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Board of Directors – Non Executive Directors

Chairman Mike Taylor

NonExecutive Director & Audit Chair Julian Whale

NonExecutive Director & GQ&R Chair & SID Jim Cox

NonExecutive Director & Vice Chair Phil Moorhouse

NonExecutive Director Heike Horsburgh

December 2013

NonExecutive Director Kate Willard

NonExecutive Director Wanda Rossiter

Board of Directors – Executive Directors

Chief Executive Claire Molloy

Medical Director Dr Chris Hallewell

Acting Director of Quality & Nursing

Sara Munro

Director of HR & Operational Development

Chief Operating Officer

Deputy CEO & Director of Finance

Michael Hutt

Sarah Senior

Carmel Richmond

Director of Strategy & Support Services Michael Smillie

December 2013

Director of Service Improvement

Dr John Howarth (Joint post with CCG)

Organisational structure execs