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„The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.� - Emile Zola (1840-1902)



Vitamin D deficiency dangerous to diabetics


Increased incidence of diabetes during wintertime


Do cell phones or x-rays affect insulin pumps?


Instead of drinking, only need to rinse lips CURRENT ISSUE

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Some news on diabetes type2 treatments Diet-the key to diabetes treatments USEFUL TO KNOW

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„The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.” - Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

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It would seem, that it is just few of us who keep it in mind, that Earth changes its position in universe with velocity of 30 kilometres per

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second, and some of other


move even faster. .

planets of solar system do

Edyta Adamska MA Prof.dr.habil. Maria Borawska Prof.dr.habil. Ewa Otto-Buczkowska PhD Marek Dolecki Joanna Filipowska PhD Małgorzata Frąś MA Hanna Bachórzewska-Gajewska PhD Wiesława Gołąbek MA Prof.dr.habil. Maria Górska PhD Michał Iwańczuk MA Prof.dr.habil. Ida Kinalska PhD Małgorzata Korolczuk-Zarachowicz PhD Bogumiła Ławniczak MA Jolanta Obidzińska MA Renata Saniewska Prof.dr.habil. Jacek Sieradzki PhD Anastazja Szachowicz Prof.dr.habil. Małgorzata Szelachowska Lucyna Szepiel Prof.dr.habil. Mirosława Urban PhD Wojciech Wojszko Anna Worowska Halina Wójcik PhD English translations: Michał Iwańczuk Urszula Tarasewicz Spanish translations: Marcin Szachowicz Editor of graphics: Lucyna Szepiel

We do not perceive it on a daily basis, although we ourselves teem with this cosmic energy, to say life. Every single body organ also works autonomously, just as solar system does. Nonetheless, this orderliness of cosmos may befall disrupted, down to stress for instance, pessimism, or simply as a result of ill temper. We admit our hopelessness, alienation, we hunger after happiness. It is these negative feelings that upset our bodily functions. It turns out, that diet may be a ground for these mind and physique conditions. Admittedly, eating habits is not a kind of cure-all, but certainly is lifeblood. Then again, there is a great number of people, particularly diabetics, who need diet all the more, as a vital element of their therapies. Judicious nourishment protects against many health problems. If food and drink is consumed in simple, natural way, it affirms a reliable foundation for our health, and meals partaken with family and friends, especially in good atmosphere, fulfil our ap-

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petite for happiness.

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Danuta Maria Roszkowska

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Vitamin D Deficiency dangerous to diabetes Insufficiency of vitamin D prompts cholesterol to deposit in blood vessels, what in turn leads to blocking of vessels’ lumen– “Circulation” paper reports. This is one of the dynamics, that bring risks of cardiovascular diseases about. . -Vitamin D inhibits capturing of cholesterol by macrophages. If there is a vitamin D deficit, macrophages absorb more cholesterol particles and are not able to dispose of them. Therefore macrophages become pathologically enlarged, which is the first symptom of arteriosclerosis – Carlos Bernal-Mizrachi an endocrinologist of Washington University in St. Louis explains. Immunological system directs macrophages to relieve inflammations. Bodies of diabetes patients perform likewise. Scientists have tested macrophages drawn from healthy individuals and diabetics. The cells were examined in terms of cholesterol under high and low vitamin D influences. In cases when diabetics were subjected to low vitamin D concentrations, then their macrophages were getting enlarged far more frequently. Vitamin D deficiencies particularly befall diabetes type II patients. Supplements of this organic compound are regarded to cease arteriosclerosis, or at least to render the progress slower. Vitamin D is synthesised in skin on the strength of sun rays. However, injuriousness of ultraviolet (UV) is the argument scientists use to recommend oral supplements of the vitamers D. Sourced from.

Increased incidence of diabetes during wintertime 31 thousand children from 105 diabetes centres in 53 countries worldwide were subjected to examinations, that proved strong correlation between seasons and health of diabetes type I patients. Children aged 15 years old develop diabetes exactly in winter. In 42 of the centres scientists observed seasonality of occurrence of the disease, and in winter they diagnosed peak numbers of individuals, which took place in 28 countries, in turn during summer time they acknowledged the disease to decline, which statistically had effect in 33 countries. Last winter the trend was more observable among boys, and more balanced in groups of older children (aged 5-14) irrespective of sex. The children, who live in lands more remote from the equator were identified to develop diabetes for the duration of winter. Great Britain, where 23,000 diabetes children have been confirmed, is the fourth in Europe in the respect of the disease. There was many an interpretation to explain the phenomena of the periodicity. Winter fluctuations of glucose and insulin may arise as a result of winter infections, eating habits, when children eat more, and winter indolence, when children do not exercise physically – Elena Moltchanova of National Health Institute in Helsinki puts in plain words. However, it remains not ascertained what the source of children’s diabetes is. Diabetes type I befall children in most cases and constrains to life-long insulin dependence. Sourced from:


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Do cell phones or x-rays affect insulin pumps? Regrettably, no one can rule it out, that mobile phones disturb exact functioning of insulin pump. It is worth it to be on the safe side and keep at least 10 cm distance away from one device to another, despite the fact that best part of pumps are cushioned against electromagnetic radiation. In opposition, x-ray waves, spectroscopy impulses, and computed tomography is emissions of very intense radiating, and it is well-advised to remove one’s pump. Likewise, military radar is such an equipment, that emits energy. Still, the diabetics, who are implanted with this insulin apparatus do not have to worry to board an air liner. Thereof safety systems, similarly as variations of pressure are of no consequence against insulin pumps. . Sourced

INSTEAD OF DRINKING, ONLY NEED TO RINSE LIPS Up till now, it has been thought, that energy drinks, by means of ingredients, improve physical and mental performance. And the latest research proves, that rinsing oral cavity and spitting beverage out is as much as necessary alone. The experts of Birmingham University and Manchester Metropolitan University screened a small group of people and observed, that at the very moment of mouth contact with some sports drink, the there sensory receptors detect sugar compounds. The sense cells send messages to brain and rewarding emotions is what returns and jazzes human body up. The scientists attended 8 long-distance cyclists and administered 6,4 % glucose cup of something. Their results was weighed against sportsmen, who were ordered exactly the same drink, but sweetened with artificial saccharin. It turned out, that the athletes, who received glucose managed the route on average 1 minute faster. At the second stage of the trial, some of the subjects rinsed their lips with 6,4% maltdextrin (which is a blend of oligo- and polysaccharides, produced by enzymatic hydrolysis from gelatinized starch, tastes gently sweet, and gets absorbed equally trouble-free as glucose). The others consistently drank synthetic sweeteners. Those on maltdextrin cycled the route generally 2 minutes faster over those on placebo. Every one of drinks was tested in terms of flavour. Hence, all of them tasted the same and no one knew what they was treated with. Brain scanning gave evidence, that glucose and maltdextrin drinks triggered chemical signals of pleasure and stimulated these mind areas, which are inactive down to sweeteners. Consequently, the tryout sportsmen felt relieved and answered with better outcomes. Dr Edward Chambers, the captain of the Birmingham team, he states, that energising drinks’ carbohydrates work just and only thanks to the signals from oral receptors going to brain, not due to fuelling muscles. In his opinion, the study supports the theory, that sport performance ratio depends on how brain decodes and interprets information issued from body system, not muscles, or heart or lungs on their own. The source: Cukrzyca a Zdrowie



SOME NEWS ON DIABET The natural cause behind diabetes mellitus type 2 is insulin resistance (inept responses of body system, due to unbalanced glucose concentrations in relation to released or injected insulin) and disturbed insulin secretions in pancreas beta cells. Although the oldest document regarding the symptoms of diabetes type 2, the Ebers papyrus dated 1550 B.C. and found in Thebes, was discovered in 1872, even today in 21st century we find diabetes treatments challenging to achieve it optimal. One of the key objectives is research and development of such drugs, which would advance performance of pancreas islets cells. At present, there are 6 groups of oral antidiabetes medicines available on the market: sulfonylurea generations ( glimepiride, gliclazide, glipizide), biguanide generations (metformin), alfa-D-glucosidase inhibitors (acarbose), glitazones (rosiglitazone) and glinids (metyglinid). For each one drug executes distinct mechanics, it is possible to combine them. Regrettably, the financial face reduces chances of many patients. The prices hold therapies back, and force use of insulin instead, what takes patients’ time to accept and leads to chronic acute complications. What feeds hope is a turning point in case of the incretin drugs.

What does system of incretins stand for? Incretin system was recognized by Nauck and associates in 1986. They observed, that applying glucose orally exacts more insulin release in beta cells, than by injecting, even the same dose. It turned out, that carbohydrate food intake in small bowel and colon prompts liberating of two incretin hormones: glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP 1) and glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide (GIP, Fig.1). It means, that alimentary tract is the right insulin environment, particularly small intestine. It is these proteins, that are hormones named incretins, which are secreted in bowel on the strength of oral glucose application, and which exercise insulin-like mechanism. It appears, that the glucagon-like peptide-1, freed in L cells jejuna mucosa is of the essence. All things considered, incretins are those bowel hormones, that act for insulin realising there in pancreas islets beta cells.

How does glucagon-like peptide-1 work? It has been observed, that after ingestion or oral glucose application GLP-1 eases glycaemia due to enhanced pancreas insulin realising, what depends on glucose concentration. The peptide inhibits issuing of glucagon, which is the hormone, that increases the pancreas alfa cells’ glucose. GLP-1 slows down the passage of food via stomach and controls appetite, what also reduces glucose concentration. All this serves to be in command of body mass, and relieve treatments of diabetes type 2. GIP-1 of healthy people is generated faster, caused by a meal it happens within 5-10 minutes, what triggers 3-5 fold upsurge of the hormone in contrast to before-meal condition.

What is dipeptidyl peptidase DDP-4? Is an enzyme of serine proteases, which carries out degradation of many circulating protein hormones, for instance GIP and GLP-1. The enzyme eects GLP-1 inactive. This enzyme resides in endothelium and plasma. It turned out that any inhibitors of DPP-4 lengthens GLP-1 duration. 6

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TES TYPE 2 TREATMENTS Is diabetes type 2 incretine system disturbed? Nauck and his team demonstrated, that people, who are diabetics type 2 undergo their incretine effect weakened. Therefore insulin increase at the moment of food and glucose intake is lower. It has been found, that diabetics type 2, when ordered exogenetic GLP1, achieve 3-5-fold lesser insulin growth, in comparison to healthy persons. Insufficiency of GLP-1 renders after-meal insulin reduced and glucagon boosted, all of which upsets metabolic leveling. This is the reason why there is the vital need to formulate the medicine, which would advance incretine effect. Now, we can differentiate two techniques. It is possible to realize it through intensifying GLP-1 concentration, that is through employing GLP-1 analogues or agonists of GLP-1 receptor, all resistant to DDP-4. Such drugs we term incretin agonists. The alternative is suppressing activity of DPP-4, so as to increase concentration and activity of GLP-1, and the inhibitors of DPP-4 are termed incretine intensifiers.

Incretine mimetics of GLP-1 and its analogues. Within this group of inhibitors, we find biotechnologically engineered GLP-1 and its analogues. They are injected subcutaneously and deliver antagonistic to diabetes well-defined effects. These drugs, exerting outcomes analogous to native GLP-1, they moderate blood glucose concentrations, preventing against hypoglycaemia. The medicine remains unaffected by DPP-4 enzyme. The two analogues, that have been officially approved is exenatide (“Byetta” by Eli Lilly), meant to be dosed up twice a day, and liraglutide (“Victoza” by Novo Nordisk), and is supposed to be treated one time daily. Both are introduced hypodermically. These pharmaceuticals can be freely associated with metformin, sulfonylurea end products, acarbose and rarely used in Poland glitazones. The agents decrease HbA1c commonly in 0,5-1,0%. Incretins, in last important word, make it easier to lose weight and stay in good shape. Any undesirable reactions ( nocebo ) is nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Incretin intensifiers – inhibitors of DPP-4 enzyme.

Papirus Ebersa z 1550r.

The latter group of the oral insulin agents is inhibitors of DDP-4. They serve slowing down GLP-1 endogenic decomposition, which is quite vital, especially when the biological half – life of GLP-1 is fairly short, which is from 1 to 2 minutes. Inhibition of DDP-4 gives rise to concentration of circulating incretin hormones up to 2-3 times as much, and results in insulin realising, in one blocking alfa cells’ glucagone. Capacity of DDP-4 inhibition is directly proportional to volume of GLP-1. For releasing of incretins is straightforwardly dependent on glycaemia, DPP-4 inhibitors are not thought to trigger hypoglycaemia on empty stomach. Moreover, the drugs are beta cells protective. Also, diabetes patients point another plus, that is oral mode of applying. The brand names of incretine intensifiers available on the Polish market are as follows: sitagliptin (Januvia by Merck & Co), vildagliptin (Galvus by Novartis) and saxagliptin (Onglyza by Bristol-Myers Squibb and Astra Zeneca). Sitagliptin and saxagliptin are to be administered once a day, while vildagliptin – two times daily. Treatments on DDP-4 inhibitors can be combined together with therapies on metformin, sulfonylurea derivatives or glitazones. The agents reduce HbA1c in 0,6-1,1% and achieve beneficial tolerance, for infrequency of side-effects. Cukrzyca a Zdrowie


CURRENT ISSUE Throughout treatments on these GLP-1 agonists nausea did not occurred. It is worth to stress over again, that employing DPP-4 inhibitors relieves hypoglycaemia to point of minimal levels, unsurprisingly since GLP-1 stimulates insulin secretion and depending on glucose concentrations combats glucagon. Equally essential is the fact, that the pharmaceutics do not engender body weight gain. Vildagliptin goes through hydrolysis and its inactive metabolites are voided with urine, when just 20% of them are excreted unaffected. Sitagliptin is discharged also unaltered but via reins, except renal failure boosts its concentrations in blood. In turn, saxagliptin is metabolised in liver and into active metabolites, both of which saxagliptin and its metabolites are voided via reins. Though, liver malfunction does not lead to pharmakinetic differences of these metabolites.

It should be emphasized, that no considerable interactions between DDP-4 inhibitors and other drugs was observed.

What is the practical use of the drugs that have weight on incretine system? Effectiveness of these drugs in terms of metabolic levelling was acknowledged when as early as in 2008 they were integrated as a part of diabetes type 2 policy, uniformly with European and international standards, altogether with guidelines of the Polish Diabetes Society. The sole roadblock may possibly be the price. We need just hope, that state reimbursement of the incretin system medicines will allow to be able to intervene timely with those referred drugs and aid the moment metformin or sulfonylurea derivatives therapies fall short. It is common knowledge, that appropriate screening of diabetes and protective line of treating pancreas beta cells extends phase to decide insulin therapy to be included. All this prevents against acute complications lasting and risks of death cases, what bears on diabetes type 2 individuals. Obvious as it is, prophylaxis is simply cheaper than all the burden of treatments. Prof. dr.habil. Małgorzata Szelachowska PhD Endocrinology, Diabetology and Internal Diseases Clinic University of Medicine in Białystok


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DIET - THE KEY TO DIABETES TREATMENTS DIET IS A VITAL DYNAMIC IRRESPECTIVE OF WHICH DIABETES TYPE YOU ARE. If there is no need to be receiving insulin, except sugar levels in blood are exceptionally elevated, then your doctor can suggest glycaemic control drugs or less rarely sugar reducing insulin injections. It is crucial, that sugar intensity is meant to be close to normal. More than enough may lead to several setbacks, such as critical cardiovascular diseases. One way or another, diet is essential for diabetes type 2 patients. How to reduce blood sugar concentrations? •

Keep up your body mass as it should be. Majority of diabetes type 2 individuals are diagnosed with overweight and obesity, what causes sugar concentrations to rise. If your body weight is not in shape, you better start slimming, preferably based on personalized medical consultations. Eat frequently at fixed regular hours. This way you will be able to command hunger and lose unwanted kilograms. Try to consume 5 meals a day every three hours. The first meal is supposed to take place the moment you get up off the bed, the last one – 4 hours before you go sleep. Decide on low-glycaemic index products. Thanks to it you prevent against fluctuations of blood sugar strengths. And which ones they are? Those least processed, certainly. Have your bread wholemeal, instead of white sorts. Rather than potatoes and white rice, try buckwheat or millet groats, either brown pasta or rice, bran or soya. Go for low-fat products. It is worth to give up full-cream dairies ( and choose low-fat cheese, yoghurt), to quit fat meat and cold cut, pork in particular (and opt for veal, turkey, rabbit, or venison). Consume fish at least 3 times a week. Such a selection is quite important for prophylaxis in terms of circulatory system health risks. To add, the dishes are meant to be prepared fittingly to diet guiding principles, e.g. fish is thought to be roasted in tinfoil. The variety we advise is: cod, walleye pollock, trout, pike, vendace. Limit yourself to 2-3 eggs a week. The produce delivers lots of cholesterol, intakes of which may result in arteriosclerosis.

• •

Take choices of vegetables, a few portions daily, if possible. The idea is to treat it as an extra salad to each one dish. One or two slices of cucumber or tomatoes are fairly not enough, more readily 500-600 g a day. At wintertime, deep-frozen goods is advised for high food value they provide. The quality of veggies is: green lettuce, Chinese celery cabbage, sauerkraut, cauliflower, radish, asparagus, onion, kohlrabi. Narrow down on fruit, since they supply us with plenitude of calories. The preferable amounts is 300 g twice a day. As far as it is possible restrain yourself from ripe bananas, grapes and dried fruit, for abundance of sugar and calories simply. Choose grapefruits and apples instead. Stop eating sweets by all means. Chocolate bars, biscuits, salty sticks, chocolates, layer cakes, figs, nuts and jams are out of question in all honesty. . Pay attention to what you drink, some of beverages contain sugar, what does inflate caloric values. In place of energy fizzy drinks or sweetened drinks you are encouraged to drink sugar-free cups of something. To satisfy your thirst you are better off drinking gentle herbal teas, also those on dried fruit, neat water or green tea. Certainly, alcohol is the last one drink to use, for it is full of empty calories.

Do you have to receive insulin? If your doctor confined you to take insulin, it probably means you were diagnosed with diabetes type 1. Sometimes it happens, that insulin injections are administered to diabetics type 2. The situation when you are freshly identified as a diabetes person is when the long stretch of lessons begins in front of you. It is time you need to be able to recognise your own body system and learn how to treat it. Through Cukrzyca a Zdrowie


CURRENT ISSUE and through you may seek advice from your personal GP or diabetologist. The clinic expert will prescribe customised insulin doses, drug types made to order, will give a picture of carbohydrates’ equivalents (food units that correspond to required amounts of 10 g adoptive carbohydrates). Dieteticians in turn are thought to introduce you with diet principles accordingly to your specific condition, body weight, life style you lead and physical activity you undertake.

What is the benchmarks we ought to stand by? •

• • •

If you are prescribed insulin you are advised to eat frequently, more often than not 6 times a day. Do not sidestep any single one. A gap in-between meals may end up in a risky drop of sugar blood concentration (hypoglycaemia). Sensible indeed is to watch your body shape. Typically, diabetes type 1 patients are underweight. Optimal caloric value, for best results, should be agreed with your dietetician. Planning your meals, it is better to be prudent enough and compose your food on carbohydrates’ equivalents. The graphic representations needed you can find in every diabetes clinic. Do not forget, that alcohol cuts sugars down in blood. Any excessive dosages of it is dangerous to your health. Be cautious what you drink. Any sugary beverage afford carbohydrates and elevates glucose levels in blood. Mind what drugs you take. Some of them (lozenge throat tablets, medicated syrups) contain sugar. Trade labels is what you ought to read and find all information about. Exhaustive physical exercising prompts blood sugar falling off. Take care then what sport and how forcefully you perform.


Extremely important it is to control your sugar levels in blood. Both, too high sugar intensity or too low concentration of it are the same dangerous. This is the reason to check it regularly with your personal glucometer. • Being on insulin injections, in order to avoid sugar fluctuations, you certainly ought to screen carbohydrate intakes. Sourced from:


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Can diabetes eat yogurts? D

ieteticians promote dairy products, for calcium is good for our bones. It seems to be pointless in view of the fact that the sugar there embedded “steals” calcium indeed. Fruit yogurts, homogenised cheese, coffee cream, some milk are enhanced and sweetened.


eople with diabetes should rather avoid volumes of milk, kefir or yogurt when consumed in the same breath, cause those goods enclose lactose (milk sugar), which elevates blood glucose levels pretty fast. Some persons experience really significant kicks the moment they drink milk produce, especially in the morning. Therefore, it is advised to have it later during the day and in smaller portions. Nevertheless, one must not give it up.


ndividuals, who are diagnosed with diabetes are encouraged to opt for skim milk yogurts of 0 – 0,5 fat content. This is a way to control saturated acids and cholesterol we consume.


hen again, we uphold the recommendation to read trade labels and inspect how much fat and sugar we select. Likewise, we accept the approach to go for smaller packages of 100-150 g. Source:

I szybciej wraca regularność wypróżnień ! Laxinat to jedyny preparat błonnikowy wzmocniony działaniem suszonych śliwek i moreli. Zawiera w swoim składzie nasienie i łupinę babki jajowatej oraz inulinę. • Pobudza jelita do pracy • Pozwala utrzymać regularność wypróżnień • Wspomaga naturalną mikroflorę jelit

Laxinat utrzymuje skuteczność nawet przy długotrwałym stosowaniu. W formie proszku

100 g = cena detaliczna 14,90 PLN Cukrzyca a Zdrowie



HEALTH BEFORE FORMALITIES (as it goes in USA social security sector) I happened to encounter him at the junction of Diversey and Austin in Chicago. He strode inbetween cars, played his guitar and sang songs. His cowboy hat and shoes, worn jeans and checkpatterned shirt suggested he is a country music man. None the less, his repertoire was broad, counting polish tunes. Except, his spoken language was some bizarre and the melodies alike unknown to me. The moment he was tired he tended to take his seat on a bus stop bench and drink cold Coca-Cola. - Where are you from? - he started a conversation one day - I’m from Poland - I replied taking a sit next to him. He seized his instrument and murdering Polish words and accent, he chanted a song on Kate who whored about. I met him a couple of times soon after. We greeted as if old friends, and whenever it was he sang the story of Kate. All until he disappeared someday. Time passed and hearsay of him declined, but still then, for moments, I felt inclined to scan the junction looking for the cowboy pal. A few months elapsed and we came across each other round a sidelong road. He was fumbling for something in his car. We reacted fondly to see one another, but I could not detect this peculiar spark in his eye any more. His gaze became lacklustre and his face ashen. My impression was he has aged. He said he had fallen ill. Till today I do not know what the disease was. Perhaps he told me, but my English was not good enough to understand him. The problem was not only his unfamiliar to me ailment, but also the fact he was not insured. It was then the occasion to get familiar with American health service. He believed, that in his position he was literally sentenced to an act of clemency or a law of decline from this public health service, which is financed by Chicago district agencies. Long queues to see doctors, appointments regarding interventions seeming then 12

Cukrzyca a Zdrowie

to be inaccessible, and poor standards of factual attendance is what he thought US health system stands. I could not be of the same mind with him. Luckily enough, I was able to discover the truth. At that time, I recalled what my used to be friend said, when we lived in New York. The man suffered heart artery occlusive disorder. I had no knowledge of it. In line with his words I understood, that he was in critical need of laparoscopy surgery, so as to conduct a restoration of aortal patency. He could not provide social security. In conclusion, he was only capable to turn to an institution, where they treat in timeconsuming mode and are just for the underprivileged. Except that he had had some previous experience of American health services. Also, he had an uncanny gift of being insolent – a knack totally vague to me. He in basic terms chose a respectable hospital in Manhattan and collapsed there. He conceivably was a quite good actor, as for the ploy went off well. He was examined scrupulously and lived through a first-class operation. . The guy was not any bothered to be charged with the hospital demands for payment. Along with his side, up to now he has collected bills worth $100 thousand and he has paid not a single cent. The due amounts he quoted sounded sky-high. I disbelieved him full out. Until ...

USEFUL TO KNOW My own cousin fell ill, when we lived already in Chicago. One day he gave me a phone call chauffeuring on the route to Pennsylvania. He is a lorry driver. He said, that he felt sick, stomach aching and fevering. It made my hair some curl. Driving 25-tone monster in such a state must be dangerous for the driver himself, as well as for people within surroundings. Still, America is America. If you want to exist you have to be hale and hearty even as you are sick and ill. He was driving two days long. He returned half bent and Chinese-yellow-like. Next day I took him to a specialist. The diagnosis – bile duct congested by a stone. My cousin was referred to hospital and ordered a modality. The medic company charged $150. The doctor was about to call an ambulance. With the aim of escaping a situation colloquially dubbed „discotheque”, which is a commotion of firebrigade, emergency medical aid ambulance and beacon light police cars I told them I would drive him myself. The hospital house was close at hand. Then and there, we were asked a few questions, given some notes to place signatures on, and my sickly-yellow cousin vanished with some ebony black nurse in the labyrinth of corridors. I collected him past two and a half days. My relative had undergone an operation of stone removing, one that was the biggest. However, the surgeons uncovered more stones and yet again my family member was referred to hospital, this time in Harrison street. Harrison. He put an appearance on target. Having spent 24h sitting flat on a chair in passageway he got word there was not a room for him and he was meant to apply in a month ahead. He did not hesitate so as not to be waiting. He travelled straight to Poland, where doctors identified, that his bile duct, stones and liver are all fine, save for the fact his reins is deformed, what was misapprehended by American medics. In Poland, there they successfully carried out an operation of his reins, thanks to which my cousin is able to traverse American motorways, being hopeful nothing of the kind will befall him before he returns homeland. Nonetheless, still before he came back anew to America being treated in Poland, he was receiving bill after bill from USA hospitals. 60 hours of staying hospitalised plus the operation was calculated into $25 thousand. Anaesthesiologist’s 30 minutes work was in turn estimated into $1500. Naturally, none of the invoices was paid down. In one, there was a train of official letters for debt extinction, that is ceding debts onto municipal funds. I do not know the end of the story. I departed. In spite of everything, being aware of realities right there, I am

pretty certain my cousin has not paid a fift y pence piece. ie wiem, jak się to zakończyło. Wyjechałem. Znając jednak tamtejsze realia, jestem pewien, że mój kuzyn nie zapłacił ani centa. Now, I am keen to introduce some of the myths on US health service: It is a false opinion, that a man in need, who is not able to provide social security proof, he or she will be refused to be medically attended. Quite the reverse. At the first instance such a person receives medic attention, after that he or she is asked to prove security number. In case, the patient stands no financial resources, no social security number either, then the costs of hospitalisation are covered by relevant municipal or district agencies. US social security takes various forms. It depends on given employer and agreed individual rate of insurance. More than 40 million citizens in USA are not at all insured, let alone being insured towards retirement. These figures do not comprise illegal residents, the number of whom is estimated to 12 million. Actually, the total of illegitimate residents must be bigger, for no one is capable of counting up the rest, who crossed the borders of Mexico or Canada. In these circumstances, USA as a nation, they face a serious, both social and financial problem. Hospitalisation expenses conspicuously weigh down local budgets. Some cities are gravely indebted, and hardly eke out a living. For example, Chicago – $ 5 billion of balance due. There are instances, when insurance companies procrastinate payments of compensations for lack of reserves. One of my acquaintances has been waiting over a year to get recompensated for an accident, caused to blame of Chicago public transport. The president Obama is going to change the state of affairs, executing social security system in such a liberal country as the USA is. So far, he has been doing it quite judiciously, since in the same breath he is realizing reforms concerning emigration. It is the only sensible way to lighten local budgets’ loads, instead of defraying illegitimate costs of émigrés, there is money flowing in out of taxes and insurance contributions. Is it likely to succeed? Without doubt it is a tall order. The doctors, who earn good salaries oppose the idea. They are to maintain the status quo and find their supporters among republicans. And the lobby is commanding indeed. Casey Kozłowski Cukrzyca a Zdrowie




Multi-purpose beneficial

ricinum oil

Ricinus oil (in Latin: Oleum Ricini, Oleum Palmae Christi – what stands for Christ’s palm ), j is a protein that is extracted from the castor bean, being the most toxic plant substance (Ricinus communis). The oil is pressed cold and boiled with water. The method is useful in getting rid of the poisonous albumin (ricin), as the intake of the essence may bring a fatal end. Nonetheless, ricin oil has proven to be a safe body. Its attributes; we find it to be transparent or bright yellow in colour, which thickens while exposed to air, but does not harden. The oil was recognised and used in India and Egypt 4 thousand years ago, for instance when they used it to lubricate massive stone building blocks to assist in moving them. The oldest reference we know, originates from the so called Ebers Papyrus (XVI century A.D.) We can learn, for example, that the oil was used in eye drops against inflammations. Principally, ricin oil compresses helped to cure most upsetting complaints, alimentary track diseases such as; stomach ulceration, duodenum, ulcerative colitis, gall bladder and also skin indispositions. 16

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Today ricin oil is relatively undervalued, whilst in long forgotten folk times it was vastly appreciated. However, ricin applications were somewhat scant. Commonly, people delivered it orally with the aim of purgation. Purge takes place in answer to ricinoleic acid, that is released on exposure to digestive enzymes out of glycerides and interacts with ingesta sodium ions. This is the way how ricinoleic acid sodium soap is produced, which is irksome towards small bowel, but in turn stimulates its peristalsis. Ricin oil is dosed in 1 – 2 spoonfuls. We can quote a cosmetic usage as well, and bear it in mind as a homemade conditioner for dry hair, a confection for brittle nails, or for eye-brows and eye-lashes, that tend to fall out. Dr D.C. Jervis in her book “Folk Medicine”, describes peoples’ practices with ricin oil. They were in the habit of applying it on any body spot possible, even on wounds, also on round breasts in lactation prompting massages, in healing resistant baby navel cases. It was believed, that rubbing feet with ricin oil, then wrapping them in cotton or wool socks could relieve pains there. Next day afterwards, limbs become softer and eased. This oil lubricate can be employed to treat warts, melanoderma, and several other moles. Albrecht Dürer, Autoportret, 1493

USEFUL TO KNOW Therapies on oleum ricini engendered more distrust than fears. E. Cayce discovered broader potential of ricin oil, and found it advantageous to nurse internal organs and injuries. He recommended it to be applied externally, rather than orally. Compresses fire up defence mechanisms, and if the blood circulation is apposite, there homeostasis might be achieved, that is a state of cell balance. He observed, that ricin compresses are either effective, when lymphatic system is disordered, which is when clearout of toxins is insufficient. After all those years, he still supports ricin oil qualities.

Internal syndromes are hard to distinguish. Pain radiates and escapes locations. Thus, the very source of pain might be elsewhere. The inner organs as if confused are not capable to synchronize, while ricin oil might be beneficial and rescue.

We apply compresses for conditions that follow: Internal: - peptic ulcer, - autonomous overpressure, appendicitis, - gastritis, cholecystitis, pyelonephritis, ulcerative colitis, - infectious hepatitis, - bowel obstruction, arthritis, headache, - anus rupture, unidentified stomach aches, peritoneum hematoma, hemorrhoids - De Quervain syndrome, Bornholm disease, bursa mucosa inflammation; -Feminine: - challenging menstruations, nipple inflammations, Chlamydia trachomatis, risks of miscarriage, fallopian inflammatory diseases, menses’ haemorrhages, bacterial vaginosis, ovary inflammations, uterine fibroids, ovary cysts - one may direct a hot ricin compress, in order to liquefy sand, which dwells in bile duct and gallbladder;

the immunology system. Lymphocytic T cells are produced in bone marrow and the thymus gland. These are tiny lymphocytes, which detect and combat alien bodies, such as viruses, fungi, and bacterium. Placing compresses at the upper-right side of stomach - liver and lymph vessel of small intestine – boosts the release of lymphocytes. It is thought, that incredibly hot compresses work as if they were electrical stimulus in the style of acupuncture. The bioenergetic theory, which gives details on ricin oil and its exceptional properties provides evidence, that ricin for its subtle energy emissions, strengthens the relationship between humans and that which is vital, in and around them.

-Dermatological: arbscesses, mycoses, sebaceous cysts, purpura, warts, boils, sores; -Injuries: neck, biceps, low-back pains - compresses can be applied even if a person is running a temperature. The potency of ricin oil is what encouraged scientists to conduct necessary clinical analysis. There was a study carried out, when the team of Dr. H. Grady (ARE Clinic’s Fetzer Energy Medicine Research) drew the final conclusion, that oleum ricini compresses reinforce Cukrzyca a Zdrowie


USEFUL TO KNOW It is probable, that those molecular fractions of ricin energy act similarly as crystal molecules do. Oleum ricini play a beneficial role not only within immunological system, but thanks to mixing with prostaglandins as good as globally. Ricin oil kindles the activity of prostaglandin, which means that it effects entire human organism. It regulates muscle tightness, blood pressure, metabolism, stomach acids, body temperature, controls inflammations and takes part in the communication of neurotransmitters.

OLEUM RICINI COMPRESSES’ PREPARATION: We are supposed to collect 4 flannel coatings of the required size. The fabric is infused with ricin oil and applied where required. The oil is to be heated up on a frying pan or in a pot used only for this specific purpose. The first time, we warm up the oil alone, the following days we heat it together with the textile. It is reasonable to re-use the cloth. The moment our compress is hot, we fix it to a body spot, wrapping it with a towel so as to avoid cooling, then, in order to protect bedding, we envelop a person in plastic foil. The best effects are achieved, when the oil is optimally boiled, that is when it is very thin. Extra outer covering may come in handy, for instance an electrical blanket or a warmed sack of salt. . The compress s is meant to deliver ricin oil through skin pores. It might be a few hours a day, until one recovers, or cyclically; 3 days long, then 4 days break, and again 3 days. A word of advice; one can improve the process of assimilation and gastric clearout by drinking olive oil. The compresses serve detoxication, which takes place via perspiration and results in increased surface lymph circulation. The counter indications are on-going menstruation, being on apple-detox diet and of course pregnancy. Scientists have proved as fact, that oleum ricini is a versatile natural medicament, low-priced and easily obtainable. Its trouble-free method of application gives it an incontestable market position. Compiled by: Antonina Niekrasz Foto: Deviantart


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Have a swim in a „health pond” – eat fish and sea food I

t is worthwhile to treat ourselves with fish . Nutritionists continually point out, that it is the most healthy source of protein. In contrast to meat, fish deliver far fewer calories. Fish and seafood are bountiful in valuable vitamins and minerals (sodium in particular, the essential element to produce thyroid hormones and regulate metabolism). They supply us with ample phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium, vitamins B, A and D, while thin-boned fish and pickles afford calcium. Their very fat appears to be wholesome. It is been a long practice now, that doctors prescribe fish adipose tissue capsules to aid the circulatory system.

for mainstream fish give similar amounts of protein, and less fat and cholesterol than meat. This should appeal to people who are obese or face cardiovascular diseases. Equally; it is misleading to believe that fatty fish, for example eel, salmon, herring or mackerel are not as good for you.



ish and seafood are popular around the world. In Poland, the favourite choices are: mackerel, herring, cod, hake, halibut, tuna and flounder, and from the river: carp, salmon, northern pike, zander, common roach, trench, trout and eel. Our market offers fresh, frozen, salin watered, and smoked fish. Equally accepted are items such as: tinned fish, sandwich pastes, breaded fillets, marinated fish or in cream. On the other hand, sea food, moules, crevettes, crabs, octopuses, lobsters or spiny lobsters are not so preferred, the Polish know them by hearsay rather than habit. We associate them with luxury and banquets. We humbly opt for herrings in tomato sauce or smoked mackerel. Providentially, there is no actual difference in eating crabs and crevettes or traditional aspic fish,


ish fat carries unusually helpful omega-3 acids. These natural complexes relieve accumulation of blood clots, hold back inflammations and lighten contractions of vessels. The compounds assist in the creation of eicosanoids – substances that counteract cancers. ence, many a scientist assumes, that fat of fish can guard us from malignant cells, specifically breast cancer. Omega-3 acids distinctively sustain blood lipid system, cutting down triglycerides and bad cholesterol concentrations. They work against arteriosclerosis growths, diminishing risks of heart infract and brain embolism. A small portion of omega-3 acids alleviates symptoms of: asthma, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, liver diseases and ulcerative colitis. It inhibits premature pregnancy deliveries, obesity and type II diabetes. Fish fat appears to have positive effects on the nervous system. Its composites reduce vulnerability to depression, and can lift one’s spirits. Cukrzyca a Zdrowie




iabetes causes danger of ischaemic heart disease, and any other heart failures, a fish meal once a month reduces the risks by 30%. Everyday meals reduce the risks by as much as 60%. A risk of fish can be salt, so it is suggested to avoid smoked and briny fish, like herring.


tanding in front of a fish stall, we need to pay attention to how the product smells and appears. Fresh fish smells subtly. The skin should be lustrous, even and taut, the flesh – tight, firm, and supple. It is reliable to examine gills – the hearty colour is supposed to be pink or red. The eyes should be gibbous, translucent and gleaming. If fish gives you a cloudy, sunken look, it is best to discard it. Supposing you plan to buy fillets, then take notice how they are stored. The best practice is when ice or a refrigerated counter is used. The margins can not be rusty, and the surface covered in mucus. Fish flesh contains a lot of water, which is the reason why it goes bad so fast. Killed, disembowelled, and rationed fish must not be stored in a fridge longer than a day. If you are not going to freeze the filet, place it in a plastic bag and cover with ice. Again, melting ice is a risk, so this is a method for storing fillets for a couple of days. Certainly, smoked and salted fish last longer, but pay attention to the smell which can affect other items of food. Canned fish is protected from the air and is preserved for months, whether it is kept at 3° or 15°C, but the moment it is opened it should be held in a ceramic pot and consumed within a few days. abetes causes danger of ischaemic heart disease, and any other heart failures, a fish meal once a month reduces the risks by 30%. Everyday meals reduce the risks by as much as 60%. A risk of fish can be salt, so it is suggested to avoid smoked and briny fish, like herring.


e can compose fish dishes with a variety of techniques: by boiling, frying, stewing or roasting. Most favourable results come thanks to specialised pots and bowls. More frequently than not, it is a perforated skillet in which we place bits of fish, and this we lay in a pot full of simmering vegetable consommé. As long as we feel like some fried fish, then we decide on small dosages of fats, and line the pan with olive oil. Because frying creates strong odours it is sensible to opt for roasting, on a grate or in tinfoil.


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ow do we defrost? Well, we need to pour 1,5 - 2 l of water over the fish, add 2-3 spoonful of salt, all of which will help to maintain the flesh juices and nutrients. It is understood, that preparation of fresh fillets is more straightforward. Sourced from:

PIEL¢GNACJA SKÓRY DLA DIABETYKÓW Dermokosmetyki stworzone z myÊlà o pacjentach chorych na cukrzyc´. Zalecane do codziennej piel´gnacji i profilaktyki zmian skórnych, pojawiajàcych si´ w nast´pstwie tego schorzenia.

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Liver diseases relating to diabetes Liver is a robust and “patient” organ, but more often than not is over-exploited with voluminous, stodgy foodstuff, through manifold food poisoning, due to alcohol overindulgence, drug intoxications, or viruses’ infections. These chronic inflammations jeopardizes with necrosis of cells, called hepatocytes. The damages of liver, characterized by replacement of liver tissue, and caused by waste fibrosis, scar tissue and regenerative nodules is termed cirrhosis. Diabetes is next one disease to make necrosis and cirrhosis happen.

DIABETES EFFECT ON LIVER Diabetes is a lasting, to say life-long disease. Years and years of being a diabetes patient leads to liver malfunctions, statistically it is a concern of every third person. The basis of complaints is disorders of carbohydrates’ and fats’ metabolisms, that reveals excessive glycogen and adipose tissue deposits in liver. Both syndromes may set in motion the same nonalcoholic fatty liver and cirrhosis. Those maladies, in turn, might affect gallbladder and bile dust. Equally, diabetes type I (insulin dependent) and type II (insulin resistant) can trigger illnesses mentioned. Precise laboratory tests and ultrasonagraphic analysis brought to light those shared relationships. The disorders of liver initiated by diabetes are as follows:

Liver is the biggest of glands, for its mass comes close to 1,5 kg. It is the pivotal organ, which processes food and keeps blood “hygienic”. The healthier it is the more effectively metabolism works, that is how it directs and assimilates food, as well as how it generates, accumulates and voids all vital body substances. This glandular part supplies other organs with energy material (glycogen), sorts out fat (as it delivers digestive bile), produces a great deal of blood proteins, and on top of that it cleanses toxins we develop from food, water, air. 22

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1.Carbohydrates’ metabolism disorder 2. Apodise tissue metabolism complaint 3. Diabetes gallstone 4. Adverse drug side-effects 5. Disease causing diabetes

CARBOHYDRATES’ METABOLISM DISORDER Liver plays an important role in processing of carbohydrates. Glucose – an essential body fuel – is absorbed in intestines to blood. When it reaches liver, it is subjected to “chemical condensation” and converted into emergency supply, named glycogen. This substance is stored in liver and other organs, as if in a granary. The moment, there is shortages of glucose, is when glucagon is rapidly broken down, and the glucose released is promptly taken in to blood. Regretfully, diabetes individuals undergo unfounded over-production and amassing of glycogen in liver and their condition makes matters worse.

HEALTHY EATING Why does liver produce and accumulate glycogen in surplus? It is thought, that the liver overload of glycogen arises from hefty glucose fluctuations, in particular it is cases of unmanageable diabetes type I. The experiments on animals prove, that an insulin injection, in an answer to its deficiency, sparks off a prolonged, intensive glycogen production in liver, what takes place until glycaemia restores to home position, still of higher than normal concentration. Does competent control put a stop to superfluous glycogen? Excess glycogen accumulates both in liver cells’ nuclei, called hepatocytes, and their cytoplasm. As soon as glycogen intensively flows in – the nuclei of liver cells slowly but surely turn degenerative. The phenomenon affects 70 % of diabetics, of type I and of type II likewise. Nonetheless, it might occur during hepatomegalia, tuberculosis, heart failures, hyperthyroidism, cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis, and acute infectious diseases (such as mononucleosis, measles, diphtheria, rubella). Liver cells’ nuclei degeneration under glycogen weight is found to be concomitant to fatty liver in the course of diabetes. Does competent control put a stop to superfluous glycogen? Excess glycogen accumulates both in liver cells’ nuclei, called hepatocytes, and their cytoplasm. As soon as glycogen intensively flows in – the nuclei of liver cells slowly but surely turn degenerative. The phenomenon affects 70 % of diabetics, of type I and of type II likewise. Nonetheless, it might occur during hepatomegalia, tuberculosis, heart failures, hyperthyroidism, cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis, and acute infectious diseases (such as mononucleosis, measles, diphtheria, rubella). Liver cells’ nuclei degeneration under glycogen weight is found to be concomitant to fatty liver in the course of diabetes. Is fatty liver reversible? Yes, it is. The ample glycogen accumulation adults experience, and ill-controlled therapies they submit themselves to or even totally neglect, is why adipose degeneration disease strikes 80% of cases. Still, it may be reversed throughout proper treatment and metabolically balanced diabetes. It is the line one needs to follow to prevent oneself against cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis.

Z LIPIDS’ METABOLISM DISORDERS IN RELATION TO DIABETES Liver is a strategic organ, where important chemical changes of lipids take place. The fats generated during digestion reach liver and are converted into fat nourishment, mainly cholesterol. Cholesterol is infamous for its contributions to arteriosclerosis, but still is essential material to produce hormones and to keep nervous cells in good condition. What is diabetes lipids’ chemical changes syndrome about? Diabetes, especially type II (next to excessive alcohol consumption and obesity) frequently give rise to liver lipids’ metabolism disorders. The upshot is disproportionate build up of lipids there in hepatocytes, and might finish liver cells in fatty liver. Overage fat deposits is a ground to other diseases like: non-alcoholic fatty liver, liver fibrosis or absolute catarrh, that is cirrhosis. The incidence of cases reaches 45%, when patients reach age of 60. Similarly, obesity, like physiological age, drives the risks up. Diabetics of type I can be pleased to hear, that the rates they meet is 4,5 -17,0%, but just on account of improper stabilizing of diabetes. Why excessive fat is harmful? If diabetes is treated as it should be, there is well-adjusted exchange of fat between liver and adipose tissue. The balance is determined by fat reserves in cells and insulin levels in blood. Any serious fluctuation of blood insulin may upset stability. For instance, long-lasting and weighty shortage of insulin, particularly in diabetes type I cases, leads to intensive releasing of fat down from adipose tissue. As a result, high concentrations of fat acids grow in blood, and these strengths are forcefully absorbed into liver hepatocytes. This is what triggers the process of steatosis, which is lipid infiltration. Do diabetes patients exemplify this physiological mechanism? No, they do not. In case of diabetes, steatosis develops down to disorders of fats’ metabolism, followed by overproduction of one lipid – precisely VLDL. Concurrently, obesity, diet lapses (e.g. surfeit of carbs and fats in eating pattern), physical inactivity all in all take the toll. Cukrzyca a Zdrowie


HEALTHY EATING Notwithstanding, every one of us is unique and comports many different ways. Still, ill-controlled treating of diabetes is conclusive, in particular superfluity of sugar (hypoglycaemia), that potentiates fat production in liver and progression of steatosis. What is the initial stadium of diabetes still reversible steatosis? Typically, lipid infiltration assails the entire organ. At the outset, it is separate single hepatocytes’ cells that are attacked. These cellular units get penetrated with fat nearly to the full, what shifts cell nucleus (karyon) and cytoplasm to peripheries. This conversion is reversible, no matter how aggravating it goes. Now and then, steatosis may affect just partially. The reason behind such a focal damage is probably topical ischemia.

NECROSIS Some of cells break down and collapse, and fat pours out on those hepatocytes, that remained safe, and cysts take shape. Such a topical lipid infiltration is not much detrimental, however may turn out a source of fibrosis. This phase is called portal cirrhosis on steatosis. The mechanism of steatosis, namely stimulus in the direction of connective tissue to expand in liver, has not been identified, yet the dynamic is regarded to be hepatitis. In the beginning of cirrhosis liver is sizeable, but it decreases in a while. Once regeneration takes place, then liver generates new fresh hepatocytes. Is it easy to recognize the initial stage of cirrhosis entailed by diabetes? Unfortunately, it is not. It is because of the fact, that clinical symptoms are discreet and faintly perceptible, many a time it unfolds symptomless. Standard laboratory equipment is not that sufficient, since aberrations are insignificant, as far as there are any. Hence, this kind of disease happens to be detected accidentally, in the main due to an occasional liver ache or a stomach discomfort. To make a condition certain, there are such techniques as palpable checkup, medical ultrasonography, x-ray computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. 24

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What is the approach to treat diabetics, who go through steatosis? Fundamental, for any person, is elimination or minimalising the dynamics that engender steatosis. Next in turn is to deal with the basic disease, which is stabilising of diabetes glycaemia. At this point of therapy we need to customize an adequate diet, and simply control high-energy food and fat. . What is the expertise on lipid metabolism disorders in liver? Exceptionally important is whether we follow carbohydrates-abundant diet or not, this is when we consume lots of pasta, potatoes, bread, sweet confections or sweet fruit, etc. Such a variety supplies plenty of substrates used in liver fat synthesis. High-fat diet brings similar effects, when we eat too much hefty meat, animal saturated fat, vegetable fat. In a situation like this, liver generates profuse amounts of fat, so profuse that the organ is not able to void it and lipid infiltration comes to pass. Cutting back on calories, and losing weight is a down-to-earth, still effective approach. Could you tell what is the curative diet ingredients? Naturally, it is B vitamins and optimal (balanced) doses of full-value animal proteins, that deliver amino acids choline and methionine. These are substances, that fight down destructive lipoproteins VLDL.

DIABETES GALLSTONE In our day, it is considered, that diabetes, type II in particular, contributes to gallstone. The thesis is based on epidemiologic studies. Diabetics occur to have gallstone 2-3 times more often. Then, what a conclusion we can draw? This susceptibility is known as diabetes disorder of gall bladder contractions and inability of gall bladder voiding via bile. These defects of contracting and voiding, and concurrent upsurge of bile volume there, was authenticated thanks to ultrasonography and x-ray procedures. We find, that it must be due to a failure of autonomic nervous system, that commands gall bladder contraction function. Additionally, it happens so down to flawed diabetes cholesterol coordination system, when bile turns overfilled with cholesterol.


ADVERSE AFTER-EFFECTS OF ANTY-DIABETES DRUGS Oral against-diabetes drugs, e.g. on sulfonylurea derivates, for instance Tolbutamide, may disappointingly prompt jaundice. It depends on dosages and individual reactions of patients. However, the incidence is fairly immaterial, and side-effects relent the moment one discontinues taking medicine.

DISEASES THAT ENGENDER DIABETES Liver impairment may induce incidental symptoms of diabetes. Cirrhosis prompts 80% of the symptoms. Thorough diabetes, when hyperglycaemia fires up over 126 mg% of glucose on empty stomach and glycosuria ( urine glucose voiding) arises in 10% of these conditions. It is well-known, that diabetes develops out of insulin resistance and confused glucagon and growth hormone impacts on physiological inherent regulation of blood glucose. What else can aggravate diabetes? Constitutional diseases, that stem from auto immunology and metabolic syndromes, and affect pancreas among other organs. For example, it might be haemochromatosis, in the course of which breaking down of iron concretions leads to cirrhosis and produces minor symptoms of diabetes. Sourced:

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My dearest... When I was a little girl I remember my grandma and grandpa to go through diabetes. I was quite puzzled what the disease was. Why the name was associated with sweets in a straight line? I asked such questions as “what is the reason why my grandma and grandpa had “candies” in their blood?”. I grew up being a witness how they met the syndrome. It was a heartrending view to see them inject. .. In the meanwhile, I took an interest in baking cakes. Naturally, I was always eager to treat them, save for they just nibbled, said their thank you and the word “delicious”. Still, I could not understand they did not seize my birthday cakes. Over time, they began making me aware, they did it delicately, as I was only a child. Nonetheless, I developed into a mature observer. I happened to leaf trough a pamphlet, a flyer, a booklet, and I could no how comprehend it. Notwithstanding, for love for them I stood fast to be with them, to be close. The ground-breaking moment was when I started losing my eye-sight. Doctors inferred diabetes. Luckily, the diagnosis fell short. I am not a diabetic, but prove risks. The hospital was some school, where the personnel explained me great a lot, but when I felt the theory is still not as much as necessary. I know I am in need of further experience. I realize, that there are more and more diabetics, TV and radio inform us it turns out to be the pandemic of XXI century. Totally shocked I am. Diabetes may befall anyone, to say it with utter regret. Then again, I do hope, that education would relieve the situation, that both media and associations involved will appear valuable service. Not being directly concerned, not other than supportive out of choice and compassion, I trust I may pay my own contribution as well. I am grateful indeed, that institutions and people share knowledge and make every effort to raise social recognition of diabetes worldwide. I can see it full well how love secured my grandparents and was their strength. I have always been and will be dedicated to my grandma (grandpa passed away). It was them whom I owe the aptitude of speaking in honest and straightforward way. It was them to teach me empathy and manners of dealing with emotions as they come. Ewa Łyczkowska


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Diabetes in my life


y mother was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 40. I was born in 1945, and never was tested in relation to diabetes. Obesity was my share, at the age of 20 my body weight was close to 86 kg, and what the top I scored was 136 kg. I gave birth to two children. My husband was afflicted for 17 years and passed away down to the 8th cerebral haemorrhage. I was in the constant frantic move, so as to attend home, to pay visits in hospital, to work, to the point of exhaustion. My feet were incredibly painful. For the time of 2 years I consulted an endocrinologist, a surgeon, an orthopedist, a neurologist altogether. The verdict was: “slim down” and “ forget gluttony”. I developed asthma, my heart was giving out, none of the doctors advised a check up. No one asked a single question, whether diabetes might run in family. A pension was allowed to me on “systemic health complaints”, and more 2 years had to pass, until it occurred to my GP, that it may be diabetes onset (“Praise be to God!”). It was then I was referred to analyze my blood sugar, and was given extra 2 tablets of Chloropropamid (the drug is out of the market today). The very next day I was in an excellent form, that vivacious as if I could fly, let alone walk. ” I took my way to a Diabetes Clinic, one at Kozłowa Street, they examined me there and rendered the case history of a medical patient. What they found was advanced diabetes. The diet they suggested was 1500 calories, to be consumed in 5 daily meals. Diabetes does not ache, however it is neatly devastating. At the moment, on top of that, diabetic cataract comes into being. What I suffer from also is aortic stenosis, aortic insufficiency and constant cardiac dysrhythmia. But the progression has been put to stop by my cardiologist dr. J. Paruk. It is him, who gave me “a better life” of 8 years now. So far, my blood pressure has been nigh-impossible to normalize, 240/140 at the highest point, that 3 different drugs in chorus failed to adjust it. One year it took to come to terms, and at last I can say my body settled in and I feel good. I lost my weight after I had read “Diet of Life” book of Maja Błaszczyn, what added up to 36 kg. It did not help, that doctors think of diabetes as “a sentence”. The set of choices was conformable to calories’ figures. The charts of substitutes did make things difficult. In general, learning the diagrams does not seem doable and disheartens. I know personally older people, males, females alike, who play truant every now and then.


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One can not give up and home-imprison oneself to be endlessly counting calories, exercising charts of substitutes, signing fruit and veggies away.

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READER‘S PAGES It is not my line to go up against diets, summing calories, I am simply a normal person. Being a diabetic I need to deliver insulin, and it is all the story. Others befell to face cancer or asthma and manage it! The hope of mine is to be concerned as a human and to be able to expect any support on the cards. I do care for to be working and have some benefit of my life. I have my right to refuse being a ballast. No one appreciates pity but understanding. Communities isolate the ill, nobody aims for problems. From my own experience I know what it means to have a job and silence down the issues or secretly afford an injection. Acquaintances of mine have diabetes and are of any age given, no touchiness of the kind. Except that I had to reach 64 to be courageous enough and be capable to disclose I am an insulin-dependent diabetic. . Alicja Nycz Autorka opublikowanego listu otrzymuje od Redakcji zestaw kosmetyków Firmy Laboratorium Kosmetyków Naturalnych FARMONA sp. z o.o.


Strona Czytelnika-Diabetyka Redakcja „Cukrzyca a Zdrowie” ul. Warszawska 23 15-062 Białystok

In the Morning of Life by Thomas Moore In the morning of life, when its cares are unknown, And its pleasures in all their new lustre begin, When we live in a bright-beaming world of our own, And the light that surrounds us is all from within; Oh ‚tis not, believe me, in that happy time We can love, as in hours of less transport we may; -Of our smiles, of our hopes, ‚tis the gay sunny prime, But affection is truest when these fade away.

When we see the first glory of youth pass us by, Like a leaf on the stream that will never return, When our cup, which had sparkled with pleasure so high, First tastes of the other, the dark-flowing urn; Then, then in the time when affection holds sway With a depth and a tenderness joy never knew; Love, nursed among pleasures, is faithless as they, But the love born of Sorrow, like Sorrow, is true.

In climes full of sunshine, though splendid the flowers, Their sighs have no freshness, their odour no worth; ‚Tis the cloud and the mist of our own Isle of showers That call the rich spirit of fragrancy forth. So it is not ‚mid splendour, prosperity, mirth, That the depth of Love’s generous spirit appears; To the sunshine of smiles it may first owe its birth, But the soul of its sweetness is drawn out by tears. 30


ingredients Salad 1/2 cup fine bulgur wheat Hot water to cover and soak bulgur 2 bunches (about 1/2 lb.) fresh parsley, thick stems removed 4 Tbsp. minced fresh mint 1/2 cup peeled, seeded, and diced cucumber 3 scallions, finely minced (about 1/2 cup) 3 small tomatoes (about 1 lb.), diced (about 2 1/2 cups) 1/2 medium red bell pepper, seeded and diced (about 1/2 cup) 1 cup canned chickpeas (garbanzos), drained and rinsed Vinaigrette 3 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice 3 Tbsp. olive oil 1/4 tsp. salt Freshly ground black pepper to taste User Rating: 3 Average: 3 (1 vote) Your rating: Poor Okay Good Great Awesome Your rating: None preparation

Chickpea Tabbouleh nutrition Per Serving: Calories 95 (Calories from Fat 40), Total Fat 4.5 g (Saturated Fat 0.6 g, Trans Fat 0 g), Cholesterol 0 mg, Sodium 110 mg, Potassium 275 mg, Total Carbohydrate 12 g (Dietary Fiber 3 g, Sugars 3 g), Protein 3 g, Phosphorus 55 mg Exchanges: Starch 0.5, Vegetable 1, Fat 1

10 servings Serving size: 1 cup Preparation time: 30 minutes 1. Rinse the bulgur wheat and add it to a small bowl. Pour hot water over the bulgur to cover, and let soak for about 20 minutes, until doubled in size. Drain excess liquid, if any, and place the bulgur in a large bowl. 2. Chop the parsley to a medium-fine consistency. It should have some texture left in it and should not look pureed. Add the parsley to the bulgur wheat, and add all the remaining salad ingredients. Cover and set aside. 3. For the vinaigrette, in a small bowl, whisk together the ingredients. Add to the salad; taste and adjust any seasonings. Add more lemon juice if desired. Turn the tabbouleh out onto a platter to serve. Great Grain: Fine-textured bulgur wheat is the authentic form of the grain for tabbouleh. Fine bulgur can be found at natural foods stores and specialty markets, and through mail order. Coarse bulgur may be substituted. The key to authentic tabbouleh is fresh parsley and mint; the bulgur plays a secondary role, hence the small quantity of it compared with the amount of herbs. Other herbs or greens may be substituted, such as basil or chopped arugula leaves. 32



Pumpkin Spice Muffins Nutrition Facts Carbohydrate exchanges 1.5 Amount per Serving Calories 95 Calories From Fat 5 Total Fat 0.5 g Saturated Fat 0.2 g Trans Fat 0 g Cholesterol 0 mg Sodium 160 mg Carbohydrate 20 g Dietary Fiber 3 g Sugars 6 g Protein 4 g

ingredients 1 cup whole wheat flour 3 tsp. baking powder 2 tsp. ground cinnamon 2 tsp. ground nutmeg 1/4 cup egg substitute 2 Tbsp. Splenda Sugar Blend for Baking 1 cup canned pumpkin 1/2 cup nonfat milk 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce 1/4 cup raisins or chopped nut User Rating: 5 Average: 5 (1 vote) Your rating: Poor Okay Good Great Awesome Your rating: None preparation Serves 8 Serving Size: 2 muffins

Preheat the oven to 400°F. Line 16 muffin-pan cups with paper liners or spray with nonstick cooking spray. In a large bowl, stir together the flour, baking powder, cinnamon, and nutmeg. In a medium bowl, beat the egg substitute with a whisk. Add the Splenda, pumpkin, milk, and applesauce; stir until well blended. Stir the raisins or chopped nuts into the flour mixture until just blended. Fill the muffin-pan cups 2/3 full. Bake 20 to 25 minutes, or until a wooden toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Remove the muffins from the pans. Serve warm or at room temperature. Cream Cheese Filling: 1 -8oz. Package of cream cheese, softened A few dashes of allspice Ÿ tsp. Vanilla extract 1 tbsp. Sugar 1. Stir cream cheese until smooth and creamy. 2. Add vanilla, sugar and allspice. 3. Mix well.


Always by Pablo Neruda I am not jealous of what came before me. Come with a man on your shoulders, come with a hundred men in your hair, come with a thousand men between your breasts and your feet, come like a river full of drowned men which flows down to the wild sea, to the eternal surf, to Time! Bring them all to where I am waiting for you; we shall always be alone, we shall always be you and I alone on earth to start our life!



Banana Kiwi Pudding Recipe Recipe Ingredients: 1 1/3 cup Cooked Rice 1 1/3 cup Milk 1 tsp Vanilla extract Sugar substuite equal to 2 Tb of the real thing 1 Ripe Banana, Mashed 1/4 cup Whipping cream, Whipped (or substuite should do) 2 Kiwi fruits, sliced for garnish Recipe Instructions: 2 Kiwi fruits, Sliced, for garnish Cook Rice and milk in 2-quart saucepan over medium heat until thick and creamy (about 15-20 minutes) stirring frequently. Remove from heat; Cool. Stir in Vanilla and sugar substitute. Just before serving, fold in banana and whipped cream. Garnish with kiwi slices Makes 4 servings Per serving: calories-195, protein-4.6g, fat-6g, carbohydrate-31g sodium-49mg and cholesterol-22mg (less if use substuite whipped cream) Exchanges 1/2 starch/bread, 1 fruit, 1/2 skim milk and 1 fat

Ingredients 2 teaspoons canola oil 1/2 onion, chopped 3 cups water 1 green bell pepper, chopped 1 cup shredded carrot 1 cup cubed potato 1 cup corn kernels 1/2 cup chopped celery 1/2 cup chopped rutabaga 1/2 cup uncooked barley 3/4 cup dry lentils 2 cups chopped arugula 1 teaspoon salt Directions Heat canola oil in a heavy pot or Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Cook and stir onion in hot oil until softened and translucent, about 5 minutes. Stir in water, green bell pepper, carrot, potato, corn, celery, rutabaga, and barley; bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover, and simmer for 20 minutes. Stir in lentils. Continue to simmer until lentils and vegetables are tender, about 30 minutes more. Remove from heat. Stir in arugula and season with salt to serve.

Lentil Barley Stew

Nutritional Information open nutritional information Amount Per Serving Calories: 164 | Total Fat: 2g | Cholesterol: 0mg

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Our Health Under Influence Of Weather Meteoropathy is commonly associated with “aching bones”, a bodily sensation, experienced when a change of weather takes place, or “drivers’ psychomotor retardation” due to a climate condition. Human physical and mental responsiveness to weather is currently being scrutinized in depth, for hardly anyone can deny the phenomena. Medical meteorology, it is the proper name of the science, developed not before than in the mid of the XX century, albeit ancient Babylonians and Romans by then 4 thousand years ago, they noted, that aura does affect people, animals, plants. “The father of medicine”, Hippocrates, he himself conducted meteorological observations, so as to record a given weather condition to prove its after-effects on a particular person.

We react in different individual ways The greater part of physical and chemical processes, that come to pass in life organisms are fairly balanced, still weather stimuli may trigger some of irregularities. Healthy living being is very adaptive, thanks to which can quite easily adjust abnormalities that happen. However, it is rare and we face various complaints. Simply, it depends on one’s sensitivity and form. Some people are that susceptible, that act barometer-like. They are able to forecast a couple of days ahead. It occurs on account of electromagnetic radiation of extremely low frequencies, what is emitted during storms, for example. It is really disturbing. Atmosphere waves and human body bio impulses can synchronise, and that is how the phenomenon is explained.


Cukrzyca a Zdrowie

FOR THOSE WHO ARE EAGER FOR THE WORLD The young, who are healthy, they do not get much easily upset. In turn, the elderly and those ill and sick this way or another meet their conditions aggravated. Meteorology is about to attempt to relieve these medical problems, but we all are unique, and there is not one straightforward answer. Of course, there are characteristics people share and statistically match up, but again there are cases that can not be qualified to a specific statistical group. All the more, each continent, any country or territory exemplifies distinct environments and weather conditions. Acclimatization process, that we need to go through when we travel, takes about two weeks, far longer if we happen to challenge extreme changes. Suppose, someone is about to take a journey to a health-resort, then accordingly to what above he or she practically has not a chance to be ready to adapt. Therefore, it is advised to plan such visits extended.

Flesh, bones and mind The studies show, that physiological qualities are subject to not only meteorological changes, but also to an actual year season. For instance, blood volume expands when it is heat around, and declines at cold temperatures. Haemoglobin is of lower levels in summer, of higher in winter, whereas white blood cells increase in number all through dire atmospheric pressure. Stomach acidity boosts up in summer, and alights in winter. Diastolic pressure turns elevated in summer, and abated in winter. For the duration of cold front translocation tissues grow to be impenetrable. Time of year have some bearing on elementary bodies and vitamins levels in blood serum. Fluxions of warm and humid air masses cause blood sugar intensities to drop, while cold masses stimulate liver and its metabolism. Similarly, strength of muscles depends on weather. Any of those dynamics may influence our well-being and health in general. Speaking of our latitudes a good number of immune reactions is headaches and migraines. Chiefly by reason of barometric pressure. The commonness of them heightens the more the further fluctuations of pressure go. It has been reviewed, that recurring headaches may be prompted by a passing atmospheric front, a forceful wind, an impetuous drop in temperature, or a vertical air movement. This medical problem rarely occurs during low southern air pressure. . These meteorological singularities may unsettle mental condition either. Psychical irritation, fatigue, asthenia, hyperactivity and sleeplessness are conditions we observe in the course of off-balance we-

ather and during advection of eastern tropical air masses. Then, concentration of mind falters and children grow less in school. At such a point in time, we witness road accidents redoubled, because of response retardation syndrome. Warm-humid phases produce similar variations. Sunshine, for instance, incites to sleep not as much as we do on rainy days.

Sweltering heat does not foster heart Those people, who undergo cardiovascular disorders, they are peculiarly receptive to aura. Coronary artery disease is what they have to cope with most frequently. It is when their coronary vessels abnormally tighten, and blood stream is too weak to fuel myocardium. Males, who are aged above 40 stand 5-10% of cases. At the outset, coronary arterial disease manifests itself primarily with shortness of breath, quickened heartbeat, weariness and regression of physical fitness. The situation, when moisture content and temperature change concurrently is acutely unfavourable. Equally adverse is tropical fronts of warmth. Heat and sultriness does not promote heart to remain healthy, for it depresses blood pressure, what at long last may lead to a collapse. Heart-circulatory complaints rest on time of year as well. Poor weather in summer is less harmful, than it is in winter and spring. Facts and figures show, that there are less myocardial infarction cases if weather is established. Also, studies reveal, that activity of sun and sunspots has its weight on heart and incidence of infarctions. The sick feel far better when it comes to cold low atmospheric tides. They experience more comfort when air masses settle down. The patients feel out and away at best while cold high-pressure waves move towards. Again, most dangerous of conditions is heat and sunlight. It is worth to accent, that aggravating circumstances pass sooner or later, but consequences may still last. Diastolic and contractile blood pressure stays in strict relation to climate conditions. Clinical accounts bring up to date, that warm air currents lower blood pressure, and cold currents heighten pressure of blood. The same, air pressure affect blood pressure. High atmospheric pressure boosts up blood pressure, low air pressure level blood pressure down. Cukrzyca a Zdrowie



When bones are aching Digestion system is also subject to weather conditions. Warmth and humidity exacerbates ulceration of stomach and intestines. Anything that results in motoric pain is termed rheumatism. These are medical problems, that affect joints and connective tissue. People, who suffer from it are highly receptive to weather changes and experience laborious “fidgeting or aching of bones”. Rain and intense air moisture, just as during storms, exacerbates progressing rigidity and soreness. The period of transition from warm and dry aura to cold and humid weather is when acute bronchitis and trachetis cases are reported. Similar ailments arise when air is misty and full of water vapour. Cold and humid weather exacerbates state of health of people, who suffer from asthma. Actually, swelter and drought equally worsens asthmatic problems.

How to challenge harmful outcomes? Life and natural world is a vastness of processes, therefore it is not so easy to ascertain forecasts unfalteringly. For all computer and satellite technology some share of forecasts do not prove accurate. Likewise, there is not a miraculous remedy to restore us to health. Each one body system performs in its own unique way and reacts differently in response to stress. Nonetheless, we have absolute right to make attempts and combat what adverse in weather. There are already meteoropathy care centres instituted in some of European countries. For instance, in Austria. Therapy is determined by medicinal massages, aerobics, special diets and baths. Another practice is exercising of mechanisms, that regulate our organisms. Within this course of action, there are also psychological methods employed. Pharmaceutical treatments though are asked for those, who are most seriously ill. Here, in Poland, there are not any outposts of the kind yet. However, the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management is involved in researches on weather influence we receive, in order to make findings public and educate society. Patients are often not aware what troubles them, and as per normal they turn to general practitioners. Then, they are administered chemical medicines, for only clinical tests provide exact answers. Some of patients opt for home healing. They infuse herbs, take supplements of minerals and adapt diets. It may be effective as such, but a prior consultation with GP is well-advised. We encourage to pay attention to what body experiences. Understanding the reasons why we are in this condition or another is the key to tackle situations. The very reflection, that given complaints are not symptoms of chronic disease, but here-and-now weather conditions might be comforting. Jacek Słomiński


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Woda która leczy ,

Zastosowanie zjonizowanej wody zasadowej i kwaśnej jako podstawy medycyny przyszłości. becnie lista chorób, w których zastosowanie wody zjonizowanej pomaga organizmowi usunąć je lub znacznie złagodzić objawy, składa się z ponad 35 nazw, wśród których znajdują się: przewlekłe gruczolak zapalenie wątroby, cukrzyca, prostaty, odmiedniczkowe zapalenie nerek, zapalenie pęcherza moczowego, zapalenia i zwyrodnienia stawów, alergiczne zapalenia skóry, wrzody żołądka, zapalenia żołądka i jelita grubego, wrzody troficzne, ropiejące rany, złamania związane z podeszłym wiekiem, odleżyny, oparzenia, paradontozę i inne. W trakcie wielu lat stosowania wody zjonizowanej dzisiaj już wiemy, dlaczego żywa woda pomaga przy tak wielu i to tak różnych chorobach. Woda kwaśna niszczy bakterie i wiele wirusów, grzyby, posiada właściwości przeciwzapalne, przeciwalergiczne i przeciwobrzękowe. Woda zasadowa ma właściwości immunostymulujące i antyoksydacyjne, przyśpiesza gojenie tkanek, pomaga przy łagodzeniu objawów cukrzycy, nadciśnienia, osteoporozy i innych chorób.

I najważniejsze: Mówiąc o wodnych roztworach aktywowanych, mówimy o preparatach wspomagających leczenie, których mechanizm działania ma zdecydowanie nową jakość – nie chemiczną, jak zwykłe środki lecznicze, ale elektrochemiczną, bardziej odpowiadającą reakcjom utleniająco-redukcyjnym, stale przebiegającym w żywym organizmie. Człowiek będąc swego rodzaju „żywym” wodnym roztworem, „żywym” zbiorem utleniaczy i reduktorów, stale współredagujących ze sobą, podlega tym samym prawom, co pozostała część Przyrody. Oznacza to, że potencjał redoks, określający szybkość i kierunek wszystkich reakcji elektrochemicznych określa szybkość i kierunek, a często i w ogóle możliwość, przebiegania tych reakcji. A czym w ogóle są reakcje utleniająco-redukcyjne w naszym organizmie? To proces oddychania, przetwarzania energii, zachowania homeostazy (stałego składu i właściwości środowiska wewnętrznego), to proces starzenia, obrona organizmu przed drobnoustrojami, tworzenie wolnych rodników, praca enzymów. Dlaczego ulegamy zakwaszeniu? Teoria zakwaszania organizmu lub egzogennej acydozy wyjaśnia przyczyny i powikłania wielu chorób i z tego powodu szeroko rozpowszechniła się ostatnio na Zachodzie. Zgodnie z tą teorią ponad 70% ludności w dzisiejszych czasach cierpi z powodu zaburzenia równowagi kwasowo-zasadowej, przy czym chodzi o przesunięcie pH w stronę kwasową. Winowajcą są tu w pierwszym rzędzie stres oraz produkty żywnościowe i metody ich przetwarzania. Prawie 80% produktów spożywczych, które zjadamy, zaliczanych jest do kwasotwórczych. I nie chodzi tu bynajmniej o to, jaki mają smak. Po prostu podczas ich rozkładu w organizmie tworzy się więcej kwasów niż zasad. Do produktów kwasotwórczych należy wołowina, wieprzowina, baranina, mięso kurze, kiełbasa, produkty z białej mąki, cukier,

Picie żywej wody (zjonizowanej, zrestrukturyzowanej, zasadowej): • • • • • •

Wspomaga leczenie cukrzycy Reguluje poziom cholesterolu Wpływa na poprawę ciśnienia tętniczego Wpływa na poprawę pracy systemu odpornościowego Wspomaga leczenie guzów złośliwych (raka) Pomaga organizmowi podczas radioterapii

kawa, czarna herbata, wszystkie napoje alkoholowe, soki pasteryzowane, ryba i owoce morza, twaróg, ser, orzechy i pestki, zboża, chleb, bułki i torty, lody, jajka, słodkie napoje gazowane, Coca Cola. Listę można by przedłużyć, ale i tak jest ona wystarczająco przekonująca i smutna. A co zalicza się do zasadotwórczych produktów żywnościowych? Owoce (za wyjątkiem konserwowanych), warzywa, zielone części roślin, naturalny jogurt, kasza jaglana, mineralna woda niegazowana, ziemniaki. Już na pierwszy rzut oka widać przewagę produktów kwaśnych. Nasuwa się wniosek, że podtrzymywanie równowagi kwasowo-zasadowej wyłącznie przy pomocy odżywiania jest w przypadku wielu osób niemożliwe – ze zbyt wielu rzeczy trzeba by zrezygnować. Większość ludzi praktycznie nie jest w stanie jeść w ciągu dnia 3 kg warzyw i owoców i wyłączyć z menu produkty kwasotwórcze takie jak mięso, ser, kiełbasa, cukier, kawa. A co z napojami, które pijemy? Jakie napoje dominują w naszej diecie? Kwaśne czy zasadowe? Rozwiązanie polegające na wprowadzeniu do diety oraz do przygotowywania posiłków zjonizowanej wody zasadowej jest najbardziej praktycznym sposobem zabezpieczenia się przed zakwaszeniem organizmu.

Stacjonarny jonizator z wymiennymi przegrodami półprzepuszczalnymi.

Firma DORSIM sp. z o.o. Tel/Fax: 22 403 6355 Strona edukacyjna: Strona handlowa:, Konsultacje: Inż. Chemik Marek Królikowski Tel. 885 560 375, 605 080 896, email:




ecessity of exertion is genetically encrypted into our existence. It is no matter, whether you are a professional sportsman, or a Someone-X, whose experience of sport is TV sessions and zapper click-clacking. One and all of us inherited genes of past generations, who laboured their lives a great deal. Of course, natural environment was arduous enough. Humans were in constant movement, even if only after food. Keeping oneself in good shape was the law of survival. It was Aristotle who said, that there is nothing more harmful than standstill. The words must prove true, as if we care to have a look around we are bound to see universal motion. Whether it is bacteria or gigantic cosmos, all the same. Motion is innate rhythm of our life.

Progress ? .. civilization


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n the present day, humankind loses heart for nature and touch with it. The habitat we live in is not an ecosystem anymore, it is man-made. Human race struggle urgency and stress, and what aggravates it further is that we are more and more lazy and starved of rest. Advanced and developing countries is where “sedentary lifestyle” is an alarming social problem, and regrettably Poland is not an exception. Some studies show, that merely 6-8% of adults are physically active. People do mental work and seem to be not eager for exercising. There is no need any longer to use one’s own biological energy to move from one place to another. Tons of iron is not moved with the power of muscles, but with petrol (emitting harmful combustion fumes into the atmosphere), and transports anywhere one wishes to go. Time and again he or she does not have to stand on ones feet to prepare a meal. A phone call, and shopping delivered. Such a lifestyle leads to “diseases of civilisation”, for instance ischaemic heart disease, hypertension, diabetes type II and obesity.



n the middle of the 20th century, especially in industrial countries, hipokinetic disease developed and among other reasons brings an untimely death. The disease is related to aggravation of nervous system, caused by insufficient activity or lack of regular exercise. Hypokinesis destructively affects the respiratory system, depressing body maximal oxygen uptake. It compromises tissues to bind oxygen and impairs ventilation of lungs. Deficient body activity comes down to deficiency of circulating blood red cells, what in consequence results in incapacity of the whole system. People of destitute physical fitness, get tired more rapidly, even when they just walk or step up stairs. Weariness ends in disquiet, if unceasing it might be the cause of neurosis.

Interest in sport


here is some dissonance between passive curiosity of sport and acting it. In a sense, nations are fed with the sport cult. Nearly everyday sports competitions are held: ski jumping, basketball, volleyball or any other disciplines, let alone such mass events as the Olympic Games (during the one in Sydney audiences were rated at 3,7 billion people, which stands for half of global population). In the same breath, man providently understands “the genuine spirit of sport”. As soon as in ancient times, one of Olympic games’ disciplines was “pankration”, which was boxing and wrestling jointly. Many a contender wasted physical condition. It was permissible to break fingers open, shatter arms and feet, or jab eyes out. It is practically impossible to say “sport is health” referring to the above. What motivated these rivals was not brute muscle force, but fame and wealth. In turn, sport fans viewed it as entertainment. It seems, that not much has changed up to now. Contemporarily, professional sport presents similar examples – such as illegal dope. Not only it escapes definition of “fair play”, but also is bound to take its price in health.


ust as it goes with extremities, too forceful an activity is also disadvantageous for our well-being. To promote our health we have to measure up intensity and pace regularity. In order to make it rewarding, exercising should be repeated 3 times a week and last about 30-40 minutes. How intense it is supposed be is answered by pulse. For people aged 20-29 it is 130-160 palpations per minute, while for those aged 40-49 the optimum is 110-140. The moment a person goes beyond the age of 40 is when he or she is advised to consult a doctor, even if all appears to be fine. At this stage of one’s life risks of circulatory system diseases are quite serious. Therefore, every training ought be started with a warm-up and completed with relaxing. Any sudden halt of a work out, e.g. biking, may finish with brain blood shortage (due to blood accumulation in lower limbs) and end in a languor. Be that as it may, we could do to remember to meet individual predispositions.

Exertion agreed with our needs and abilities Cukrzyca a Zdrowie



ystematic body exercising brings systolic and diastolic blood pressure down about 8-10 mm Hg. It happens so thanks to increased artery relaxation, as well as enhanced capillary density in muscles. Regular exercising effects also whole lipid system. First of all, it boosts concentrations of HDL highly dense lipoproteins (“good cholesterol”), and together it reduces quantity of very low density VLDL lipoproteins and low density LDL lipoproteins (“bad cholesterol”), all of which serves against arteriosclerosis. Endurance trainings improve blood flow of skeletal muscles and raise levels of myoglobin, the protein, that stores and transmits oxygen in muscles. Orderly exercising strengthens our muscles, sinews, and ligaments. Contrary to those, who do not do any fitness, active people engender greater than before density of bones, and stand better chances against osteoporosis in later future. Their muscles of back and spine are reinforced, which naturally helps out to keep up an apt stature, and prevents from potential burdensome pains. Balanced exercising make the immune system stron-


therwise, patients, who for instance face cardiovascular complaints may expect further complications or even hyperthermia and finally system overload. It is highly sensible not to overburden knees, hips and spine, and begin rehabilitation with swimming. For those, who are overweight, obese and those with circulation problems we advise long-distance marches (expenditure of calories is comparable if were to run it). Beginners and the mentioned above are encouraged to opt for longer time-span, than intensity.

Health-promoting aspects of activity


egular, personalised physical activity reduces risks of mortality in 30% and of cardiovascular diseases in 50%. Diabetics, who are very active can gain 33%. Ischemic heart disease, that can be a source of heart infarction, occurs more frequently, if we lead sedentary lifestyle. It is worthwhile to point out, that endurance training means normal cardiac output, but lower number of systoles, what happens due to increase of stroke volume. It lightens the organ and bridges must of oxygen. 46

Cukrzyca a Zdrowie

ger, which simply creates resistance to infections. How advantageous being active might be we can come around and quote respiratory system. More effective ventilation of lungs, advanced peak oxygen uptake and vital capacity are some of the benefits. Appropriate body exercising vitalises metabolism, the state of which holds steady for hours on. Also, metabolic tempo straight after a meal grows either, and recovers energy balance. Particularly, it is a concern of people, who are overweight or obese .


t this point, we can introduce how the perception of hunger behaves. A one-off short work out is enough to restrict craving. It arises out of increased temperature, and increased blood glucose concentration, lactate, and catecholamine. In the case of diabetes, exercising sensitizes tissues to insulin, the hormone, that contributes to synthesis of glycogen and triglycerides and so uses up energy. Further on, physical activity produces valuable effects on structure and functioning of the posterior lobe. This causes improved memory and mental concentration, in addition to psychic comfort on the strength of endorphins, so called “hormones of happiness”.

Personal responsibility of one’s health


ystematic physical activity and regular work outs helps to relieve bio burden of motoric system, as well as of internal organs. Amateur character of doing sport may appear to combine what pleasure and usefulness is in one. This is the reason, why it is more advantageous to park one’s car by the house and to have a walk or a biking trip. Our city has developed and can already provide cycle lanes – so why not to make some benefit out of it! Compiled by: Jan Gacko A graduate of Public Health in University of Medicine in Białystok

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OUR WORLD The vision of her future life, when she would be to retire after 40 years of duty, Grażyna knew since the year one. Admittedly, the first weeks she felt as if she was on an extended leave of absence, then again the new day rhythm and postponed responsibilities prevailed. There was a good many plans, one of which was to take care of her herself. While it is true, that she is healthy and well-groomed and does not look her age, there is no sin against “shedding” some weight, even if for her physical comfort alone. In contrast, the doctor consultation, which was supposed to guide my slimming treatment led to a completely different direction. But for the fact he was not content himself with blood sugar testing on its own, he could diagnose I am a diabetic. And he had a point there indeed, because the sugar concentration curve proved diabetes. It disturbed me greatly, so symptomless a progress, that overnight!! However, the perspective of treatments and required changes mobilised me. I relied on my doctor and followed his recommendations. Day after day I opted out food items I could not take liberty of eating. I do not buy cold cuts, sausages, gammons, pork, or bread any longer. What I eat is lean meat, for instance fillets or turkey legs, and fish, which I have twice a week. It goes with a portion of coarse buckwheat or barley. I prepare it blanched. Also, I cook vegetable soups, even out of convenience products. Consequently, monotony is quite unlikely, there is varieties of frozen goods. I do not find any problems with fruit and vegetables. What is my daily meals? For example the yesterday one: my breakfast was cottage and kefir mixed, seasoned with garlic and sprinkled with parsley. I had a piece of fresh pepper and tomato as a snack plus green tea. The lunch was an apple and a glass of orange juice, squeezed out of 4 orange fruit. Before the dinner I ate a few walnuts. The very dinner was some vegetable soup on convenience products, which I flavoured with soya sauce and a spoonful of cream. For the second course I roasted salmon in olive oil, together with pearl barley groats and green lettuce, the leaves of which I sprinkled with lemon juice. Finally, supper time and scrambled eggs with tomato – bee’s 48

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Breaking out of sweet zone

knees! I drink green tea only when I have a fancy for it, I do not experience hunger, for I eat every 3 hours, but in far smaller portions. There is another novelty in my life, I exercise nord walking, and do this everyday. The first steps was short minutes of mincing round the neighbourhood. Today, I dedicate 40 minutes to an hour to this healthy kind of activity. After such a march I feel revitalised. It took Grażyna three months of diet and physical work out to lose 6 kilograms, and narrow down her waist by 7 centimetres. Nonetheless, the most important achievement was recovery of blood sugar back to normal, just as healthy people stand. It appeared very useful to write down my blood tests’ outcomes, immediately after each meal, and enclosing types of food I consumed. Thanks to these systematic and meticulous notes I knew what eating habits I should obey. This is the way how I managed to rule out supposedly healthy products, such as muesli, that was giving me rises of sugar up to 142! There is another newness altogether – I learned how to read all those miniature signs down on brand labels. I have become a mindful consumer and understand what I buy. In addition, there is one more award awaiting me. My doctor encourages me, that if I stay the course of my blood sugar levels, he will allow me to discontinue taking drugs for overpressure. I am healthy, fit, happy, and I succeeded in “breaking out of sweet zone”. I am not going to have any returns, all the more my plans are to come realized. Irena Lus


Sneezing, stuffy nose, whom of us it puzzles? Still, we belittle symptoms. Rhinitis is a clinical syndrome evoked due to inflammatory process there in nose mucosa, and quite often in paranasal sinuses. It affects 10-25% of people world-wide, what is thought to be the most common allergy. This kind of immunological sensitivity is not only an unpleasant nuisance, stealing one’s quality of life, but also a dynamic leading to serious complications. One of them is sinusitis. Hence, so as to aim normal everyday being, we need to care to prevent it and treat it. Mucosa of nose and sinuses is as if one and the same, and fluently travels from nasal cavities on to surfaces of paranasal sinuses. Motion of cilium, that covers that mucosa area, transfers secretion of paranasal sinuses to nose cavities, what is beneficial, that it does not deposit there. Regrettably, this shared conjunction and mutual mucosa facilitates spreading of ailments. Accordingly, any of viral, bacterial, or bacterial complaints concurrently take place both in nose cavities and parana-

sal sinuses. At times, it is difficult to tell apart, whether infectious rhinitis comes about or it is allergic rhinitis. The best decision then is to go and consult a doctor. Still, there are some differences to tell between. Infectious hay-fever is caused by viruses or bacteria’s and relents the moment it is medically attended. In turn, allergic hay-fever is triggered by allergens, that is substances a patient is sensitive about, among which we find pollen, house dust mites, or animal nonparasitic antigens. Symptoms of this complaint come into view or escalate at the time of sensory contact, for instance with a bristle of a pet. Allergologists explain typical symptoms to be: frequent sneezing, watery secretion leaking out, sensation of nose congestion, bulbar conjunctiva warning signs, or smell disorder among others. Unhealed allergy may prompt asthma or diseases of sinuses. Accumulated in nose cavities rhinitis can block the way in to sinuses and produce inflammations. And again, if it is too late for prevention, then nursing is necessary. If possible, we need to avoid allergens, except that it is really hard keep away from all-pervading air pollen. What we can do in such a situation is to follow prescriptions and cure with tablets, liquid formulas, or inhalators. Medicines can be absorbed topically or via mucus membranes straight to blood. Being respectful to medical guidance we are able to recover well-being and secure future. Sourced from: Foto: Deviantart Cukrzyca a Zdrowie


Rewarding is a value of its own accord They say, that the beneficiaries promote their pockets,while the benefactors satisfy hearts. Dedicating purifies and brings joy. Giving someone an Angel with Energy we give twofold – protection, and wings of inspiration ...

A NGELS for A NGELS The editorial team of the medical magazine “Diabetes and Health” ascertained a continued tribute to individuals and institutions, who uniquely support diabetes patients. The tribute is Angels ...

Aleksander Grzybek – the artist, who crafts Angels of Energy is interviewed by Alicja Lazar The Angels of yours are ruthful and cheerless. Some examples have wings abated. Their faces unfeelingly wrinkled.... in any case, angels are supposed to be cute and cuddly, little cherubims, cupids ... Where then does your melancholy stem from? Every human being – whether he or she likes it or not – has one’s own Angel. A believer or an atheist, a Christian or a Muslim. A villain and a decent person. Someone, who is happy and who happens to be unhappy. One and all. And my figurines echo life. Then, what is it to gladden them? They feel what people feel. Still, my Angels are born out of exceptional energy from unusual wood. They are made out of old door and gate pieces, of old folk quarters. They are magical, because encrypted with fate of generations. 50

Cukrzyca a Zdrowie

Is it a kind of a fable? Enchantment of wood? Encryptions of human fortunes? No, it is not a sort of a fairy-tale. Wood is magical. Being ablaze it emits extraordinary warm and light. Sun-like. It is man’s companion from birth to death. The Christ was born in a wooden stable of Bethlehem, rested in a wooden cradle, crucified on a wooden cross. Planks I use to make Angels would have died out but for the sculptures. I give them a second life and do hope, that someone someday will invent a tool or an instrument to be able to decipher what is enfolded. It is just like the situation, when we look at a vinyl, a digital cd, or a tape and there is nothing there on. The point is to decode it. Every single aged entity encloses some magic, evidence, energy. If any olden brick or flat timber could speak, they would tell us many a story. Archaeologists time after time interpret excavations. For instance, they already translated Egyptian hieroglyphics, but still have not worked out symbols of knots. I think, that one day somebody will read people destinations through my Angels.

ANGELS Maybe, there is no need to await a new technology so as to reconstruct history of households and their inmates, when it might be enough to rely on accounts of those still alive, parish registers and museum archives ...

And devils? Folk beliefs of our tradition and sacral art has always told of devils ... not scary for all the time, most often it was mischievous sprites domesticated by people ...

Certainly. I am trying myself to establish a local documentation of these wooden boards, homes and family circles. For example, I retain Angels shaped out of non-existent today house, that used to be located at Hetmańska Street and was shot through with German bullets. The house not expressly old, as for was build in 1925, except it faced quite tempestuous past. I preserve girders of 17th century bell tower from Tykocin. The bell structure collapsed, yet generous deposits of energy are still there. If the material I have is.sizeable I create space installations ... statures of people.

No, not at all ... devils do not amuse me, they deliver no fun, and I have never had anything in common with them. One day, I was invited for a performance of “Stopka” on location, it was on devils. I took a trip there, save with my Angels ... there is no value fiddling with evil. Evil does not enter man, it departs him...

I frequently travel to countryside, where over a half of houses burned at some time and the deserted habitats emanate with grief.. which is fate of humans alike.

I guess it was when I was ten. At that time we had more hours and classes on manual skills. I sculptured in chalk and lime wood. I appeared lucky to meet my art teacher, miss Ela Sochoń. She led art sessions. I made sculptures of Indians – it was a period in my life, when I dived into books of Alfred Szklarski – prairies, Winnetou. I could find perfection of morals and humanity on these pages. I carved the Native Americans and heads of Saints á la Wawel style. Miss Ela painted and endowed others, so she could earn materials for our sessions.

Such planks accommodate energy of sadness, pain and suffering. I do not give them a second life. Either, I do not paint on wood vestiges past loo, fences, pigsties. Just houses, barns, granaries, where the purest of humankind energy rests. Nevertheless, it is still matter, do you truly believe in this magic of creation, in the presence of incorporeal living beings? I have no doubts... there are spiritual personalities, ones of greater perception, to see, sense and hear far more, who grow gracious and feel soul. The Father Pio could see his Angel, and quarrelled with him... at times at work, I can smell specific scent, as if incenses, it is Angel aura. You are an artist, was Angels the only inspiration? And wood? Wood ... Until 16th century painting was performed just on wood, there was not any other portraits in Middle Ages. All was carried out on wood. What relates me to wood I can call it intercommunion. I used to write icons... But icon writing is hedged in strict rules ... Yes, indeed. I know them and follow, although I never attended a school of such a specialisation. In any case, I approach Angels alike. I do not turn to church for confession, but seek my peace, light and transparency of mind.

It is better not to tempt evil – it is another demotic wisdom ... And when did you carve the first Angel of yours?

Was it her to discover your talent? No, it was not her. I have always been critical to my talent. The choice of art college was rather accidental – I enrolled, because my friend did. I got to the group of utility designs and weaved for 2 years. Regrettably, children these days are provided with less opportunities to develop painting, drawing, or any other practical viability. A person, who is gifted with art imagination is more than likely to be good both at exact sciences and humanistic disciplines. And now, where is the home of your Angels? Whom do they inspire? Whom do they protect? Where about do they wander? The farthest they travelled to is Uruguayan and China. They settled together with the archbishops Szymecki and Głódź. I do hope, that they inspire Krzysztof Penderecki, Agnieszka Kozak and Szymon Hołownia. My Angels tone with people of extraordinary sensitivity, people who are able to experience this dreamlike energy. Thank you ever so much for the conversation. Cukrzyca a Zdrowie



Sequent Thursday Dinner at Diabete’s

Dariusz Szada-Borzyszkowski and Jan Jakub Należyty


hile so cold and dark there in the open air, we could melt on the strength of splendid dishes – the menu of which was performed by Jarosław Zygmunt Dworzański, the Marshal of Podlasie Voivodeship. The contentment smile of connoisseurs was a sign, that broccoli custard and chicken on nuts and dried fruits in brown rice was well-merited to be applauded.

he chilly and windy evening was not troubling enough to make it impossible to get together and enjoy another Thursday Dinner at Diabetes. Magic flickers of tenderness and friendship suffused the restaurant Elida. We initiated the meeting with the dessert of arts, which was a recital of the great poet, dramatist and bard Jan Jakub Należyty. His performance of a Jacques Brel song opened heartsrts and overwhelmed guests.



Jarosław Zygmunt Dworzański, Province of Podlasie Marshal

ld timers showed their interest in the lecture of M.Sc.D. Beata Telejko – “Comprehend diabetes and seize control”. Our Doctor explained what a disease diabetes is and how to settle with it. She managed it in such approachable and optimistic a manner, that it gave impression, that it must be a fairly simple task. .


M.D. Beata Telejko Cukrzyca a Zdrowie



qually relevant as important was the presentation of “Jard” private company and their merchandise: “GlucosCare” drinking tea. The brew regulates blood sugar levels. It reduces craving for sweets. The product supports metabolism and aids fat breakdown in organism. It enhances carbohydrate system. We carried out an experiment. 10 guests was invited to consume the herbal drink. Their blood sugar was tested in advance and afterwards. A few persons proved a glucometer effect.


he Thursday Dinners at Diabetes, the atmosphere, the elegance and insight of our conventions gratify even most finick y gusto. To cater the variety of preferences we broaden horizons. The “Royal banquets” has become so in style, that it is a privilege to frequent it. Agnieszka Kierznowska

Guest’s, Guest’s .. .

Cukrzyca a Zdrowie


OUR GET-TOGETHERS World Diabetes Day, promoted by International Diabetes Federation and World Health Organisation is a large-scale movement dedicated to diabetes, ascertained to the date 14th of November, to commemorate the day of birth in 1891, which is when Frederick Banting was born, who together with Charles Best discovered insulin in 1522.

COMPREHEND DIABETES AND SEIZE CONTROL It has become a tradition, that the second decade of November is the time, when celebrations of this month take place, save for topical campaigns run all year long. Invariably, persistent prevention is required. In line with opinions of specialists, whole populations ought to be subjected to screening, enabling earlier intervention and management. World Diabetes Day was established in 1991 in answer to mounting incidence of the disease, at this point identified as pandemic. Diabetes is the most serious of health problems, not only there in countries advanced. There are poorer, backward in civilisation nations, where owing to fast-food “culture” numbers of diabetes patients grow and grow. Then, World Diabetes Day is observed in more than 60 fatherlands, and is shared by about 200 organisations, associations and individual practitioners, all of which are joined together with International Diabetes Federation. Every year, there is one commanding issue selected, what leads to global integrity. So far, the questions that have been deliberated was subject matters of diabetes and human rights, lifestyle importance, cost of living and consequential-to-diabetes complications. Diabetes of children and youth befell to be a guiding issue either. Any of these themes is addressed to entire societies, and challenges to understand the gravity of diabetes, and significance of education and prophylaxis.

Krzysztof Kosiński - the Head of Government Proxy Bureau in the Disabled Persons Department


Cukrzyca a Zdrowie

Anna Czech - the Counsellor of the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

“Comprehend diabetes and control it” was the leitmotiv of this year’s Diabetes Day. Almost mirror-like, only paraphrased into “Comprehend diabetes and seize control” theme was introduced on 5th of December 2009 during a conference in the Opera and Philharmonic in Białystok. “Many years of experience, personal familiarity of diabetes, contact with diabetes on social and professional ground tells me, that it is not enough to recognise the disease, to control it, or as some say to befriend it” – Danuta Roszkowska states, the head of Polish Association of Diabetes in Białystok. “Actually, is it possible to get to like such a stealth enemy? Also, I do not find it very likely to accept being subordinated to disease just like this. Our strategy is popularising of assertiveness and active attitude in every single aspect of life, including diabetes, when it is a must to have power over it”. Such an all-round activeness opens people into perspective of better existence, gives vocational views, gives trust in fruition of dreams, of some future joy or success. Still, awareness of potential disappointment and drawbacks is equally important. However each and every one aspect comes to fullness of life – within family, amongst friends, workmates, neighbours. Education and prophylaxis are evenly essential as making known these diabetes individuals, who win and realize them-


Prof. dr hab. Maria Górska PhD - the Voivodship Consultant on Diabetology

Maciej Żywno - the Governor of the Podlasie Province

selves. Some of them are Olympians, sportsmen, who reach podiums nationwide and internationally, theatre or bandstand artists, all of whom prove, that they are before the disease. Polish Association of Diabetes in Białystok has been in operation for 20 years now. The statutory undertakings is publishing non-profit business, training sessions, prophylaxis campaigns, for social mindfulness and living daylights are of great consequence. Any participation in World Diabetes Day societal events brings us all closer. There are such facts of life as rehabilitation of people, who are severely disabled due to diabetes. We can learn from diabetologists of recognised authority, for example this, that patients need knowledge of diabetes just as doctors do. Prof. dr hab. Maria Górska alerted, that 95% of advanced diabetes cases happen to be detected on accidental glycaemia, and unidentified instances in turn are middle-aged and elderly. Whereas, prof. dr hab. Irina Ko- Prof. dr hab. M. Szelachowska PhD walska explained to us what decision algorithms in diabetes treatments is. She put an accent on non-pharmacological methods, that is diets, physical exercising and regular consultations with doctors. As for the fact, that diabetes embodies many diseases. How vital levelling of diabetes is straight since diagnosis, and preventing against potential complications was lectured by prof. dr hab. Małgorzata Szelachowska, under the title “Controversies over diabetes treatments in the face of the latest researches”. It proves, that although the disease is as old as hills, people suffered from it as far back as in ancient Egypt, diabetes experts still are uncertain what drugs to prescribe and what times to recommend to apply it. We had organised an assistance of nurses and anyone who cared could test one’s blood sugar strength. The examinations of samples was carried out by young students of Medicine Univer- Adam Wiński - the Head of Podlaski sity in Białystok. Another place of interest was competition of Department of PFRON , Marta Anknowledge on diabetes and prizes were granted. Further on, some druszkiewicz - Podlaski Department PFRON food gustation was staged, performed by a French cuisine master, who served onion soup on rosemary croutons, dainty in taste and texture, conforming to diabetes demands, and what’s more, easy to cook. Obviously, the “dessert of arts” is the integral appetiser of Thursday Dinner at Diabetes. Jacek Kawalec fulfilled this duty. The artistry he presented kept the audience amused. . Out of responsibility to cover entire happening, we would like to cite a few names of valuable guests. Jarosław Dworzański, the Marshal of Podlasie Voivodeship, he brought some esteem in, both by his very presence and oration. The Voivode Maciej Żywno expressed his gratitude towards our Association for our activity, determination and efficacy, and partnership all the more. He emphasized the merit our organisation deliver to the diabetics alone and to the city altogether. He congratulated also for the occasion of the Conference. It was worthwhile to travel to Białystok – members of PSD Prof. dr hab. I.Kowalska. PhD Mazovian branch in Warsaw affirmed. The visitors from Hajnówthe President of the Polish ka could only confirm it. Irena Lus

Diabetology Association Cukrzyca a Zdrowie


the audience were taking notes and attentively listening along

a demonstration of a glucometer


invitingly smiling students of the Medicine Academy were serving painless blood sugar and fat tissue tests Cukrzyca a Zdrowie

men like owers as women do

People suffering from diabetes should follow certain rules during eating: They should not crave for sweet foods but instead follow a suitable well planned diet in order to maintain normal blood sugar. Level. Diabetic person should never eat and drink together. As we see normally people are in habit of drinking water after having meal. But this is not the right choice. For diabetics, water or any other liquid is recommended only after half an hour after a meal. But if a person wishes, he can drink water or any liquid half an hour before eating but not during eating. However, there are certain liquids like milk, Buttermilk, Vegetables soups, which can be taken with meals. Food should not be eaten hurriedly by diabetic person. Food should be eaten very slowly and chewed properly. Proper mastication process should be followed. Due to proper masticatory and grinding of food, it is properly digested and thus normal good health of patient is maintained. Diabetic patient should not keep fast as missing of meal is not favourable for them. Missing meals can lead to various problems which may be highly dangerous. Diabetics should never eat to a full stomach. They should always leave the table, with a feeling that they could have eaten more. Otherwise eating in them would easily serves as a contributory factor in raising blood sugar level. Patient should keep quite at the time of eating. Talking should be strictly avoided while eating. Patient should not eat forcefully, in case the appetite is lacking. Person with diabetes should start eating with a relaxed state of mind. When he/she sits for a meal, there should not be any worriedness, tiredness, anxiety, apprehension, or he should not be in a bad mood. It is because these type of feelings temporarily paralysis the synthesis of digestive juices particularly hydrochloric acid, thereby hindering the proper digestion of foods. Diabetic patient should not smoke or drink alcohol while eating. In a people with diabetes, the raw vegetables and raw fruits should not be taken together. After a principal meal, they should not do any heavy work. Diabetics should take 5-6 small, frequent meals rather than 3 big meals. They should take 15-20 glasses of water daily to avoid constipation. They should compensate for less salt in food by including spices like dalchinie, zeera, pudina, dhania, garlic, vinegar, ginger etc. Diabetic persons should discard the topmost layer of chicken pieces as it contain fat. If a diabetic feel giddy, it indicates that the blood glucose level has fallen, a condition known as hypoglycemia. So, in this condition they must immediately eat energy giving food like apple or drunk fruit juices. They should have normal eating at correct times and at regular time intervals. During eating, if sodium is to be restricted then they should avoid spinach, peas, carrot. Eating should be according to well balanced diet, it should not be more than 15 gm/day and Proteins should not be more than 64 gm/day.

Ty decydujesz! Nie cukrzyca

Najwy˝sza dost´pna bez recepty dawka kwasu alfa-liponowego (ALA – 300 mg) z dodatkiem magnezu, chromu, cynku i selenu pomaga: utrzymaç prawidłowy poziom cukru we krwi ograniczyç ryzyko powikłaƒ cukrzycowych ze strony układu nerwowego (np. dr´twienia koƒczyn i zaburzeƒ czucia) Dzienna porcja (1 kapsułka) zawiera: Kwas alfa-liponowy (ALA) Magnez Cynk Chrom (III) Selen

TYLKO 1 kapsułka dziennie!

300 mg 150 mg 5 mg 40 μg 30 μg

Wyciàg z kory cynamonowca (270 mg) z dodatkiem chromu, cynku i witamin z grupy B wpływa stabilizujàco na poziom cukru we krwi. Dzienna porcja (2 kapsułki) zawiera: Wyciàg z kory cynamonowca Tiamina (wit. B1) Ryboflawina (wit. B2) Witamina B6 Witamina B12 Kwas foliowy Cynk Chrom

270 mg (co odpowiada 2,4 g surowca) 1,4 mg 1,6 mg 2,0 mg 2,0 μg 300 μg 3,0 mg 40 μg

STOSOWANIE 2 kapsułki dziennie!

Preparaty dost´pne w aptece bez recepty.

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