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· The effect of Spanish rule in Mexico was how the Spanish took over the Mexico area and turned it into something new. · The Spanish wiped out the Aztecs and made there very cities on their land. · The Spanish brought multiple diseases to the Mexico area. · The Aztecs were very advanced when it comes to technology and had interesting art and their culture. · Even the way they built their pyramids and religious temples. · Some cultural practiced in Present day Mexico are “Cinco de Mayo” “Dios de los Muertos” and many more. · Mexico’s current economy is the 13th largest in the world in nominal terms. · Mexico is mainly a service section and private ownership. · Manufacturing is starting to rapidly grow. It is also the 11th largest in purchasing. · Due to the drug cartel and many other outer activity’s economy is not the best. · There is a lot of emigration from Mexico and little emigration coming into. · There is plenty of work but since it is predominantly poor the pay is not usually enough. · And due to this education is not the best. · There are many tourist sites in mexico.

Central America and the Caribbean Colonialism · Spanish conquistadors were the first to discover Central America · The Caribbean was discovered by Christopher Columbus\ · Plus original tribes that were here before Culture · -The language mainly spoke in central America is Spanish and the language mainly spoke in The Caribbean is an English dialect · -The religion of Central America is mainly catholic and in the Caribbean it is mainly Christian bases Economy · -The economy of central America is mainly traditional agriculture and the Caribbean is mainly manufacturing and trade · The population of Central America is 40 million and in the Caribbean is 42

Spanish Speaking South America Spanish Conquest and Rule · -the Inca was mainly in modern day Peru until 1550 · -the Incas were ruled over by the a Spanish conquistador · They have a lot of socialist countries but still have free market Culture · -the literature of South America was native language and Spanish and Portuguese · Their book are popular due to the Latin America Boom Economy · -Chile is ranked in the upper middle class in economy and leads south · America in human development and many more category · -the Chilean products are precious metal and forestry products · -education is high with at least 99% of the one million population · The income gap between the rich and the poor is very big. The 10% of the rich own 40% of the wealth and the 20% of the poor hold less than 3% of the wealth

Brazil History · -was originally a colony of Portugal from 1500-1815 · -after Napoleon invaded Brazil gained its independence in 1822 Culture · -since it was controlled by Portugal for so many years the language was to be Portuguese Economy · -Brazil has the biggest economy in Latin America · -Brazil’s exports are aircraft, electrical equipment, automobiles, ethanol, textiles, footwear, iron ore, steel, coffee, orange juice, soybeans and corned beef. · -due to Brazils dense forest it makes it hard to live out there, that is why there are more people in the cities surrounding the Amazon Life Today · -Brazil has a diverse celebration culture like carnival, a festival that last for weeks of just fun and festivals

Culture Book  

Culture book for rakestraw 5th period

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