE CODE: SUDS4015 Only valid at participating stores. Not valid with any other offer. Pizza from the menu or create your own with up to 4 toppings. Offer can be withdrawn without notice, subject to to availability.




The Squealer | Officer Elections



So it’ll soon be election time again where you’ll be voting for your UCSU officers for the 2017/18 academic year. That’s all well and good but I can hear you asking what exactly are UCSU elections? Why should I put myself forward as a candidate? Why should I vote? Hello everyone, my name is Matt Bradbury and I have been a candidate in three UCSU elections now. Winning two Panel elections to become Department of Business, Law, Policing and Social Sciences rep in 2015/16 and to become Postgraduate rep for 2016/17 and in the middle I ran unsuccessfully for Welfare and Support Officer. This means I’ve been on both sides of the election results but for once; it actually is the taking part that counts. The reason why I first stood as a candidate in the Panel election is because I’d had a taster of what UCSU is and does, through my role as a team leader and academic rep. I wanted to get students’ voices heard and ensure they were listened to as the most integral part of the university. Not only that, but the pride you get from being able to say that you represent your peers is hugely rewarding and it all helps the CV too. After being on the Panel in 2015/16, I was amazed at how much the students actually get a say on. For example, any student can submit any idea that they think would improve any aspect of life at the University of Cumbria and through the Panel students can have their say on the biggest of decisions such as our affiliation with NUS for example. 7

Elections are your opportunity to vote for who you want to represent you as your Panel reps and officers, and with the officer elections looming you don’t want to miss out. Even if being a candidate isn’t for you, make sure you use your vote and have your say on who you want representing you to be the person that makes sure your voice is heard. If you’re unsure about any aspect of the elections, pop into your UCSU office and speak to one of the team, their door’s always open. In addition to being a postgraduate psychology student, I also work full-time for the university in marketing and recruitment and I can confidently say that having the experience of being involved in UCSU elections helped me to get my job. See, that’s the best thing about being a candidate; the confidence it gives you and the people you get to meet. I mentioned earlier that it really is the taking part that counts and that’s because of what you get from being a part of a UCSU election. So if you want to meet a variety of new people across all campuses and courses as well as gain confidence and skills whilst improving your CV, what are you waiting for? Visit your UCSU office and find out more about the elections and being a candidate. Written by Matt Bradbury

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The Squealer | LGBT History Awareness Month

KILLED The names you see here are the names of those who have died because of antitransgender violence. 386 deaths have been confirmed through the media in the last 5 years with many more which have gone unreported. Whilst we are celebrating LGBT History awareness, we must never forget those who have lost their lives because of ignorance, bigotry and fascism. From the Admiral Duncan pub bombing, to the Pulse Orlando shooting, from those who are still killed and imprisoned in 76 states to the thousands of LGBT people killed in the holocaust. WE REMEMBER. In pride and solidarity. UCSU

February sees the celebration of LGBT History Awareness month in 2017. The aim of the celebration for 2017 is focused on Citizenship, Personal, Social and Health Education (PHSE) and Law. It also marks the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of male homosexuality in England and Wales. The overriding aim of LGBT History month is to promote equality and diversity • Increasing the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (“LGBT”) people, their history, lives and their experiences in the curriculum and culture of educational and other institutions, and the wider community; • Raising awareness and advancing education on matters affecting the LGBT community; • Working to make educational and other institutions safe spaces for all LGBT communities; and • Promoting the welfare of LGBT people, by ensuring that the education system recognises and enables LGBT people to achieve their full potential, so they contribute fully to society and lead fulfilled lives, thus benefiting society as a whole.* (*Quoted directly from uk/about/)

NUS are marking February as LGBT + History Month, with the theme being QTIPOC (Queer Trans Intersex People of Colour) and NUS are launching a ‘QTIPOC history’. NUS will also be marking the awareness month through the celebration of LGBT+ women in history and will be touring Student Unions throughout the UK during February. Get Involved For more information about the aims of LGBT History Awareness Month 2017 and how you could get involved visit: Did you know there is an LGBTQ representative on the UCSU Panel? Callum Baines was elected in October. If you want to get in touch with him, please do so via You can also contact your Welfare and Support Officer, Rowan at


The Squealer | A spotlight on...

A spotlight on


NSS What is the NSS? The NSS is a survey of most final year undergraduate students across the UK. The survey is administered nationally by Ipsos MORI, a research organisation which is completely independent of any university. Your answers are confidential – and they are published in a way that ensures an individual’s answers are never identifiable. How do I complete it? For University of Cumbria students the survey is being launched on Monday 6th February. When we launch the survey, you will receive an invitation email with a personalised link to take you straight to the survey. You can complete the survey on your mobile, tablet or laptop.

£1 to the University will donate For every completed survey k Good Loo st, Tru y tha Bra The rities: this year’s RAG Society cha ish UK! Feel Better and Make-A-W

Make-A-Wish exists to grant magical wishes to enrich the lives of children fighting life-threatening conditions.


What’s involved? You will be asked how much you agree or disagree with a number of statements; there is also a “not applicable” option to use if a statement really doesn’t apply to you. The statements are designed to give you the opportunity to reflect in detail on the whole of your time at the University. Why should I complete it? This is your opportunity to give your independent, honest opinions of the experience you have had as a student over three years. The information you give provides valuable information to enhance students’ experiences.


The Brathay Trust is a youth charity based in Cumbria. Brathay’s main focus is on training and developing general skills for youth, including outdoor education and experiential learning.

Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is a cancer support charity, providing practical and effective free services for women and teenagers struggling with the visible side effects of cancer treatment.

Take part in the National Student Survey - It’s quick to complete and you’ll be helping prospective students make the right choices of where and what to study. If you are studying on a course leading to undergraduate credits or qualifications and are in your final year, you may be eligible for the NSS. Visit to find out.


Volunteering Volunteering with Sense Holidays Written by Rebekah Russell, Student Occupational Therapist and Sense Volunteer

I wanted to do something different with my summer. Something positive that would further myself and my career prospects. When I found out about Sense holidays and short breaks I applied straight away; what could be more rewarding than giving a child with complex needs an exciting holiday? Volunteering with deafblind children would be new to me. I thought it could be a perfect opportunity for me to gain new skills and experiences to benefit my future career as I work towards becoming a paediatric Occupational Therapist, demonstrating how even outside of my course I am striving to develop myself as a healthcare professional – perfect for my Continuing Professional Development portfolio! As a group of four children, five volunteers and one experienced holiday leader we spent a week exploring the local attractions of Wiltshire; from Legoland to strawberry picking, and enjoying swimming in the pool at our cottage. During the holiday I developed my Makaton and communication skills, and became confident in supporting each child as an individual, learning how to manage their environment to keep them happy, and how to calm them when they felt overwhelmed. Most importantly I encouraged the holidaymaker I was paired with over the week to engage in the world around her and watched her joy as she did. I couldn’t have hoped to work with a more amazing bunch of volunteers; we were such a strong and positive team from the moment we arrived. Cheesy as it sounds, it was like a family. I have so many fond memories of my Sense holiday; as you’d expect, it had its challenges at times, but they were certainly outweighed by the smiles and laughs. Will I be back next year? 100% yes.

Sense organise holidays and short breaks throughout the year and all around the UK for people of all ages with multisensory impairments and complex needs. You can find out more information about the work we do and how you can get involved by visiting


The Squealer | Focus on Volunteering

Volunteering Fair Tuesday 29th November On the 29th November the University of Cumbria, UCSU and Cumbria CVS held a volunteering fair in the Learning Gateway at the Fusehill Street Campus. Students and members of the public came to find out about different things they could get involved in that would develop their skills and experience whilst fitting in with the time they have available. The event was attended by the following organisations: Age UK Carlisle & Eden, Cumbria Law Centre, East Cumbria Family Support, Cumbria Youth Offending Team, Prison Advice and Care Trust (Pact), Carlisle Youth Zone, Victim Support, Carlisle Carers, Circles of Support/CROPT, People First Independent Advocacy, Eden Valley Hospice, Cumbria Constabulary, Oxfam Bookshop, Carlisle Key and the British Red Cross. The fair was a great way to talk informally to different charities and find opportunities that would fit in with your interests and link with studies and career paths. For those of you who weren’t able to get to the fair but would like to find out about different volunteering roles in your area please visit our volunteering platform where you can read about what’s available and how it can work for you:

National Student Volunteering Week – February 2017 Student Volunteering Week will highlight all the volunteering students currently take part in in their communities and will take place from Monday 20th - Friday 24th February 2017. We would love to hear from any students who currently volunteer and for you to tell us more about what you do and the organisations you volunteer with – whatever and wherever it may be. UCSU will also be teaming up with local organisations to host volunteering project days for students from all sites to get involved in so it will be a fantastic opportunity for you to give volunteering a go, do something different, have fun, meet new people and gain new skills. If you’d like to get involved, contact


Groups Carlisle Christian Union

Written by Dorcas Elongama

We’re a society formed solely to evangelise, we’re nondenominational and welcome all students to our meetings where we are trained to share the gospel both with our friends and through the events we run. Here’s a quick round up of what we got up to last semester: We had a large growth in membership with an official count of 28 members, which is amazing. We have loved meeting new people and having a chance to engage in many different conversations about Christian life and advise each other with any issues that we may have. Last semester we also had our first series of talks called the ‘WHY?’ series. This series has allowed us to explore the questions that we ask ourselves within our own Christian lives such as ‘why do we have to go to church?’. It has allowed us to grow in ways that we never thought we would and has also allowed to have a better understand of life as a young Christian. We would like to just take this opportunity to thank all the speakers that were involved in this series. We really appreciate all the preparation that you had to go through and the encouragement that you have brought to us. At the end of October we had the opportunity to meet with the other CUs of the University of Cumbria and the University of Central Lancashire. We had a great time worshipping God together and learning new things from different CU’s that have the same aim and vision as us of spreading the gospel around their campuses. This weekend had also allowed to grow more as a CU by getting to know each other more and benefitting from many different activities and different perspective of the word. At the end of the year we teamed with The Way and the University of Cumbria Chaplaincy. This was a great way to finish the year and a great opportunity to spread the gospel and also have a great time singing different carols. In addition to this we had the pleasure of having the CU band play during the service and would just like to say well done to them for doing so well.

Carols in the Castle Written by Gemma Acton


The Carols in the Castle Service is a combined event between Lancaster University Christian Union and University of Cumbria Christian Union which took place on Thursday 8th December. We organised a free service at Lancaster Castle and free mulled wine and mince pies were provided. Adrian Holloway spoke and a number of local choirs/ bands performed across the evening. It was a really great way to spend a Thursday night on the lead up to Christmas.

The Squealer | Focus on Student Groups

TO CHEER E M O C L E W – S T IN UCSU SA UCSU Saints have had a great first semester! There are currently over 30 members of hardworking, committed, spirited girls. Cheerleading has regained members from last year’s drop while Pom Dance has sustained interest around campus. The captain has implemented an inclusive coaching style which has allowed for a diverse group of cheerleaders this year with a whole range of special skills! Practice is well under way for competition in March, and we are confident for our chances of getting a trophy. In cheerleading, we are stunting our Pyramid and stunt groups; the flyers are increasing in confidence and the girls’ jumps are getting much higher and cleaner. Pom Dance have learned their competition routine and are working on being perfectly timed and not dropping our poms (this is harder than it seems!) in the pom pass. You may have seen some of the routine, as we performed for the #thisUCSUgirlcan campaign to help raise money. We are sponsored by Student Housing Lancaster and Dalton Rooms; come say hi if you see us around, we’ll be wearing our bows. Come see us in January at the Refreshers fair, we are always looking for new members. If you are hardworking and enthusiastic you are perfect for the team! This year we will be holding events to raise money for Manchester Children’s Hospital to support the fantastic job they do in supporting children and their families. Keep an eye out for more details. Congratulations to Abigail Grimshaw and Paige Hadley for completing their Level 2 cheerleading coaching, ready to run Cheer Society 20172018. Best of luck girls! SAY WE ARE PROUD OF YOU, SAY WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!!

Written by Lauren Alderson

Labour Students Xmas Party & English Open

Mic Night



The Squealer | Feature on Graduation

n o e r u t A fea Graduation

Images credited to Ede & Ravenscroft

In November we were pleased to celebrate the achievements of a new set of University of Cumbria graduates, including three of our own staff members. Your officers represented UCSU at each of the graduation ceremonies, giving a “vote of thanks” and taking part in the academic procession. This was the first time they had been invited to do so, and they each enjoyed taking part in the ceremonies. Theresa, your academic officer, also represented UCSU at the formal inauguration of Professor Julie Mennell as the institution’s vice chancellor. The ceremony, led by the Most Reverend and Right Honourable Dr John Sentamu, Chancellor of University of Cumbria and Archbishop of York, took place at Carlisle Cathedral on Thursday 24 November. In her inaugural speech, Professor Mennell spoke of her determination to make the university “a strong anchor institution” developing a strong STEM, rural and visitor economy, arts and culture, health and well-being and education portfolio for Cumbria, Lancashire and beyond.” And with the university set to mark its tenth anniversary in August she told staff and students of her desire to build on the institution’s success so far: “I make a firm commitment to all of you here today to ensure that as the university’s new vice chancellor I provide, the leadership, directly and by supporting and empowering others, needed for us to enable and inspire success.” Prior to becoming vice chancellor, Professor Mennell was at the University of Sunderland spending time as deputy vice chancellor where her recent role involved leading the university’s development activities including international and transnational activities, student recruitment and product development. She has also held senior positions at Northumbria and Teesside universities and is a former president and honorary member of the North East Association of Science Education and a fellow of the Higher Education Academy, The Chartered Society for Forensic Sciences, Institute of Measurement & Control and the RSA. In her speech, Theresa said “With challenging times ahead in higher education the students of the University of Cumbria look more than ever to the Vice Chancellor for inspirational leadership. We request that her approach is both innovative and progressive and one that places the importance of the learner at the very heart of the future developments of the university across all of its campuses.” More information and full footage of the inauguration can be found at 18

Student Voice

Stude n A tim t Academi e for chang c Reps e! With your help , reps have been busy voicing your vie ws to program me and course leaders at their formal meetings; the Staff/Stude nt Forums. He re are some of the things th at they have hi ghlighted and that, as a re sult, will be fo llowed up because of thei r feedback:

Art & Design More social events on campus Heating issues in Fine Art Studios and Photography MAC labs Criminology & Social Science Alternative use for seminar sessions Different format for lecture slides Policing Increased book allowance for dissertation Higher printing credit entitlement Business Programmes (Lancaster) More interactive lectures More support with OneSearch Social Work Earlier release of timetables to enable childcare planning Review of cover for absent staff Working with Children and Families, Applied Psychology & Working with Older Adults Lecture Powerpoint on Blackboard site ahead of lecture Different ways of getting class involvement BSc Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Fewer timetable changes in Semester 2 Assessment dates to be published in advance MSc Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Extended library opening times, particularly at weekends Poor quality of uniforms IAPT CBT Assessment & feedback discrepancies between module guides and guidance in session No catering provision when other students are on Reading Week


oss the courses have the things that reps acr These are just a few of issues raised at the of list full can view the brought forward but you Blackboard site. your Programme level Staff/Student forum on g and the amount that etin me the of to the size Please also note that due unable to present all the , some reps have been needed to be discussed rmal meetings with info ir the in y will do so items for discussion. The we will continue to e, ff and, at the same tim relevant members of sta lity of the meetings qua the e rov y to try and imp work with the Universit into. that reps have to feed or student life, you e an issue about campus hav you REMEMBER! If raise this. Post your your rep or a forum to do not have to wait for and let us do the rest! e oic ntv .me/thestude suggestion at www.ucsu

Working with children, families, young people & Youth & Community Work Duplication/overlap of referencing sessions More clarity on what is expected in tasks/assignments Education Studies and Foundation degree Difficulties finding placements Online forum for students to talk across sites and years of study PGCE Primary Education (incl. School Direct) and Early Years Teacher Status More clarity/guidance for some assignments More support for pupil profiling PGCE Secondary Education & BA Early Years & Primary Education Concerns with late placement allocations Better value of food provision on campus Extend availability of books needed for assessments in London Sport & Physical Education Issues with a particular module delivery Missing module guide Nursing Some concerns around variety of feedback options Some difficulties with poor rooming Outdoor Insufficient copies of some books in the library Issues with intermittent Wi-Fi in halls Science & Foundation Degrees Length taken for Risk Assessment process Difficulties with Powerpoint load ups Forestry, Woodland and Conservation Issues with limited car parking spaces Discrepancies between Word and Turnitin word counts

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The Panel What we did in December The Panel reps met for the second time on Saturday 10th December and had a somewhat unusual meeting where some housekeeping issues were discussed in order to make meetings run more smoothly and give all representatives a better chance to voice their opinions. Alyson Dickson, the Associate Dean, also visited to present and discuss with the Panel the principles and effects of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). The Framework is part of the current government’s reform plan for Higher Education Institutions and aims at grading the quality of teaching provision in UK Universities. You can read more about the TEF at More Ideas need your attention on our Student Voice platform and from there you can also view what your Officers, Bethany, Theresa and Rowan are currently working on. The Panel will meet again on Saturday 4th February to discuss the Ideas which have been raised online. Take action and change what matter to you!


Student Su


So what sort of things could I get information and support about? Academic Appeals - seek support fast, as you will only have 10 working days from the day that your results are officially released to you. Student Complaints - if you’re unsure of what to do, book a consultation and a caseworker will listen to you and chat through potential options. Adjudications - don’t be alone. If you are subject to an adjudication procedure, UCSU is here to support you through the process.


S sta ART y a step ahead

Did you know that you can now book an appointment to see one of our Student Support case workers via our website? It’s really easy... if you think you need support or information about any academic related or student life issues just go to: support and click on the appropriate links at the bottom of the page. You can book an initial consultation, or if you’re already receiving support, further appointments with available case workers, at a time and day that that’s convenient for you. Who are we? The team is a friendly bunch. We run an impartial, confidential and nonjudgemental service to support you, whatever it is you’re going through. And if we can’t help we will try and refer you to a person, service or organisation that may be able to.



Malpractice Panels - If you are suspected of things like plagiarism or collusion, you can get help from our caseworkers throughout the process. Progress Reviews - Not sure about what this means? Don’t be afraid to approach the UCSU Student Support team. And anything else... just come and chat things through with us and if we are unable to provide you with the best support, we will try our hardest to point you in the right direction. What else can I do? Check out our ‘self -help’ and interactive Video Tree via Visit the University of Cumbria Student Hub via the Student Tab at

k e e W y e n o M t n National Stude

6-10 Februar

National Student Money Week (NSMW) takes place this year from 6-10 February and is brought to you through the National Association of Student Money Advisers (NASMA). The theme for this year is “Waste Not, Want Not”. Universities across the UK will be holding a range of events and activities throughout the week to help you get clued up on money matters. The University of Cumbria Money Advice Team will be holding events across the main campuses throughout the week: Monday 6th February - Fusehill Street, 11.30 – 1.30, Dining Hall Tuesday 7th February - Ambleside 11.30 – 1.30, The Barn Wednesday 8th February - Lancaster, 11.30 – 1.30, Library Thursday 9th February - Brampton Road, 11.30 – 1.30, Refectory



• • • •

Find out more about the Money Advice Team Discover what support is available to you Talk to the Careers service about finding a part-time job Improve your budgeting skills by taking part in the Shopping Basket Challenge • Taste testing, money quizzes and more! The Library and Student Services Money Advice Team offer free advice and support on a wide range of money issues throughout the year. Check online resources and money FAQs at Email a simple query or question to: moneyadvice@cumbria. Book an appointment with a Money Advisor through the online referral form: You can also look out for budgeting tips on our new and improved UCSU Student Support web pages, coming your way soon:

From Monday 7th November – Sunday 13th November UCSU took part in the national This Girl Can campaign by holding a range of events for #thisUCSUgirlcan. Led by your officer Bethany Cutter, a range of student groups put on activities encouraging you to try everything from tennis to cheerleading. In addition to getting active, RAG society put on events in Carlisle, Ambleside and Lancaster which led to them raising over £100 for the Look Good Feel Better charity.

For the #thisUCSUgirlcan campaign week, the SU put on a Ghyll Scramble event for the Ambleside campus. Ghyll Scrambling is essentially walking/climbing up a river, with rock jumps and slides.

It had snowed lots in the Lakes the day before, and it was pretty cold, but four girls hardened up and we met our lovely instructor Dave. The water was COLD, but we had so much fun! Lots of climbing up a rock-face to jump into a pool, as well as my favourite bit- a rock slide that just ends half way down and then you drop! We had a really fun time, despite the cold- but thanks to the SU for putting it on! It was really great to hang out as a group of girls and do something a bit different!

Written by Emily Wormald



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Ingredients 1 sheet of ready rolled puff pastry 40g butter 350g leeks (chopped up) Dried oregano to taste 2 rashers of unsmoked bacon cut into small pieces 100g cheese of your choice (I used cheddar) Milk, for brushing

Method • Place the pastry squares on a baking sheet and use the tip of a sharp knife to score each one about 1cm from the edge all the way around. • Melt the butter in a frying pan, add the leeks and fry gently, stirring frequently, for 4-5 minutes until soft. Add the bacon, and continue frying. Add the oregano, salt and pepper to season to taste. Divide the leek mixture between the pastry squares, placing it inside the scored lines. • Top each tartlet with cheese and brush the pastry with milk. Bake in the preheated oven for 12-15 minutes until risen and golden brown. Serve warm. I enjoyed the tartlets with spiced potato wedges and salad. Leftovers can be stored in the fridge and are great cold for lunch the next day. Enjoy! Contributed by Nicola Haydon, UCSU Communications and Marketing Co-ordinator


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Insta-UCSU Our favourite photos from round campus this term! Want to see your photo featured on this page? Tag @cumbria_su on Instagram


@_briddick Cold Carlisle Morning

@aimee_young88 Team


@hennabyholly32 Doing henna at the University of Cumbria in the Alexandra Gallery for ‘Look Good Feel Better’ charity! Photo by @ stephyjayneanderson

@lauramichelleparker Merlin the Meerkat decided to pay a visit to uni today 

@megletgriffling Early finishes 


@stephyjayneanderson Merry Christmas from @cumbria_su


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10 Resolutions for 201


Start a new hobby or sport by joining one of the student groups.

Eat less chocolate…

Finally get round to buying a University of Cumbria hoodie – the sale runs from Monday 23rd January! Take more photos

Get back into meditating each day with Headspace app (contributed by Stephy, UCSU Executive Assistant) Get involved in the local community – see more about volunteering opportunities on page 14

Get more organised

ith some old friends

Arrange to meet up w

Submit an idea to the Panel ontributed by Save up for a holiday (c ications) Nicola, UCSU Commun





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