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The Eastern Sierra Interagency Visitor Center is operated by federal, state and local governmental agencies. It contains a bookstore and provides regional orientation and informational programs to visitors from around the globe traveling to the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains and northern Mojave Desert. Seated at the base of Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the contiguous United States, the Visitor Center also services the lowest place in the western hemisphere, Death Valley National Park. The award winning Visitor Center buildings are highlighted outdoors with environmentally friendly NaturalPAVEŽ XL Resin Pavement™ walkways which access spectacular views of the surrounding Sierra Nevada and Inyo Mountain Ranges and the Interpretive Plant Garden, featuring trees and plants indigenous to the area.

NaturalPAVE® XL Resin Pavement™ is a sustainable alternative to asphalt and concrete pavement materials. For more information on NaturalPAVE XL® Resin Pavement™, or one of our other products, please visit our website or call us

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Soil Stabilization Products Company, Inc. NaturalPAVE XL Resin Pavement™, similar to hot mix asphalt, is a surface course pavement material that is reliant on the workmanship of the pavement contractor during placement operations and on the strength and stability of the base course and underlying layers upon which it is constructed. SSPCo is a supplier of pavement materials only and not a contractor, engineer, installer, or construction inspector. ®

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