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entertainment reviews Boys Noize Out of the Black Boys Noize Records While the name sounds like the opening act on a One Direction tour, Boys Noize gets huge cool points for making a Monster Magnet “Space Lord” dance remix one of his first releases in 2004. Alex Ridha, the German-born DJ making all the Noize, is now an international star with a new full-length album, Out of the Black. Sounds range from digitized guitar and live drum sounds (“Rocky 2”) to new wave-disco hybrids with a native percussion breakdown (“Conchord”), all driven by pounding electro-synth grooves. Tracks like “Circus Full of Clowns” come across as album filler, but EDM fans can cherry pick the standouts like the euphoric “XTC,” the bouncy “Ich R U” and the dynamic, energy-building opener, “What You Want.” Hopefully rap radio will embrace the album closer, “Got It,” which has Snoop Dogg throwing down like he’s trying to bring ’93 back. (David Jenison)

Cannabis Sativa: The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains Vol. 2 S.T. Oner Green Candy Press Not content to let the world continue with only one authoritative guide to sativa strains, the ganja geniuses over at Green Candy Press cultivated yet another voluminous volume dedicated to providing a comprehensive overview of the best of the best. If you’re a connoisseur, Cannabis Sativa Vol. 2 should prove to be instructive reading for those with a deep interest in the heaviest and bushiest of marijuana strains (Krane Damage, Nebula, etc.). Genetics-minded patients will find rock-solid lineage descriptions of popular phenos such as Cannatonic and Sour OG. Coming straight from the minds of breeders and growers, Vol. 2’s information is unsurpassed . . . but at the same time not overly technical—often the weakness of some marijuana books. The photos are drool-worthy, but the information—and adroit wit—will keep you coming back. A great stocking stuffer for the patient hungry for colorful and accurate information. (Matt Tapia)

Twisted Sister A Twisted X-mas – Live in Las Vegas Eagle Rock Entertainment A Twisted Christmas, a 2006 collection of metalized holiday standards, became Twisted Sister’s bestselling album since the Reagan years. The band released a live Christmas DVD the next year, but unlike Ghost Rider, this bad boy deserved a sequel. A Twisted Xmas - Live in Las Vegas features Sin City theatrics, Steel Panther-like nostalgia and Radio City Christmas Spectacular production with holiday-adorned strippers replacing the Rockettes. The concert took place at the Vegas Hilton, a.k.a. the house Elvis built in the theater Barry Manilow ruled. Sure, Manilow covered many of the same classics on his Christmas albums, but he didn’t dress like a tranny or radically reimagine songs like Twister Sister’s “12 Days of Christmas” (spoiler alert: they don’t ask for turtle doves). Complete with colorful costumes, fake snow and amped-up arrangements, A Twisted Xmas is a sick holiday treat! (David Jenison)


Chuck D

Public Enemy in concert

Classic hip-hop is making a comeback as legendary acts “Bring the Noise” to Colorado. While we respect the catchy songs produced by rappers of today, let us not forget that many up-and-coming spitters owe a significant debt to inyour-face, socially conscious acts from yesteryear like Public Enemy. With lots of modern rap flooding airwaves with messages about bling and Bentleys, Public Enemy said screw all that and proceeded to criticize everything that was wrong with American society and put it in (literally) black and white terms. Public Enemy—fronted by rap icons Chuck D and Flavor Flav (if you kids though Flavor of Love was old school, man, have you got something comin‘!)—will be part of the Hip Hop Gods tour, which comes to Denver this month. With 16 albums over the course of 25 years under its collective belt, Public Enemy isn’t about backing down anytime soon or lying fallow—the group released two albums this year alone: The Evil Empire of Everything and Most of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear On No Stamp. Taking the power back never gets old. (Jamie Solis)


What: Public Enemy in concert. When/Where: Dec. 8 at the Ogden Theatre, 935 E. Colfax Ave., Denver. Info: Go to www.ogdentheatre. net or call (303) 832-1874.

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