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Nov. 12th, 2013 Re: ORGANIZATIONS URGED TO HONOR UNION PICKET LINES AT THE COSMOPOLITAN OF LAS VEGAS; RELOCATE EVENTS PLANNED AT THE COSMOPOLITAN Dear Conference Attendee, We are writing to update you about the high-profile labor dispute at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The escalating dispute could negatively impact your organization’s upcoming event at the Cosmopolitan. Many members of your organization may not wish to have to cross a union picket line to attend this event. Therefore, we recommend the event be relocated. On November 1st, 102 union members and community allies were arrested inside the Cosmopolitan after they sat down near the resort’s signature chandelier and refused to leave. The demonstrators were protesting the Cosmopolitan’s ongoing failure to offer its workers a union contract in line with Las Vegas strip standards. Over 3000 additional union members rallied outside the hotel blocking three lanes of Las Vegas Boulevard. The crowd cheered in support as the protestors were brought out in zip ties by police. The civil disobedience was the latest in a series of major demonstrations at the Cosmopolitan this year. Weekly picket lines featuring energetic protestors outside the Cosmopolitan commenced in August and have been reported on by national media. (See these news stories: In order to avoid being caught in the middle of this contentious labor dispute, we recommend that your organization immediately relocate your event. Cosmopolitan workers have been in negotiations for over two and a half years. During that time, workers have seen numerous jobs cut and healthcare costs increase. Maria Margarita Lopez, a housekeeper at the Cosmopolitan, said, “I am a single mother and my children need to have medical insurance. We deserve the opportunity to have our benefits like at other Strip hotels.” Cosmopolitan workers do not have the same benefits or pay scale as other Strip casinos. “Cosmopolitan workers do the same jobs union members do but get paid less, have high health insurance costs, and no job security. We’re all workers, and we all deserve the

opportunity to provide for our families� said Vivian Gray, a housekeeper at the MGM, who participated in her first ever civil disobedience. In order to choose a labor-peaceful alternative venue in Las Vegas, please contact me immediately at 702-419-5921, or by email at Sincerely, Ian Collins Community Outreach Coordinator Culinary Workers Union Local 226


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