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Menu Gems Our contributors love spicing up their food, and here they’re sharing their favourites… Tuna Meatballs, Posto

My new favourite! What a delight to find seven of these perfectly formed, flavourful and moist tuna balls with mildly spiced tomato and kumquat, topped with shaved Pecorino (ah, memories of Tuscany this summer) and crunchy pine nuts – perfect for sharing with your best friend. If they weren’t your best friend when you arrived at Posto, they will be when you leave, if you ordered these and shared. Linda Garson

Jerk Chicken with Beans and Rice, The Spicy Jamakin

It’s the end of October and I’m sitting at a picnic table in a drizzly 5º C at Symons Valley Farmer’s Market. I’m not shivering, as I have a cup of Americano and a plate of jerk chicken with beans and rice from The Spicy Jamakin. Earnest and complex, spices radiate heat from your core, wrapping you in an invisible blanket and shielding you from the coming winter cold. Gabe Hall

Hot & Sour Soup, Oriental Palace

Oriental Palace makes a Hot & Sour soup that is unmatched in Calgary. It has wonderful varieties of texture and flavour but the spice is superb, causing your tongue to tingle as it teases you, fading slightly on your tongue soon after you taste it, enticing you to finish your bowl, eager for seconds, or thirds. Cory Knibutat

Masoor Dahl, Moti Mahal

When I came home from traveling India, I craved the dahl I had eaten daily. I love my dahl with a bit of spice and vegetables so I jumped for joy when I found the Masoor Dahl at Moti Mahal. The cauliflower is a great addition to the yellow lentils, and is perfect over basmati rice or scooped up with naan. Laura Lushington

Pho Bo Sate, Balô

For myself, a good bowl of pho is one of the best things in this culinary world. My go-to bowl of broth-y, noodle-y goodness can be found at Balo on 13th Ave and 8th St SW. Spicy and rich, it hits the spot every time. Dan Clapson

Hutch Pizza, WO Papers

For spicy, I have been digging the Hutch Pizza from WO Papers in Inglewood. It combines the standard pizza ingredients of tomato sauce, mozza cheese with two types of salami; genoa and calabrese. Also included is pepperonata, or fried peppers, that in combination with the spicy salami set the heat levels of this slice to the next level. Adrian Bryksa

Gai Bhed Med Ma Maung, Chili Club Thai House

The food at Chili Club Thai House has been a favourite for many years; you must like heat in your food. Everything on the menu is bursting with flavour and not heavy. The nuts and pineapple in Gai Bhed Med Ma Maung (Cashew chicken with pineapple, peppers and onion) transport you to another place. Perfect for fall and winter dining. Fred Malley

Ahi Tuna Feature Appetizer, Carino Bistro

A few weeks ago, I had the utterly fabulous feature appetizer at Carino. It was an ahi tuna carpaccio, complete with fresh arugula and thinly sliced parmigano reggiano. The softness of the tuna contrasted sharply with the cheese’s bright acid and the slight bitterness of the soft arugula leaves. Delicious! I love the ingenuity behind the Japanese/Italian fare at this establishment. Erika Tocco

Chilli Goma Ramen, Shikiji

The Chilli Goma Ramen from Shikiji is one of my favourite dishes in the city. Not crazy spicy, but so friggin good! Jesse Willis

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