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Dazzled by Data? Dazzled by Data is a training programme designed to help arts organisations make best use of the data and information to develop audiences, visitors and participants. You can now book for individual workshops or a series of four workshops, which will help your organisation with collection, analysis and interpretation of audience data. The workshops will offer guidance on how to use the data to inform strategic planning and to increase attendance, participation and grow audiences.

Dates: Wed 4th November 2009: (ticketed orgs) Buried Treasure - Using information to grow your audiences, visitors and participants. Wed 9th December 2009: (non-ticketed orgs) Diving with Pearls - Collecting valuable visitor information. Wed 20th January 2010: Panning for Gold - Collecting valuable audience information Wed 17th February 2010: Hot Spots and Ice Blocks - Profiling and analysing your customers Thurs 18th March 2010: Crystal Clear - Using audience and visitor data for strategic planning

COURSE INFORMATION Buried treasure Using information to grow your audiences, visitors and participants What is it about? Ever wondered what is the most effective way to grow your organisation’s audiences, visitors or participants? Or how you can increase attendance for difficult work? You’ve probably got all the answers buried somewhere in your organisation.

Who is it for? An essential foundation for anyone working to develop audiences or visitors.

What will I learn? -

How to collect valuable information to profile your audiences/visitors Find out what your audiences/visitors are like, so you can find more of the same Use information to talk to the right people in the right way Use information to plan achievable marketing campaigns to grow your audiences/visitors

Diving for pearls Collecting valuable visitor information What is it about? Develop insight, knowledge and understanding of your potential visitors. What do you know already? Are you missing out on key information? Do you intend to do a visitor survey but never get round to it? This workshop will help to reveal what your visitors really think about you.

Who is it for? Those responsible for collecting and using information on visitors in non-ticketed organisations, such as museums and galleries.

What will I learn? -

A best practice approach to undertaking visitor surveys Detailed discussion about visitor survey planning techniques Knowledge of how and why to gain visitor information – who they are, what they visit, what they think, and what they gained from the experience

To Book: Book through website.

Panning for gold Collecting valuable audience information What is it about? This course will enable you to develop insight, knowledge and understanding of your audiences and potential audiences. Are you missing out on key hot prospects? What do your audiences really think about you?

Who is it for? Those responsible for collecting and using information on visitors in ticketed organisations.

What will I learn? -

The value of collecting and using box office data An understanding of the role of market research to gain deeper insight Knowledge of other sources of information readily available to help you complete your audience picture

Hot spots and ice blocks Profiling and analysing analysing your customers What is it about? This workshop will help you to identify potential for developing audiences, visitors and participants. It will introduce a range of techniques for interpreting your audience/visitor data, enabling you to take informed decisions for the future – who should you target and what is the best way to reach them?

Who is it for? Marketing and audience development managers responsible for analysing and interpreting audience or visitor data. To make the most of this course you should have a reasonable knowledge of your marketing objectives and strategy and should already have, or be planning to gather, audience intelligence information.

What will I learn? -

Enhanced knowledge in understanding what your audience, visitor or participant data is telling you How reliable it is Confidence in making informed conclusions and recommendations

Cost: Each of the workshops cost ÂŁ65 plus VAT. Places at 4 courses are offered for the price of 3 = ÂŁ195+vat per delegate

To Book: Book through website.

Crystal clear Using audience and visitor data for strategic planning What is it about? How do you know when to stop collecting data and start planning? How much information is enough? This workshop will enable you to select the right approach for your strategic plan and give you the advocacy tools required to bring others on the journey with you.

Who is it for? Those at head of department, director or senior manager level, looking to improve their marketing and business planning through the effective use of audience/visitor data.

What will I learn? -

How to use audience/visitor data to make good decisions How to use tools to analyse and select a strategic approach How to overcome barriers to make the strategic change work How to keep your plan on track to inform future development

Resources esources To support the Dazzled by Data programme, information, advice, best practice models, exercises, examples and recommendations produced by arts professionals across the UK are now available as free online resources on the ADUK website Including: • market research and writing a research brief • a best practice approach to conducting visitor surveys • other sources of audience intelligence information readily available to you • learning more about your catchment area • monitoring diversity • profiling and segmenting your audiences / visitors • understanding what your data is telling you and how reliable it is • interpreting the data and making realistic predictions • tools to analyse the information and use it for strategic planning • Understanding commonly used terms relating to box office and audience data. The programme was created by the Arts Marketing Association (AMA) and Network (the UK audience development organisation) as part of the Audience Data UK (ADUK) programme, with funding from the four UK Arts Councils.

Dazzled by Data workshop series