Community Trust Foundation 2021 Annual Report

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2021 Annual Report

Connecting Philanthropy for Community Good Serving Allegany, Garrett, & Mineral Counties



Victor Rezendes


Je Rhodes


Gri n Detrick


Ray Morriss

Stacey Boggs

Mirjhana Buck

Joyce Flinn

Martin Heise

Pam Jan

Margaret Miltenberger

Nicholas Monteleone

Karen Myers

Sheri Sensabaugh

Christine Sisler

Chelsea Stuck

Amy White


Marcie Nelson

Leah Sha er

Director’s Message

Fi een years ago, local business and political leaders recognized that our community needed to establish a community foundation to harness local resources to enhance and improve the lives of those who live in our beautiful region.

As a non-pro t grant making organization with the vision of becoming a leader in growing stronger, more vibrant communities, CTF is solely supported by contributions from caring citizens who love the place they call home. Whether our donors are passionate about animal welfare or healthcare, the environment or education, tourism or workforce development, we bridge the gap between them and the projects they care about.

Our mission of connecting philanthropy for community good creates a society that cares –for each other, our scenic region, and our future. e last two years have been especially challenging, but the forethought of our founders and the support of our donors paved the way for us to fortify the existing resiliency of our region. Funding for creative expression, outdoor recreation, food security, and limitless learning was available in every jurisdiction.

In our short history, we have granted $6 million to improve the lives of those in Allegany, Garrett and Mineral Counties in the areas of health and wellness, education and youth leadership, arts and historical preservation, and recreation and a thriving environment. With over $10 million in assets under management and more than 90 di erent funds, CTF continues to grow and grant.

ank you to local nonpro ts for your hard work, professional wealth advisors for guiding your clients in thoughtful philanthropy, and donors for your continued generosity and support for CTF and the place you call home. Together, we are carrying forth the vision and fortitude of our founding members to create and ensure a stronger more vibrant community for generations to come.

Cheers to another year,


President’s Message

Making a di erence for our community’s citizens is a vital objective of the Community Trust Foundation. Our Sta , Board of Directors, and O cers focus on ensuring that funds in our stewardship are wisely directed to essential projects in our area.

While much of the population has become “me” focused, CTF is lucky to have community-focused individuals, families, and businesses that have created funds with CTF to support causes they care about. Before becoming President, I chaired the Grants Committee for many years.

I viewed that job as the heart of CTF. Making our donors’ wishes a reality while enabling non-pro t organizations to achieve their missions’ objectives makes our grants a win/win proposition. While it is crucial to ensure that funds are directed at the right project, we also follow up to ensure that the funds are appropriately spent.

Most of our donor-established individual funds focus on speci c organizations or areas of interest. As a result, we sometimes have limited exibility to address some important projects in our tri-county area. Now that CTF has established funds dedicated to each of the counties we serve – Allegany, Garrett, and Mineral – individuals can donate without launching a separate fund. You don’t have to be wealthy to contribute to CTF and have an impact.

Working together, we can make our community healthier, safer, and more vibrant.


Humanitarian of the Year –Dinah Courrier Preserving History for a Better Tomorrow

by the state’s Division of Arts and Culture in 2017, Courrier has authored and edited several books on local history and Potomac State College. She also co-produced a video about Mineral County that aired on WV public television.

A lifetime member of the Mineral County historical society, Dinah donated space to house the Mineral County Museum, as well as coordinated exhibits, wrote grants, researched and indexed donated items, necessary to open the facility in 2019. “It’s a work in progress,” she noted.

Proud that her roots entwine with those who wished to abolish slavery, Courrier pursued many opportunities throughout her career to promote racial equality in education. Teaching at Potomac State College for 22 years, she served another decade as an administrator. While there, she established a council to examine issues of social justice and to provide programs focusing on diversity, which were open to the community. Her endeavors helped to establish a dialogue between inner-city students and rural students.

Advisory Councils


Dinah Courrier has spent her life making inroads to a better tomorrow by looking back at history. e recipient of numerous awards for her life’s work, Dinah was named the 2021 Humanitarian of the Year by the Community Trust Foundation. An educator, historian, author, and community organizer, Mrs. Courrier’s exemplary accomplishments de ne her as a philanthropic leader who is intent on creating a caring community.

Concerned for the hungry children in her community, Courrier created Mineral County’s “Food for ought” program in 2009 to provide nutrition for children on days there is no school. Over a decade later, the program serves approximately 400 students each week.

For more than ve decades, this dynamo of a woman has spearheaded numerous projects to elevate and preserve the history of her beloved Mineral County for future generations. Named a West Virginia Hero

A member of Trinity Lutheran Church, she and her husband, Dr. James Courrier, have 4 children and 12 grandchildren.

Intrinsically, Dinah has always believed that while she cannot save the world, she can save a piece of it. Doing her part to preserve the rich and varied history of her beloved Mineral County gives her life meaning in a corner of the world described as “almost heaven”.

Allegany County

Kelli Allaway

Jane Belt

Dee Blank

Joe Caporale

Jim Combs

Julie Ferris

Tom Finan

Ann Getty

Dr. Peter Halmos

Mary Caite Hannon

John Hart

Berton Leach Marion Leonard

Laurie Marchini

Jack McMullen

Kimberly Miltenberger

Donna Monteleone

Dr. Robert Moore

Colleen Peterson

Cady Kirkwood-Rankin

Dr. Diane Romaine

Amanda Ruthenburg

Tama Scarpelli

Amy Schwab Owens

Doug Schwab

Christina Sensabaugh

Kathy Getty

Todd Pyles

Robin Summer eld

Daniel Taylor Neumann

Garrett County

Brian Boal

Laura Fike

Shane Grady

Bill Grant

Bob Ho man

Susan Lisantti

Bill Meagher

Carissa Rodeheaver Don Sincell Jason Sweitzer

Bill Weissgerber

Mineral County

Heather Ack

Curtiss Boggs

Kevin Clark

Dinah Courrier Randy Crane

Logan DelSignore Phil Douthitt

Janet Grady

Dayla Harvey

Louis Kitzmiller

Patsy Koontz

Michele Niland

Gina Spriggs

Gina Staggers

Terry Stephens

Renee Trezise

Hayward Wilson

Keri Whitacre

e Community Trust
is grateful to our Advisory Council
Members for both their advisory and ambassador roles in helping to create a better future for our region.
Courrier enjoys the role of Gam to her many grandchildren. Courrier receives CTF’s highest award at the annual event held September 9, 2021 at Frostburg State University’s Lane Center.

Impactful Granting

Thank you to our Donors for making CTF’s grants possible.

Eight students enjoyed Appalachian Summer Adventure Camp at Evergreen Heritage Center.

New trails built by the Garrett Co. Interscholastic Mountain Bike Team at Broadford Lake Park were enhanced with a trailhead kiosk for hikers and bikers.

Deep Creek Watershed Foundation

A CTF grant to the Deep Creek Watershed Foundation defrayed the cost of water-monitoring gauges for ongoing water quality in Deep Creek Lake.

Highland Arts Unlimited


Funding for building upgrades helped Allegany Youth Enrichment Program Services open their center for at-risk youth in the City of Cumberland.

185 children were fed nutritious meals and engaged in literacy-rich activities addressing the “summer slide” through Energy Express.

Southern Garrett HS Band is using their grant to purchase a new band equipment trailer.

Support for the Highland Festival of Garrett County provided enrichment activities to celebrate the traditions of Irish/ Scots/Welsh.

Garrett Co. Interscholastic Mtn. Bike Team Southern Garrett High School Band Mineral County Energy Express Program Highland Festival of Garrett County Highland Festival of Garrett County Evergreen Heritage Center Foundation Allegany Youth Enrichment Program Services (AYEPS) Arts Unlimited coordinated beautification projects in Mineral County highlighting local artists.
The Community Trust Foundation, Inc. Statement of Financial Position December 31, 2021
Statement of Activities
$161,161 Mineral
Health &
$22,993 Arts
For the Year Ended December 31, 2021 Allegany
$52,730 Garrett $206,944 Education & Youth Leadership $266,058
& Historical Preservation $20,000 Vibrant Communities $33,500 Scholarships $78,284
Total Assets 10,693,451 Less Total Current Liabilities 185,903 Net Assets 10,507,548 Total Liabilities and Net Assets $10,693,451 Revenue 1,532,883 Expenses Grants 420,835 Investment Fees & Admin 243,882 Less Total Expenses 664,717 Income / Change in Net Assets 868,166 Net Assets – Beginning of Year 9,639,382 Net Assets – End of Year $10,507,548

CARING FOR COMMUNITY –Turning Childhood Pain into a Legacy of Love

Turning past pain into positive action is no easy task for anyone. Not even for trained mental health professionals who spend their lives helping others.

Two accomplished mental health professionals, Henry and Carolyn Brown, each experienced a similar childhood trauma. Rather than let those early heartaches perpetuate negative actions throughout their lives, they channeled their pain into a shared love of dogs and set up the Henry and Carolyn Brown Animal Welfare Fund at the Community Trust Foundation.

e impetus for their lasting legacy stems from memories that still haunt them. For Carolyn, a beloved cocker spaniel was given away without explanation when she was just six years old. Henry recounts a stray dog with health problems becoming a family pet, only to be abandoned by his father along a country road during a Sunday drive. “It was

the single, saddest moment of my entire life,” Henry recalls.

As a trained psychotherapist, Henry explains that he never healed from the trauma. Repressing the memory, he did not deal with the unpleasantness of life, as many children do not. “Repressed pain always surfaces at some point,” he explains.

Spending their professional lives in human service, they both saw rsthand the therapeutic value of animals. Carolyn witnessed the joy dogs brought to the Brandenburg clients when the sta brought them in for visits. Henry also noticed how dogs could help his therapy patients translate emotions they found di cult to express.

A er Carolyn retired as the Director of the Brandenburg Center, she volunteered for a year at the Allegany County Animal Shelter (ACAS), walking dogs and lending support to the agency she now describes as rife with creativity, hope, and dedication.

ey turned to the Community Trust Foundation to establish a fund that could

continue to help the shelter provide for homeless animals in its care. Recently, their fund was designated for a sound and security system for the newly constructed dog adoption building. e system will provide a safe and secure environment, an innovative idea they credit the shelter sta with devising.

Carolyn views CTF as a way for the community to move forward. She states that individuals can always make direct contributions to an organization but planning for long-term management of resources is crucial. With heartfelt conviction, she states, “People are important, animals are important, jobs are important. It is the responsibility of all of us to ensure our community succeeds. We can all give in small or large ways, but it is up to each of us to care.”

is is the heritage the Browns framed as paramount in their estate planning with CTF. Perhaps their legacy is best summarized by Henry, “We have so little time on this earth.

e hope is that we can come to understand that life is more than just about us.”

Leaving A Legacy Through A Gift of A Lifetime QUALIFIED CHARITABLE DISTRIBUTIONS CTF can help turn your individual retirement account (IRA) distributions into tax-saving charitable gi s. Contributing to a 501c3, like CTF, through your IRA administrator will help you avoid paying income tax on your required IRA distributions. Giving never felt so good!

Our Donors Are Investing In A Brighter Future

at 301-876-9172.

CTF Funds

Agency Allegany Museum


Allegany County Imagination Library Fund

Allegany County Public Schools’ Youth Support Fund

City of Cumberland Skate Park Task Force Fund

Creating Opportunities for Our Youth Fund

Girl Scouts of Garrett County Fund

Henry & Carolyn Brown Animal Welfare Fund

Ken Alrutz and Bob Moreland Memorial Scouts BSA Scholarship Fund

Kim & Marion Leonard CTF Administrative Support Fund

Mineral County Meals on Wheels Endowed Fund

Mineral County Meals on Wheels Non-Endowed Fund

Remember the Holocaust School Trip Fund e Buddy Fund

Vicki Linn Ovarian Cancer Awareness Fund

Western Maryland Food Bank Fund

YMCA Heritage Fund

Donor Advised

Crimson Shamrock Fund

Ebert Family Hope Fund

God’s Ark of Safety Fund

Iris & Peter Halmos Community Fund

Kim & Marion Leonard Mindful Leadership, Health, Wellness & Environmental Preservation Fund

Naylor Family Trust Fund

Ray & Brenda Morriss Community Fund

Ted A. Wolfe Community Fund

e Earl R. Wilson Jr. and David W. Summer eld Youth Aviation Fund

Field of Interest

Developing Vibrant Communities Fund

Dr. Harry W. Boggs Youth Advancement Fund

Dr. Sean McCagh Fund for Children with Disabilities

Frank & Linda Lancelotta Animal Welfare Fund

Frank & Linda Lancelotta Hospice & Health Care Fund

Garrett County Community School Support Fund

Healthcare Fund

Marta Coulehan Gehauf Beauti cation Fund Youth Leadership Fund


CTF Endowed Fund

Invest In Allegany County Fund

Invest In Garrett County Fund Invest In Mineral County Fund


Allegany/Garrett/ Mineral County Community Scholarships

Alexi Don Fratz-Orr Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Karl V. Kahl & Haseleah Kahl Scholarship Fund

Katie & Molly’s “I Run Because I Love It” Endowed Scholarship Fund

Allegany/ Garrett County Community Scholarships

Bertram A. iel Mathematics and Natural Sciences Scholarship Fund

Frank H. Eberly, Jr. Scholarship Fund

Allegany High School Scholarship Russell Lee Poling Scholarship Fund

Frankfort High School Scholarship

Be A Light, Payton Grady Memorial Scholarship Fund

Keyser High School Scholarships

Guidance Counselor’s Memorial Scholarship Fund Jack Tasker Memorial Scholarship Fund John R. Shelton Scholarship Fund

Mountain Ridge High School Scholarships

Dick Ryan Scholarship Fund Enordo “Moose” Arnone Scholarship Fund

Northern Garrett High School Scholarships

George B. & Lenore Humberson Scholarship Fund

Northern High School (NHS) Athletes Scholarship Fund

Fort Hill High School

F Club Charles H. Lattimer

Endowed Scholarship Fund

Fort Hill High School Class of 1956 Rice Endowed Scholarship Fund

Fort Hill High School Endowed General Scholarship Fund

Jim and Carol Combs Family Endowed Scholarship

Henry, Dorothy & David Roberson Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jack Cheney Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

James G. Brown Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jamie Snider, Class of 2007 Scholarship

Oscar R. & Monna J. Goldsborough Endowed Scholarship Fund

Russell L. Poling Jr. (Class of 1954)

Endowed Scholarship Fund

Sansom Memorial Arts Endowed Scholarship Fund

Shari Ann Combs Maszkiewicz Endowed Scholarship Fund

Steve Sta ord, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Welcome Home Award Endowed Scholarship Fund

William and Shirley Birmingham Memorial Scholarship


Fort Hill Class of 1970 Scholarship

Fort Hill Class of 1958 Scholarship Fund

Fort Hill Class of 1960 Scholarship Fund

Fort Hill Class of 1963 Scholarship Fund

Fort Hill Class of 1968 (Fred McMillan) Scholarship Fund

Fort Hill Class of 1969 Scholarship Fund

Fort Hill Class of 1971 Scholarship Fund

Fort Hill Class of 1974 Scholarship Fund

Fort Hill Class of 1976 Scholarship Fund

Fort Hill Class of 1977 Scholarship Fund

Fort Hill Class of 1984 Scholarship Fund

Fort Hill Class of 2006 Alyssia Cage Scholarship Fund

Fort Hill Robert Scarcelli Scholarship

James Friend Scholarship Fund


Bob Hidey Memorial Scholarship

Carl Ritchie Endowed Scholarship Fund Dennis F. Abe Sr. Estate Endowed Scholarship Fund

Joe Howser Memorial Scholarship Fund

Lois Ann Shipway Memorial Scholarship Fund

Paul & Helen Long Memorial Scholarship Fund

e Community Trust Foundation o ers a variety of fund types to meet the speci c goals of our donors. For more information, contact Leah Sha er, Executive Director,

Thank You

to our 2021 Humanitarian Event Sponsors & Friends

ACT Personnel Services

Aging & Family Services of Mineral County

Allegany College of Maryland

Allegany Museum

Berton Leach

Bill & Laurie Grant

Bill & Debbie Weissgerber

Boggs & Company Wealth Management


Coldwell Banker Home Town Realty

Coldwell Banker Professional Real Estate Services

Cumberland Scottish Rite Foundation

James & Dinah Courrier

Flo Boggs

Fox’s Pizza Den, Kesner Enterprises LLC

Frostburg State University Foundation

First United Bank & Trust

Health Matters Urgent Care

Hidey, Coyle & Monteleone

John & Roslyn Balch

Kim & Marion Leonard Life Fitness Management

Richard & Lonny Watro

Morgan Stanley, The Larkin Group

Potomac State College Alumni

R.H. Lapp & Sons, Inc.

Rotary Club of Keyser, WV Seahorse Inn

State Farm, Insurance Agent Hayward Wilson

The Belt Group

Turnbull, Hoover & Kahl, P.A. WVU Medicine Potomac Valley Hospital and…

The special donor whose generosity made the printing and distribution of this year’s annual report possible.

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