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Jon Adams is based at the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, University of Portsmouth, UK


The Olympic Flame arriving on May 18 2012 in Cornwall, Started Day one at Lands End 19 May and reached the Olympic Stadium after an estimated 8,000 mile journey around the UK 69 days later on the 27 July 2012. ix Includes four days Flag making with school children for Dysarticulate 3. x A fossil that specifically defines a certain time range or zone within a succession of layers or strata, these zones or faunal stages may be named after the particular fossil used. xi Live Sites helped to make the Games a truly national event, each of which became the focus of local celebrations. xii People of all ages wrote their wishes, ambitions or dreams on bird shaped paper templates which were released during the handover ceremony. viii

A new term first used within Macpherson (2013), expanding on the term ’stratigraphy’, which is the i

study of ordering, distribution and age (naming) of rock layers.

The London 2012 Open Weekends were an annual, UK-wide three-day event running from 2008 to 2011, counting down to the start of the London 2012 Olympic Games. It included thousands of projects and aimed to maximise cultural sector involvement in the lead up to 2012. iii British Geological Survey London office, accessible through the Natural History Museum. iv For example, Spun member, derived from StopGAP’s Spun Productions commission. v The ‘Inter-Island’ Games were born in the Isle of Man in 1985, with the intention of bringing together a number of small islands from different parts of the world in friendly competition. The bi-annual Games have high sporting ideals and foster friendship between member Islands. vi The Big Draw runs annually on 1 – 31 October where anyone can organise an event and is the world’s biggest celebration of drawing. vii National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England who tour integrated dance theatre both nationally and internationally. ii

Caterina Loriggio was London 2012 Creative Programmer for the South East, Arts Council England, South East, UK

Adams and Loriggio, 2014: Individualising the Terrain 15

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