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Cremation Ash Memorials

Create A Beautiful Glass Float To Honor Your Loved Ones If you’ve lost a loved one or a pet, we can create a beautiful blown glass Memorial Float with their cremation ash to honor them. We created a process called Scavo Infusion™ that allows us to fuse Cremation Ash into the surface of our exquisite hand-blown Memorial Floats. The cremation ash is actually embedded into the surface of the glass and shows up as the white texture that appears on the bottom half of each float. It can’t be rubbed off, and it won’t deteriorate or change in any way. It is permanent, resistant to moisture, and will never fade or disappear.

For Family & Friends We live and work at the beach, so creating Memorial Floats for loved ones and pets became a family tradition. To us, a float symbolizes a journey of the spirit from this shore to the next. Create a Memorial Float that can be passed from generation to generation in your family to keep fond memories alive and remember those who we’re dear.

Our Promise We’ll treat your ashes with respect and create your Memorial Float as if it were our own. We understand the importance of being entrusted to memorialize your loved one or beloved pet and guarantee that their ashes will be handled with reverence. We’re a small family business and assure you they will be well taken care of.

Choose From Two Styles Of Memorial Floats

Keepsake Floats

Keepsake Floats are simple and elegant. They’re transparent, beautiful, and blown from a single color. $99.00*

Treasury Floats

These floats are made with striking blends of transparent and opaque colors that we’ve developed in our studio. $159.00*

•Price includes a cast acrylic display stand and free shipping. All floats are approximately 5” in diameter.

Why Memorial Floats? We chose the graceful shape of a glass float because it is beautiful to look at and easy to display. It’s spherical shape is extremely durable, and to us, it symbolizes the spirit of a loved one floating across the sea on a journey to another shore. Creating a cremation ash memorial float is the perfect way to keep their memory alive!

How To Order Ordering a Memorial Float is easy. Please go online to to place your order. We will mail you a kit to use for sending us a tiny amount of ashes–half a teaspoon is enough. The kit includes a small vial with identification labels, a measuring spoon, detailed instructions, and a pre-paid return mailing label to us. There is a beautiful selection of Memorial Floats and more information about the process on our website.

Our Story I started making Cremation Ash Memorials for my family and friends years ago–as a glassblower, it was something I could do for them that was unique and interesting. When Trevor joined me in the studio and we began offering the Memorials to people we didn’t know, we both took it very seriously but had no idea what kind of stories we’d hear or how much we would be affected by them. I realized that it was a very different way for Trevor and I to express ourselves with our art, and it gave the glass we made a new meaning. Because I’ve been around for a while, I’ve lost family members and friends as well as some of the most amazing pets, and I appreciate just how much my family and friends and my hilarious little dog wagging her tail all mean to me these days. Making these memorials has deepened that appreciation, and Trevor has shared similar feelings with me–we both feel very lucky to be able to do what we do for a living. We love what we do, and we hope it shows in our work.

–Roger & Trevor Crosta Glassblowers


“I ordered four memorial floats after my father passed away. Each float is unique and beautiful. Roger and Trevor were sensitive and very accommodating. They provided excellent service.“

“Hey guys I just wanted to thank you again for the floats. My ex-wife and I both love them! I attached a picture of the floats on my home altar. if you look up in the back behind the altar there is a blown up picture of Kobi and Kali back in the day. They fit perfectly and are a fitting memorial.“

“These memorial Ash Floats are “larger than life”... Received the Ruby & the Aquamarine and very satisfied-- everyone loved these memorials to my husband... I have a little nook I use as a “reliquary” (shrine) that features tributes to Mom & Dad, and kitties that have gone to the rainbow bridge. This was a perfect addition. The ash is self-evident and not “lost” in the glass. Mine were translucent with the ash at the bottom 3rd/ base... Thanks so much to Roger & Trevor“

Scavo Cremation Memorials  
Scavo Cremation Memorials  

Create A Beautiful Blown Glass Float With Cremation Ash To Honor Your Loved Ones