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Spiritual (Shouter) Baptist Thanksgiving Service Mobile phone celebrates 40 years Shonibare calls for museum of Art and Design in Lagos

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Spiritual Baptist Thanksgiving 40 Years of Mobile Phones

Spring is finally here (I hope), the sun’s gracing us with that long awaited glow which brings out a smile in all of us. People in London, who for months would pass you by on the streets, without as much as a wink are holding lengthy conversations with you as you make your merry way to wherever.

Baby Milk Rationing Call for Museum of Art & Design in Lagos NOTICED Launched by Law Society Award for New Beacon Books

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London is a fascinating city, you abhor it, love it, enjoy it and criticise it too yet we all embrace the City with a kind of motherly bond that wherever you are in the world, you want to snuggle up to it. However, wait! I abjure, as I flick through a copy of Caribbean Beat I see Attilah Springer holding up a flag, covered in paint on J’Ouvert morning. The image sends me down to Ladbroke Grove at the recently held Spiritual (Shouter) Baptist Thanksgiving service where the vibrations and rhythms that captivated me. As the bells peal and voices lifted you, I could hear the reverberations of Tassa and steelpan in the savannah. Further, down in my memory the heavy bass of the Nagara drums as we all danced the Hosay. My memory drags me back to the day when I was nine and ran away to journey to Port of Spain from Arima, just to say I pushed a steel band. Swaggering back to reality of Spring I realised our memories, shaped by those around us can bind us and take us back, in the wink of an eye to evoke special emotions within us. I think of friends and families who have lost loved ones and close friends and, as they depart, spring brings new life, continuing the cycle. Both sadness and happiness shape our memories so, as we mourn the fallen, we must nurture and celebrate new life and the making of new memories that we can retrieve when a ray of sunlight or even a simple photograph takes you back to that place that warms your heart.


Spiritual (Shouter) Baptist 10 Annual Thanksgiving Service

A glorious day emerged amidst the cold, snow-fringed spring and freezing temperatures to vigour and vibrancy at the Spiritual (Shouter) Baptist 10th Annual Thanksgiving Service on April 6th at the All Saints Church in Ladbroke Grove, London. Bishop Wayne Jones who flew in from Trinidad to lead the thanksgiving evoked unity and humanity with his delivery of worship to a full house. Bishop Jones called to his congregation to embrace each other reminding those gathered that it was ‘a time for celebration, a celebration of brotherhood and sisterhood to create a unifying force of humanity.’ He praised those who fought against all adversity so that today the Spiritual Baptist can worship without the hindrance and the persecution they previously encountered.

Reverend Pat Stephens

For almost half a century the ‘Shouters’ were prevented, by Law, from worshiping with their customary pealing of bells and rhythmic chants and drumming that formed part of their ritual in worship. After much lobbying a united body presented their petition to have, the Ordinance repealed. The Ordinance was finally repealed on 30 March 1951, since then, the Spiritual (Shouter) Baptist has been able to practice their religion without fear of persecution. Celebrating its 10th Annual Thanksgiving in London, Reverend Jones said ‘a community that prays together go forward together, not only in prayer but by singing and dancing together.’ Reverend Patricia Stephens in her message thanked those who have helped and supported the faith over the years including Rudolph Walker,

Sonny Blacks, Ansel Wong, Claire Sheppard, Jim Mungal and many others, including the High Commissioner for Trinidad and Tobago, His Excellency Garvin Nicholas and his staff for their endearing support. Tobago Crusoe entertained the packed All Saints Church with a repertoire of songs in keeping with celebration of the day.

Spiritual (Shouter) Baptist 10th Annual Thanksgiving Service His Excellency Garvin Nicholas, in his address to the congregation expressed the determination of a people who never abandoned their beliefs he said ‘such a spirit must be admired, a victory and a shared triumph.’ Such was the power of that victory that its vibrations and rhythms moved you no matter what your faith. The service culminated with the blessing of the Thanksgiving Table by Reverend Wayne Jones. After the blessing, fruits from the blessed table were shared amongst the worshippers before guest sat down to a respite and the spirit of togetherness lingered.

David Kalloo

Mobile phone celebrates 40 years

April 2013 marked 40 years since the first mobile phone came on the market. Martin Cooper, a Canadian, invented the cell phone while working for Motorola 1973. Since then technology have advanced so quickly that we have seen phones from the early day ‘brick’ to modern handsets that can fit almost in the skimpiest bikini unnoticed. Moreover, with such advanced technology at our fingertips. Mobile phone companies are constantly pouring vast sums of money into developing new handsets with software capabilities to give us everything from business, home and entertainment products in the palm of our hands, on the move. It is without a doubt, the mobile phone has transformed our daily lives. From the long gone days when you could just simply make and receive calls on your handset.

Today, we can do almost anything from the comfort of our mobile phone. Book tickets for theatre, concerts, listen to music, edit photographs, download music and games faster than you can reach into your pocket and retrieve your credit card. We can watch movies, book holidays, read books, play games, make video call, hold a conference, text and picture message from anywhere, thanks to wi-fi technology and, if you really need to; make telephone calls. Presently, the major players in the mobile phone industry are racing ahead to be the leaders in the mobile technology market.

Apple, Google, Samsung, and their engineers are studiously hammering out concepts to see who would be the first to actually compact a Smartphone into a watch. Samsung have unveiled their concept and Apple is currently developing its iWatch, a slap on bracelet. Kindle has also jumped on board and developing their Kindle phone. A 5in Kindle that can make calls (surprisingly) as well as channel eBooks from Amazon as well as downloading apps and music and all the advantages of your current Kindle. Also in the making, is a transparent phone that is solar powered giving you two minutes of battery life for

Martin Cooper with a first generation ‘brick’ phone

Mobile celebrates every ten minutes of sunlight. Just imagine the day when you may never have to recharge your phone-a device that is constantly on the go. Phillips Fluid is the new bendy phone and described as unbreakable. It has no glass and made from a TFT film that Samsung says is unbreakable. Expect to see similar innovations from other makers as they all vie for a share in the technological race to conquer the global mobile phone market. Mobile phone companies in their quest to develop a device that can do most things may yet take another forty years. The ‘grandfather’ of the cellular phone, Marin Cooper said, ‘the whole concept of a universal device, a device that does all things for all people, in my judgement probably doesn’t do any of them very well.’ The man who gave us the mobile phone should know, he walks around with three mobile phones o his belt.


Baby milk rationing in the UK

Who would have ever envisaged in modern day when baby milk would be reduced retailers rationing? Well its true, supermarkets are currently rationing the amount of baby-milk formula any one customer can purchase. Currently each customer is allowed only two tins of baby milk at a time. The four major supermarkets, Sainsbury’s Morrison’s, Asda and Tesco have all imposed restrictions on brands such as Aptamil and Cow & Gate. The reason for the restriction has come in light of high demand from China for foreign brands after baby-milk formula was spiked with melamine in 2008. It resulted in half a dozen babies dying and over 300,000 were ill. The situation with demands for baby-milk formula by China has not only affected supplies here in the UK but it has created smuggling rings with buyers travelling to the UK and Australia to purchase stocks. If the demand increases, it may well see other retailers having to impose similar restrictions to ensure that there is an even distribution of stocks for babies here in the UK.

Shonibare calls for museum of Art and Design in Lagos

The Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare MBE recently launched plans to create a museum of modern art in Lagos. Shonibare made the announcement at a recent ceremony at the Nigerian High Commission in London, he was told then, he was to receive Nigeria’s highest national honour. The London-based artist became popular in the UK when his Ship in a Bottle for Trafalgar Square fourth plinth that made him a household name in 2002. Shonibare has been known for his explorat ion of colonialism and post -colonialism t hrough t he cont emporary cont ext of globalisat ion. His work explores t hese issues alo ngside t hose of race and class t hrough many mediums of his art . Shonibare, a Turner Prize nominee in 2004, he was awarded an MBE in the same year. Born in London, Shonibare expressed his delight in being honoured saying. ‘There is one thing I hope you can help me with...a museum of contemporary art and design’ he said to the High Commissioner,

His Excellency Dr Dalhatu Sarki Tafida. He went on to say ‘we give all our talents away and don’t bring anything home. We do not have international standard museums in Nigeria.’ He stressed that having museums of international standards is something that will benefit and connect Nigeria to the international community, bringing not only employment but also tourism and associated industries with it. The minister for information Simon Ogah joined the High Commissioner in support for such a museum in the Nigerian city, Lagos.

Nail It If You Can Nail Polishes are forever and many of you will agree that it’s a woman must have beauty addition, but it’s easily overlook as one of the most important aspects of a woman beauty regime. As 2013 unleash a range of power colours and shades into the Nail Polish market, having the perfectly coloured nail is an easy way to rock this season hottest trend. With earthly tone scheme that draws from a colour palette of brown, tans, warm greys, greens, oranges, whites and some reds. Not forgetting the Pastel party of teal, pink and yellow also, the continuous red, burgundy – (maroon, wine -red, reddish – purple, claret) and black that is usually best stated with elegance. My colour palette pick for this Spring/Summer 2013 is Pastel; it has been a trend that has been gaining ground since last year, which, we have now seen, embedded into SS13 trend. Pastel Nail Polish has been the trailblazing colours that have been used in all the SS13 Fashion Week

Across the board, it appears to be this season toning down your nails, the new way to play it cool Moreover, back to life – back to reality the revolving world of the fashion cult brought us back to the classic Nail Polish pool of bright bold and pastel party once more in 2013.

Remember: “The colour of your life may not always turn out as you hope, but like the paint on a wall or the colour on your nails, it can be wiped away and make way for change.” Nichola McDonald Picture credits:

London Metropolitan University regains visa licence London Metropolitan University is delighted to announce that it has regained a licence to sponsor Tier 4 visas for international students. From today, new international students can join the University on Tier 4 visas. In addition, current international students will be able to complete their courses. All these students will have the same work opportunities as those at other UK universities. London Met applied for a new licence in March. University staff worked with the Home Office to ensure the University has appropriate processes for recruiting and monitoring international students. Professor Malcolm Gillies, ViceChancellor of London Metropolitan University, said: “This is excellent news for our students and our University, which looks forward to welcoming students from around the world who want to study at one of London’s most diverse academic institutions. “London Met has a long history of providing education to international students and we can now continue this long-term commitment to offer them quality education. Students can have total confidence that our processes are stronger than ever. I take this opportunity to thank all staff and students and, in particular, international students for their patience and support over the last nine months.”

Nearly 5000 international students have already made applications to study with London Met for September 2013 and the University will now embark on a fourmonth promotional tour across 17 countries. International students at London Met have spoken of their great relief. Emmanuel Egwu an international student from Nigeria joined London Met in 2009 on a foundation course and is now in his final year of the BSc Forensic Science. He is happy that the news means he now has the opportunity to stay on at London Met to do a Master’s degree. “I am truly thrilled that London Met has finally got back its licence. I came from Nigeria, to study here in the UK and London Met has given me the opportunity to exercise and develop my academic knowledge. “There isn’t another university who can give students a quality and affordable education, right here in the centre of London. “My four years of studying at London Met have been fantastic and I encourage students to find a place here- it’s a great learning environment.” The University continues with its case in the High Court over the revocation of its licence last August

Law Society launches NOTICED For many years, there have been calls for more diversity within the law profession in London. Moreover, while there were token initiatives in the past, nothing of any substance have materialised from it. On March 20th, eight law firms in the city launched NOTICED. The concept is that NOTICED will seek to encourage engagement on multiculturism and diversity in the profession. Bhavesh Patel, one of the co-chairs said ‘member firms are already running active campaigns, but for true change to occur we all need to work together to this end.’ Also expressing his view on the initiative was Hogan Lowells, Rashida Abdulai who said ‘to increase diversity, you have to begin early-in schools and continue through all stages to attract, recruit and retain people from diverse backgrounds.’ It has taken the Law Society well over sixty years to finally pinpoint a source from which multiculturalism and diversity can begin to take root- in schools. The Law Society should recognise too, such collaboration cannot be compartmentalised, it has to function as a national engine. What would be accomplished with only one sector of the society embracing multiculturism and diversity? These changes must start in education and as long as the education system continues to fail in delivering a curriculum that promotes this, it will altogether go un- NOTICED.

There are a vast number of ethnic graduates coming out of universities who are still finding it difficult to gain entry into leading law firms. One of The Law Society Diversity and Inclusion Charter states that they ‘Support the development of good diversity practice by collecting and sharing with signatories examples of practical activities that contribute to progress.’ If this is anything to go by, why then is there such a scarcity of ethnic presence in City firms? At a recent roundtable discussion on multiculturism and diversity the importance of working with schools clearly, was a hot topic for debate. Debo Nwauzu, founder of the Black Lawyers Directory stressed that; mentoring and training schemes in co-operation with law firms and businesses recognise the importance of working in schools. Do not expect an overnight success with something as sensitive as multiculturism and diversity, especially in sectors such as Law where the crux of power have always been in the hands of a select class. We must not frown however, and become complacent, instead rise to the challenges and prove your worth to the one person you owe it to, you.

We Do Not Understand Africa Exploitation of what is deemed an underdeveloped country would never cease, it seems. The Swedish energy company Vattenfall invested in rubber plantation in Liberia two years ago have withdrawn its investment, leaving Liberian farmers with no feasible means to maintain the rubber plantations. Vattenfall communications manager Ivo Banek said ‘we do not understand Africa, it was a bad deal.’ He was commenting on the difficulties that investors face when trying to build a functioning infrastructure in countries with a post-conflict economy. Surely, Vattenfall should have done extensive research into a project where 1.3 billion krona (£131 million) was being invested which offered benefits to both countries. The company planned to use rubber wood chips alongside coal in Sweden to reduce carbon emissions and the biomass was to be used to provide energy for Monrovia, Liberia’s capital. The Swedish company failed in its strategy to provide or put in place a policy for phasing should a risk factor occur. The sudden withdrawal by Vattenfall have not only left farmers in a tough spot with no income and abandoned rubber plantations. Vattenfall are currently in no consultation with the Liberian farmers to offer compensation. To worsen matters for farmers, large amounts of wood chips that were left behind has attracted a type of ant that is currently destroying. Liberia’s has been struggling with a recovering economy after being ravaged by civil wars from periods in 1989 to 1996

and 1999 to 2003. A spokesperson for the Swedish Church said, ‘Investments that affect vulnerable groups, living conditions and the environment must be preceded by meticulous based on a good local knowledge.’ A tropical forest expert for the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation has called for a review on the company’s risk assessment. Maria Rydlund said, ‘It takes seven years from the time a rubber tree is planted to see a return’ surely it is in the interest of both the farmers and investors to have a reassessment on the risk factor. However, Ivo Banek maintained that, ‘There were local conditions that we could not influence.’ Source: epochtimes

A Rubber plantation in Liberia

Cruise Ship Port shuts

World Bank halts disbursements to Grenada

A virus outbreak on the Turks and Caicos

A total of US $750,000 must be repaid

Islands has forced the Cruise Ship port to shut, with over 25 cases reported of people suffering symptoms ranging from vomiting and diarrhoea.

to the World Bank by the Grenada government before any new disbursements can be made to the country. The sum makes up seven missed payments by Grenada to the World Bank. In a letter to Grenada’s Prime Minister, Dr Keith Mitchell the World Bank notified him that up until March 18th 2013 no payments were made into their accounts.

So far, health officials have been stumped in locating the source of the virus, which has closed the Carnival Cruise Ship port on the Capital island of Grand Turk. Fingers are generally pointing to a continued problem with the public water supply in Grand Turk. The water supply system that feeds the capital has been for some years, in disrepair. It is likely that the water system could have been contaminated resulting in the spread of the virus that led to the closure of the port. The closure of the port means that revenues from cruise ship passengers are currently seriously affected as well as, scores of vendors who rely on trade from disembarking passengers at the port to sustain a living.

The island has also been subjected to the same procedure by the Kuwaiti Fund who suspended any further disbursements due to non-payment of existing loans. In addition, to add insult to injury, Standards and Poor’s have lowered Grenada’s rating on the Caribbean Development Bank. Grenada’s government has made assurances to the World Bank that they are working on making overdue payments on current loans.

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Shortcut to space

St Kitts &Nevis and Paraguay signs diplomatic ties St Kitts and Nevis and Paraguay last month cemented closer relations with their countries when the established diplomatic bonds.

The Russians have found a shortcut to space. Three astronauts, two Russians and one US blasted off from a launch pad in Kazakhstan and took a shorter route to the International Space Station currently orbiting the earth. The shorter route took the astronauts just six hours instead of the previous two days. The shorter flight, it is hoped should be beneficial to reducing the spacemen’s fatigue according to a Russian source. Since space flight to the orbiting space station began, it is the first time that a manned mission was undertaken using the shorter route with great success. The threeman crew on board the Russian Soyuz docked safely with the International Space station creating another space first involving Russia. One astronaut joked at a press conference before the launch saying ‘soon we would be able to take ice cream for the crew manning the orbiting space station.’ The International Space Station is currently by space crew and scientist from various countries.

OAS ambassador signed the relevant documents and permanent representatives Jacinth Henry-Martin on behalf of SKN and Martin Sannemann signed on behalf of Paraguay. Speaking after the signing the SKN representative expressed that it was an important step to strengthening existing bonds of friendship with Paraguay. Jacinth Henry-Martin said, ‘this is paving the way for a focussed attention to collaborate in areas of mutual interest namely, language instruction, information and technology exchange, small farming, agricultural development, tourism and cultural exchange.’ Also speaking about the signing was Mr Newton from the SKNM foreign ministry who added ‘a thriving multilateral relationship already exists through membership of both states in the OAS hemispheric family. The SKN government is committed to working with the new allied state to ensure the hemisphere is politically and economically stable.

St Vincent and the Grenadines picks up Award

Confidence grows in the Eurozone

Despite many of the Eurozone countries failing to hit their budget deficit at the end of the last fiscal year confidence in the Eurozone is up.

Congratulations to the St Vincent and the Grenadines for picking up the Travel Market Award for Best Public Relations Strategic Campaign titled ‘Digital Detox’ at the ceremony held in London. The campaign labelled the St Vincent and the Grenadines as a laid-back alternative to high-tech destinations. Using the initiative to promote the 32 islands and Cays where people can switch off and relax from technology, hence the tag ‘Digital Detox’ for the campaign. SVG’s Tourism Authority spokesperson Glen Beache said ‘the win is a wonderful achievement for St and the Grenadines further cementing our appeal as an authentic Caribbean destination.’ The CIMTIG Travel Market Award is certainly a feather in SVG’s cap and with tourism playing an important part in the regions economics ‘Digital Detox’ may well be the ideal vacation therapy for those wanting to escape the daily drive on the technological super highway.

The European Commission announced that there was a bloc rise to a minus 22.3 in March. Both Spain and France saw a shortfall of 7.1 per cent driving debt percentage of GDP in the Eurozone to a record 90.6 per cent, a rise from 87.3 per cent in 2012. Current surge in unemployment and budget cuts continue to be the central areas, where blame is being levied for the ongoing crisis in the Eurozone. Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the EC ‘we need to combine the indispensable correction in public finances, huge deficits, huge public debt....with proper measures for growth.’ The 17-nation currency bloc have seen their gross domestic product tumble over the last few years, from 6.5 in 2010, 4.2 in 2011 to the current 3.7 as a combined fiscal deficit.


New Beacon Books picks up Award in Trinidad

The four-day festival held in partnership with the Edinburgh International Book Festival, the British Council and the Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference would host a number of celebrated Caribbean writers. They include Olive Senior, Marlon James (The Book of Night Women), Colin Grant (Bageye at the Wheel), Andrea Stuart (Sugar in the Blood), Lawrence Scott (Light falling on Bamboo), Ian McDonald (Humming-Bird Tree) and many others. The 2013 NGC Bocas Lit Fest, which runs from 24- 28 April at the National Library, Port of Spain, Trinidad will honour John La Rose (posthumously) and Sarah White of New Beacon Books. Arima born John LaRose came to Britain in 1961 and along with Sarah White pioneered Caribbean literature, publishing and bookselling in the UK. New Beacon Books began life in 1966 becoming the first black bookstore and publishers in Britain. The establishment still stands as a beacon in London where the shop continues to cater for African and Caribbean market. Sarah White will receive the 2013 Bocas Henry Swanzy Award at a ceremony at the National Library in Port of Spain.

The festival is supported and sponsored by, First Citizens, Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development, Courts, National Museum and Art Gallery, Flow, TDC, Neal and Massy Foundation, ASCO, Worley Parsons, McAl Foundation and ANSA. A new online hub called Cariblit will also be launched at the festival that will provide resources to Caribbean writers, readers and publishers. The Caribbean Literature Action Group, Bocas Lit Fest, the British Council and the Commonwealth Writers created Cariblit.

Heather Headley in The Bodyguard In October last year Culturepulse broke the news that Trinidadian born, US-based singer Heather Headley was on her way to London to star in the theatre production of Kevin Costner’s 1992 blockbuster movie The Bodyguard starring the late Whitney Houston. Since arriving in London to play the lead role of Rachel Maron in the musical adaption Heather Headley has been receiving raves of reviews for her role in the hit musical at the London Adelphi Theatre where she performs up to 11 songs nightly to a sold out audience since the production began last November. Michael Coveney of Whats on Stage describes Heather as “a soul sister knockout as Rachel Maron.” She has help The Bodyguard pick up the Award for Best New Musical. Heather is also been nominated for Best Actress in a Musical. The show continues to rake in reviews after reviews. Henry Hitchings from the Evening Standard says, “Heather Headley is mesmerising” while Bas Bamigboye proclaims its “the best gold-plated musical hit of the season.”

If you see only one musical this year make sure its the The Bodyguard and let Heather Headley mesmerise you with her knockout soul sister vocals and have you craving for more after two ad a half hours of Whitney classics. The Bodyguard runs until September 28 Follow Heather on Twitter @heatherheadley And on:

London Jazz Festival Autumn seems a perfect time for jazz and, this year you can enjoy some of the worlds renowned jazz artiste at the London Jazz Festival from November 15-24 at various venues; such as the Barbican, Southbank and the Royal Albert Hall. Be sure to catch Sonny Rollins at the Royal Albert Hall on November 18 and experience the tabla supremo Zakir Hussain and John McLaughlin with their fusion of Eastern and Western music that is truly sensational. Also billed are legends Herbie Hancock, Hugh Masekela, Madeleine Peyroux, Tigran Hamasyan, Chic Corea and Omette Coleman scheduled to perform at the London Jazz Festival. There are many offers available for some venues with some tickets going for as little as ÂŁ10 so book now for the chance to enjoy some fine jazz by some great artiste this November.

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Marathon Man London Marathon 2013 winner Tsegaye Kebede

Culturepulse Magazine issue 16  

A vibrant magazine exploring the Diaspora and beyond

Culturepulse Magazine issue 16  

A vibrant magazine exploring the Diaspora and beyond