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18 - 26 years old

AU PAIR IN THE USA The greatest experience of your life!

Cultural Care Au Pair


IS THIS THE ADVENTURE ADVENTURE FOR YOU? Being an au pair is a great experience and a fantastic adventure. It is a full time position, but unlike any other job you will become part of a family. Living with one of Cultural Care Au Pair’s screened and approved host families for a year is an opportunity to experience


Has finished secondary school

are thoroughly screened and provide you with room, meals and and weekly pocket

Is flexible, independent, and mature

money. It is a big responsibility, but it’s also a chance to grow in maturity and

Is ready for an adventure


Has a valid driver licence Has no criminal background

Although a lot of your days will be spent with your host children, you’ll also have the time and make friends with Americans, as well as with other au pairs from around the world. You’ll have the time to travel and explore on your days off and during your two weeks paid vacation. Staying an extra month at the end of your year also gives you a chance to discover parts of America that you might have missed during your year. So if you’re ready to step outside your normal daily life at home, gain experience and independence and truly understand American life, take a few minutes to read through this brochure and find out more about whether the au pair adventure is something for you!

Is 18 to 26 years old Has child care experience and loves kids

real life in another culture and to make true friendships with Americans. Our host families

to experience much more during your year in the USA. Study at an American university



AS A CULTURAL CARE AU PAIR YOU GET... To work with wonderful kids in America Free room and board with your host family 195.75 USD per week pocket money 500 USD for University courses 2 weeks paid vacation One month to travel Valid J-1 au pair visa Free return flight

Myles O'Toole Country Product Manager

Training at the Cultural Care training school in NY

WORKING WITH WITH CHILDREN CHILDREN WORKING The most important requirement for the program is that you need to love children. Many of our au pairs say that the best part of the program is the relationship that they form with their host children and parents. As an au pair you will work full time with your host children. Unlike babysitting where perhaps you’ll watch a movie and put the children to bed, your time will be spent keeping the children busy and active. You will be teaching them new skills both indoors and outdoors as well as helping the children with homework and making sure they are safe. Your duties could also include driving the kids to and from school, tidying up the kids’ room, preparing meals and cleaning up, taking care of laundry and arranging play dates with other children. It is a fun job that requires a responsible approach, but that is also very rewarding in many ways.

My day as an Au Pair MY HOST KIDS: Jolie 4 years old and Alex 7 years old.

7:0 0 wake up and shower school 8:00 on-duty: drive alex to ie 8:3 0-10 :30 playtime with jol to play outside! k par the to go 10:3 0-11 :30 let’s ch lun d fee and e 11:3 0 prepar a nap for n dow s goe 12:1 5 jolie room, do kids’ laundry 12:1 5-2 :00 straighten play h jolie 2:0 0-3 :00 run errands wit m school fro x ale up 3:0 0 pick homework 3:3 0-5 :00 help alex with - off-duty e hom es com 5:0 0 mum family 6:0 0 dinner with the host mall 7:0 0 meet friends at the

Cultural Care Au Pair


"When you first arrive in the USA you will spend a week at our training school in New York to help prepare for your year and give you the chance to meet other au pairs from around the world."

SUPPORTING YOU YOU THROUGH THROUGH THE THE PROCESS PROCESS SUPPORTING At Cultural Care we pride ourselves on our support which starts during the application process until you have successfully completed your year and returned to Australia. Travelling with Cultural Care Au Pair gives you the security of a large organisation as well as the personal touch of our own staff in your home country. Before you depart, we’ll be there to help you through the application, matching and pre-departure preparation – we’re just a phone call away!

Our support continues after you arrive at your host family. All au pairs and host families are supported in their area by our network of Local Childcare Consultants. These LCCs live in your community and are the primary contact for you and your host family during the year.

When you arrive in the USA, you’ll join other au pairs from around the world at our own Au Pair Training School on Long Island, just outside of New York City. You’ll spend four fun-filled days taking part in our exclusive training program focused on child development and safety. It’s a chance to meet other au pairs from around the world and even spend a day exploring New York City!

We have Cultural Care staff available around the clock in the event of an emergency or other urgent situations. Regardless of where they sit, our staff worldwide are committed to one thing: working with you to make sure you have the best possible experience before, during and after your time as an au pair in the USA.



WHY CULTURAL CARE AU PAIR? The largest au pair agency sending au pairs to the USA A member of the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) An approved sponsor designated by the U.S. State Department Won the Au Pair of the Year award in 2008 and 2009 We have the largest network of our own offices worldwide and we have the largest network of local support staff in the USA CCAP Return flights included to/from host family

Yes Varies No Yes Yes No Yes Varies

Costs before you get a host family Own office in Sydney Over 20 years of experience NT OF STA ME T RT CE 1989 N SI








Australia: $1,195 New Zealand: $1,500 Prices are subject to change.

PART OF OF A A FAMILY FAMILY BECOME PART Most host families live in the suburbs of a major city; have two or three children and both parents working. All our Cultural Care Au Pair families are thoroughly screened by our staff in the USA. Living with your host family is an opportunity to experience real life in another culture and make true friendships with Americans. Your host family will rely on you to care for their children and keep them active while they are at work. Most host families have working parents, live in the suburbs of a major city and have two or three children. All our Cultural Care families are thoroughly screened by our staff in the USA. Our unique matching process is based on the idea that both the family and the au pair have a chance to view information about each other, speak with each other and then, once both sides are happy that they have found the right match, finalise a placement. Our experienced staff in the USA works directly with you and your future host family to make sure your match is the one that fits you best.

Cultural Care au pair PART OF THE EF GROUP For more than 40 years, EF has been making a classroom of the world. EF Language Travel (ages 7-18)—Two to four weeks language courses during summer. EF International Language Schools (ages 16+)—Language courses.

Cultural Care Au Pair


Explore The The USA USA Explore Ever wondered what it’s like to celebrate Thanksgiving or plan a Halloween party? Have you wondered about what life in America is really like outside of movies and television? This is your chance to find out. Spend a year living like a real American and then take

some time to travel to the famous sites you’ve dreamt of. See what our au pairs have had the chance to do during their year in the USA:


Vibrant New York City or sunny Southern California? Where you go is up to you, and the choices are as vast as the USA itself. It is all out


there just waiting for you. Your year

“Be sure to visit the city that never sleeps! Have a once in a life time opportunity to shop till you drop and see the sights of the big apple.”


as an au pair will afford you many chances to travel – whether it’s a quick weekend trip to a nearby city or the adventure of a lifetime touring the USA during the 30 day grace period of your “13th month”.


LOS ANGELES “A roadtrip from San Francisco to Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Las Vegas, further to the Grand Canyon and finally ending up in Los Angeles.”



“Relaxing underneath palm trees and visiting North America’s most southern point - Key West.”




“I have been lucky enough to visit many great cities in America such as New York City, Washington D.C, Boston and Chicago. The most spectacular of experiences was climbing Champlain Mountain (Acadia National Park in Maine) to stand 1058 feet above sea level and know I had made it to the top. During my travel month I wish to see the West Coast including California, San Francisco, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. I would recommend this experience to anyone and am very grateful to be a part of it.”

“Becoming an au pair was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made. It’s taught me a lot about myself and made me into a stronger person. Being an au pair is challenging but it's nothing compared to all the fun and amazing experiences I've had. The friendships you make at the au pair school and during your year will be with you for a lifetime. You'll travel to some amazing places and do things you never thought you could.”

Rebecca Brown, 20 years of age, Au Pair in Florida

“Being an au pair is the best thing that I have ever done and I would recommend it to anyone. It has changed my life and I have become independent, mature and confident in myself. I have gained so much life experience which will benefit me when I return home. For me, being an au pair was all about being with the kids, the travel is just a bonus. I love watching my host kids grow and learn new things every day (especially when it is something that I have taught them). Over my two years here, my host families have accepted me as a part of their family and it makes the experience so much more than you could imagine.”

ON YOUR WAY TO THE USA If you think this is the adventure for you, you can get started right away with Cultural Care! Your first step is to come to one of our free Information Meetings near you. You can call our office on AU 1800 677 373 / NZ 0800 637 537 or register online at AU / NZ

How to aPply ?

At this meeting you’ll get a comprehensive introduction to the au pair program and we will answer any questions you might have. You’ll have a chance to meet your local Cultural Care representative and, in many cases, speak to an ex-au pair about his or her experience. If you like what you hear at the meeting, you can start the application process that day by completing your interview with one of our staff.

to the



INFO MEETING Attend a free local information meeting and an interview

Complete your online application

Match with the right host family for you

Get your visa and your flight arrangements

Time to fly - next stop: The Cultural Care Training School in NY!


With Cultur a you can do l Care all this get paid for and it.

An experience working abroad? Making a difference in children’s lives? A way to become more independent and confident? Living the American life? Call us: 1800 677 373 Call us: 0800 637 537 Cultural Care Au Pair, GPO Box 5437 Sydney NSW 2001

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Are you 18-26? This is your chance to work, study and travel in the USA! Care for Children full-time and live with an American host family....