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“It was a life experience! I learned to take care of myself and not having my own family around for support. I did get another wonderful family though that treated me as a family member, the Ellisons, and they will always have a special place in my heart. If it wasn’t for the fact that Cultural Care made it possible to be an au pair legally in the USA, I would never had experience what I did. Thank you, Cultural Care Au Pair.” —Kajsa Bergström, au pair from Sweden

Chicago, IL, 1989

“Fun on the playground, playing in the backyard, dancing, skiing, swimming, baking and drawing were just a few of the things I did with my host kids. Three adorable boys and wonderful host parents made my au pair year an unforgettable experience. They became my second family and I see them every time I go back to Denver.” —Towe Tudare, au pair from Sweden

Denver, CO, 1994

“My year was a great experience, I can only look back and smile, I wish I could do it again. All the friends I made, shopping, parties, laughing and crying, to comfort each other made me see that a nice word and a hug can do so much. And the wonderful family I lived in. My host family raised their daughter in a way I want to raise my son. Thanks for letting me be a part of Cultural Care Au Pair’s history.” —Eva-Marie Hallstensson, au pair from Sweden

Oakridge, NJ, 2002

“I was an au pair in Boston with the most wonderful host family for two years. The two years as an au pair influenced my life drastically. I met my “second” family, I love them and we still see each other and talk on a regular basis. During my au pair time I developed many great friendships and two of my best friends from Sweden during that time. Without being an au pair my life would have turned out totally different, that’s for sure.” —Joana Schroeter-Augustine, au pair from Germany

Boston, MA, 2003

“I will definitely never ever forget my one and a half years in the USA. It created the person I am. It made me grow up as a person. I learned to take care of somebody else’s needs and care. I wasn’t happy at the beginning but then when I got to know my host family it was all another story. Now that 5 years have past I can not think of a single thing that was wrong. Wish I could do that again!” —Hana Imamovich, au pair from Bosnia-Herzegovina

Glenhead, NY, 2004

“At first, I was afraid ‘cause my English wasn’t good and little Matt spoke so fast and my little Kelly couldn’t speak well. However, my host parents spoke slowly to me and helped me with everything. They were patient. The au pair experience made me be a strong person who is able to take decisions and recognize my mistakes, also helped to improve my English and to get a good job. If I could go back in time, I’d do it again.” —Claudia Fernández, au pair from Colombia

Saint James, NY, 2005

“Going across the world to live with people I had never met and care for their children was something I never imagined myself doing. I was so scared yet I knew that it would change my life in many wonderful ways. The day Jack told me he loved me was the day I realised why I had traveled so far and put myself through the homesickness and anxiety of being away from friends and family. From that moment on being an au pair was not only my job but my life.” —Nichola Pereira, au pair from Australia

Denver, CO, 2006

“I miss my year as an au pair. I’ve learned so many things and made so many friends that my trip, for sure, is unforgettable. I also got a chance to go to lots of places. We went skiing in North Carolina, visited Miami and Disney World in Florida and the highlight of my trip was the cruise I made to the Bahamas. I can tell all of you who want to go as an au pair to the USA that it is worth it. You will love this amazing experience. So, pack your things and go! Good luck!” —Erika Kosaka, au pair from Brazil

Lawrenceville, GA, 2007

“I am sure I would not be the person I am today, if I had not done this year. I became independent and more self confident. I met so many open and warmhearted people. I learned a lot about life! What remains is a long-lasting relationship to my gorgeous host parents and my three girls in America!� —Maria Lambert au pair from Germany

Darien, CT, 2008

“I feel more mature since I came to the USA. This experience pushed me to do things I didn’t know I could do, take my own decisions, and drive to unknown places. After one year I have improved my English, and of course my communication skills, all of these make me feel more confident now.” —Gina Robletto, au pair from Panama

Andover, NJ, 2009

Au Pair stories from 20 years  

Cultural Care Au Pair is celebrating its 20year anniversary. For the last 20years more than 60,000 au pairs have traveled with us. Check out...

Au Pair stories from 20 years  

Cultural Care Au Pair is celebrating its 20year anniversary. For the last 20years more than 60,000 au pairs have traveled with us. Check out...