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Buena Vista Park City and County of San Francisco

It was known as Hill Park in 1867 when San Francisco’s Committee on Outside Lands reserved the 36-acre, 589 ft. high slope as the first park in the city park system. They paid squatters $88,250 to relinquish their claims to the hilltop. After its dedication as Buena Vista Park in 1894, John McLaren supervised the forestation of its hills. During Mayor Adolph Sutro’s reign from 1894-98, San Francisco school children planted seedlings each Arbor Day. The summit became a view point for visitors and residents and, during the 1906 earthquake, people gathered there for five days to watch the fires downtown. San Francisco, The Ultimate Guide by Randolph Delehanty, Chronicle Books.

The City of San Francisco is in the midst of a major renovation of its extensive city park system and upgrading accessibility is a top priority. As demonstrated in the Southeast Slope Improvements project at Buena Vista Park, the coldmanufactured, non-toxic NaturalPAVE® XL Resin Pavement™ products allow San Francisco to fulfill its commitment to the use of green building materials with a sustainable pavement material that is also state of the art in pavement performance and natural aesthetics.