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Emergency Network Los Angeles


Attendees: (4) Debra Boudreaux (Tzu Chi); June Loo (Salvation Army); Anne Maria Tafoya (LA County OEM); Mona Curry (LA City Emergency Management Dept);

Alternates/Guests/Staff: (5) Alix Stayton (ENLA staff); Michael Barry (SBECS); Mary Stewart (Lutheran Social Services); Steve Meissner (American Red Cross-Los Angeles); Jaime Becerra (Foothill Transit)

Excused: (5) Julio Puchalt (211 LA County); Jeff Dronkers (LA Regional Foodbank); Jason Yancey (Operation HOPE); Brandy Welch (American Red Cross-Los Angeles); Pamela Saelib (Volunteer Center of LA);

Absent: (7) Alonzo Plough (LA County Dept. of Public Health); Karen Knipscheer (LA Animal Services); Doug Quisenberry (LA County 211); Chuck Erikson (Calif. Southern Baptist – DR); John Cvjetkovic (LA County DPSS); Jackie Russell (Faithful Central); Ronald Lopez (Catholic Charities);

Agenda Item



Call to Order and Introductions

June Loo

Review and Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes

A quorum was not present, but the group reviewed the minutes and found no errors.

Treasurer’s Report

Reports were provided; Julio was unable to attend, but remains available for questions or comments. Steve asked about the General Membership and Affiliations/Sponsorships numbers, Approved vs. Actual, and Alix will find out what the LACO/CDC Contract expenditures listed are.

Committee Reports - Mass Care

Responsible Party

The general Mass Care group will meet every other month face-to-face, and conference calls the other months. There are currently two subcommittees: Homelessness and Animals.

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June Loo

Steve Meissner

Follow-Up Action/Date

Feeding has not yet broken out as a separate group. In Feb, all three groups will have conference calls: general Mass Care, Animals, and Homelessness. - Communications

- Emotional & Spiritual Care

LA City Recovery Annex 2011 NVOAD Conference

BICEPP membership

Michael Barry Michael Barry is working on figuring out what types of data management are available to us. He met Warren Franks, who is in charge of communications for all the faith based organizations who belong to InfraGard. He introduced Warrant to ENLA and VOADs in general, so he could bridge that gap and make him aware of our connections. Michael is also working with SPCAla to talk about what they are doing for communications and working on a plan for disaster communications for them; this would include training SPCAla volunteers to do HAM radio and other types of communications for the group. Steve asked if Michael had any involvement in the City’s Sahana project; he did not, but Alix has a phone call with Joann Troncali about the project; she talked to Mona and Joann about it yesterday. Steve says that National ARC is interested in the system, and will be having a demonstration on it soon. June Loo The E&SC committee met two weeks ago; they had gotten a little sidetracked by the County’s FAC project, but they’re refocusing on the mission of the committee, which is to get the smaller churches connected and trained. The next meeting will occur sometime in February. Alix went through the document and asked for input on where ENLA is inserted into the Annex.

Alix Stayton

Alix reminded the group that NVOAD is coming up at the end of May, and ENLA needs to determine whether it is sending someone specifically, or capitalizing on someone who’s already going for their agency. She will confirm with Julio whether there is funding in the grants to cover all costs.

Alix Stayton

This was tabled, as Chris Petrakis was unable to attend and present BICEPP to the group.

Review of ENLA Strategic Plan

Alix reminded the group that ENLA needs to stand up an ad hoc committee to review the Strategic Plan, and she is glad to help guide the committee through the process.

Alix Stayton

CDC grant update

The website project has been bid at between $3,000 and $4,000; it will be capped at $5,000. Alix will send out a link to her own website so members can see a WordPress

Alix Stayton

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business site, and then a link to a recent nonprofit website the developers recently built. There was not a quorum, so the group could not vote on the expenditure. Alix asked the web developers and our own database service provider about using our website to collect resource information. Both providers felt that we would be better served with one of the available disaster systems like CAN, Sahana, etc. So if anyone already uses a resource management or mapping system, please send info to Alix. The priority would be on using a NIMS-typing compliant system. June pointed out that the case managers during the Sayre fires used CAN, and the problems they encountered were most likely lack of training, not any problems with the tool. Alix agreed that any system we would choose would have to have an aggressive training component. th

The March 10 ENLA meeting will be the kickoff meeting for the CDC pilot project. Alix described the meeting format, stated she will be locating a venue, and let everyone know that all orgs who are stakeholders should be invited, regardless of ENLA membership. Flyer will go out beginning of next week, when the location has been determined and fact sheet has been completed. EventBrite will be utilized for web invitations. ARC grant update

Alix is finishing up the quarterly report and will send to the group in lieu of her shorter template.

Old Business

No old business

New Business

Please keep Al Humphries’ family in your thoughts; his mother is in the hospital. Jason Yancey at Operation HOPE and his wife had a baby boy, Eli, two weeks ago. His email is

Mar Board Meeting and Adjourn

Next Board Meeting will be a conference call TBD

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Alix Stayton

June Loo

February Board Minutes  
February Board Minutes  

February Board minutes