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№ 6 (1002), 2012


Ukrainian Culture #6 (1002), 2012 Vasylkivska St. 1, Kyiv, 03040 +38 (044) 498-23-61 Edition: 2000

The magazine has been publishing since June 1921

This new issue of «The Ukrainian Culture» that you hold in your hands is touched upon the festival life. This summer, in Ukraine there are a lot of interesting cultural activities and events. That is why our magazine has decided to select the most important and most interesting ones and convey to you. In this issue you will find the latest high-profile cultural events in June and see what lived Ukrainian art this month.

Founder: The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine Publisher: State Enterprise «National newspaper and magazine publishing» 03040, Kyiv, Vasylkivska Str., 1; tel. +38 (044) 498-23-64 General director: Olesya Bilash

We are going to offer several special projects: «Discussion», «Personality», «Vis-a-vis», «Studio» and share our experiences of being in a truly Ukrainian world — at the festival «The Land of Dreams» that, for nine years of its existence for many Ukrainian people, has become a priority event of the summer. This year again there lived a country that is wanted to be seen by you and me. It was cozy and noisy at the same time. Indeed, it was the traditional «shake» of emotions that were hungry again to fest. In the picturesque hills of the Dnieper, it is even dreamt in a special way. It is remembered as Oleg Skrypka (the festival host) has repeatedly emphasized that the «The Land of Dreams» is a mix of both traditional cuisine and ancient songs, and dance with contemporary reading by musicians and actors. I believe that each of us must establish, first, in our hearts, the country to be close to our culture and traditions. This issue is not only about the festival, we tried to cover the main important events and trends of Ukrainian art space, to see by how lived movie, music and theater in June. Especially for «The Ukrainian Culture» it was analyzed the modern state of translated literature and the role of interpreter in the Ukrainian cultural space.

Editorial board: Olesya Bilash, Victor Pasak, Maxim Budarin, Victor Vecherskiy, Elena Voronko, Olga Darybogova, Oksana Ionova, Larysa Lebedivna, Ivan Mechkov, Larisa Nikiforenko, Elena Cherednichenko, Mikhailo Shved, Igor Gyrych, Lyudmila Gnatiuk, Olga Golynska, Alla Pidluzhna, Natalia Potushnyak Chief еditor: Oksana Gayduk The issue has been worked out by: Oksana Gaiduk, Oksana Zhenzhera, Larisa Goncharenko, Ivan Levytskiy, Sergiy Shylo, Nazar Siradchuk The authors: Anita Grabska, Jana Levytska, Larisa Goncharenko, Liya Guguchiya, Elena Malyarenko, Alexander Moskalets, Igor Bondar-Tereshchenko, Elena Mukosiy, Snejana Goryacheva, Sofia Trykolenko, Olexiy Gavrilenko, Roksolana Berdichev Distribution, subscription, advertisement: +38 (044) 498-23-64, +38 (050) 310-56-63 The certificate of registration of print media: CR № 1118 from 08.12.1994 The printery: «Publishing and Printing Company «Express Polygraph», LLC 04080, Kyiv, Str., Frunze, 47B, Bldg. 2, tel. +38 (044) 417-25-93 Signed for publication on: July 5, 2012

In our magazine, there are continuing changes, we collect an effective teammates and welcome the assistance of those who are interested in Ukrainian art and culture. We continue to create a culture together. Good reading!

Oksana Gaiduk, Chief editor of «The Ukrainian Culture»


DREAM LAND: Going to the Land of Dreams, perhaps, fourth time, I deeply thought about the reasons for its success. The festival movement in Ukraine is considered to be lively. However, the eternal conflict of quantity and quality reveals itself

What attracts and differs in the Land of Dreams from other ones? First of all, it is a colorful fest. The artists and craftsmen come from everywhere. Thus, there is something to see and wonder. Currently, about 250 artists exhibited themselves. The fair offered everything for the wardrobe, economy and donations beginning with elderly and dowry chests and ending with the wooden Cossack sabres and souvenir ceramics. The traditional crafts are mixed well with modern life. For example, a seller of the ceramic flasks from Odessa said to «UK» that his goods are bought by men who love beer. At the same time, to drink alcohol using bottles in public places is prohibited. So, the inventive persons pour those drinks inside authentic flasks with corks and wear them on their sides. The festival performances have been organized with high quality. All viewers can be assured that the holiday will not drop down at the last minute for either blackout or late arrival of a group. The fest location is very suitable — the Singing Field lies nearby Lavra, so the residents of Kiev reach the place by the fixed route taxi and subway. The area is quite civilized – there is no wide field which may happen to be boggy when it rains (as it was at last year's «Trypillya Circle»), neither dry steppe nor dicomposed fortress. Just the ordinary benches are under


MINI MODEL OF IDEAL UKRAINE or why we need ethnofestival


the stage. From The stone stairs and sidewalks insure audience of mess. You can readily attend restrooms. The «UK» has counted 16 dry closets. Unfortunately, the only drawback was a food. Of course, «we are here not for stuffing our faces», but to fest all day along, the little buns are for sure not enough. Last years, only hot dogs and buns of unknown origin were proposed in stands. Now, there were sandwiches in cellophane. The special drilled personnel from a Kiev restaurant fed all visitors by porage with meat, pancakes and pies, gave to drink uzvar and other authentic drinking at a reasonable price. In the near stand, they gave dumplings (30 UAH per serving). However, on the second day, they had been eaten even before lunch. Fortunately, the barbecues appeared fast. Although, one portion of the barbecues cost 100 UAH, the starving guests crowded in lines. But this is enough about the basic instincts. The Land of Dreams is one of the numberless fests for the whole family. Kids enthusiastically pictured walls and wove in master classes, parents walked slowly, young people danced, grandparents watched around… According to organizers, the fest was visited by about 9,000 people. Prices agreed were quite reasonable: 50 UAH per one day and 80 per two days respectively. Pensioners were allowed free entrance and children met sufficient discounts.




The development of national cinema is one of the priorities of the Odessa International Film Festival.This year the festival organizes several programs on the present and the recent history of Ukrainian cinema: national competition, retrospective of Ukrainian cinema early 90's, and a number of other professional activities: pitching* projects, demonstrations of cinema works at the final stage of production and the professional discussions

This year the Odessa film festival is first going to demonstrate a full-scale national competition, where the newest Ukrainian moovies will be demonstrated. The winner of the contest will receive the prize «Golden Duke» for the best Ukrainian film and premium of 50,000 UAH. In the national contest the OICF-2012 presents 18 films, among them there are the full-length fictions, documentary and short works having shot in Ukraine for the last eighteen months. In the context of this program, three world premieres of the Ukrainian feature films («Plain Business» Valentyn Vasyanovych, «The lifetime of an object in the frame» Alexander Balagura and «Apartments» Alexander Shapiro) will be took place.

«The Plain Business» of Valentyn Vasyanovych

* Pitching (from the English. «Pitch» — sport) — presentation of the film project to find investors willing to fund this project.


The «Plain Business» of Valentyn Vasyanovych is involved both in the Ukrainian and international programs. The hero-doctor is expelled from his work for a fight with his patients. But the hero interprets this event as a good sign and decides to start a new life. Fi-




OLEG VERHILIS, THEATER CRITIC: The Ukrainian culture is a spiritual heritage of great people, beautiful ethnic group that does not suffer from inferiority complex, is not not ashamed its past, creates decent examples of art today and has a margin of safety «for tomorrow». It is an expression of sincere and altruistic principles through an idealistic creative perception of both the world and the universe even inside the walls of one neighbor's house.

ANGELICA RUDNYTSKA, SINGER, TV PRESENTER: According to a specified dictionary of foreign words, the culture is «a set of material and spiritual values created by mankind in its history». The Ukrainian culture is the same, but created by Ukrainians. Here I and you can not invent a bicycle.

OLGA SUMSKA, ACTRESS AND TV PRESENTER: The Ukrainian culture, as a Shevchenko’s womanwage-earner, is both such long-suffering person and close to everybody. Will it better? No one knows, especially in the context of current events. But there is hope in our lives. We especially actors dream about roles in the Ukrainian cinema which has to revive and carry to people this real Ukrainian style. In the meantime, let us keep up what remained in the families, and pass to our children the Ukrainian unique songs, stories and traditions. Better of us, the parents, nobody will do it.



Say so. As for me, Ukraine culture is a ridiculous attempt to somehow link the embroidery and painted Easter eggs with Lady Gaga and other global trends in the minds of people who are not interested in anything or otherwise.

Ukrainian culture is a poor cousin at the wedding of gas and football.


VLAD CHEKHOV, SINGER, TV PRESENTER: The Ukrainian culture is a unique total spiritual experience of the Ukrainian people. It is the original and unique part of world cultural creativity. It is the result of the original synthesis of the spiritual ascent of ancient civilizations living around the Black Sea territory, indigenous Slavic paganism, good light of Christianity, European humanism and popular romantic love to freedom. This is a complete set of religious beliefs, philosophical ideas, spiritual and material samples of art that affirm the unity of the Ukrainian people.

VIKTOR PAVLIK, SINGER: It is everything. All in Ukraine is a culture. The very essence of it — it is already culture. Nina Matvienko, Dmytro Hnatiuk, Vasyl Zinkevich, Nazar Yaremchuk, Anatoliy Solovyanenko, Taras Petrynenko, Raisa Kyrychenko and many others – that is culture of Ukraine. An unlimited talent which given to many people by the Lord God is also a culture. The beauty of our motherland Ukraine is also a culture. Love the Ukraine!


Provided that the current profanity of such ontological concepts as «Ukrainian culture», it may be reminded that that is, of course, tradition to be free interpretive either the «state» or other «modern» categories. At the same time, it will be a subversion of canon. That is a practical manual on rules of behavior during sleep.

GENNADY WIND, SINGER, TV PRESENTER: From all sides, it is only heard that we have no any Ukrainian culture! It is absolutely clear that for a long time all that got out — the writers pens was a stratification of Soviet ideology, but there always remained our unrivaled melody, breadth of thought and courage of young authors to all sorts of creative twists. It is very difficult to judge about that where you constantly are, but when it comes to music, we long ago stepped over the frontier of «right» sound. Our theatrical performances have always particularly creative gloss while I am very annoyed by some translations. Movies should long be uplifted, not just talked about them. There are a lot of gifted people and the television industry has proven that we are at the front line… Thus, the Ukrainian culture is a swift thinking and innovative approaches of creative people, and they were, are and always would be! Just do not interfere with all these ideas to implement them!




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