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Sunday• December 5, 2010 — H1

A Holiday special edition

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sundAy, december 5, 2010

10 unusal gadgets and gifts for geeks By Evan Narcisse, Crispy Gamer Nerds. Geeks. Fanboys. Whatever you call them, the comics aficionados, movie buffs and videogame enthusiasts who dwell amongst us can be really hard to shop for. But it gets dramatically worse this time of year, when everyone revisits their love/hate relationship with the holiday shopping season. On one hand, so much cool stuff hits the shelves that it’s hard not to have a brain explosion. On the other hand, who has the time to wade through all of it to find just the right gear for that special someone? Let this humble gift guide serve as a cheat sheet for the loot you’ll either be picking up or dropping hints about.

1. Cinemin Swivel, $349, What it is: A handheld, pocketable projector that you can hook up to laptops, game consoles and iPods. It can throw up images that are up to 60 inches wide and its hinged design allows you project onto ceilings, too. Why they’ll want it: Sure, you can use it for boring tasks like office presentations or vacation-photo slideshows. But, can you resist staging giant gaming sessions that dwarf the biggest television in your home? We didn’t think so. Another option: Without a hinge, it’s not as versatile as the Cinemin, but the Optoma PK102 ($229) packs 4 GB of internal memory for storing your presentations or video clips.

2. Marvel Comics’ Digital Comics Unlimited, $49.99 for 12 months, What it is: This virtual initiative by the folks who bring you Spider-Man and the X-Men offers up access to more than 5,000 comics via the Web. You’ll get choices from recent releases like “Invincible Iron Man,�

back-catalogue classics like “The Infinity War� or online exclusives like “Spectacular Spider-Girl.� Why they’ll want it: Take it from me, comics take up lots of space. But Marvel’s DCU means you don’t have to give up your superhero addiction to clear out space for a yoga nook. It also features rare comics from the ‘40s and ‘50s that would cost a fortune for the physical versions. So, you’re saving square footage and money! Another option: If your favorite fanboy or fangirl wants their paperless comics on the go, the Comixology Comics app ($0.99) on iTunes lets them download full issues of great titles like “Irredeemable� and “The Unknown,� and cues up loads of free comics to boot.

3. Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel, $149, What it is: This wheel-and-pedals combo adds even more realism to racing simulators like Gran Turismo 5 Prologue for the PlayStation 3. Why they’ll want it: That car in the driveway? Face facts: The morning commute will never show you what it’s really capable of doing. So it’s off to the virtual tracks, where the force feedback on the Driving Force wheel will translate every bump and serpentine turn into hours of excitement. Another option: The Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel ($99) offers a similar experience for folks who’ll be putting the pedal to the carpet in Forza Motorsport 3.

Why they’ll want it: The Blu-ray release gets two new features sure to please hardcore Fight Clubbers. A Hit in the Ear gives you the ability to remix four scenes from the movie, and Insomniac Mode promises to let you access the disc’s bonus content with interactive search tools.

4. iHome Studio Series IP1, $299, What it is: Developed with the input of engineer Tony Bongiovi, who’s recorded Madonna, the Rolling Stones and Bon Jovi, the IP1 iPod speaker system aims to satisfy any audiophile’s picky ears.

Another option: If your would-be giftee leans toward more cosmic fare, then you won’t go wrong with J.J. Abrams’ triumphant reimagining of Star Trek (three-disc Blu-ray set, $39.99). The deleted scenes and commentary tracks will energize your beloved Trekkie like nothing else.

Why they’ll want it: Advanced digital processing makes your tunes sound like

6. Justice League: The Complete Series (DVD) $99.99, What it is: This 15-disc set collects five seasons of awesome action

they did in the original studio environment, with crisper highs and deeper bass tones. It’s not an eyesore either, unlike some other fancy iPod docks we could name.

from the series based on DC Comics’ premier super-team. Tons of fan-favorite characters show up to help Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman stop threats to Earth, the universe and beyond.

Another option: For exceptional acoustics on the go, Logitech’s Pure- Fi Express Plus ($99.99) will fill any camping tent or hotel room with 360 degrees of crystalclear sound. It’s an alarm clock, too, so you won’t have to worry about missing your return flight either.

and surprising characterizations in “Justice League� thrilled young viewers and oldschool fans alike. 2009’s slate of superhero movies delivered nothing but weaksauce - so use this massive collection to wash that bad taste out.

Fight Club (Blu-ray), $34.99,

son Three DVD set ($29.99) juggles action, drama and a metric ton of laughs as the adventuring family of Hank, Dean, Brock and Dr. Venture trample everything older geeks hold sacred.


Black Friday! 50% Off!



on any 2010 Genesis Gas Grill

three-part setup makes great solution for watching movies or TV. Why they’ll want it: Those tinny speak-

What it is: The thing with surround sound is that it spoils you; you get to wanting that excellent sound design all the time. These headphones deliver 7.1 Dolby surround sound and let your favorite avid gamer control chat and game audio volumes separately.

ers that came with your desktop aren’t cutting it for your weekly Crysis multiplayer sessions. After all, what good is destroying your opponents in a fiery explosion if you

Another option: The Audioengine 2 speakers ($199.99) may only measure only six inches high, but you’re not sacrificing quality for size. Get ready to turn your desk into a first-class soundstage.

Why they’ll want it: These cord-free cans will help your romantic relationship. Slip them on and it’s an end to those heated requests to turn that crap down. Another option: For PC gamers wanting to enveloped in similar sound quality, the Logitech G35 headset ($129.99) plugs into any USB port on your high-end gaming rig. For more videogame news, reviews and features, visit

Buy at 2010 prices

and have your custom Backyard pool designed




Save $79!




$19.99 $13.99 $9.99 $37.49

reg. Cajun Injector ................29.99 Grill Scrubbers...............12.99 BBQ Brining Kits..............9.99

order your custom

Grill Gift Basket TODAy!

BBQ all other ri ! Accesso es

Tool Sets

Napoleon Rubs or Sauces


10% Off

Buy a $10 0 gift card & re ceiv $10 gift c e a ard!**

Weber Q

Buy Any 2

50% Off

Napoleon Rotisserie Shish Kabob Wheel Napoleon Shish Kabob Set


Great Gift for DAD!

$19.99 $9.99 $5.49

save $150!*

BGifut Cyertifi1ca0te0& $

on an automatic Pool cleaner

e Receivus! n o B 0 1 $

*Certain models apply **Redeemable on next visit

* Quantities Limited ** Sale prices on in stock items only

Visit our showrooms now!






















5202 Simpson Ferry Rd • Mechanicsburg




Talkto the

Windsor Park shoPPing cEnTEr

What it is: Who needs cable when you’ve got Hulu? With 200 watts of power, this



25-50% Off

reg. Mini Burger Set..............24.99 Flexible Basket ..............17.99 Tumble Basket ...............13.99 Weber Pizza Stone ........50.00

Turtle Beach Ear Force X41 wireless headphones, $199.95,

Rock Speakers

Assembly & Local Delivery

25% Off


Altec Lansing Expressionist Ultra speakers, $199.95,



Weber Aprons, Gloves & Mitts Napoleon Pizza Topper Napoleon and Charcoal Companion Woks


Another option: If you’ve got photos floating around on Picasa, Facebook or Twitter, the Kogan WiFi LCD Frame ($129) can pull them straight into your living room. It’s also got its own e-mail address, so snapshots can go from phone to home in a flash.

Š 2010, Tribune Media Services

make shopping easy this year! ily it’s what your fam really wants!

Planter Speakers

reg. $349

Another option: Featuring the same wireless technology, the Energizer 2X Induction Charge Station ($50) does the recharge thing while taking up less of that precious entertainment-center real estate.

Why they’ll want it: You’ll be able to connect the frame to Kodak’s online photosharing service, so you can send and receive new photos of your loved ones almost as soon as they’re shot.

Don't wait until spring!

! s G n i v A s T u O BlOw Ducane Demo $

Why they’ll want it: Nothing kills a heated Wii Sports competition like a dying Remote. The Electroflow keeps your Nintendo waggle-sticks ready for action, so your grandparents won’t have any excuses for their laughable gutterballs.

What it is: Everyone knows paper photos have gone the way of the dodo, but the problem with most digital frames is that they need to be plugged into a computer for you to upload new pics. Don’t worry about losing another remote, either, since the touch-sensitive strip lets you smoothly navigate through menus right on the frame.

e h t t F i g e h t give y l i m a F e l o wh will enjoy!

y a d y Ever Affinity 3100

What it is: Videogame-accessories manufacturer Penguin uses cutting-edge technology to juice up the included rechargeable batteries without having to plug the Wii Remote into anything.

can’t feel it rattling your bones?

Another option: The Venture Bros. Sea-

What it is: David Fincher’s iconic adaptation of the Chuck Palahniuk novel gets a shiny new edition 10 years after it shocked audiences in the theater.

9. Kodak EX1011 Wireless Digital Frame, $129.95,

anyone who regularly uses their PC for

Why they’ll want it: The intricate plots


7. Electroflow Inductive Charger, $29.99,

5222 E. TrindlE rd MEchanicsburg


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Sunday• December 5, 2010

your ComplEtE drivE-thru bEEr distributor

EvEryday valuEs for EvEryday of thE WEEk!!

MiLLer Lite & coors Light

Busch, Busch Light, Keystone Light & icehouse

24 - 10 oz. Cans

24 - 12 oz. Bottles

Bud, Bud Light & Mich uLtra



24 - 10 oz. Cans

MiLLer high Life, Keystone Light, Busch & Busch Light




shocK tops BeLgian White

222 East high street, Carlisle

Busch, Busch Light, Keystone Light & MiLLer high Life 24 - 12 oz. Cans






BecKs, BecKs preMiuM Light & BecKs darK

coors Light, MiLLer Lite, Bud & Bud Light

BudWeiser & Bud Light






24 - 12 oz. Cans

yuengLing Lager 24 - 16 oz. Cans

18 - 16 oz. Cans

24 - 12 oz. Bottles

/FWFS"$IBSHFGPS $PME#FFS$BTFT,FHT 4PGU%SJOLT.PSF hours: Monday - thursday 8am til 9pm friday - saturday 8am til 10pm sunday noon til 5pm



24 - 12 oz. Bottles Plus $4 maIl-In reBate

18 - 16 oz. Cans





naturaL Light

BudWeiser & Bud Light 1/6 Beer BaLLs

1/2 BarreLs

Ideal for small GatherInGs





s, d r a g e R t s e m War ic k SoccPioroprietor R

The Sentinel at

Sunday• December 5, 2010 — H3

Timeless... let this be the Christmas she remembers forever!

766-7771 Tues & Wed 10am-6pm Thurs & Fri 10am-8pm Sat 10am-4pm

5202 Simpson Ferry Road MechanicSbuRg Windsor Park Shopping center

H4 — The Sentinel at

Sunday• December 5, 2010

Beverage DistriButor Prices Good: 12/05/10 - 12/12/10 Busch/ Bud/Bud Light/ Busch Light Bud Select 55




24 pk. 12 oz. cans Everyday Low Price!

30 pk. cans Save $2.00

Yuengling Porter/ Chester Ale $ 20.75

Newcastle Brown Ale $ 23.58




24 pk. 12 oz. bottles Save $4.50

24 pk. 12 oz. bottles Save $2.50

Becks/Becks Light/ Woodchuck Cider (All Flavors) Becks Dark $ $ 29.01 23.82 24 pk. 12 oz. bottles


24 pk. 12 oz. bottles Save $4.00

All Crabtree & evelyn, Jewelry, Hand lotions, and soaps

Save $3.00


Sol 17.92

Grolsch 24.07

Stella Artois $ 27.12



24 pk. 12 oz. bottles Save $3.00

24 pk. 12 oz. bottles Save $2.00

24 pk. 12 oz. bottles Save $5.00

local delivery available

Miller High Life/ Miller Lt./ MGD/MGD 64 High Life Lt.





30 pk. cans Save $1.50

24 pk. 12 oz. bottles Save $2.00

Miller Lt.



18 pk. 16 oz. cans Save $1.50

Coors Light/Miller Lite Coors Light/Miller Lite/Bud/ Bud Light/Michelob Ultra Home Draft

417 Baltimore Avenue, Mt. Holly Springs




5.7 ltrs., Live Remote Saturday with Red 102.3 from 11am-1pm

10 oz. cans Everyday Low Price



MondAy-FridAy 9AM-6pM; SAturdAy 9AM-4pM

Stop By Stan’s Beverage Friday From

5-7 For a Free sample oF bluemoon winter & Verdi 75 Ashland Ave., Carlisle, PA


Mon-Thurs 8am-9pm, Fri-Sat 8am-10pm, Sunday noon-5pm

m o r f h t m r a W g n i g n i r B s r u o Y o t y l Our Fami • Wood • Pellet • Gas • Coal • Electric

Our Christmas Gift



FREE Remote with Purchase of a Gas Fireplace (Value $15000)

Expires 12/31/10

Hannah’s Hearth & Home 16 E. South St., Carlisle • 258-0005

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Sunday• December 5, 2010 — H5

We are more than a Pet Store!


For the bird lovers

25% oFF!

Any and All Wild Bird Feeders & Houses

Pet & FaRm CenteR, inC.

Largest Selection in Carlisle!


30% oFF!

for the

Sale ends 12/11/10

Any and All cat & dog treats, rawhides, chews & toys

KNISeLY GIFt CArDS MakE a grEaT gifT idEa!


suet cakes

premium picnic sAve Wild Bird seed $ 00 6


Contains black oil sunflower, white millet, peanuts, sunflower hearts, cherries & raisins.



only • Hi-Energy tHAt’s ¢ 79 per cAke • Berry • Nutty • Orange Per Case


$ 99

$ 48

40 lb. bag Reg. $23.99

WHile supplies lAst

sold in cAses only

All Horse treats Largest selection around!



Anything you can fit in the basket

, INC.

“All” christmas crafts

Handcrafted by our york & Lancaster friends

30% oFF!

shenandoah “Melodies” chimes

Make your own basket!



20% oFF! 30% oFF! 20% oFF!

We provide basket, bow & gift wrap! Shop one of our departments - pet, wild bird, small animal, horse


All Breyer Horses & collectibles introducing knisely’s “neW” everydAy reduced pricing... not just For tHe HolidAys, But everydAy!

Made in virginia Hand tuned Weather resistent usA Made3 yr. warranty

prices from $40.99

MAny novelty cHiMes to cHoose FroM

your Muck Boot spot! • 100% waterproof • Easy clean up • all-conditions boot

“Best prices” in the area! Better tHAn tHe Big guys!

introducing knisely’s “neW” everydAy reduced pricing... not just For tHe HolidAys, But



Keystone Candles



00 oFF

Chore Boot - Mid - sale price $75.99 (reg. $85.99) Chore Boot - High - sale price $79.99 (reg. $89.99) Muckster Shoe - sale price $59.99 (reg. $69.99)

oLDe FASHIoNeD CArrIAGe rIDeS by K&K Carriage Co.

EvEry sunday in dECEmbEr 1-4 pm

Weather permitting at the boiling springs Lake

26 oz. - Any scent - no limit


$ 99 each



$ 00

Reg. $11.99 each

Gift certificates available

sunday, december 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th $5.00 per person - bring the whole family!

Questions call, 258-6410

Watch for our Weekly Specials Every Sunday in The Sentinel now through Christmas! 1025 RitneR HigHway, CaRlisle Family Owned & Operated since 1960 • 717-243-2233

Purina Dealer

Mon-Fri 8-6 p.m. Sat 8-5 p.m., Sunday 11-4 p.m.

H6 — The Sentinel at

Sunday• December 5, 2010

'30.5)&4&-0$"-3&"-&45"5&130'&44*0/"-4 JACK GAUGHEN REALTOR ERA ®

Brian Horner


Faith E. Michael, ABR



1068 Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle, PA 17013 (717) 243-8080 Ext. 237 Office (717) 258-0037 Direct Mail (717) 385-1196 Cell (717) 243-0268 Fax

associate Broker

Homesale Service Group

Homesale Service Group

8 Brookwood ave., Ste. a Carlisle, Pa 17013 office 717-245-2100 ext. 286 Cell 717-576-4291 Fax 717-245-0683

8 Brookwood ave., Ste. a Carlisle, Pa 17013 office 717-245-2100 x231 Cell 717-919-9383 Fax 717-245-0683

an independantly owned and operated member of Prudential Real estate affiliates, Inc.



Happy Holidays

an independantly owned and operated member of Prudential Real estate affiliates, Inc.

Lisa Mack RealtoR®

Delta Group, Inc.

"#FUUFS8BZ 398 east High Street, Carlisle, Pa 17013

robert Wertz


Erin Wolfe

Office (717) 243-4929

1909 Ritner Highway, Suite 1, Carlisle, PA 17013 Office (717)245-2600 Cell (717)574-7528 Fax (717)245-2255

Office 717-243-1551 - Fax 717-243-0472 Cell 717-448-5032 Email:

toll Free (800) 695-0207 Fax (717) 243-5325 Cell (717) 609-3781

WantEd: First timE BuyErs

Each office is independantly owned and operated

Happy Holidays from...

Delta Group, Inc.

each office Independently owned and operated.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and Joyous Holiday Season!

We are aware of the choices available to you. Please allow us the privilege and honor to serve you, your friends and family for the sale or purchase of real estate. Denny and Ed. Dennis Eckman Edward Eckman 321 Wagners Lane

7 Seneca Circle

Offered at $269,900 Ranch Home, 3BR, 2BA, Open floor plan, 2+ acres, 3 car attached garage.

Great agents with the experience you need!

Offered at $318,000 Formal living, dining, family room w/fireplace, 1.18 acres.

2 lOCatIOns to serve you on the East & West shores

1909 Ritner Highway, suite 1, Carlisle - 717-245-2600 7839 allentown Blvd., suite 800, Harrisburg - 717-652-8200 or find us on Facebook at

Cell 717-385-7924

Cell 717-265-6673

Happy Holidays!

Nicole PearsoN

ceNtury 21 - a better Way

Matt Buonassisi

398 east High Street, Carlisle, Pa 17013 office: (717) 243-4929

Home Mortgage Consultant

Cell: (717) 609-7619

"#FUUFS8BZ 398 east High Street, Carlisle, Pa 17013 Certified Residential Specialist Informative Consultations Dedicated to Client Satisfaction Each office is independantly owned and operated

Janice Kimball, CRS associate Broker (o) 243-4929 / (C) 802-1554

Cell: (717) 433-2017 8 Brookwood ave., Suite a, Carlisle, Pa 17013

Happy Holidays Thank you to all of my clients who have made 2010 a successful year. Licensed by the PA Department of Banking

sharoN laNe sPeNcer

gary l. shuleNberger broker/PartNer

steve Darchicourt

(717) 385-0533 - ReSiDenCe (717) 258-4666 - oFFiCe (717) 258-4471 - Fax

george l. ebeNer & associates

george l. ebeNer & associates office: (717) 243-6195

139 West High Street, Carlisle, Pa 17013 office: (717) 243-6195 ext. 276 Direct: (717) 241-7876 Fax: (717) 245-0699 Home: (717) 249-7938

Cell: (717) 448-2358

Wishing You a Very Happy Holiday Season!


Jeremy Brown

liNDa shover


RealtoR®, Residential Sales Referrals are the ♥ of my business

george l. ebeNer & associates


1068 Harrisburg PikeCarlisle, PA 17013 (717) 249-6404 Office (717) 448-6798 Cell (717) 243-0268 Fax

139 West High Street, Carlisle, Pa 17013 office: (717) 243-6195 • Cell: (717) 497-6195

977 Walnut Bottom Road Carlisle, Pa 17013 717-386-1657

Happy Holidays Thank you for your continued support!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all! Kristi Knox RealtoR


977 Walnut Bottom Road Carlisle, Pa 17013 717-385-5479

When Kristi Knox Homes Sale

60 Countryside Drive CV School District, 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 12’x15’ screened porch, 3 car garage, 3,565 sq. ft. $449,900



$159,900 - 122 Strayer Drive - End unit with 2 BR, 2 BA, LR, DR, kitchen, FR w/gas fireplace, laundry, Florida room & outdoor patio. New heat pump. Condo fee includes lawn, snow, exterior maintenance & trash. ®

PATiENCE ECKmAN, REALTOR 1068 Harrisburg PikeCarlisle, PA 17013 (717) 571-6591 Cell • (717) 243-0268 Fax •

237 Richland Road, Carlisle 6 secluded acres, 4 bedroms, 3 baths, finished basement, 3 car garage. $469,900

charles l. WeNger, gri

BRokeR/PaRtneR SaleS, FaRmS, lanD & ReSiDential

430 east king Street Shippensburg, Pa 17257 (717) 532-8530 Fax (717) 532-8322

139 West High Street Carlisle, Pa 17013 (717) 243-6195 Fax (717) 245-0699

cell: (717) 360-3745 email:

313 S. Orange Street, Carlisle Beautiful, upscale, vintage appeal, beautifully upgraded, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, Mooreland. $349,900

33 South Pitt Street, Carlisle, PA 17013 • 717-243-1551 ext. 204 • Harry Snyder • Cell: (717) 701-0099


The Sentinel at

Sunday• December 5, 2010 — H7

Twas the middle of the night at Beverage Express,

when all of a sudden there was quite a beerfest. It was good Ol’ St. Nick and his sleigh full of cheer, dropping off over 400 kinds of beer. There was Coors, Miller and Bud to name a few, but don’t forget about those great selections of coolers, imports and microbrews. We heard him exclaim as he exited the store “Shop at Beverage Express where the selection is greater and your dollar buys more!”

241-BEER(2337) Visit Us at Prices Good Thru Dec. 12th, 2010

Busch (Reg, & Lt.)

Bud, Bud Light & Select 85

15 $ 87 18 $1887 $ 99 27 $1321 $ 99 18 $2199 $2599 $1887 $2399 $2699 $2899 $ 68 13 99 $ Miller

Save $2.88

Hi Life Keystone Yuengling (Reg, Lt & Ice)

Coors Light

Yuengling Lager

24 - 12 oz. cans


Save $2.78

24pk - 12 oz. Cans

Save $2.00

Save $1.00

22 oz. bombers

Beck’ s (Reg. Lt & Dark)

Save $7.00

Price Includes 5L, 2 Glasses & Coasters

24 - 12 oz. bottles

Sam Adams Winter Variety

Genny (Reg., Lt., Ice

& Cream Ale)

Save $2.30

24 - 12 oz. Bottles

Save $1.41

30pk - 12 oz. Cans

Save $5.00

Save $2.89

28pk 12 oz. Bottles

24 - 16 oz. Cans

24 - 12 oz. Bottles


Newcastle Brown Ale

(Reg, Lt & Lt Lime)

Heineken 5-L Gift Box

Stella Artois

Mike’s Variety

Save $4.00

24 - 12 oz. Bottles

Save $3.80

24 - 12 oz. Bottles

Save $3.00

24 - 12 oz. Bottles

1021 Ritner Hwy. Carlisle Mon-Thur 8am-9:30pm Fri-Sat 8am-10:30pm Sunday 12pm-5pm

H8 — The Sentinel at

Sunday• December 5, 2010

... Not Just Books!




bi bl e s • b o ok s • g if ts • ap pa r e ’s l • mo v ie s • m u sic • c hil dr e n

Something for


in-house engraving


sale for the hard-to-buy-for

place your orders!

5 off Any Purchase $

3825 Hartzdale Dr., Camp Hill, PA

of $25 or more

(next to bj’s wholesale)

Servant’s Heart

With this coupon. Not valid with any other offers. Excludes church supplies and Willow Tree Items. Offer expires 12-31-10.

(717) 737-6944

! s d i K q e W

• 20’ x 20’ Playroom • Toys • 65” Big Screen TV • Jungle Gym

The Gathering Grounds Cafe...

The Place To Be!


Blended Coffees


s e i r t Pas




Kid’s Menu

Purchase $50 AT SerVAnT’S HeArT and get...

50% off entire cafe Purchase same day! Servant’s Heart

With this coupon. Not valid with any other offers. Excludes church supplies and Willow Tree Items. Offer expires 12-31-10.

Wraps Free

Coming Soon!

Open Mon-Sat 11-7 Offering extended Holiday Hours!

Christmas Wrap  

Holiday Special Edition

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