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Partner Referral Guide



Accounting, Funding, Legal


Branding, Design, PR, Marketing




Energy Provider


Equipment, Automation, Engineering






Food Safety & Sanitation


Group Benefits & Insurance


Human Resources


Ingredient Suppliers


Non Profit Industry Support


Printing & Packaging, Labelling


Product R&D, Testing


Supply Chain, Logistics, Brokers


Technology, Certifications, Training


Upcylcing & Food Recovery


A fresh approach to your accounting, tax and consulting needs Whether you are seeking to grow your operation, enhance its performance, or minimize your tax exposure, MNP’s innovative approach will help you capitalize on every opportunity. Our in-depth understanding of the food and beverage sector enables us to provide a comprehensive suite of services tailored to help you succeed. Let’s chat about your business over coffee. Contact Eva Tone, CPA, CA, B.C. Leader, Food and Beverage Processing at 604.371.1352 or eva.tone@mnp.ca.



MEET YOUR B.C. TEAM Whether you’re a startup looking for $10,000 or a publicly traded company needing $150 million, FCC can help. With a growing portfolio in B.C., and a Canada-wide network of financing and industry experts, we have the experience and knowledge to help you take the next step on your path to success. As the only lender 100% invested in Canadian agriculture and food, we’ve supported businesses like yours for over 60 years. Give us a call and let’s get started

Meghan Larson

Amandeep Malik

Alex Lau

Matthew Van Dijk

Senior Relationship Manager Commercial Financing

Relationship Manager Commercial Financing

Senior Relationship Manager Commercial Financing

Senior Relationship Manager Commercial Financing

Abbotsford Office

Surrey Office

Surrey Office

Kelowna Office

meghan.larson@fcc.ca 236-380-2080

amandeep.malik@fcc.ca 604-379-8385

alex.lau@fcc.ca 604-217-2254

matthew.vandijk@fcc.ca 250-859-2699



ACC OU NT I N G , F U N D I N G , LEGAL ACCOU NTING Grant Thornton LLP grantthornton.com Colin Yakashiro colin.yakashiro@ca.gt.com (604) 687-2711

KPMG LLP home.kpmg/ca/en/home.html Leo Wilson leowilson@kpmg.ca (604) 691-3461

MNP LLP mnp.ca Eva Tone eva.tone@mnp.ca (604) 830-4396

Investment Agriculture Foundation iafbc.ca Michelle Koski mkoski@iafbc.ca (250) 356-1662

National Research Council Canada, IRAP nrc.canada.ca Petulia Lam petulia.lam@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca (604) 355-7739

Business Development Bank of Canada bdc.ca/en Deepa Narayanan deepa.narayanan@bdc.ca (604) 666-7875

Royal Bank of Canada rbc.com/canada.html Julie Ingram julia.ingram@rbc.com (604) 575-3380

Vancity vancity.com Krista Loewen krista_loewen@vancity.com (604) 877-7620

Corpay Cross Border corpay.com Sean Coakley scoakley@corpay.com (604) 688-0400

Scotiabank scotiabank.com Mike Dunnigan mike.dunnigan@scotiabank.com (778) 995-0694


FCC fcc.ca Sue Exner sue.exner@fcc.ca (306) 529-6822

The Toronto-Dominion Bank td.com Brandon Ekholm brandon.ekholm@td.com (604) 586-2003

GRANTS & FUND ING Granted Consulting granted.ca Stephanie Sang ssang@granted.ca (778) 653-5575


Fasken fasken.com Ally Bharmal abharmal@fasken.com (604) 631-4987

BR A NDING , D E S I G N , PR , M AR K ETING Crew Food & Beverage Marketing Partners crewmarketingpartners.com Kaela Napier knapier@crewmp.com 1 (888) 499-4235

Karen Ann Davidson karenanndavidson.ca Karen Davidson karen@karenanndavidson.ca (604) 786-6654

Pivot and Pilot Creative pivotandpilot.com Rebecca Rochon rebecca@pivotandpilot.com (647) 283-6532

Jelly Marketing jellyacademy.ca Darian Kovacs darian@jellymarketing.com (604) 674-3559

Mercury Publications westerngrocer.com Melanie Houssin mhoussin@mercurypublications.ca (204) 770-9140

Shervin Communications goshervin.com Sherrin Western sherrin@goshervin.com (604) 422-0174

Slant Design and Marketing Inc slant.is Alan Whitteker alan@slant.is (604) 308-3729

Town Hall Brands townhallbrands.com Leeann Froese leeann@townhallbrands.com (604) 321-3295

Velocity Marketing LTD Davy Labardisse davy.labardisse@telus.net



CO NS U L T A N T S Agrisco Supplies Corp agriscosupplies.com Mike Manion mike@agriscosupplies.com (778) 837-3809 Bruce Wallinger brucewallinger@gmail.com (778) 986-4221 Colin Henry Fractional CFO/Financial Services henrycl@hotmail.ca (778) 938-4522 Enginuity Consulting Facility Engineering Consulting enginuity-consulting.ca Alex Osborne alex.o@enginuity-consulting.ca (604) 771-7119 Erik Eide Business Coach eeide88@gmail.com

Good to Grow Small Business Coaching goodtogrowproducts.com Andrea Gray-Grant andrea@goodtogrowproducts.com (604) 512-7242 Hart & Associates Management Consultants Ltd. Douglas Hart douglashart@hartconsultants.com Hodgins & Company Management Consultants Inc. Management Mary Hodgins mehodgins@gmail.com (604) 319-6814 Incrementa (un)consulting Business Strategy Coaching and Consulting incrementa.ca Mike Knapp mknapp@incrementa.ca (604) 219-1918

PLNT LIFE Consulting Recipe Development plntlife.com Dominica Bay dominica@plntlife.com (778) 444-4123 QUmai SA Operations Dave Eto daveeto62@gmail.com (604) 315-2640 Sierra Mountain Analytics Data Analytics sierramountainanalytics.com Agatha Peters agatha@sierramountainanalytics.com (778) 401-1958 WE Safety Inc Peter Guenther peterg@wesafetyinc.ca

Foodwest Resources Management Consulting Robin Smith robinsmith.bc@gmail.com (604) 671-1429



CO NSU LTING continued Wellgenex Sciences Inc. Food Science wellgenex.com Michael Li mli@wellgenex.com (604) 249-2896

Wiseop Business Partners Ltd. Operations wiseop.ca Ali Samei wiseop.ca@gmail.com (604) 760-1010

EN ERG Y P R O V I D E R S Fortis BC fortis.com Thomas Montgomery thomas.montgomery@fortis.com (604) 999-1687

EQU I P M E N T , A U T O M A T I O N, ENGINEER ING Acciona Facility Services Canada Ltd. acciona.ca Randolph Lopez Santamaria rsantamaria@acciona.ca (604) 622-6550

Knack Industrial Contracting knackindustrial.com Keith Van Delft keith@knackindustrial.com (604) 744-8961

Raven Hydronic Supply ravensupply.ca Ashley Bouchard ab@ravensupply.ca (604) 543-7977

Air Products airproducts.com Colleen Cameron camerocc@airproducts.com (206) 247-0452

Laporte Engineering Inc laporteconsultants.com Taraya Middleton tmiddleton@laporteconsultants.com (604) 568-0180

Reiser Canada Co. reiser.com Alessandro Sestini asestini@reiser.com (604) 785-1864

CanDry Technologies candrytechnologies.com Maddie Aliasl info@candrytechnologies.com

Lyne Systems lynesystems.com Mike Gardiner mike.gardiner@lynesystems.com (604) 639-7639

RGE Sales & Service Ron Gallie rongallie@telus.net (604) 798-9346

FPS Food Process Solutions Corp. fpscorp.ca Shirley Wong shirley.wong@fpscorp.ca (604) 232-4145

Neutron Factory Works Inc. neutronfactoryworks.com Rick Gibbs rickg@neutronfactoryworks.com (604) 524-6965

Smith Industries Ltd. smithindustriesltd.com Dan Adkins sales@smithindustriesltd.com (604) 874-6110

Grundfos grundfos.com Chris Check ccheck@grundfos.com

PLAN Automation - Western Canada planautomation.com Peter Bibbings peter@planautomation.com (778) 928-4657

Steep Hill Equipment Solutions Inc. Mya Bergen office@steephill.ca (604) 362-6947

Handtmann Canada Limited handtmann.ca Rafal Rusiniak rafal.rusiniak@handtmann.ca (519) 725-3666

Rain City Industrial Workspaces raincityindustrial.com Andrew Laurie andrew@raincityindustrial.com (604) 924-7475

Veolia Water Technologies Canada Inc. veoliawatertech.com Aymeric Simon jenny.mcguire@veolia.com (514) 334-7230




2022 - 2023

Growing, but limited floor space?

tunnel freezer

immersion bath

Air Products can help you increase production with Cryo-Freezing or Cooling IN MINUTES vs. HOURS! • improve quality • more weight yield on some products • straight to packaging • no more racks and trays • extrusion/forming assistance • cold product keeps cutting blades clean while making crisp cuts • no added taste from nitrogen

Let us test your product! Colleen Cameron - (206) 247-0452 camerocc@airproducts.com

sauce/soup chiller



ERP DTEC distrib-u-tec.com June Nicolay cjune.nicolay@gmail.com (250) 860-0829

TELUS Agriculture - Muddy Boots telus.com/agriculture Dan Rafuse dan.rafuse@telus.com (416) 936-6172

Icicle Technologies Inc icicletechnologies.com Steven Burton sburton@icicletechnologies.com (604) 231-1650

The Answer Company theanswerco.com Lori Farrow farrow@theanswerco.com (604) 473-9166

Vision33 vision33.com Bonnie Roper bonnie.roper@vision33.com (604) 473-2100

EXP O RT Canadian Food Exporters Association cfea.com Susan Powell susanp@cfea.com (416) 445-3747

Export Navigator exportnavigator.ca Nicholas Maclennan nicholas@exportnavigator.ca (604) 637-1010

Export Development Canada edc.ca Tracy Shwetz tshwetz@edc.ca (604) 678-2247

PCB Customs Brokers pcbglobaltrade.com Lisa Stevenson lisa.stevenson@pcb.ca (604) 538-1566

FO OD S A FE T Y , S A N I T A T I ON FO OD SA FE TY 3M Canada Food Safety 3mcanada.ca Michael Valente mcvalente@mmm.com (519) 630-8892

FOODSAFE Secretariat foodsafe.ca Nannette Plant plant@camosun.ca (250) 370-4683

Ecolab Co ecolab.com Michael Ng michael.ng@ecolab.com 1 (800) 465-1914

Safe Food Compliance Canada safefoodcanada.org Rob Marshall rob@safefoodcanada.org (250) 218-3790

SGS Canada Inc. sgs.com Mohit Mclaren mohit.mclaren@sgs.com (905) 364-6247

SANITATIO N Sani Marc - Food & Beverage Division sanimarc.com Brian March brian.march@sanimarc.com (604) 396-4281

Nature Combined naturerecombined.com Kian-Guan Lim guan@naturerecombined.com (778) 941-2268




2022 - 2023

Swirltex Inc. swirltex.com Rob Budianto rbudianto@swirltex.com

G RO U P B E N E F I T S , I N S U R A N CE BFL Canada bflcanada.ca Stephen Wolfe swolfe@bflcanada.ca (604) 218-3806

The ReFrame Group reframeinsurance.ca Mizuho Miyagawa mizuho@thereframegroup.com 1 (877) 778-8455

Reliance Insurance reliance.ca Chris Ball cball@reliance.ca (604) 255-4616

Westland Insurance Group Ltd. westlandinsurance.ca Derek Henneberry dhenneberry@westlandinsurance.ca (604) 543-7788

HU MA N RE S O U R C E S Canadian Workplace Culture Index cultureindex.io Kemp Edmonds kemp@cultureindex.io 1 (877) 778-8455

Grizzly Force grizzlyforce.ca Marianna Kownacka marianna@grizzlyforce.ca (778) 988-2370

Lock Search Group locksearchgroup.com Ryan Berrecloth rberrecloth@locksearchgroup.com (604) 346-6349

Folks HR folkshr.com Jason Negin jason@folkshr.com 1 (877) 481-4909

HR West Consulting hrwest.ca Chantel Wellman chantel@hrwest.ca (604) 546-7674

MacDonald Search Group macdonaldsearchgroup.com Bruce MacDonald bruce@macdonaldsearchgroup.com (604) 687-6464



ING REDIEN T S U P P L I E R S British Columbian Importers Limited bcimporters.com Gordon Groundwater info@bcimporters.com (604) 681-3554

Hafez International Trading Inc. hafezcanada.com Golbarg Rezaei golbarg@hafezcanada.com (778) 322-2431

Carmi Flavor and Fragrance Co. Inc. carmiflavors.com Lucie Nicholls lucienicholls@carmiflavors.com (604) 468-9800

Phillips Ingredients Inc. phillipsingredients.com Michael Dolling mikedolling@phillipsingredients.com (604) 538-9626

N ON P RO F I T I N D U S T R Y S UPPOR T BC Fruit Growers’ Association bcfga.com Glen Lucas glucas@bcfga.com (250) 762-5226

WeBC we-bc.ca Brandi Ripel brandi@we-bc.ca 1 (800) 643-7014




Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC safetyalliancebc.ca Lisa McGuire l.mcguire@safetyalliancebc.ca


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For more information email sumner@bcfb.ca See a full listing of sponsorship and advetising opportunites HERE




2022 - 2023

THE RIGHT breakfast series

virtual learning centre


events, events and more events

affinity partnerships

FOR GROWTH Missing that secret ingredient? Don’t be a dry sandwich, add some mustard to your food or beverage business and become a BCFB member. Join today bcfb.ca BC FOOD & BEVERAGE


PR INT I NG & PA C K A G I N G , LA B ELLING Altro Labels altrolabels.com Candice Kincaid candice@altrolabels.com (604) 789-7318

Great Little Box Company Ltd. Ideon Packaging glbc.com Matt Dwane matt@ideonpackaging.com (604) 787-5793

TricorBraun tricorbraun.ca Shelley Keller shelley.keller@tricorbraun.com (604) 349-1454

Applied Plastics Technology Inc. appliedplastics.ca Serge Paiement sales@appliedplastics.ca (604) 856-6880

MD Packaging Inc. mdpackaging.com Brett Payne brett@mdpackaging.com (416) 291-9229

Summit Labels summitlabels.ca Gerald Chang gerald@summitlabels.ca (604) 552-3410

Glenmore Custom Print & Packaging glenmorecustomprint.com Jeff Crossley jeff@glenmoreprinting.com (604) 273-6323

Multivac Canada Inc. multivac.com Andy Yu andy.yu@ca.multivac.com (604) 754-7349

Vancouver Premium Packaging Ltd. vanpkg.com John C john@vanpkg.com (604) 728-7225

PR ODU CT R & D , T E S T I N G ANH Food Consulting Inc. Satinder Sanghera satinders@live.ca (778) 389-3246




BCIT - Natural Health & Food Product Research Group bcit.ca Hong Sy hong_sy@bcit.ca (604) 456-8001

2022 - 2023

Brenntag Canada food-nutrition.brenntag.com/en-ca/ Bonita Vottero bvottero@brenntag.ca (514) 701-1558

P RO DU CT R& D, T ESTING continued FTC International Consulting Ltd. ftcinternational.com Walter Dullemond walter@ftcinternational.com (604) 288-2719

I.D. Bell Culinary Consulting Ian Bell idbellculinary@icloud.com (778) 808-8929

Prairie Research Kitchen rrc.ca/research-kitchen/ Judy Quistberg jquistberg@rrc.ca (204) 632-3993

HPP Canada hppcanada.ca Patricia Truter patricia@hppcanada.ca (604) 817-1097

SUP P L Y C H A I N , L O G I S T I C S , B R OK ER S Bellingham Cold Storage bellcold.com Joel Harvey joel.harvey@bellcold.com (360) 733-1640

Cold Star Solutions coldstarsolutions.com Kelly Hawes khawes@coldstarsolutions.com (250) 391-7425

Canadian Alliance Terminals Inc canadianalliance.ca Dino Salkic dsalkic@canadianalliance.ca (604) 270-6077

Greatario Engineered Storage Systems greatario.com Jason Hale jhale@greatario.com 1 (866) 299-3009

International Pacific Sales Ltd. internationalpacificsales.com Laura Driscol laurad@intlpac.com (604) 273-7035

TECH NOL O G Y , C E R T I F I C A TION, TR A INING Catalyst Training Services Inc. catalysttraining.ca Dan Monteiro dan@catalysttraining.ca (604)298-5505

NielsenIQ / ACNielsen Company of Canada nielseniq.com Bianca Choy bianca.choy@nielseniq.com (604) 314-0385

Vancouver Island University Debra Hellbach debra.hellbach@viu.ca (250) 858-7658

Food Processing Skills Canada fpsc-ctac.com Jennefer Griffith jgriffith@fpsc-ctac.com (613) 237-7988

Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd. pro-cert.org Cody Sander cody.sander@pro-cert.org (306) 382-1299

FreePoint Technologies Inc. getfreepoint.com Tony Borges tony.borges@getfreepoint.com 1 (800) 682-0486

Haylar Technologies Inc haylar.com Harvey Johal harvey.johal@haylar.com (604) 318-8142

TLC Solutions tlcsolutions.ca Eric Campbell eric.campbell@tlcsolutions.ca 1 (888) 354-5002

UP C YCL ING , F O O D R E C O V ER Y ReFeed Canada Farm Ltd. refeedcanada.com Christine Thompson admin@refeedcanada.com

West Coast Reduction Ltd. wcrl.com Derek Quan dquan@wcrl.com (604) 255-9301 BC FOOD & BEVERAGE