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Child Adolescent Mental Health Services Update for GP's Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Dear General Practitioner It's six months since the CAMHS review was completed. Knowing you are busy we thought we should briefly let you know what's happening.

More Consultants With very strong support from the CCG we have made a big investment in recruiting more medical staff. We now have posts for five CAMHS consultants (up from three) and for the first time ever a specialist medical CAMHS Clinical Director. Our current consultants are:


Dr Roger Williams Dr Melanie Dix

West Dr Ida Joubert


Dr Dinnesh Khanna Dr Thayalan Tiburtius (Locum)

New Appointment Dr Luisa Sanz Villanueva Joins us in September

The Review The review was undertaken jointly by the CCG and CPFT because of concerns that the service was struggling to cope with increasing demand and the changing needs of families and children. GP's had also told us that they were unhappy with the service and that things needed to change. The review found that the service was under resourced and there needed to be significant changes to the way it operates. We completely accepted all of the recommendations made, and we’ve been busy since then.

Dr Roger Williams

Dr Dinnesh Khanna

Dr Ida Joubert

Dr Luisa Sanz Villanueva

More CAMHS Staff The review told us that our staffing structure needed to change. We need more staff skilled in the assessment and treatment of the major mental health disorders suffered by children. We’ve been working with the CCG, our other partners and our staff to decide how we can make these big changes safely. We've agreed a new staffing structure and earlier this month we launched a nationwide recruitment campaign. The response has been excellent and we are very optimistic that we will be able to increase the number of CAMHS clinicians from about 44 to 53 (including the two new consultant posts). We are very hopeful that we can increase this further later in the year with the support of the CCG.

Better Leadership Dr Wendy Rankin joined us in March as our first Children's Services Clinical Director for many years. Wendy has extensive experience as a consultant paediatrician and will be particularly supporting all of the CAMHS consultants as our new CAMHS clinical director settles in and we reshape the service Dr Luisa Sanz Villanueva joins us in September as CAMHS Clinical Director and consultant. Luisa joins us from Blackpool and has 10 years experience as lead CAMHS clinician and CAMHS consultant. Russell Norman joined us in January as our children's services general manager. Russell has a long history of working in support of children and families in the third sector in Cumbria and beyond Teresa Waleboer joined us in March from Blackpool to lead both the implementation of the recommendations in the review and as the clinical manager of the CAMHS service. Teresa is a very experienced CAMHS nurse and has worked on several big redesign projects elsewhere.

A Better Referrals & Assessment Process GP’s have told us that our CAMHS referrals process needs to be improved. We’ve been working with GP’s to design a better, simpler process and that’s now in action.

Dr Wendy Rankin

Dr Luisa Sanz Villanueva

Russell Norman

Teresa Waleboer

Faster Treatment for Children Most in Need We have improved the way we allocate and respond to the children most in need of urgent attention. We are now almost always hitting our target of seeing urgent referrals within 10 days and from June we will be trying to improve that to 48 hours. This will be difficult to hit in every case, but we are determined to try.

The new process isn’t good enough though and we will improve it further in the coming months. Within CAMHS we’ve also improved our assessment process. All CAMHS clinicians are now using the same process, designed to make sure that we get a clear picture of risk and that our CAMHS consultants are at the heart of the care we offer. Life is a Rollercoaster:

CAMHS Available for Longer Hours GP’s and our colleagues in the acute hospitals told us that we should make CAMHS expertise more available.

Identifying High Risk Cases

Since January we have been piloting an out of hours service. It’s been used about 50 times and the pattern of requests for advice tells us that extending our routine services into the early evening will be very useful. We will continue with the pilot and look at extending our service as our extra staff numbers allow.

Transition to Adult Services The review told us that we needed to do more to make the transfer to Adult Services work well for children and families. We now have a system that ensures that planning will commence six months prior to transfer.

Being Clear About What CAMHS Does The review told us that, with our partners, we needed to be much clearer about what our tier 3 specialist CAMHS service does. The CCG has produced a really helpful specification for the service and very shortly we will be sending advice to all GP’s. We are also part of the process involving many GP’s and other organisations to look at how tiers 1 and 2 provision can be made clearer and more effective.


With growing concerns around the wellbeing of children we know that we need to do all we can to identify those at highest risk and then to work effectively with others to reduce that risk and to keep children safe. We are now working to a single system of risk assessment across CAMHS and we regularly share our analysis with other agencies particularly the local authority.

Contact Us Russell Norman Children's Services General Manager Email:

Wendy Rankin Children's Services Clinical Director Email:

Teresa Waleboer CAMHS Clinical Services Manager Email:


We want to thank our staff and our many partners for their commitment to the process of improving CAMHS. We have a long way to go. The next few months will see big changes and we will continue to need your support. We will keep you posted.

Wendy Rankin and Russell Norman Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Voreda, Portland Place, Penrith, CA11 7QQ

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