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When kids speak out, The Sentinel listens

Kids Speak Out I was helping my mom bake cookies ... I was helping my mom bake cookies, and when she wasn’t looking I made them silently vanish. When she came back she looked confused. She said, “Caitlyn, where are the chocolate chip cookies?” She got mad because I didn’t answer. Then she said, “Caitlyn, where are the chocolate chip cookies?” She was really mad, so she said it one last time. “Caitlyn, where are the chocolate chip cookies?” I said, “I made them vanish to where dad is working.” Mom said, “Oh, well that was very nice. He will love them.” Caitlyn Feathers, age 9 (winner) Plainfield Elementary School Grade 4 I was helping my mom bake cookies and when she wasn’t looking I stole all the cookies. I ate them all and I gained 60 pounds. I couldn’t believe how much I weighed. I weighed 140 pounds! My mom came in and I ran out of the kitchen into my room. I was under the covers, but she could see this vast bump under the blanket. So I rolled on the other side of my bed. She couldn’t find me, but she went to the store to get more cookies. When she left I burped really loud and I burped up a key. I didn’t know where it was to, but then I found where it was to. It was to a little door in my room. I opened it and saw alpacas and llamas. I hung out with this one alpaca, Delta. Delta and I had a fabulous time. I had to go because I was there for 12 hours. When I got back I only weighed 70 pounds. I explained to my mom how I was gone for so long, but it was only five minutes in our world. I showed her pictures of Delta and I going down water slides at amusement parks and the ice cream store. She still didn’t believe me. I said, “I give up! It was still real though.” “OK. Whatever you say,” said my mom. Emily Buggy, age 10 (winner) Upper Allen Elementary School Grade 5 I was helping my mom make cookies and I got to make them. I rolled the dough and put them on the pan. Next I put them in the oven and mom let me watch the cookies. But I got bored and went to watch TV. Suddenly, they blew up in the oven, and mom got mad. She said, “You can never cook again.” Emily Snelbaker, age 9 Fishing Creek Elementary School Grade 4 I was helping my mom bake cookies and we were asked to join a cooking show. There we faced some of the greatest chefs in the world. And guess what! We won $1,000,000,000!

I was helping my mom bake cookies. They smelled soooo good that the scent went all the way to outer space. “We must go to the planet Earth,” said an alien emperor, “so we can find that delicious smell.” So they took the mother ship to the planet Earth and they put on helmets. “This will be a piece of space cake.” When the alien got out of the spaceship, a stray dog spotted him and started to chase him. “Help!” he screamed. He then smelled the cookies. He tried to push the door open, but it wouldn’t open. So he tried the door knob and it opened. He slammed the door before the dog could get him. It started at us and said, “Can I have your cookies?” We said, “Let us think about it.” Then we said, “How about we share them?” “OK,” he said. So we ate all the cookies together and that is all. Rachel Spade, age 8 (winner) Saint Patrick School Grade 2 One day I was helping my mom bake cookies and I did something I wasn’t supposed to do. She said, “Now, no eating the cookie dough. I don’t want you to ruin your appetite.” That kept ringing in my head after I ate some. She didn’t know yet! Then the next day I woke up and my feet were as big as tennis rackets! I put on my slippers (that barely fit) and went downstairs. There were the cookies in a jar on top of the fridge. Then, my sister came down and said, “I think you had a growth spurt overnight.” I ran to the measuring chart — I was 10 feet tall! “Ahhh!” My hands were getting bigger, and my height, feet and head! I ran to my room and sat there all day. My mom came in at 6 and gave me dinner. She asked me what happened. I told her, but then I shrunk! She looked in the cabinet and said she ACCIDENTALLY put growth elixir in. Well, I learned my lesson. Jade Neufeld, age 10 Newberry Elementary School Grade 5 I was helping my mom bake cookies and I accidentally dropped silly putty in the batter! When they were done, they could stretch two more inches. Finally, they snapped! My baby brother had a cookie and I leaped to grab it. I got the cookie and threw it out. But unfortunately he started crying. My mom came in and started rocking him while eating a cookie. She noticed it was bad, threw out the batch and asked who messed up the cookies. I told her I did it and took the blame. I didn’t get in trouble, but I wasn’t allowed to bake until five weeks were over. Since I didn’t lie, I got in less trouble. Preston Howe, age 10 Homeschool Grade 4

Adam Dieck, age 9 Iron Forge Educational Center Grade 4 I was helping my mom bake cookies with tuna in it for cats. I had one. It was OK. A few minutes later, I grew a tail and flippers. I was a tuna fish! The cats wanted to eat me, so I ate them. They tasted funny. Then, “Poof!” I was a boy again! From now on, I will not eat tuna fish cookies. Maybe next time I can have cat cookies. Uh oh ... Michael Ginter, age 7 Monroe Elementary School Grade 2

I was helping my mom make cookies and it came to life. Bum bum bummmm! I ran as fast as I could, but the cookie said, “No, don’t go away. I’m nice.” So I tested him to see if he was nice. So I said, do the dishes, and he did it. He let me sit on top of him and walked me to school. When a bully bullied me, he would throw them in a pond. I had made my mom into a cookie because she yelled at me. Then the cookie said, “Don’t eat her.” Next thing you know the cookie turned into a human and I named it Chili. Olayah Safouan Mt. Holly Springs Elementary School Grade 4

How you can get involved with Kids Speak Out Want To See Your Name Here?

Hey, kids! How would you like to get your story published in Kids Speak Out? Just write a short story on one of the topics at right and send it to The Sentinel. You can also draw a picture to go with your story. Each week, The Sentinel will publish some of the stories we receive in KidsWorld and on Only the top three essay writers, published on this page, will receive KidsWorld T-shirts. To claim T-shirts and official Junior Reporters cards, visit The Sentinel during normal business hours. You must be 5 to 13 years old to enter. Stories must be 150 words or less. Be sure to include your FULL name, age, address, school and grade. Mail your entry to “Kids Speak Out,” The Sentinel, 457 E. North St., Carlisle, PA 17013, or drop it off at either Sentinel office.

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Tell Me A Story

The White Snake’s Wisdom Adapted by Amy Friedman and illustrated by Jillian Gilliland

Once upon a time there lived a wise king who had one peculiar custom. Every evening he called to his trusty servant to bring him a covered platter, a secret platter. This the young man did, but before the king lifted the cover, he sent his servant away. One day the servant noticed the king’s platter left behind on the table. “I must know the secret,” he said, so he sneaked it to his room, locked the door, lifted the cover and saw lying there a white snake. “Surely the king won’t notice if I take one taste,” he said, and he cut off a portion and placed it in his mouth. At once he heard whispers outside. He walked to the window where sparrows were chattering, and to the young man’s amazement, he understood their words. Now he knew the secret of the king’s wisdom. He understood the language of animals. The next morning the king called to the servant. As he entered the royal chamber, the servant trembled, fearing the king had discovered a missing piece on the white snake. But the king said, “The queen has lost her diamond ring, and you are the only person permitted inside her jewel room.” The servant was horrified. “I would never steal from my queen,” he said, but he knew he looked guilty, for he had, after all, stolen something from the royal family. “The judges have declared you guilty unless you can bring us the thief by tomorrow. Otherwise, I have no choice but to execute you for this crime.” The servant walked away with a heavy heart. He had no idea who had stolen the ring, and so he would die. He walked to the courtyard to ponder his troubles, and there, in the pond, he saw ducks smoothing their feathers. Suddenly one of them said, “What good food I found beneath the queen’s window, though I did happen to swallow her ring by mistake, and it is weighing heavy in my stomach.” Hearing this, the young man snatched the duck and carried her to the cook. “Kill this duck!” he said. “It is the king’s request.” The cook chopped off the duck’s head, and as she prepared it for roasting, she discovered the ring inside its belly. The king was overjoyed, for he loved this servant and didn’t want to execute him. “Ask for anything of me,” the king said. “I wish to repay you for my suspicions.” “I would like a horse and money for traveling to see the world,” the servant said, and the king granted his request. The servant set off, and soon he came to a swamp where three fish were trapped in the reeds, gasping for breath. “We don’t want to die,” they gasped. The servant, whose heart was soft, picked up the fish and dropped them into the clear stream nearby. “We shall repay your kindness!” they cried as he trotted off. The next day as he rode across the desert, he heard whispering, and when he looked down he saw a circle of ants. The ant king cried, “Why won’t these clumsy creatures stop crushing us?” The servant swerved onto another path, and as he did the ant king cried, “We shall repay your kindness!” He rode into a forest where two ravens stood next to their nest, pushing their young ones out of it. “Take care of yourselves,” they croaked, but the little ones chirped pathetically as they fell to the ground. “We cannot fly. We shall die of hunger!” The servant unwrapped his packages of meat and fed some of it to the ravens. He left the rest of his food for them, and as he rode away, they cried, “We shall repay your kindness!” When the servant reached the city, he learned that the king’s daughter sought a husband. To win her hand, a man had to perform a difficult task; if he failed he would lose his life, but if he succeeded, he would win her hand. “This must be my fate,” the servant said, and he declared himself a suitor. The king led the servant to the seashore. “My daughter’s ring is somewhere in the sea. Find it or perish.” As the servant stood wondering what to do, certain he would die, three fish swam toward him — the three fish he had saved. The middle one laid a clam at the servant’s feet, and when he opened it, there was the princess’s ring. He carried it quickly to the king and said, “Now, may I marry your daughter?” But the princess did not want to marry a servant, so she said, “You must perform another task. Follow me.” She led him to the garden where she tossed 10 sacks of millet into the grass. “Pick up every grain before dawn,” she said. “Don’t miss a single grain or you shall die.” The servant wept as he waited for dawn, but at last he fell asleep. He woke to the first light, and there, to his astonishment, he saw 10 sacks of grain. The ants had saved him. When the princess saw the full sacks, she said, “One more task,” for she did not want to marry him. “Bring me a golden apple from the tree of life or die.” The servant had no idea where to find the tree of life, but he set off to search. One evening as he lay down to rest beside a tree, he heard rustling in the branches above. Suddenly a golden apple dropped into his hand, and the three ravens he had saved appeared. “We flew to the end of the world to the tree of life to find this for you.” Full of joy, the young man carried the apple to the princess. He cut the fruit open, and when she took a bite, her heart melted with love for the servant. They married the next day, and they lived a long and happy life. The princess’s husband used the wisdom he had learned from the white snake to serve both the people and the animals around him. ——— “Tell Me a Story 3: Women of Wonder,” the third CD in the audiobook series, is now available. For more information, please visit

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Tuesday • November 30, 2010

Kids World

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When kids speak out, The Sentinel listens 48-1 (10)

release dates: November 27-December 3

Mini Spy . . .


Mini Spy and Basset Brown are playing Monopoly. See if you can find: • question mark • wheelbarrow • frog • dice • kite  • strawberry  • number 7  • ruler • letter E  • boot  • bowl  • word MINI • flyswatter  • cheese wedge  • letter A  • letter H • ladder  • letter F  • pencil  • banana

© 2010 Universal Uclick from The Mini Page © 2010 Universal Uclick

Family Fun

Let’s Play a Game! Kinds of games

Winter means colder temperatures in many parts of the country. Do you play inside more when it gets cold outside? Many kids and families enjoy playing board games together when the weather is frosty. The Mini Page learned more about the history of board games and discovered that a couple of favorites are having birthdays this year. Let’s play!

Ancient play People have been using boards to play games since ancient times. Around 5,000 years ago in Egypt, people played a game called Senet. This painting from an Egyptian tomb shows a woman playing the game. Experts think a game called Go is even older. It probably started in China. Backgammon, still a popular game today, is the oldest game in which players roll the dice to find out how many moves to make.

Which board games are your favorites? People who study games put them into different categories. For example:     • Race games include Sorry and Parcheesi. In these games, the player tries to get all his or her game pieces to the finish.     • Trivia games ask players to correctly answer questions to win game pieces or move ahead.     • Roll-and-move games such as Monopoly have players move around the board according to rolls of the dice.     • Word games such as Scrabble allow players to gain points by spelling out words with alphabet tiles.     • Strategy or capture games such as chess and checkers are played in many different ways around the world. Still, most games depend on some luck along with knowledge or skill.

Mini Page photo

Family game time Here’s a special holiday gift that you can give your whole family: Plan a game gettogether. Choose a game, make popcorn, turn off the television and turn up the fun! Award a special treat to the winner.

Meet Mandy Moore photo by Eric Charbonneau, © Disney Enterprises Inc. All Rights Reserved

Mandy Moore is the voice of Rapunzel in the Disney movie “Tangled.” She is an actress, singer  and songwriter. She has recorded six albums and been in several movies, including “The Princess  Diaries.” She was the voice of Sandy in “Racing  Stripes.” Mandy works with several charities. She is an ambassador for Five & Alive, which provides education and care for people in more than 30 countries. She helped distribute malaria prevention nets and helped get clean water for people in the Sudan. She also works for charities fighting leukemia.   Mandy, 26, was born in Nashua, N.H., and grew up outside Orlando,  Fla. While growing up, she performed the national anthem for sporting events in Florida. When she was 15, she released her first record. She later toured with the Backstreet Boys. from The Mini Page © 2010 Universal Uclick from The Mini Page © 2010 Universal Uclick


Height: 6-2 Weight: 185 Hometown: Upper Marlboro, Md.

Whether he’s playing point guard or shooting guard, Duke basketball standout Nolan Smith is hard to guard.     He dazzles opponents with explosive bursts to the basket,  a soft jump shot or running a fast-break in the lane. A senior co-captain, Smith also is a tough defender. As a junior last season, he helped Duke win the school’s fourth men’s national basketball championship. He made the All-Final Four team  and is one key reason the Blue Devils could go all the way again. Away from basketball, Nolan majors in African and AfricanAmerican studies, reads with area schoolchildren and visits patients at Duke Children’s Hospital. He lights up rooms with his big smile. That’s Smith — easy to like, difficult to defeat.


Rookie Cookie’s Recipe

Spice Snack Cake • 1/2 cup plain nonfat yogurt You’ll need: • 1 egg • 3/4 cup whole-wheat flour • 1 teaspoon vanilla • 1 teaspoon cinnamon • 2 tablespoons honey • 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice • 2 tablespoons sugar • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda • 21/2 tablespoons reduced-fat margarine, cold • 1/3 cup cranberry raisins What to do: 1. Mix flour, spices and baking soda in a medium-size bowl. 2. Blend in the margarine with a fork until the mixture is crumbly. 3.  Combine yogurt, egg, vanilla, honey and sugar in a large bowl. Using an  electric mixer, beat the ingredients until smooth. 4. Add the flour mixture to the large bowl and beat again for another minute. 5. Stir in the cranberry raisins. 6. Spray a loaf pan with cooking spray. Pour in the batter. 7. Bake in a preheated 350-degree oven for 30 minutes or until the cake is done. You will need an adult’s help with this recipe. from The Mini Page © 2010 Universal Uclick from The Mini Page © 2010 Universal Uclick

The Game of Life

What’s Your Game? Could you invent your own board game? What would be the theme, or idea? What type of board would you use? Here are some questions to get  you started.

Did you know you can attend college, get a job, start a family and retire — all while playing one game? The Game of Life celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. But its history goes back to the mid-1800s.

•  How many  players will play your game?

The early game Milton Bradley was a young draftsman, an artist who makes technical drawings. In 1860, he used his artistic skills to develop a game he called The Checkered Game of Life. His game was a huge success. 

•  What shape will  your board be? •  What is the objective, or goal, for a player?

The modern game

Supersport: Nolan Smith

from The Mini Page © 2010 Universal Uclick

•  What type  of game pieces will you need?

The Checkered Game of Life

When the Milton Bradley Co. was getting ready to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 1960, designer Reuben Klamer looked through the company’s

archives for ideas. He found Milton  Bradley’s original The Checkered Game of Life. Klamer’s new version became popular with kids and families.

photo courtesy Hasbro Inc.

• What rules will your game have?  You may have to play it a few times to figure out the rules.

Bradley’s other work Bradley went on to be a big supporter of the idea of kindergarten. During his time, children went straight from home to school, where they were expected to memorize facts and get along well with classmates. Kindergarten was thought of as a way to teach preschoolers through words and play they could understand. It also helped them learn how to behave and work with others.

The Mini Page thanks John Milazzo, library specialist and head of the Fondren Exhibits Committee at Southern Methodist University, for help with this issue. from The Mini Page © 2010 Universal Uclick

from The Mini Page © 2010 Universal Uclick

A Monopoly Anniversary Darrow and the Depression

Like many people during the Monopoly celebrates its 75th birthday this year. However, another  Depression of the early 1930s, Charles Darrow of Germantown, game, called The Landlord’s Game, Pa., was looking for work probably helped Monopoly inventor to support his Charles Darrow come up with the family. Some idea for his game. experts believe A Quaker woman named he had played Lizzie J. Magie designed The  a version Landlord’s Game in 1903. of The She was against the Landlord’s idea of wealthy Game people being starting in able to gain a x o nd b 1932. monopoly* rd a boa y Darrow started l on land. She o p o on sketching out a game board on hoped her game ly M ear a tablecloth. It included many of An would help players see the street names of Atlantic City, N.J., that a monopoly ownership a favorite vacation spot for his family. of the properties on the board helps Darrow colored the different only one player. In this way, Lizzie’s properties and made little houses game was the opposite of today’s and hotels out of wood scraps. He  Monopoly, in which one player tries and his wife invited neighbors in to own all the properties on the to play. Players, especially winners, board. *A monopoly is when only one person or company began to ask for their own set to controls something. keep at home.

A Monopoly Quiz-a-Roonie many languages the total amount 4. How 1. What’s is Monopoly of money in a standard published in?

Monopoly game?


How many Monopoly properties can you build houses or hotels on? What’s the name of the character locked behind bars?

5. photos courtesy Hasbro Inc.



What is the correct spelling of Marvin Gardens? What’s the name of the little man shown here?

A popular game Soon Darrow was making two sets a day and selling them for $4 each. He sold some of the sets to a store  in Philadelphia to find out whether other people would buy them. In 1934, when Darrow first asked Parker Brothers if the company would manufacture and sell the game, he was turned Charles Darrow down. Parker 1889-1967 Brothers said the game had “52 design errors.” So Darrow sold 5,000 sets to department stores in Philadelphia, where they were a big hit. In 1935, Parker Brothers began selling Monopoly. Darrow became a rich man. Today Monopoly can be played on a video screen or in many different languages. In fact, a Braille version is available for visually impaired people. Answers to Monopoly Quiz-a-Roonie: 1. $15,140 2. 22 properties can be built upon 3. Jake the Jailbird 4. 43 languages 5. Marven Gardens 6. Mr. Monopoly

An early favorite

Next week, The Mini Page is about the von Trapp family from “The Sound of Music.”

The Mini Page Staff Betty Debnam - Founding Editor and Editor at Large Lisa Tarry - Managing Editor Lucy Lien - Associate Editor Wendy Daley - Artist




The Mini Page®

Book of States

The Mini Page’s popular series of issues about each state is collected here in a 156-page softcover book. Conveniently spiral-bound for ease of use, this invaluable resource contains A-to-Z facts about each state, along with the District of Columbia. Illustrated with colorful photographs and art, and complete with updated information, The Mini Page Book of States will be a favorite in classrooms and homes for years to come.


All the following jokes have something in common. Can you guess the common theme or category? Mary: What do chess players say when starting their game? Maxwell: “Once a pawn a time …”! Milly: When did the deck of cards need a bandage? Morris: When it was cut by the dealer! Melvin: What did the tired chess player do? Marvin: He took a knight off! from The Mini Page © 2010 Universal Uclick

Brown Bassetews n the nd’s Hou


try ’n find


Words that remind us of games are hidden in the block below. Some words are hidden backward or diagonally, and some letters are used twice. See if you can find: BACKGAMMON, BOARD, BRADLEY, CHECKERS, CHESS, DARROW, DICE, EGYPT, FAMILY, FUN, GAMES, GO, LIFE, MONOPOLY, PARCHEESI, PLAY, RACE, SCRABBLE, SENET, SORRY, STRATEGY, TRIVIA, WIN, WINTER.

Get your Game on!
















from The Mini Page © 2010 Universal Uclick

ready resources The Mini Page provides ideas for websites, books or other resources that will help you learn more about this week’s topics. On the Web: • • FunFacts.cfm At the library: • “Journey to Gameland: How to Make a Board  Game From Your Favorite Children’s Book” by Ben Buchanan, Carol J. Adams and Susan Allison

To order, send $15.99 ($19.99 Canada) plus $5 postage and handling for each copy. Make check or money order (U.S. funds only) payable to Universal Uclick. Send to The Mini Page Book of States, Universal Uclick, P.O. Box 6814, Leawood, KS 66206. Or call tollfree 800-591-2097 or go to Please send ______ copies of The Mini Page Book of States (Item #0-7407-8549-4) at $20.99 each, total cost. (Bulk discount information available upon request.) Name: ________________________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________ City: _________________________________________ State: _________ Zip: ________________

Please include all of the appropriate registered trademark symbols and copyright lines in any publication of The Mini Page®.


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