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Mini Police Issue 2 - January 2019

Introduc on Welcome to the second edi on of the Ci zens in Policing team Mini Police Newsle er. This year we have celebrated our teams first birthday! We are also excited to announce that our Mini Police Programme has had three addi onal schools join the Mini Police family - Sandside Lodge, Brook Street and North lakes. This newsle er also marks the conclusion of our winter term whereby Mini Police have once again inspired, impressed and fascinated the local residents of Cumbria during Remembrance Sunday, Children in Need and Tour of Britain to name but a few. This term the Mini Police have also delivered and educated their peers in very topical and hard hi ng presenta ons on County Lines which sparked na onal interest amongst other influen al Mini Police leaders around the country.

Tour of Britain Our Winter season began on Friday 7th September, whereby our special county hosted the 6th stage of the Tour of Britain between Barrow-in-Furness and the Whinla er Pass. Mini Police Officers from Ormsgill Primary School, Barrow In Furness welcomed the riders and were even lucky enough to have a photograph with Chris Froome! At the commencement of the first stage, the Mini Police supported riders and residents from Barrow Town hall, demonstra ng their amazing leadership and commitment to their community. The CiP team ventured to Whinla er Pass in Max the Mini to mark the final stage of the event. This was a great opportunity to promote the Mini Police programme and provide informa on about Volunteer opportuni es with the Constabulary. The team also provided Community Safety and Crime Preven on advice to spectators and many cyclists alike!

Chris Froome taking the me for a picture with Mini Police officers from Barrow.


Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019

Ormsgill Mini Police OďŹƒcers ready to welcome the riders and cheer the race on

Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019


CiP did Kendal Torchlight! Entering with an absolute bang and lots of glow s cks in tow, the Ci zens in Policing team proudly par cipated for the first me in the Kendal Torchlight Parade 2018. This historic event in Kendal is hosted every year and staffed purely by volunteers – a subject very close to us all in the CiP world. It was a proud event for us to be involved in as for the first me we had Mini Police alongside our Cadets and not forge ng Max the MINI who drove the whole route! The theme for this year’s parade was “Books and Authors” and our Mini Police officers from Grayrigg School in Kendal dressed up as cops and robbers – very apt! Behind their float was Max the MINI accompanied by our South Lakes Police Cadets. Superintendent Sarah Jackson Head of People at Cumbria Constabulary who was observing the parade from the front seat of Max the MINI said “As a Kendal resident I am already a keen a endee of the Torchlight Parade. It’s such a wonderful community event and despite the weather it always brings the crowds in. Grayrigg School pulled all the stops out to brilliantly represent our Countywide Mini Police programme and the cadets did themselves proud in their role of young community leaders. Coupled with Max the Mini we brought lots of smiles and cheers from the spectators and these young people are already showing strong ac ve ci zenship skills which will serve themselves well now, and into the future. ” It was a wonderful community event and we had a lot of compliments about how great Max the MINI was and lots of enquiries about how to join both Mini Police and Cadets which was fantas c.

Grayrigg School standing alongside our South Lakes Police cadets and leaders

4 Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019

Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019


Brook Street Mini Police Launch We are proud to announce and welcome on board the Brook Street Mini Police Team. The special event launched on the 11th September 2018 and we have already seen some very good work from the students. PCSO Alison Parish who is responsible for Brook Street Primary School stated, “On Tuesday 11th September, Brook Street Primary School had their official launch of their Mini Police Programme. Brook Street’s staff and students had the pleasure of welcoming the Deputy Lord Lieutenant, Chris Holmes and The Mayor, Councillor Jessica Riddle to say a few words and to present the Mini Police with their caps. This was a great start to the Mini Police ini a ve.”


Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019

Sandside Lodge Mini Police Launch Sandside Lodge school are the first Cumbria Mini Police School to join that exclusively cater for pupils who have a statement of Special Educa onal Needs or Educa on Health and Care plan with all their pupils having learning difficul es. Our Mini Police structure makes it an accessible program for any school to be involved with and we are advocates for promo ng inclusivity amongst all our CiP programs. Rachel Sla ery is the Deputy Head teacher at Sandside Lodge and documented their first few weeks as Mini Police launched in the school. Our moto is, “to help you out of a s cky hole, mini police are on patrol”. We had our launch assembly in school this term a ended by ACC Sla ery and Max the MINI. Also the Mini Police Sergeants from Sir John Barrow and PCSO Izzy and Janine. The students felt very proud to receive their uniforms and lanyards. The best part was mee ng Max who was explored from boot to bonnet! They were even able to fix the radio for the ACC! Our mini police helped guests to their seats and showed them where to go during our harvest fes val at Ulverston Methodist Church, which was greatly appreciated by all who a ended. We had a community visit to meet the residents of Tyson Square in Ulverston. The students cha ed to the residents and enjoyed a drink and biscuits. Jack found out that the police had helped one of the residents following a burglary to her home and Joe talked to a man who had been helped by the police when his car broke down. One resident had been helped when she got lost as a child and when there had been some children figh ng outside her house. We will definitely be visi ng the residents again soon. This week some of the students from school met the Team from North West Tonight and walked with them on their Plod for Pudsey. Jack a ended the event in his uniform and ensured Pudsey was safe. We visited Ford Park and found the remains of a fire which had been lit in a place that it should not have been. Our mini police are Abbots Wood class. They are so proud of their new role and their uniforms, which they wear with pride.

ACC Sla ery and PCSO Janine Wade with pupils and teachers from Sandside Lodge

Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019



Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019

North Lakes School Launch PCSO John Nicholson and PC Jack Stabler from the CiP team were pleased to welcome North Lakes Primary School, Penrith to the Mini Police family at their official December launch. Councillor Jackson, Chairman of Penrith Council and Mayor of Penrith were also present at the launch and proudly presented the Mini Police with their Caps and Lanyards. It was very clear from our me there that the Mini Police Officers at North Lakes School are a strong influence to their younger peers, many who aspire to become Mini Police officers themselves! The pupils of North Lakes School along with the Mini Police provided a warm winter welcome and celebrated the event with Christmas Carols which we all enjoyed! We have recently created a Road Safety Video with the North Lakes Mini Police…Watch out for next terms Newsle er!

Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019


Having launched in March 2018 we now have a total of 26 schools across the county – quite an impressive feat. Throughout all of our launches, the Lord Lieutenant and her depu es have been regular dis nguished guests and our thanks once again extends to the Lord Lieutenant, Mrs Claire Hensman and her Depu es for their con nued support of the Cumbria Mini Police program.

Mini Police Schools and their PCSOs


Thomlinson Junior

PCSO Kerry Harris & Kier Irving - Cockermouth

Fairfield Primary

PCSO Clare Parker & Hannah Donaghue - Cockermouth

Ewanrigg Junior

PCSO Emma Light - Workington

Victoria Junior

PCSO Alison Renney - Workington

Cambridge Primary

PCSO Emily Langhorn - Barrow

Barrow Island Primary

PCSO Tina Sykes- Barrow

Ormsgill Primary

PCSO Michelle Jones - Barrow

St James’ C of E Primary

PCSO Sam Thomas & Joe Ward - Barrow

Newtown Community Primary

PCSO Heather Pan n - Carlisle

Brook St Primary

PCSO Alison Parish - Carlisle

Blackford C of E Primary

PCSO Tom Haworth - Carlisle

Orgill Primary

PCSO Colle e Harrison - Whitehaven

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary

PCSO Samantha Watson & Samantha Hewi - Whitehaven

St James’ Catholic Primary

PCSO Paul Booth - Whitehaven

St Mary’s Catholic Primary

PCSO Mark Fishpool - Whitehaven

Alston Primary

PCSO Tony Labram - Penrith

Nenthead Primary School

PCSO Tony Labram Penrith

Kirkby Stephen Primary

PCSO Janet Allinson - Penrith

Shap Endowed C of E

PCSO Karen Dakin - Penrith

North Lakes Primary

PCSO John Nicholson - Penrith

St Mar n and Mary’s

PCSO Sarah Blacow - Kendal

Sir John Barrow

PCSO Izzy Roberts - Ulverston

Sandside School

PCSO Janine Wade - Ulverston

St Oswald’s C of E Primary

PC Amanda Coleman - Kendal

Selside Endowed C of E Primary

PCSO Marion Jeffery- Kendal

Grayrigg CE School

PCSO Marion Jeffery - Kendal

Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019

How does Mini Police Work? Cumbria Mini Police have a three term engagement strategy; the first being the educa onal input. This input is wri en by the Ci zens in Policing team and either focusses on a topical issue for that term or is a proac ve response to an up and coming crime trend that can affect the Mini Police age group. Each schools PCSO delivers the presenta on to their Mini Police officers who in turn then deliver it to the rest of the school. Next is the Community led aspect, in conjunc on with their PCSO, the Mini police officers decide what community project they would like to undertake which can relate to the educa onal input they have had. In order to thank our Mini Police officers for a term of hard work, they also have a termly reward element which supports the educa onal learning.

Grayrigg school “Vision Plan” for their Winter term engagement

Grayrigg Mini Police officers

Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019


County Lines and Mini Police It is well recognised that early engagement is the key to long term problem solving and trust within our younger communi es. With a worrying and growing problem of County Lines across the whole of the UK, we wanted to ensure we made the Cumbria Mini Police officers were informed, educated and aware of what this was. The CiP team researched and wrote the first country wide Mini Police County Lines presenta on which introduced and ini ated learning around this subject area as it has affected so many young people and destroyed families across the county and the country. This is obviously a very serious subject to deliver but with the right injec on of age appropriate material, exci ng sounds, interac ve games we believe we have started their educa onal journey to a empt to stop the next genera on of children that are vic ms to this hideous crime.

What is County Lines? County lines is the term used to describe urban gangs supplying drugs and regularly exploi ng vulnerable people, by building up a debt or using threats and violence in order to take over a person’s home. The gangs are likely to exploit children and vulnerable adults in order to store drugs and money. To do this they will o en use coercion, in mida on, violence and weapons. “If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them” We have had amazing support from our PCSO team who assisted in the delivery of this presenta on which in turn has led to Mini Police educa ng their en re school and peers alike. Addressing the issue of County Lines was challenging to deliver but extremely rewarding from the feedback received.


Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019

Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019


All Mini Police Schools throughout the term also received Firework Safety Informa on teaching them about the dangers and how to stay safe around the use of fireworks, bonfires and sparklers. We wanted to ensure all our Cumbria Mini Police officers enjoyed their fireworks safely. Partnership working alongside Cumbria Fire and Rescue allowed us to fully prepare all the Mini Police in their future Firework Safety engagements both at school and at home with their families.


Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019

Remembrance Day This year marked the 100th anniversary of the Armis ce in 1918 that signalled the end of World War One so we all felt very proud to take part from Mini Police through to oďŹƒcers and Cadets. It was also a wonderful opportunity to see again both our Mini Police oďŹƒcers and Cadets side by side which doesn’t happen that o en. Mini Police took part in parades all over the county and stood in solidarity amongst all genera ons to promote peace, forgiveness and remembrance.

Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019



Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019

Children in Need November 2018 saw us all celebrate our ďŹ rst Children in Need day. So many of our Mini Police schools took part with Ewanrigg School going all out on the day helped along by PCSO Light and PC Mar n.

Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019


As well as our structured inputs, some of our Mini Police schools, Ewanrigg School in Maryport in par cular, have astounded us with their dedica on and commitment to this scheme. They decided that to cascade learning further, and visited a non Mini Police school (Grasslots Infants) to deliver last terms water safety input. A er consulta on with their lower school about the li er they no ced on their walks to and from school, the Mini Police oďŹƒcers went on a li er pick. Ewanrigg Mini Police also took part in a Macmillan coee morning


Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019

PCSO Light who works with Ewanrigg Mini Police, Maryport and PCSO Renney who works with Victoria Juniors Mini Police, Workington have designed a wonderful board inside Workington Police sta on to showcase all the Mini Police oďŹƒcers hard work – what an achievement this looks!

Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019



Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019

We certainly cannot leave o the wonderful Grayrigg School Christmas safety video that they put together. Complete with the splits, cartwheels and bridges, the message was very clear on staying safe!

Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019


And finally... Thank you to The Police and Crime Commissioner Peter McCall and all his staff and the Chief Constable Michelle Skeer for all their unwavering and con nued support in this project. To Superintendent Sarah Jackson for always listening to the latest boundary pushing idea we have concocted and steering us with exper se and skill to deliver this exci ng and innova ve scheme. Also, thank you to Lloyd Motor Group for the partnership and crea on of Max the MINI who con nues to bring our project to life. To find out more about Lloyd MINI: Lloyd Carlisle MINI Kingstown Industrial Estate, Kingstown Broadway, Carlisle CA3 0HA Lloyd Cockermouth MINI Low Road, Cockermouth CA13 0HH Lloyd South Lakes MINI Kendal Parks Road, Lindale, Grange-over-Sands LA11 6QR Website: Facebook: @LloydMINI Twi er: @LloydMINI Instagram: @LloydMINI LinkedIn: @LloydMotorGroup No thank you would be complete without a men on to our fabulous PCSO’s, Head teachers and all their amazing staff for developing this project with us each term and by no means least - thank you to every single one of our Mini Police Officers who inspire everyone around them to always be the best version of themselves. If you want to know more about Cumbria Mini Police, please contact the Ci zens in Policing or follow us on Twi er- @CumbriaCiP CiP team- Sergeant Tamara Ta on, PC Shirley Murray and PC Jack Stabler


Cumbria Mini Police - Winter 2019

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