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30 Chatty Kathy Television and comedy star Kathy Griffin earns an A+

departments 6 Letter from the Editor I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store. 8 News Nuggets Cannabis makes headlines here, there, everywhere—and we give you the scoop—PLUS our latest By the Numbers 18 Destination Unknown Exotic locales and colorful (literally) adventures can be had in Northwest India.


20 Profiles in Courage Our latest feature provides insight into the life—and struggle—of a medical marijuana patient near you.

12 The Next Step Portions of Amendment 64 are about to kick in—what does that mean for MMJ?

22 Legal Corner Getting Amendment 64 up and running could be a long, bumpy ride, attorney Ann Toney explains.

14 A Changing Landscape Charting the bright green future of the compassionate (and legalization) movement.

26 Strain & Edible Reviews Our ever-popular sampling of amazing strains and edibles currently provided by your friendly neighborhood dispensary.

On the cover: Photo courtesy of Bravo

16 Motor Heads Hard rock act Clutch busts out the riffs for The Fillmore!

50 Cool Stuff From the Carbon Black Wheelchair to CoolJarz Flipz storage containers, if it’s a cutting-edge product or cool lifestyle gear, we’re all over it. 52 Recipes Get out your best china, it’s time to serve something extra special for the holidays. 56 Shooting Gallery Here are the green-friendly things we saw you doing around town.




58 Entertainment Reviews The latest films, books, music and more that define our culture.

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