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Summer/Fall 2013


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See Culinology in Action ®

Looking ahead to the 2014 RCA Annual Conference & Culinology® Expo, attendees will be blown away by our host city and the new and improved agenda designed to maximize your time networking and learning while exploring Portland’s culinary and cultural offerings. From its trend-setting food truck scene to secret supper clubs and expansive outdoor markets, it’s easy to see why TIME Magazine dubbed Portland, Oregon “America’s new food Eden.”

Research Chefs ASSOCIATION

The Wednesday opening reception at the Portland Art Museum is designed to introduce attendees to some of Portland’s top eateries. The closing Awards Celebration Friday night will showcase an elite group of RCA members’ accomplishments and innovations. In between, attendees can experience Culinology® in action by attending more than 30 educational sessions, demos and workshops led by industry influencers such as John Luther, Dunkin Brand’s past CEO, and ring-side seats to the 2014 Student and Research Chefs ® Professional ASSOCIATIONCulinology competitions.

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Research Chefs ASSOCIATION

Defining the Future of Food

Defining the Future of Food

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Goes Mobile 6 Member Spotlight: Chef Andrew Hunter 16 Defining the Future of Sous Food Vide, So Versatile 22 Guest Editorial:

RCA Vision: Culinology® is universally valued and its practitioners define and create the future of food. Research Chefs

Research Chefs

President’s Message Looking Forward to Portland

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Research Chefs ASSOCIATION


Defining the Future of Food

| Culinology CURRENTS | Summer/Fall 2013

Table of Contents: President’s Message: Looking Forward to Portland Meet the Student Subcommittee Register Now for RCA’s First Webinar 2013 Conference Wrap-Up Upcoming Regional Events RCA Student Member Profile: Meet Andrew

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If you have never been to Portland, Oregon, prepare to be amazed. If you have, but it’s been a while, you are in store for a treat! The city’s food scene is alive and vibrant! It had been at least five years since my last visit to Portland until a few weeks ago. The entire food culture has blossomed into one big melting pot of culinary delight; however, that is only part of the experience. What struck me beyond the sensory overload were the people that make up this wonderful city.

that don’t know any better. Grab a rail, a bike, walk or run. There is a huge sense of “what’s good for the community is good for all of us” mentality. Once downtown it doesn’t take long for you to walk to the nearest flavor sensation, heck, you are surrounded! From Bahn Mi to Voodoo Donuts, craft beer to coffee, one is truly immersed into the culinary scene. Food carts, boutique bakeries, charcuterie, coffee roasters and wine shops (Pinot Noir of course) envelope you. I like to refer to those of us that work in the food industry as having the “H (Hospitality) gene.” We use our senses — all of them — when we create and share our creations with others. We delight in the process and learn along the way. Imagine now strolling through a city that is filled with people with similar passion and excitement. The “H gene” is alive and well in Portland.

From the moment I set foot on the ground I was filled with a sense of excitement, a true feeling of welcome. While I should have taken the rail downtown, the drive from the airport was amazing. The cars queued up in their respective lanes and unlike most large cities I didn’t hear a loud blast from a horn or see any of those international hand gestures that we have all unfortunately come to know.

Now, envision that you are here in March for the Annual RCA Conference. Can you? Well, I can! This year is poised to be one of the most exciting meetings EVER! This is such a fertile environment for education, collaboration and innovation. I can’t think of a more perfect place for the RCA given the culinary renaissance that is taking place in Portland. We have boots on the ground already getting local chefs, winemakers and brewers lined up. If you want to assist and be a part of the planning, please step up. After all, this is your Association and for a few special days the RCA will be part of the Portland food scene.

Once our feet hit the pavement it was “game on!” I was delighted to see the trolley system downtown and how locals use it to get around town. Taxis are for airport runs or for out of town guests

Sincerely, Charles Hayes, CRC®, CEC RCA President

Stand Out in Front of Top Decision Makers Submissions: This newsletter is for members and is greatly enhanced with your submissions. The RCA Marketing Committee welcomes articles, photos and any member-related news that you’d like to share.

Member News: Have you changed jobs, careers or been promoted in

the past year? Have you graduated or are you interning for a great company? Did you give a presentation at a recent industry event? Have you recently been published? Share your news with Culinology® Currents.

Articles: All articles should be submitted by email as a Word document. Articles must be less than 700 words and include the author’s name, a brief bio and company name and description (less than 30 words). A byline and brief bio will be printed Research Chefs with accepted submissions. Note: Please review ASSOCIATION your submission to ensure the topic is educational and of interest to the RCA audience. Submit: Sendofyour Defining the Future Foodnews or article submission to Christina Scavone at

Advertise: Advertising in the RCA Newsletter is just another great way to raise awareness about your company, product or service among other RCA members and industry Research Chefs leaders. Rates are extremely reasonable, the audience is targeted and you can expect the publication to enjoy a long shelf life as it is ASSOCIATION passed around R&D offices for months to come and will be archived on the RCA website. For more information, visit orthe call Christina Scavone at (678) 303-3031. Defining Future of Food Summer/Fall 2013 | Culinology CURRENTS |




Inspiration Starts at the Top

Our association is fortunate to have such a distinguished, visionary and committed group of directors from complementary professional backgrounds working to fulfill the RCA’s mission to promote the value of Culinology® and its role in defining the future of food. The RCA Board of Directors drives this organization with passion and is dedicated to promoting the value of Culinology® and empowering its community through their work.

Charles Hayes CRC®, CEC, Golden County Foods

Marshall Scarborough Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen

Christopher Loss AOS, Ph.D., The Culinary Institute of America

Jason Behrends Ph.D., CCS®, Tyson Foods

Allison Rittman CRC®, Culinary Culture

John Draz CEC, CCE, Ed Miniat, Inc.

Larry Tong CCS®, McCormick & Co., Inc.

Dianna Fricke CRC®, CWPC, J.R. Simplot Company

Rachel Zemser CCS®, A La Carte Connections


Susan Edwards Cryovac Food Solutions/ Sealed Air Corporation


Steve Bonasia Sanderson Farms

Immediate Past President

Craig “Skip” Julius CRC® CCS®, CEC, CCP, CFE, Sensient Flavors

Kit Kiefer CEC, CCE, AAC, FMP, Schwan’s Food Service

Board Member at Large Homaro Canto Moto and iNG Restaurants

Susan Licker MS, CCS®, Frito-Lay


Co-Chairs Larry Tong CCS®, Culinary Training & Development Manager, McCormick & Co., Inc.

Kevin Anderson Kevin M. Anderson, LLC

Vice President

The RCA Board of Directors makes all action items public at www. for full transparency within the organization. If you’re ever wondering what’s on the horizon, check out the action items published quarterly.

Student Subcommittee



We Work for You!

Meet the Committee

RCA Strategic Plan Update Periodically, your RCA Board of Directors reviews and updates the strategic plan of your association. At its next meeting, scheduled for September 26 & 27, your board will look closely at your responses from the latest membership survey, assess RCA’s current mission and organizational goals, and revise as appropriate — all for the purpose of continuing to advance Culinology® and your professional career in food product development. Stay tuned for the outcomes from this meeting!

| Culinology CURRENTS | Summer/Fall 2013

Steve Bonasia Corporate Sales Manager — Prepared Foods Division, Sanderson Farms

Subcommittee Members Darryl Holliday CRC®, Culinary Arts and Food Science Consultant Marshall Scarborough Manager of Global Product Development Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen


Eric White tudent members are the lifeblood TechnoChef of RCA,” says Larry Tong, Firmenich Inc. CCS®, Chair of RCA Student Subcommittee. “We are pumped about some of the new programs we’ve developed to get students more involved as they are the future of this organization.”

Functioning as a part of the Membership Committee, the Student Subcommittee works to identify and serve the specific needs of RCA Student members. In managing Student events, creating new initiatives, coordinating with university Culinology® programs and reaching out to Student members, the Subcommittee works with RCA staff to ensure Student members are getting the most out of their relationship with RCA. The goal of the Student Subcommittee is to see RCA Student members thrive in their membership as well as in their pursuit of a degree and career. Through their membership and involvement with member initiatives and benefits, the Subcommittee hopes to see RCA Student members maintain their relationship with the organization as professional members and eventual leaders while creating successful careers in the food industry and promoting Culinology®. The Student Subcommittee has been very busy lately developing and promoting its new initiatives. The first is the Student Advisory Program. This program partners students with Affiliate, Associate, Chef, Culinology® and Food Science and Technology members through a mentor relationship and promotes knowledge transfer and community building within the organization. Matches are made based on industry experience and interest as well as location.

Adding extra fruitiness or depth of flavor to your savory and dessert recipes with Major Fruit Bases.

In an effort to create a smooth transition from student to professional membership and as a way of congratulating loyal RCA Student members who have recently graduated, the New Graduate Program allows those students one year of professional membership free of charge. This program gives recent graduates an opportunity to network with professional members while working to establish a career in food R&D. If you would like more information about any of the new student initiatives, please reach out the Amanda Boddy at RCA Headquarters at or (678) 298-1178.

Summer/Fall 2013 | Culinology CURRENTS |





You Asked & We Answered! RCA-Connect is now a Mobile App RCA-Connect is regarded as one of your greatest member benefits, giving you access to your peers and thought leaders in the field 24/7. Now, with the RCA-Connect mobile app, MemberCentric, you really never have to be without your RCA connections! Available on BlackBerry, Android, Windows, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Kindle Fire.

Forget to Renew? Be sure to renew your membership with RCA if you haven’t already so that you continue to receive all your member benefits without interruption. The easiest way to renew is to login with your personal login and password at and follow the prompts for renewal. Or, give us a call at RCA Headquarters, (678) 298-1178. Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to another great year together.

How to Download: 1. Visit your application store and search for the app named “MemberCentric.”

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The RCA is revitalizing!

2. Once downloaded, launch the application and search for “RCAConnect.”

To better meet the needs of our members and accurately reflect the knowledge and innovation happening within the organization, we are redesigning The new website will be optimized for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops for ease of accessibility. Look for the redesigned website to roll out by Spring 2014!

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Keep current with news and the most recent Employment Network job postings. Questions? Need a hand getting started? Email or call Vickie Mabry,, or Amanda Boddy, at RCA Headquarters at (678) 298-1178.


Cover Story continued The 2013 Conference brought more than 1,200 RCA members and industry professionals together for a week of education, NASCAR, good food and good company. A few highlights included the keynote address by Chef Homaro Cantu that had attendees’ flavor-tripping and thirsting for more; and, the exhilarating student and professional competitions that had chefs and students alike creating Southern-inspired dishes. The event closed on an inspirational note with a perfect Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech by Chef John D. Folse inspiring the audience to take advantage of their RCA membership and the knowledge housed within this organization. Select 2013 Conference education sessions are available On-Demand. These sessions are complimentary for conference attendees through October 31, 2013, and offered at a discount rate for RCA members who may have missed the Conference. See page 10 or visit for more information. Online registration for the 2014 RCA Annual Conference will be live in early November, so stay tuned for more information. Our Education Task Force is working diligently to ensure your educational options are top-notch and captivating. Mark your calendars and make plans to join us in Portland,Oregon, March 11–14, 2014!

| Culinology CURRENTS | Summer/Fall 2013

Register Now for RCA’s First Webinar! The Mediterranean Diet: Health Benefits, Product Development & Commercialization Join the RCA on Thursday, October 3, from 2–3 p.m. EST for the first in a series of webinars geared to provide RCA members and others in the field of food R&D with new educational offerings that can be accessed from the comfort of your office. Dr. Susan Mitchell, an expert on nutrition and communications, will discuss what the Mediterranean diet is and its health benefits. Chef Darryl Holliday will expand on this by offering ways to incorporate Mediterranean foods into your menu or product development considering factors such as cost, productionResearch and health. Chefs Research Chefs ASSOCIATION NumerousASSOCIATION studies back up the boasts that Mediterranean foods are not only good for the heart and blood pressure, but they can help you lose weight! No wonder food product menu developers are looking for ways to leverage the good news about Defining and the Future of Food Defining the Future of Food Mediterranean foods.

Research Chefs ASSOCIATION

Defining the Future of Food

Presenters Darryl Holliday CRC®, Culinary Arts & Food Science Consultant Susan Mitchell PhD, RD, LD/N, FADA Founder/President Practicalories, Inc. Media Communications Consultant

Upcoming Industry Events Research Chefs ASSOCIATION

Defining the Future of Food

September 15–18, 2013 Prepared Foods New Products Conference, San Diego, CA September 29–October 2, 2013 AACC International Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, NM Research Chefs

Research Chefs

ASSOCIATION November 14–16, 2013 Worlds of ASSOCIATION Flavor, Napa Valley, CA Defining the Future of Food

Defining the Future of Food

Summer/Fall 2013 | Culinology CURRENTS |




2013 Annual Conference Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Chef John D. Folse

Pioneer Award Recipient Stan Frankenthaler, Dunkin’ Brands

President’s Award Recipient Lynn Tripp, Johnson & Wales University

2013 Michele Block Memorial Fund Scholarship Winner Jay Gilbert, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

2013 RCF PepsiCo Performance with Purpose Culinology® Scholarship Winner Harvey Kornfeld, CRC®, University of Georgia

ACF Sanctioned, Professional Culinology® Competition Winner Jody Denton, CRC® and Nicolasa Murillo, CC

Student Culinology® Competition Winner Southwest Minnesota State University, “Chick’n Waffles”

Culinology® Expo Product Award Winner Vegetable Juices, Inc., Purple Ginger Lemonade

2013 Bill “Pops” Hahne Memorial Scholarship Winner David Cullinan, Culinary Institute of America

2013 RCF Higher & Continuing Education Scholarship Winners Lea Aclan, Culinary Institute of America Annette Benavides, South Texas College Lisa Michelle Burkey-Jeeves, Le Cordon Bleu Clinton Hervert, Cornell University Katherine Langel, Southwest Minnesota State University Crystal Lin, Chapman University Rafael Martin del Campo, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Lindsay Shackelford, Clemson University Taaj Smith, Gwinnett Technical College Karol Chin, Rice and Company Barton Dewing, CRC®, Seviroli Foods

2013 RCF-Gum Technology Corporation Hydrocolloids Culinology® Scholarship Winner Krystal Jochims, Southwest Minnesota State University

2013 RCF-CuliNex Organic & Natural Foods Culinology® Scholarship Winner

Scientific Research by a Student Member Poster Presentation Winner: “Mechanism of Meat Tenderization” by Dahlia Suriaatmaja and Tyre Lanier, North Carolina State University

Innovative Concept by a Student Member Poster Presentation Winner: “Food Science Clue: Developing a problem-solving game for Culinology® and Food Science Students” by JoAnna Gorcesky, John McGregor and Julie Northcutt, Clemson University

Product Development by a Student Member Poster Presentation Winner: “Development of Novel Flavored Ice-cream Products: The Who and Why of Consumer Acceptability” by Mark Traynor, Róisín Burke and Catherine Barry-Ryan, Dublin Institute of Technology

Scientific Research by a Professional Member Poster Presentation Winner: “A Competency Model for Culinology® Graduates: Evaluation of the Research chefs Association’s Bachelor of Science in Culinology® Core Competencies” by Michael S.H. Cheng, Southwest Minnesota State University and R.H. Bosselman, Iowa State University

Test Your R&D Meddle: Sign up for the 2014 Culinology® Competitions Student Culinology® Competition For the 2014 Student Culinology® Competition, teams will develop a proposal for a Pacific Northwest inspired, food truck cuisine concept featuring a grab-and-go seafood item for school food service (grades 9-12), addressing sodium concerns which includes both gold standard recipes and the corresponding product formulations. Students: if up to the challenge, and interested in fame and fortune and the $5,000 first place prize, please submit your team’s letter of intent to participate by September 30 to get started. You can find further details at

Professional Culinology® Competition Professionals: Don’t miss your chance to participate in the thrilling 2014 Professional Culinology® Competition for the opportunity to win $5,000, fame and ACF medals. One RCA member and one ACF member can develop a written proposal for a Pacific Northwest, inspired food truck cuisine, complete meal concept using seafood with a healthy dessert featuring fruit for school food service (grades 9-12), addressing sodium concerns. Professionals, please submit your team’s letter of intent to participate by September 30. You can find further details at professional-development.


Better flavor. Healthier. Less Cost. All the benefits of heavy cream without all of the expensive butterfat– A real cream alternative. Our Daricream products offer the flavor and texture of heavy cream, yet deliver half the butterfat and fewer calories. • An “All Dairy” cream alternative. • One-to-one replacer for 31% through 40% cream • Functions in both kettle and retort processes • Adds increased stability to soups and sauces

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Ashley Wize, Ivy Tech Community College


| Culinology CURRENTS | Summer/Fall 2013

Summer/Fall 2013 | Culinology CURRENTS |




About RCA Continuing Education Workshops RCA’s much anticipated Culinology® book tentatively entitled Applied Culinology®: Blending Culinary Arts, Food Science and Technology in Food Product Development is scheduled for publication by JOHN WILEY & SONS, INC. in the fall of 2014. With 19 comprehensive chapters authored by a host of industry experts — including a number of fellow members — this book will be the go-to reference for R&D professionals industry-wide.

RCA has developed an extensive program of continuing education workshops that cater to both the culinary professional and the food technologist. These workshops are offered year-round, at several partnering educational institutions in the United States and Canada. Scholarships offered by the Research Chefs Foundation are available for both continuing education professionals and students of higher learning.

Culinology® Workshops for Chefs

RCA’s Culinology® Workshops for Chefs are part of a unique four-part series aimed to broaden food product developers’ knowledge of food technology as it relates to culinary principles. Students of this series find that they are well prepared for the RCA’s CRC® exam.

Culinary and Baking Arts for Food Technologists

RCA has joined forces with The Culinary Institute of America and the University of Arkansas to offer food technologists hands-on culinary training and the opportunity to learn the same culinary and baking fundamentals that chefs use every day on the job. Many students of these workshops find that they are well prepared for the RCA’s CCS® exam.

Upcoming Continuing Education Workshops

September 18 –20, 2013 Culinology® Workshop: Basics of Food Processing and Food Systems (Ontario)

November 6 –8, 2013 Culinology® Workshop: Development of Food Systems and Commercialization (Ontario)


| Culinology CURRENTS | Summer/Fall 2013

Connecting Knowledge with Need… At Your Convenience! The RCA is pleased to continue its series of educational sessions recorded at the 2013 RCA Annual Conference, bringing you immediate access to 100+ hours of cuttingedge, Culinology® education on-demand. Whether you attended the 2013 Conference and want to revisit the educational offerings, or missed the Conference altogether, now is your chance to access these sessions online, at your own convenience! RCA member-attendees of the 2013 RCA Annual Conference have complimentary access to these education sessions through October 2013, and deeply discounted session rates are available to RCA members who were not able to attend the Conference.

Getting Started is Easy

Begin at RCA’s On-Demand Website on-demand and log in using your email address on file with RCA and the password “impact.” Follow the prompts to view or purchase sessions.

Thanks to our On-Demand Partners

Thanks to the generous support of Tyson Foods, Inc. and PepsiCo Foodservice.

Job Task Analysis: What is it and Why is it Important?

These Scientists Can Bake! Frito-Lay employees attended the first, RCA-CIA, in-company Baking Arts Fundamentals Workshop for Food Techs in March. These comprehensive, hands-on courses provide training on the utilization of commercial cooking equipment, as well as proper food handling and preparation techniques. “The hands-on [practice] was critical; but the fact that the chefs provided the scientific explanation and rationale behind it was extremely interesting and helpful,” says Eugenio Bortone, R&D Senior Principal Scientist, Frito-Lay. The real-world applications allowed for food technologists to have applied culinary training and the opportunity to learn the same baking fundamentals that chefs use every day on the job. The all-inclusive, four-day workshop covered everything from baking theory and ingredient function to cake assembly.

The RCACC has undertaken initial steps towards conducting a Job Task Analysis (JTA) of the critical knowledge, skills and abilities of research chefs and culinary scientists. The JTA will be overseen by an independent psychometrician and the RCACC, and conducted in accordance with the standards for accreditation of the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). In 2014 the JTA findings will be used to update the CRC® and CCS® exams to stay current with ever changing trends and technologies. As part of the JTA process, members will be invited to provide input in a survey later this fall. Member input and transparency are two key elements of a successful JTA effort, so stay tuned for next steps and updates!

Look Who’s Newly Certified! *as of September 3, 2013 Congratulations to our dedicated members who have recently become certified or renewed their certifications as either a Certified Culinary Scientist® or Certified Research Chef®. Congratulations again on this impressive accomplishment! Anthony Audette, CRC®, Cargill Scott Erwin, CRC®, Tyson Foods Karen Gold, CRC®, TDL Group Corp. Kevin Appel, CCS®, CRC®, Sterling-Rice Group Dana Bailey, CCS®, Tyson Foods Naibi Chalakani, CCS®, PepsiCo Foodservice Lisa Davidson, CCS®, Safeway Consumer Brands

David Enns, CCS®, Newly Weds Foods Dick Falcone, CCS®, Charley’s Grilled Subs Elizabeth Luther, CCS®, Concord Foods, Inc. Jason Niermann, CCS®, PepsiCo Foodservice Holly Ramage, CCS®, PepsiCo Foodservice Jay Scroggins, CCS®, Johnsonville Sausage Chris Stein, CCS®, Sartori Company

Summer/Fall 2013 | Culinology CURRENTS |



How & Why to Get Certified Now, more than ever, companies are recognizing RCA certifications and supporting their employees in their efforts. In fact, a 2012 survey conducted by the Research Chefs Association Certification Commission (RCACC) produced some impressive results. Supervisors, upper management and HR managers of CRCs® and CCSs®, overwhelmingly agree that having an RCA-certified employee on staff:

Becoming a Certified Culinary Scientist… and a Certified Research Chef! How did you first hear about the CCS® and CRC® certifications? I first heard about the certifications almost 10 years ago while attending the RCA Annual Conference and Culinology® Expo in Savannah. There was a break-out session that explained the certifications and how to prepare for them.

Why did you decide to pursue becoming a CCS® and then subsequently a CRC®?

• Increases product quality (80%) • Increases team functionality (91%), and

How are your certifications recognized at work?

• Increases their chances of earning a higher salary (71%) It is easier to pursue certification than you may think. If you graduate from a Culinology®-related degree program, you are already eligible to apply. To add to that, this year the RCACC determined that work done by test kitchen R&D professionals to develop standardized and reproducible recipes for the home consumer is acceptable as R&D work experience for CRC® and CCS® eligibility purposes. So, as an RCA member you are ahead of the game. With access to cutting-edge professional development workshops, the RCA Annual Conference and RCAConnect, you can tap the minds of our many certified members. It doesn’t hurt that RCA members also receive a discount on their application fee! To learn more about eligibility criteria and the process, visit RCAcertification-candidate.

“The answer is probably right in front of me, but there must be a way to make great-tasting bread without all this waiting.”

Q&A with Kevin Appel, CCS®, CRC®, Associate Culinary Director, Sterling-Rice Group

I was menu development manager for Bakers Square and Village Inn Restaurants at the time and I was intrigued by the commercialization process of new food products, which I had little experience except on the restaurant operations side. I came up with creative ideas and passed them along in a purchasing specification and I wanted to know more about the other end of the product life cycle. Studying for certification seemed like a good motivator and a goal.

• Enhances product speed to market (78%)


My employers, The Schwan Food Company, Dean Foods and Saputo Dairy Foods USA, were supportive of my efforts to pursue the certifications. When I achieved certification, it was communicated as a continuous learning objective. At Saputo Dairy Foods, my colleagues asked me daily if I had passed the CRC® exam, which I took at the conference, and when I received the pass letter they announced it at the weekly business review meeting. My co-workers thought it was important and they really got behind me. I like to think that it gives me some credibility with clients and customers as well or at least it is a good conversation starter.

How do you think certification will help you in your career? I think that certification has helped me get my foot in the door with employers. Certification with a professional association such as the RCA is a way of measuring and communicating my experience and skill-set to my peers and colleagues. I am working in the brand strategy and innovation field now with The Sterling-Rice Group and I hope that our client’s R&D teams recognize my background when they see the CCS® and CRC® in my signature and on my chef coat. Culinology® is a discipline that helps to bridge the gap between ideas, prototypes and commercialized foods. Bringing ideas to life is so important in the marketplace today.

What would you recommend certification candidates study? I am curious and I get pretty heavy into understanding and learning through my everyday work. People that know me think that I am a bit of a mad scientist-chef with making things from scratch and researching the how and why of food. I bought the textbooks and read them in the month prior to taking the exams. The study guides that the RCA provided were also very helpful for me to identify the areas where I was weaker and needed to study. For the CRC® exam, I looked-up a lot of information on Google and YouTube as I went through the study-guide. I worked hard to prepare myself and the exams were a challenge.

The answer is beer. Dried Beer Extract is a natural beer concentrate in powdered form. When added to bread dough below the “beer” taste threshold, Dried Beer Extract provides the fermented notes that say “bread”– without the wait. Until now, full-flavored bread required waiting for yeast to ferment. Today’s rapid baking processes deliver volume but are short on flavor. Now you don’t need to choose between efficiency and taste. Bring old-world flavor to unleavened, chemically-leavened and rapid-process dough with Dried Beer Extract.

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white bread

frozen dough

A Division of Butter Buds Inc.

pizza dough



Would you recommend pursuing both certifications? My experience and background has placed me in-between the two certifications. So, for me taking both exams was beneficial. I learned a lot from both sides of the competency sets.


| Culinology CURRENTS | Summer/Fall 2013

Summer/Fall 2013 | Culinology CURRENTS |



About Regional Events

Regions Eastern Canada Region

Ellen J. Hurwitz, Giraffe Foods Region includes: Toronto and surrounding areas

To help RCA members stay connected within their local communities, the RCA hosts numerous regional events throughout the United States and Canada each year. Designed to create a means for members to share their knowledge and expertise on a local level, RCA Regional Events provide a way to stimulate professional development, networking, association involvement and enjoyment for members.

Jason Behrends, CCS®, Ph.D., Tyson Foods, Inc. Region includes: Arkansas

The Regional Activities Committee supports “Regions Without Borders,” so that members and non-members can explore Regional Events in their part of town, or away from home when visiting another part of the country.

KA/MO Central Region

Greater Arkansas-NWA Region Gulf Coast Region

Paul Rockwell, Diversified Foods, Inc. Region includes: Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi Steffen Weck, Food Business Consulting, Inc. Region includes: Kansas, Missouri


Mid-Atlantic Region

Members and non-members may attend all regional events. Costs and registration guidelines vary from event to event, and are outlined in the listing of upcoming events online at

Midwest-Chicagoland Region

Plan Interested in planning a regional event? Start by contacting your region’s key contact. Let him/her know you are interested and discuss your proposed event with them. Next, download the Regional Events Tool Kit, online at, to learn the process of planning an event. Your key contact and the Regional Activities Committee will work with you to further discuss your proposed event and put your proposal into action! Contact Eric Skates for more information at or (678) 303-2957.

Contact Committee Co-Chairs

Richard Gruica, PACA Foods Region includes: Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington, D.C. Anne Druschitz, CRC®, Edlong Dairy Flavors Region includes: Illinois, Wisconsin

New England Region

Susanna Tolini CRC®, Kayem Region includes: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

New York Metro Region

Jessica Goldstein, Nu-Spice & Maureen Scarmella, ARAMARK Region includes: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

North Central Region

Kurt Stiles, Intelligent Ingredients Region includes: Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota

Kevin Anderson John Draz Gavin Estes, CRC®

Northern California Region

You can find all contact information at

Pacific Northwest Region

Find your home state and join the appropriate RCA-Connect community to get updates on your mobile device.

Find Your Community Central Region

Erich Chieca, Lactalis America Group, Inc. Region includes: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia

Rachel Zemser, CCS®, A La Carte Connections Region includes: Northern California Barbara Zatto, Mizkan Americas, Inc. Region includes: Alaska, Idaho, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Washington

Pacific Southwest Region

Jenny Rosoff, Village Green Foods Region includes: Arizona, Hawaii, New Mexico, Southern California, Southern Nevada

| Culinology CURRENTS | Summer/Fall 2013

Southeastern Region Sunset Cocktail Shrimp Excursion, 6/21/13 This June, an event brought more than 30 RCA members to the coastal town of Brunswick, GA, for a one-of-a-kind event. Hosted by King and Prince Seafood & Ingredient Works – Hawkins Food Ingredient Group with donations from Sunset Farm Foods, the “Sunset Cocktail Shrimp Excursion” proved to be a fun and educational event for all that attended. As the group sailed along the coastal waters the “Lady Jane” dragged up fresh shrimp from the channel. RCA members learned about the costal habitat for shrimp and the harvesting process. The group was then treated to a low country boil that included blue crab, corn, potatoes and smoked sausage while sailing back to port. This will certainly become an event worth repeating and we are thankful for those that made the trip down to participate.

Northern California Region Chocolate, Candy and Food Safety – a Techno Artisan Event, 7/23/13 The first Northern California RCA regional event this year was held at the new Charles Chocolates store and factory in San Francisco. There were 40 attendees and the event was sponsored by The Walnut Board of California and AquaLab. The sponsors fit the event perfectly since Melissa Huges, a microbiologist from Aemtek, came and spoke to the crowd about the importance of having top notch safety plans in place to ensure total product quality and safety and not rely on finished product testing (which is like searching for a needle in the haystack)! Before the serious lecture portion of the program, there was networking while Chuck Sigal (Owner/Founder Charles Chocolates) gave mini tours of his facility which has big clear glass windows that allow customers to watch the chocolates being made. The Walnut Board asked Chuck to make some fabulous walnut chocolates, which he did in the form of his unique salty-sweet, walnut bar. Everyone got to take home walnut bars and other confections from the store. There was great turnout not only from RCA members but from quite a few IFT members and local artisan food companies.

Rocky Mountain Central Region

Gavin Estes, CRC®, Kerry Ingredients, Inc. Region includes: Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming

South Central Region

Chris Ghozali, CRC®, Tyson Foods, Inc. Region includes: Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma

Southeastern Region

Christian Hallowell, Morrison Management Specialists Region includes: Alabama, Georgia


Recent Events

From the Heartland to the West Coast: RCA is all about networking September 27, 2013 Greater Arkansas — NWA Regional — Education & Networking Event September 27, 2013 Mid-Atlantic Regional Event — BBQ & Brews November 13, 2013 West Coast Super Regional — World of Flavors Pre-Party To stay up-to-date on all RCA events happening throughout North America, visit

Summer/Fall 2013 | Culinology CURRENTS |




What have you learned from working with the other mentors?


G 30 Y EA






We’re a well-rounded group of experts that collectively has an enormous amount of success in the business of making food with integrity sell on supermarket shelves. I learned from each of my co-conspirators every day in the art of humility and grace that’s unique to television. We had a heck of a lot of fun and helped a few consumers develop retail products with real viability for the shelves!


RCA member Chef Andrew Hunter is the R&D Mentor on Lifetime’s newest reality series, Supermarket Superstar, which premiered July 2013. This is the first show to feature food R&D and the product commercialization process for retail food products. The show features Culinology® in action for the world to see. Tune in Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

It’s important to realize that commercializing a product for retail shelves, whether you’re an entrepreneur or an established CPG company, is a challenging proposition. Dream big. Don’t give up. Listen to experts. Be true to your vision, but be open to advice and feedback along the way.


Chef Andrew Hunter

What advice would you give chefs or product developers who want to make their ideas a reality?


Q&A With

Culinology® is in real action on Supermarket Superstar. Contestants who have no knowledge of science or technology are given a crash course in commercialization, often with only creativity and passion on their side. I translate complex processes, like the application of flavors and starches, into manageable bites that the general public can grasp in 15 to 20 seconds.

Hosted by Stacy Keibler, Supermarket Superstar follows aspiring food product inventors as they pitch their concepts to a panel of industry experts for a once in a lifetime chance to have their creation launched nationally in a major grocery chain. Produced by The Weinstein Company (Project Runway) and Studio Lambert (Undercover Boss), Supermarket Superstar will feature contestants pitching their creations to three mentors. As the mentors critique each idea from their own professional point-of-view, each contestant must then further develop and refine every aspect of their product before presenting the final concept to a top supermarket buyer. The winner of each episode will be rewarded with an investment in their product and a chance to return in the season finale, where one individual’s dream will be realized when their product receives a nationwide launch and is introduced to millions of customers in a major grocery chain’s stores throughout the country.


How is Culinology® displayed?

Featuring Stacy Keibler, Celebrity Chef Michael Chiarello, Cookie Mogul Debbi Fields, Branding and Packaging Expert Chris Cornyn and R&D Chef Andrew Hunter


I’m the R&D chef mentor to the Supermarket Superstar contestants, both on and off camera. Each week I walk three complete novices through the development/commercialization process. I help them understand how the ingredients and methods they use in their home kitchens are different from the commercialization process, and most importantly how to translate their vision into viable retail products. I try to help the contestants make informed decisions that they’ll be proud of regardless of whether they win or not. In every case, mentoring takes patience and understanding… not that much different from my day job!

So You Think You Can Cook: See Who’s Behind Supermarket Superstars

Est. 1983 PT T IONAL


What is your role on the show?

Start-to-Finish Flavor Experts At Eatem Foods, we are masters of marinade and

Any other information you would like to share?

crazy for gravy. We believe that the harmony of a dish

Supermarket Superstar is a peek into our segment of the industry… it’s the first show to attempt to demystify the art and science of the commercialization process from product development to consumer panels to buyer pitches. It’s high stakes for the contestants and it’s an honor for me to help represent our underrepresented segment of the culinary profession.

comes from layering complementary flavors and that each component deserves its moment to shine. Our extensive line of flavor systems is tailored to deliver bold impact to your products from start to finish. Contact us for more information on how Eatem Foods can deliver the flavor, mouthfeel, and bold impact to your finished products while helping you get to market faster.

 2013 Eatem Foods, Co.


| Culinology CURRENTS | Summer/Fall 2013

To learn more, please contact us by phone at 800.683.2836 or visit

Summer/Fall 2013 | Culinology CURRENTS |




RCA STUDENT MEMBER PROFILE: MEET ANDREW The filling is a thick fig filling flavored with anise, surrounded by a shortbread dough recipe. Very simple. The recipe has been passed down through the family and landed in my lap. The cookie is a tradition that has brought our family happiness for generations.

Culinary Inspiration:


Andrew Montesano, 22


My inspiration started as a very young apprentice baker. I would be sitting on a stool with two phone books taped to it making me tall enough to watch as my grandfather would bake cookies, pastries and breads in the family bakery. As early as I can remember, I would spend my days — not being babysat — but rather working bench-top with Grandpa. Making everything exactly as he taught me, I was the only kid around who was allowed to use a thirty-quart mixer before I was ten. As I was trained professionally at JWU, unofficially I have always been a baker. Now that the family grocery store-bakery hybrid has come and gone I plan to use my monetary success to revive that way of life for our family.

Buffalo, NY


Johnson & Wales University (JWU)

Declared Major/Minor:

Culinary Nutrition, Concentration in Research and Development


Lacrosse (coaching and playing!), Southern style smoke pit BBQ and golf

Favorite School Subject:

Wellness and Sustainability of Resources, a concentration offered at JWU

Favorite Ingredient:

Salt and pepper are my favorite ingredients. It’s a pair of ingredients that are rarely ever seen without one another. They give complexity and simplicity at the same time. Together they tame flavors allowing the food to shine with its own natural flavors. As always, use with moderation; that was my hardest lesson learned.

Style of Cooking:

Professionally, I have been trained to cook with French techniques. Recently I have been cooking in the style of small French bistro. Clean flavors with simple ingredients, using plating and garnishing to show beauty and the true taste of fresh, local ingredients cooked with precision.

Favorite Family Recipe:

It’s actually an Italian cookie recipe that has brought my family success for years while owning a bakery on the west side of Buffalo, in a very Italian neighborhood. It is called a Guccidotti: a filled cookie that is iced and dusted with rainbow sprinkles.


| Culinology CURRENTS | Summer/Fall 2013

“My Favorite meal is COLD pizza, wings and buttered noodles.” Why are you Pursuing a Degree in Culinology®?

Following in the footsteps of my family, I have chosen to be an associate at Rich Products Corporation located in Buffalo, NY, in the Bakery Research and Development Lab to gain a different perspective of the culinary field. I have spent much of my time studying starches and baking techniques, so the tasks presented to me are familiar. Understanding the multibillion dollar business of fresh and frozen dough, sweet desserts, toppings and icings, donuts, cakes and muffins will allow me to understand the role R&D and Culinology® play in the national and global food market.

Providing Professional Growth in Culinology® Officers President Stephen Kalil, CEC, CRC® Corporate Executive Research Chef

Vice President Ron DeSantis, CMC® Director, CIA Consulting The Culinary Institute of America

Secretary/Treasurer Joy Isaacs, CCS® Director-Product Development Precision Foods, Inc.

Dolf A. De Rovira President Flavor Dynamics, Inc.

John P. Kennedy II, CCS® Research & Development - Culinologist Well’s Dairy - Blue Bunny

Bobbie Huston Manager - National Account Ed Miniat, Inc.


Calling All Members: $40,000 in Scholarships Now Available Did you know the RCF offers several different types of scholarship opportunities? To fulfill its mission, the foundation identifies and supports students of higher learning and continuing education of exceptional promise that have demonstrated excellence in their academic endeavors. Students and professionals are encouraged to apply for these opportunities, which are awarded annually in the spring at the RCA Annual Conference. These scholarships are easy to apply for, so, why wait? View all 2013 scholarship winners and download the 2014 scholarship applications (due Nov. 1) at Available 2014 scholarships: • Higher & Continuing Education Scholarships • Bill “Pops” Hahne Memorial Scholarship • CuliNex CRC® and CCS® Scholarship • CuliNex Organic and Natural Foods Culinology® Scholarship • Michele Block Memorial Scholarship • PepsiCo Performance with Purpose Culinology® Scholarship • RCF-Gum Technology Corporation Hydrocolloids Culinology® Scholarship

Dream Career:

My dream career would be owning and living above the restaurant/bakery that my family closed almost 27 years ago. Being able to reopen the business and regain the trust of the community would be a real dream come true. It will be called the Bluebird Bakery.

Interesting Fact:

My Favorite meal is COLD pizza, wings and buttered noodles.

From the generous donations of many RCA members, the RCF awarded $37,500 in scholarships in 2013, nearly $10,000 more than 2012! Since 2005, the RCF has provided over $140,000 in scholarships. Isn’t that incredible?!! This year, the RCF plans to award $40,000 in scholarship monies. RCA members have proven they are committed to providing deserving students and professionals the chance to further their education in the field of Culinology®. Without your generous support, these opportunities would not exist. You can contribute by taking part in Annual Conference activities such as the 5K & Fun Run, Golf Tournament and silent auction, and by participating in raffles at your regional events throughout the year. To donate now, visit

View all 2013 scholarship winners and download the 2014 scholarship applications (due Nov. 1) at Summer/Fall 2013 | Culinology CURRENTS |



Thank You Thank You

The Research Chefs Association would like to thank our 2013 Annual and Conference Partners for their generosity and ongoing support of those in the food product development industry who are committed to Culinology®.


Founding Partners

Platinum Partners



Ingredion Incorporated GPI David Michael & Co. Perdue Farms, Inc. SupHerb Farms

Fourth Tier


Opening Reception

Cryovac DuPont Pioneer Fuchs North America, Inc. Monsanto National Honey Board Park 100 Foods, Inc. Schwan’s Food Service Sensient Flavors


Silver Partners Archer Daniels Midland Ed Miniat, Inc. International Dehydrated Foods Kikkoman Sales USA, Inc. Kronos Foods Inc. McCain Foods McIlhenny Company Paradise PepsiCo Foodservice Perdue Farms, Inc.

Golf Tournament First Tier

Surlean Foods

Eatem Foods Company Mane, Inc. PepsiCo Foodservice Tyson WynnStarr Second Tier Almond Board of California Bell Flavors & Fragrances Kerry Ingredients & Flavours Third Tier Bioenergy Life Science, Inc. Nu-Tek Food Science Red Arrow Products Southeastern Mills USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council/ Northern Pulse Growers Association



Black Boar California Garlic Company David Michael & Co. Indian Harvest John Folse Company J.R. Simplot Company Mizkan Americas Prepared Foods Rosina Food Products Sensient Flavors

| Culinology CURRENTS | Summer/Fall 2013

Culinology Culinology® Magazine…creative energy for food product development.

Secure Your 2014 Partnership Today! It’s never too early to start planning for the coming year, and what better way to maximize your ROI, market your products and services and reach your targeted audience than by becoming and RCA partner? There are several annual and Conference opportunities available, but spaces are limited per level. Partner with the RCA and build industry year-round! Please apply online at : For more information contact RCA Headquarters at (678) 298-1178 or

Sosland Publishing and the Research Chefs Association are proud to bring you the new version of Culinology magazine. The Sosland editorial team of food industry experts in conjunction with the RCA editorial board, have partnered to offer research chefs, corporate managers, culinary scientists, and other product development professionals an “insider’s view” on trends in the food processing and food service arenas.

Culinology Magazine’s mission is to provide a creative spark for product development professionals in every facet of the food industry. BROAD FOOD INDUSTRY CIRCULATION With a print and digital circulation of over 42,000 food industry professionals, Culinology magazine reaches deep into the food industry.

ADVERTISING If you would like more information on using Culinology as part of your food industry marketing strategy, please contact Mike Gude, or give us a call at 800.338.6201

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SOUS VIDE, SO VERSATILE By Chef Christopher Hansen, Corporate Executive Chef, OSI Group, LLC Sous vide, the cook-chill technology that developed a following among chefs in the 1970’s, is currently gaining ground as foodservice operators and food processers around the country rediscover the effectiveness of the cooking technique. As consumer preferences evolve, there is a new generation of development chefs focusing on how to improve preparation techniques to meet modern expectations for fresher tasting foods and a higher quality meal experience.

Sous vide, meaning “under vacuum” in French, offers a way to precisely cook the product, not only at a restaurant level but on a massive scale. I help our customers leverage the benefits of sous vide preparation for better tasting, higher quality products that easily conform to operational demands. Sous vide, meaning “under vacuum” in French, offers a way to precisely cook the product, not only at a restaurant level but on a massive scale. It allows little room for error, while providing management of product consistency, food cost, portion control and food safety concerns. Sous vide preparation locks in moisture and texture, both of which are drivers of preference among consumers. A wide variety of food holds up exceptionally well and delivers great yield when cooked sous vide. With traditional cooking methods, you have to account for an inconsistent loss of product from preparation to plate. This is eliminated in the sous vide process, and that really helps a chef manage food cost and portion control. The guarantee of precision-cooked products, along with locking in the best possible quality ahead of time, really helps to ensure consistency. Sous vide bridges the gap from any personal interpretation of quality or “doneness” that arises from the back-of-house cooking to the assurance of delivering the same customer experience every time. The sous vide method can be safer than traditional cooking methods like roasting, frying or baking because pathogen bacteria can be controlled using sous vide. One control is the time and temperature combination and understanding “the danger zone” of 40oF to 140oF, where bacteria growth tends to occur. By reducing the amount of time a product spends in the danger zone, the amount of growth is minimized to safe levels. This should be a key element of an operation’s HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) Plan. CCPs (Critical Control Points) for sous vide could be final cooking temperatures, strict holding times or rapidly chilling heat-treated products before storage. All employees should be trained to use the correct procedures for handling, preparing and cooking food products to ensure their safe consumption.


| Culinology CURRENTS | Summer/Fall 2013

MARCH 11-14, 2014

See Culinology in Action March 11 -14, in Portland, Oregon Want to know more about the Research Chefs Association and the 2014 Annual Conference & Culinology® Expo? Visit

More than 1,200 top food R&D professionals will gather in Portland for the only conference focused on Culinology® — the blending of culinary arts and food technology. Sample top Portland eateries at the opening reception…. Experience more than 30 educational sessions, workshops and live demos…. Enjoy ring-side seats as students and professionals go head-to-head to compete for top honors in the 2014 Culinology® Competitions — food R&D’s version of “Top Chef”…. Celebrate the best of the best in food R&D, at the RCA Annual Awards Ceremony and Closing Reception Friday night …. Explore the food trucks, supper clubs and outdoor markets that made TIME Magazine dub Portland “America’s new food Eden.”

Summer/Fall 2013 | Culinology CURRENTS |


Defining the Future of Food

Defining the Future of Food

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Research Chefs ASSOCIATION


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Defining the Future of Food

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Defining the Future of Food

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Defining the Future of Food

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