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Sitting on stands, that’s where. But judging by the response to Cuizine Issue 1, love for our city’s restaurants is alive and well! As for us, we’re just delighted to cater to your interests, and we’re always looking for new, entertaining ways to hand deliver you to these great eateries. So, with this goal in mind, we’re teaming up with the Big Red Bus and launching tours to participating restaurants. Sounds fun, right? We think it’d be great to roll up and say “Foodie, meet foodist.” Or is it “fooder”? Well, you know what we mean. When we stop to think about Big Red bussing to places like Fresh Food Café for some True Beans coffee and snacks or to Berth 55 for some Swordfish Sandwiches, we

get all giddy with antici…* We call it “Restaurant-Teurs.” Get it? Tickets will be available at with menus for each tour. The first one kicks off on September 18, so get your ticket, climb aboard, and discover. Let’s not forget that 50% off dining certificates will be available on our website as well. We’ve decided to let Cuizine Issue 2 circulate for a couple weeks before activation, but whenever you’re ready, you can sign up to be reminded. Be first in line when discounts go live on Sept. 14! As always, thanks for picking us up, hunt down whatever food or drink speaks to you—and be sure to tell them Cuizine sent you! *pation.

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visit for 50% off at participating restaurants

7th St. Chophouse


Abbey, The


At Last Café


AVIA Kitchen


Berth 55


Big Nick’s Pizza




Bottom’s Up


Brien O’Connor’s


Buono’s Authentic Pizzeria


Canadian Pizza


Claire’s at the Museum


Coffee Art Café


Corner Store, The


Curley’s Café


Delightful Crepes Café


Fresh Foods Café


Fresh Kabobs


Gaffey Street Diner


Golden Star Family Restaurant


Kitchen Outfitters


La Ceiba


Le Yen Chinese Restaurant


Lola’s Mexican Cuisine


Naples Rib Company

01 ,03

Omelette Inn


Open Sesame


Panda Palace




Paradise Piano Bar


Rocco’s Deli Italiano


Tavern, The


Tavern on 2


Taxco Mexican Restaurant


Titi’s Ice Cream and Treats


Two Umbrella’s Café


Whale & Ale


cuizine | long beach volume one, Issue two

oni on bri ck, baby back ri bs an d bbq sli ders

Naples Rib Company 5800 E 2nd St | Long Beach 90803 (562) 439-7427 | Mon-Th 4pm-9pm; Fri 4pm-10pm; Sat 12pm-10pm; Sun 12pm-9pm

There are few things more American than barbecue. And though we all know someone who claims to be “King of the Grill,” few people have as much credibility as Naples Rib Company’s Dave Ursini. Located just a stone’s throw from the Marina in beautiful Naples, it’s the perfect starting point for a lovely evening out on the town. They’ve even begun a car washing service for their diners, so your car leaves just as satisfied as its passengers. Beyond their worldfamous ribs are a host of barbeque specialties just as tantalizing as Naples’ cornerstone baby back ribs. From tri-tip, pulled pork and brisket sliders, to barbequed

bee n he re “ E v e n if y o u’v e m is s i n g b e f o r e , y o u’r e n’ t b e e n o u t if y o u h a v e y ! ” h e r e l a te l


prime rib, on to a wide array of starters (like the much cravedfor Onion Brick)—the “Best Barbeque in Long Beach” crown is hard-fought and well-earned. So what’s the jewel in the crown? That distinction goes to their on-site catering, as pictured on the cover. Great food can impress a party, but when the grill masters at Naples Rib Company roll the barbeque—coals and all—over for some at-home birthday partying or holiday cookin’, it’ll leave an impression that catapults your party-prowess to head of the class. For smaller get-togethers, we love the U(as in “You”)-Que packages. You can always pre-order meals ready-made, but if you’d like to borrow Dave’s “King of the Grill” apron for the afternoon, the U-Que packs offer a “cooked and cold” selection of meats that you finish on your grill at home. There’s even convenient online ordering for diehard barbeque aficionados in a hurry. We’re talking baby back ribs, melt-in-your-mouth chicken, Louisiana Hot Links bursting with spice, and an assortment of top-flight sides. Whether you come for dinner and a car wash, order take-out, or have them grill it at your place, there’s nowhere in town that knows barbecue better. Let’s face it: even if you’ve been here before, you’re missing out if you haven’t been here lately.

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cuizine | long beach volume one, Issue two

t h e trip l e


drink up! The Ch ocol ateCovere d Banana

blondie’s 2259 N Lakewood Blvd Long Beach 90815 (562) 498-2661 Sun-Th 10am-12am; Fri-Sat 10am–2am

At Blondie’s, great drinks are always top priority. Sure, you can relax on the patio, shoot some pool and share the locals’ refined taste in jukebox tunes, but the best part of this bar is what’s behind it. With unbeatable prices and irresistible cocktail creations like the Chocolate Covered Banana—a perfect swirl of Kahlua, Crème de banane, Pinnacle’s Cake Vodka, and whipped cream—Blondie’s will make you rethink your stance on liqueurs, and it may just become your new favorite bar.

Curley’s Café 1999 E Willow St | Signal Hill 90755 | (562) 424-0018 | Mon-Fri 7am-9pm; Sat 7am-7pm; Closed Sun

The oil derricks in Curley’s parking lot churn slowly but steadily even today, like the mechanical heartbeat of the industry that built Signal Hill into the community we all know. But the black gold didn’t come willingly, and Curley’s is a hangout centered around, and in celebration of, the oilers whose toil

powered our city. You’ll get the same power from the hearty sandwich known as “The Triple”—a strong meal for strong men. A gargantuan revision of traditional club sandwiches, The Triple is heavily loaded with sliced ham, turkey and swiss, layered with crunchy fresh lettuce and tomato. That

center slice is more than a mere style choice—it’s load-bearing toast. And if that weren’t enough of a challenge, next to it falls an avalanche-sized portion of golden onion rings cut thicker than steel cable. There will be leftovers. That is, unless you’re worth your salt as a diner.

Focaccia Vegetarian P i z z a

coffee art café 510 E Broadway | Long Beach 90802 | (562) 612-1635 Mon-Fri 6:30am–8pm; Sat-Sun 7:30am - 8pm

Pizza at a cafe? You bet! Coffee Art Cafe’s owner has brought her experience (and her melt-in-your-mouth focaccia crust) from the Ukraine, where she perfected her own recipe at the family pizzeria. After a few adjustments for American palates, these fluffy delights serve as tasty invitations to stick around and enjoy the loungy atmosphere. Coffee Art’s drink menu lives up to its billing, too, with each cup poured to picturesque perfection and outdone only by its richness.

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cuizine | long beach volume one, Issue two

Fresh & fit baked salmon, true beans coffee & catering sampler

fresh foods café 340 Golden Shore Dr, Suite 160 Long Beach 90802 | (562) 980-9200 Mon-Fri 8am-3pm

Fresh Foods Café is on a mission to raise the standard for Long Beach cuisine. Their inventive menu is based on a concept: the best in fresh gourmet foods should be an all-inclusive, affordable luxury. This was in mind as chef Aaron Yorty put his unique twist on Baked Salmon. It’s lightly dusted with rosemary and rests upon a bed, not of mashed potatoes, but cauliflower, whipped into a light and creamy consistency that defies explanation. For the connoisseur on the go, wraps such as the Pacific Coast Turkey are a blissful solution to a hectic schedule. Like all their meats, the turkey is roasted in-house, and compliments the avocado, lettuce,


“Wh e n y ou d o y, y da s om e t h i n g e ve r be y o u w a n t it to g r e a t.” tomato, bacon, and pepper jack cheese, proving that top quality food doesn’t have to impede a busy day. And for those who can’t make it down to Fresh Foods Café, they’ll come to you with their premiere catering service. All the nuanced flavor and quality ingredients of Fresh Foods Café made special for your event. There’s another story inside Fresh Foods Café. True Beans Coffee, whose flagship location sits in the center of the restaurant, is—we’ll just say what we mean here—the best coffee in Long Beach. True Beans believes in quality at every step, from the field to the cup. Clancy, who’s learning the finer points from roastmaster Ron Heathman, said it perfectly, “When you do something every day, you want it to be great.” Picking only the best quality beans from all over the world, they roast them in-house and serve immediately. If you never knew coffee could be sweet without sugar, prepare for a cup-sized crash course in coffee reeducation. And with amazing breakfast options just ten feet away at the Fresh Foods counter, there’s simply no reason not to start your day at Fresh Foods Café.

Get it catered!

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cuizine | long beach volume one, Issue two

sword fi sh san dwi ch berth 55 555 Pico Ave | Long Beach 90802 (562) 435-8366 | Mon-Th 10am - 6pm Fri-Sun 10am - 7pm

When looking for great seafood, the best direction is toward the water. The closer you get, the fresher it is. At Berth 55, you’re within about ten feet. A combination of seafood deli and fish market, Berth 55 is big on flavor and small on price, and that’s no fisherman’s tale. Their swordfish sandwich has a trophy-sized filet that makes every bite a moment to savor. It’s made to order, and so fresh you’ll think it was caught to order. For a cold-weather treat, you won’t find better clam chowder in Long Beach than at Berth’s. Served piping hot in a heaping bread bowl, it’s a creamy bit of heaven that’s chock-full of clam meat, hearty potato chunks and wholesome veggies. You may not get a wine list or a mustachioed maître d’, but you will get the best seafood around—and you’ll walk out stuffed to the gills.


P ol lo Con Ta jadas

Pacifi c Coast Hal i but Tacos

l a ceiba

avia kitchen

1436 E 7th St | Long Beach 90813 | (562) 590-3186 Mon-Th 9am-10pm; Fri-Sun 9am-12am

285 Bay St | Long Beach 90802 | (562) 436-1047 | Breakfast: Mon-Fri 6:30AM-10am; Sat-Sun 7AM-11am; Dinner: TueTh 5PM-10pm; Fri-Sat 5PM-11pm

Celebrating the diversity of Long Beach, La Ceiba serves up traditional fare from across Central America. Their Salvadoran Pupusa, a fluffy tortilla stuffed with your choice of several ingredients, has neighborhood foodies taking notice. For larger

In the crowded waters of the Pike, AVIA Kitchen stands alone, with well-crafted detail in every dish, and a modern stylistic setting. And nothing demonstrates their culinary sea-legs better than the Pacific Coast Halibut Tacos. Drawing on local produce and sustainable

appetites, there’s the Honduran Pollo Con Tajadas. Its chicken is bursting with flavor, spiced with pickled onions and served on a bed of tajadas (fried slices of bananas), providing a hint of sweetness. Try them with a bottle of Kolashampan!

visit for 50% off at participating restaurants

wild-caught fisheries, these tacos are as flavorful as they are vibrant. The halibut is dipped in Cajunspiced batter, then topped with red cabbage, onions, cilantro, and a creamy sauce with plenty of kick. Believe us, you’ll go overboard for these treasures.

cuizine | long beach volume one, Issue two

P om ere y Sh ri m p Cl aire’s At The Museum 2300 E Ocean Blvd | Long Beach 90803 (562) 439-2119 | Th 11am–8pm; Fri 11am-3pm Sat-Sun 8am-3pM

With universal acclaim, a perfect seaside location and masterpiece menu items, Claire’s is the perfect complement to its host, The Long Beach Museum of Art, and one of our city’s great dining destinations. This makes it all the more magical for a sunny brunch or romantic oceanside dinner. So what to eat? For an entrée that’s light, yet deceptively filling, go for the Pomerey Shrimp—a trio of Jumbo shrimp tossed in a brilliant whole-grain mustard cream sauce and served over capellini pasta with fresh, halved tomatoes. Not unlike the storied sculpture that adorns Claire’s famous patio, this dish is elevated by an expert’s delicate grasp of balance. It’s certainly a summer treat, but just as good for a wind-swept evening by the sea. And if it gets too cold, feel free to ask the staff for blankets. They’re turning first-rate customer service into high art.


P rosciutto Di Parma

Banana P ecan Overload

Kitchen Outfit ters

titi’s ice cream & treats

5650 E 2nd St | Long Beach 90803 | (562) 434-2728 | | mon-fri 7am-7pm; sat 8am-6pm; sun 8am-5pm

718 Orange Ave | Long Beach 90813 | (562) 591-titi Mon-Fri 7am–9pm

Naples’ Kitchen Outfitters is a gourmet’s dream. Armed to the floorboards with cookware of every kind, and offering cooking classes and knife sharpening, they’ll make a home chef out of you in no time. But if that sounds like too much investment, just

The neighborhood ice cream parlor is back. Behind the counter at Titi’s Ice Cream, expect wall-towall sweets of every sort, starting with the humblest candies, on up to sugar high heaven. And they’re not short on imagination, evidenced by their pecan pie

skip straight to the awesome food by ordering something from their kitchen. This Prosciutto Di Parma sandwich, with its smoky rich flavor and pesto zest, is just one example of Kitchen Outfitters’ culinary might—and you just might fall in love with it.

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baked inside a chocolate cake, and Brownie Cones (a brownie baked into an ice cream cone, topped with your favorite flavor). But the crown goes to the Overloads—towering ice cream sundae creations like the Banana Pecan version seen here.

cuizine | long beach volume one, Issue two

Mango F l autas

lol a’s mexican Cuisine


drink up! Cotton Ch erry P op

bot tom’s up 9080 Artesia Blvd | Bellflower 90706 | (562) 9009370 | Mon-Fri 11:30am-2am; SatSun 10am-2am

Like Bottom’s Up itself, the Cotton Cherry Pop is a sexy treat that’s sure to leave you wanting more. Overflowing with the flavors of Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka and X-Rated Liqueur, it’s got a lime and grenadine kick to light the fuse on this cherry bomb. But this drink isn’t even half as wild as the bar that makes it, so be sure to pick one up on Bottom’s Up’s famous Schoolgirl Fridays. Join the free drink club by texting “bottomsup” to 353535.

2030 E 4th St | Long Beach 90814 | (562) 343-5506 | Mon-Sun 11:30am–9:30pm

Passed down from generation to generation, the dishes served at Lola’s take the flavors of authentic Mexican cuisine to bold new heights. Start with the baconwrapped, cheddar-stuffed jalapeños, aptly titled “Cuetes,” or “firecrackers” for those of us who don’t habla Español. Their Mango Flau-

tas are a fiesta of flavor. Wrapped in a flaky flour tortilla, half the fun is cutting through them with your fork. The mango salsa topping is a revelation, though seasonal, so you’ll sill have pomegranate or papaya substitutions to look forward to. Another of their Mexican miracles, the Enchiladas Suizas (or “Swiss”),

substitutes traditional red sauce for a creamy tomatillo sauce that adds a fresh and delicious spark to the classic dish. Though they’ve revealed that this popular topping is entirely non-dairy, just where it derives its silkiness and flavorpacked kick remains a closely guarded Lola’s secret.

T hai T en d erlo in Noo d l es

the abbey 306 Main St | Seal Beach, CA 90740 | (562) 7994246 | | Mon-Th, Sun 11:30am-10pm; Fri-Sat 11:30am-12am; Sun 9:30am-10pm

No dish represents the ambitious spirit and flawless execution of The Abbey more expertly than these Thai Tenderloin Noodles. Sizzling strips of sautéed tenderloin and fragrant bell pepper ignite on a bed of rich chili soy soba noodles, sprinkled with crackling fried wontons. It’s a celebration of fire and flavor perfectly contrasted by their wide selection of frosty brews, made up almost entirely of rare Belgian masterworks and top-notch American craft beers.

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cuizine | long beach volume one, Issue two

fren ch - cut Lam b Ch op s

open sesame 5215 E 2nd St | Long Beach, CA 90803 | (562) 621-1698 | Mon-Th, Sun 11am-10:30pm; Fri-Sat 11am-11pm

Since opening their doors 12 years ago, Open Sesame has been the toast of Belmont Shore, forging a sterling reputation on the strength of its Levantine dishes. Their Lamb Chop entrée is a quartet of generous French-cut lamb chops, brushed with lemon and garlic, broiled over an open flame. The

result is a tenderness and flavor so rich and authentic, it carries customers to far-away Lebanon. Served with their famed Hummus or a traditional Lebanese Baba Ghanouj (a rich mash of roasted eggplant sprinkled with olive oil and spice), you’ll swear you can see the sun setting over the Mediterranean

Pasta Car bonara

Papalucci’s 4611 E 2nd St | Long Beach 90803 | (562) 4344454 | Mon-Fri 11am-10pm; Sat 12pm-10pm; Sun 12pm-9pm

Papalucci’s is like an Italian restaurant you’d find in a movie. Their portions are enormous, their flavors dramatic, and their warm, inviting ambience will pull you right in. Pasta Carbonara is a dish most restaurants overdo, but not Papalucci’s. Here it’s light, airy, and kissed with just enough sauce and pancetta to strike a balance between creamy comfort food and meaty bravado. A caution to dish-splitters everywhere: you may find yourself in a fork-and-knife turf war over this delectable territory.

visit for 50% off at participating restaurants

as you dine. Open Sesame has sure traveled a long way from the humble beginnings of alternating meat choices on a single shawarma rotisserie. Now they not only have multiple spits, but multiple locations as well. It’s a clear indication that Long Beach diners know quality when they’ve got it.

drink up! The T ig h t E n d

the tavern 1739 E Artesia Blvd Long Beach 90805 (562) 900-9370 Mon-Fri 11am-2am; Sat-Sun 10am-2am

Football is back, and The Tavern is more than ready for the new season. Witness the glory of the Tight End, a kick-off drink built for true fans. A two-step blitz for the taste buds, first contact is Butterscotch and Jameson. After that is a bright shot of orange juice to help you keep your game face. With just a slight maple aftertaste, it’s a great choice for the football faithful who’ve skipped breakfast. Join the free drink club by texting “thetavern” to 353535.

cuizine | long beach volume one, Issue two


P ork Chop With Ri sotto Al F ung h i 7th street chophouse 465 West 7th St | San Pedro 90731 (310) 684-1753 | Tue-Wed 5pm-9pm; Th-Sat 5pm-10pm

The 7th Street Chophouse fuses old-school heart with new-school ingenuity, updating chophouse standards with innovative flavors. This beautiful White Marble Pork Chop gets a modern culinary overhaul, prepared so just a hint of pinkness remains for maximum juiciness, and seared for a smoky, caramel sweetness. It’s served on a bed of Risotto Al Funghi (mushroom risotto, in case you’re not up on your Italian), and cooked to a fierce al dente, giving it a finish that makes every bite just as pleasing in texture as it is in taste. Together with lightly sautéed broccoli, the plate is garnished with a radiant sauce velouté, a traditional French master-sauce that imbues a velvety richness. This is haute cuisine with soul. And if that’s not enough warmth for you, try their towering Sangria concoction, a swirling mélange of Absolut Mandarin, Peach Schnapps, and fresh fruit juices beneath a crown of Merlot.


t h e original Ch i cago Dog

J o h n Wayne Breakfast

the corner store

Gaffey Street Diner

1118 West 37th St | San Pedro 90731 | (310) 832-2424 Mon-Fri 6am-6pm; Sat-Sun 7am-6pm

Don’t be fooled by The Corner Store’s reputation as a warm community market and deli where families mingle with neighbors over fine craftsman sodas. That’s all true, but The Corner Store has a surprise: it makes the best Chica-

go Dog in the South Bay. With all the hallmarks of the real Chicago Dog—bright-green relish, a Vienna Beef Frank, and explosive Sport peppers—the tough choice will be which bottled soda to choose from their epic selection.

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247 North Gaffey St | San Pedro 90731 | (310) 548-6964 | | Mon-Fri 5am-2:30pm; Sat-Sun 5am-3pm

They call it “home cooking,” but there’s nothing domestic about the heaping portions of San Pedro’s famous Gaffey Street Diner. We go for the John Wayne Breakfast, a triumph of home fries, eggs, and sausage created the Duke himself.

While docking his boat near a previous local restaurant, John reportedly ordered by barking “Just give me something to get rid of this hangover!” Long after the legend has passed, his legacy lives on in the bellies of Gaffey’s diners.

cuizine | long beach volume one, Issue two

Diced Roast Leg Of Lamb Salad

the whale & ale 327 West 7th St | San Pedro 90731 | (310) 8320363 | | open 7 days a week. check online or call for hours

The pub concept has transformed a great deal in recent history, but The Whale & Ale is wisely sticking with its British roots. And by British, we don’t mean they’re tacking up a Union Jack and spinning Beatles records. We’re talking Oak wall panels imported direct from England, Fuller’s 1845 Bottle-conditioned Ale—okay, and a Union Jack or two. On authenticity patrol is owner and native Brit, Andrew Silber. What started out as a simple

pub menu of beers and fish and chips underwent a forceful expansion as the ever-growing crowd of regulars demanded more and more English mainstays. Now the menu has more selections than the Queen has swans. Featured here is the Diced Roast Leg Of Lamb Salad. It’s a filling, savory surprise that piles tender roasted lamb on crisp baby lettuces sure to make your spine tingle. In British parlance, “It’s bloody brilliant!”


Mojarra F rita

P e d ro P irate Pasta

Ta xco Mexican Restaur ant

big nick’s pizza

29050 S Western Ave, Unit 154 | Rancho Palos Verdes 90275 (310) 547-4554 | | Mon-Sun 9am-10pm

There’s much to love at Taxco, the family-owned Mexican restaurant with the distinctly delicious fish plate, Mojarra Frita. Dive in and take a break from American culture. You can get filets almost anywhere, any

time, but with the Mojarra Frita, a whole Tilapia is sliced, coated with garlic, salt and pepper, and then deep fried to give a crunch to each flavorful bite. Pull it from the bone in forkfuls and enjoy!

visit for 50% off at participating restaurants

1110 N Gaffey St | San Pedro 90731 | (310) 732-5800 | Mon-Sun 10am-12am; Fri-Sat 10am-1am

More than just a knock-out pizzeria, Big Nick’s is a local institution that loves San Pedro—and San Pedro loves them right back. With dishes like their Pedro Pirate Pasta, who could resist love at first bite? Named

after the San Pedro High School mascot, it’s a monumental bowl of thick mostaccioli blissfully tossed with red and green bell peppers and sliced Italian sausage. It’ll have you cheering after every bite.

cuizine | long beach volume one, Issue two

Eggp l ant Parm igiana

Sweet & Pungent Shrimp

Par adise Piano Bar

Pa n d a Pa l a c e

1800 E Broadway | Long Beach 90802 | (562) 590-8773 | | Mon-Th 3pm-2am; Fri-Sat 10am-2am, Sun 10am-12am

Paradise Piano Bar’s stellar drink section leaves their restaurant with a high bar to reach. But even with a vast selection of specialty cocktails verging on high art, and a wine list that would make a sommelier’s head spin, the kitchen

distinguishes itself with seasoned professionalism. Take for example this Eggplant Parmigiana: the magnificent sound of the fork crackling through the Panko breading is only the beginning of this journey to paradise.

16400 Pacific Coast Hwy, Suite 112 | Huntington Beach 92649 (562) 592-3048 | Sun-Th 11am-9:30pm; Fri-Sat 11am-10pm

The rich Asian-accented décor of Panda Palace compliments the transportational powers of fine Chinese dining, and its resident master chef will please Chinese traditionalists and casual diners alike. American palates will enjoy the Sweet and Pungent Shrimp

pictured here, with a succulent sweetness and crispy crunch that easily outdoes any competition on the continent. For authentic fare, we suggest the Crispy Duck, marinated in bold Oriental spices, steamed for juiciness, then deep fried until crisp.


Cal ifornia Cr ê pe

Burger an d Beer special

Delightful Crêpes Café

Brien O’Connor’s 4130 Paramount Blvd | Lakewood 90712 | (562) 627-8999 Mon-Fri 10am-12am

The sign outside Brien O’Connor’s promises “Caint Ceol Agus Craic,” an Irish expression for music, chat and merriment. With two full shuffleboard tables and an extensive whiskey selection, just about everything inside is for

merrymaking. If all that doesn’t make you happy, the $5 Burger and Beer Special surely will. Each burger comes with fresh cut fries, and you can choose from several premium draft beers to wash it down. Plus, it’s five bucks.

visit for 50% off at participating restaurants

1190 Studebaker Rd, Suite H | Long Beach 90815 | (562) 594-9400 | Mon-Th, Sun 8am–8pm; Fri-Sat 8am–9pm

The Delightful Crêpes Café experience is built around the versatility of crêpes. What they can do for you in the kitchen is only exceeded by your imagination. And while traditional breakfast and dessert crêpes are well-represented on Delightful’s menu, they’re not afraid to trade aprons for lab coats

and dabble in food fusion. Consider the sushi-inspired California Crêpe, which melds juicy crab meat, smoky bacon, fresh tomato and crisp onion under sliced avocado and artfully drizzled Dijon cream sauce. If your grandmother made crêpes, these are not them.

cuizine | long beach volume one, Issue two

T h e C h ef ’ s Favo rite Omelette Inn 318 Pine Ave | Long Beach 90802 (562) 437-5625 | Mon-Sun 7am-4pm

Looking for a hearty brunch on Pine street? You should be, and there’s none better than Omelette Inn. Home to some of the largest omelettes in the city, these mouth-watering sensations are designed to nourish the body and delight the taste buds. Here we have the Chef’s Favorite, a southwestern specialty of green chilies, cheddar and jack cheeses, and a lively ranchero sauce. Of course, no brunch is complete without a round of drinks, and Omelette Inn has some of the most delectable

champagne cocktails around. Their mimosas—the preeminent brunch beverage—are a must, but for the more experimental diner we recommend their bright and bubbly Pink Panther, a tangy trifle that blends sparkling wine with pink lemonade. Omelette Inn is already a mainstay in Long Beach’s vegetarian community for their extensive meatless options (far and away, the most scrumptious soyrizo around), but their egg-celent offerings can satisfy even the most ravenous carnivore’s hunger.


T h e Clu cker

Rigatone Di Rocco

Golden Star Family Restaur ant

Rocco’s Deli Italiano

2001 E Carson St | Long Beach 90807 | (562) 426-8869 Mon-Sun 6am-9pm

Prepare yourself for a titan of flavor and texture known only as “The Clucker.” Inventive but simple, The Clucker takes the classic chicken sandwich and reinvents it with some inspired choices. With fresh lettuce and tomato on

a juicy chicken breast fillet, it’s got sliced bacon and onion rings for that crunchy finishing touch. Want some chicken wings, too? You can choose them as your side, or go with the traditional options of fries or onion rings.

visit for 50% off at participating restaurants

2420 E 28th St #1 | Signal Hill 90755 | (562) 424-8400 | Mon-Sat 10am-3pm

You don’t need to fly to New York to experience an authentic Bronx Deli, because one just flew to you. Rocco’s makes seven special homemade sauces every morning, from red cherry pepper pesto to olive tapenade to horseradish aioli, and only uses the highest

quality Boar’s Head meats. Their jaw-dropping Rigatoni Di Rocco is smothered in mascarpone, sun-dried tomatoes, and Italian sausage, then topped with shaved Parmiggiano-Reggiano and a wreath of fresh basil. The taste? Fuhgeddaboutit.

cuizine | long beach volume one, Issue two

Ga zpacho

Ch ri s’ Special

At L ast Café

Le Yen chinese restaur ant

204 Orange Ave | Long Beach 90802 | (562) 437-4837 | Tue-Sat 11:30am–8pm

Veteran chef John McLaughlin is your new best friend, and he’s inviting you over for lunch. That’s exactly how it feels walking into At Last Café. The prices are beyond reasonable (call it the “friend” discount), and John’s creations are straightforward,

masterful, and always fresh. Have the gazpacho. Refreshingly cool and packed with local, organic tomatoes, it’s teeming with shrimp and topped by guacamole loaded with chilies, onion, and cilantro. It’s enough to make your friendly visits a lot more frequent.

4140 Atlantic Ave | Long Beach 90807 | (562) 427-1937 | Tue-Sat 11am-9pm; Sun 11:30am-9pm

With 40 years of restaurant history behind it, a dinner outing in Bixby Knolls without Le Yen is like an excursion to Beijing without the Great Wall. Their traditional Chinese cuisine has produced a multi-generational crowd of devoted diners,

hungry for such items as Chris’ Special, which takes its namesake from the man whose regular visits earned him the honor. Loaded with sautéed shrimp and chicken, its crisp vegetables and delicate flavors have been perfected over generations.


Ab ercrom b ie Cri sto

Eggp l ant Rol ls

T wo Umbrell as Café

Buono’s Authentic Pizzeria

1538 E Broadway | Long Beach 90802 | (562) 495-2323 | Tue-Sun 8am–1:30pm

250-A W Ocean Blvd | Long Beach 90802 | (562) 432-2211 | Mon-Sun 11am–11pm

Fresh off Two Umbrellas’ menu of signature Cristo sandwiches, the Abercrombie Cristo is a tidy stack of warm roast beef, grilled onions, and melted cheddar-jack tucked inside homemade California Toast. There are over a dozen of these

Buono’s pizza pies have been exalted to Long Beach legend, but it’s high time the strong supporting cast of appetizers had its closeup. Enter the exquisitely seasoned threesome of Eggplant Rolls. Thin slices of eggplant, lightly battered and sauteed, stuffed with goat

breakfast marvels available, each differentiated by varying meats, cheeses and other ingredients. Choose the one that best suits your appetite, or better yet, just ask your host for exactly what you want. Custom Cristos are available.

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cheese, topped with spicy marinara and mozzarella then baked to perfection—this is one appetizer ready to steal the show. Bring the family, hearty appetites and find out what your Long Beach neighbors have long known about Buono’s Authentic Pizzeria.

cuizine | long beach volume one, Issue two

gri l l e d p h i l ly Steak

Tan doori Ch i cken

Canadian Pizza

Fresh K abobs

1241 E 4th St | Long Beach 90802 | (562) 980-7605 | Sun-Th 11am-10:30pm; Fri-Sat 11am-11pm

220 E 4th St | Long Beach 90802 | (562) 951-1227 | Sun-Th 11am-9pm; Fri-Sat 11am-10pm

Allow Canadian Pizza to mediate the next family skirmish over toppings. Their 2-for-1 specialty pizzas squash that age-old battle over what meats and veggie combos to choose by giving each partner what they want. That’s compromise! When you’re flying

Fresh Kabobs offers a perfect introduction for newcomers to Indian food, with a Chicken Tandoori that’s just right as either a first dish, or a classic for regulars. And if the word “Tandoori” isn’t already playing on your senses, you’ve obviously been missing

solo, or it’s not pizza night, we recommend the Grilled Philly Steak sandwich. Overloaded with tender steak, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and covered with baked mozzarella, how it manages not to burst is a question we’ll leave for you.

out! Here you’ll find an aromatic atmosphere that invites and appetizes, and smiling staff happy to educate on any dishes drawing your curiosity. Each platter is cooked to order, and offers a fresh tour through the fine elements of Indian cuisine.


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cuizine | long beach volume one, Issue two


T h e P o b l ana , Beef Ox tai l P outine , Coconut P orter Beer F loat Tavern On 2 5110 E 2nd St | Long Beach 90803 | (562) 856-4000 | Mon-Fri 11:30am-11pm; Sat-Sun 10am-11pm

Tavern On 2 is the newest restaurant on 2nd Street, and they’re not about blending into the crowd. For starters, they’ve taken “Go Green!” to a new level, making sure it’s an all-encompassing (rather than token)

approach, from hormone-free cattle up to biodegradable to-go containers. They do things differently, and with gusto, evidenced by their Oxtail Poutine. They’re not only the one restaurant around serving Oxtail, but it’s

braised in a burgundy reduction and perched atop a pile of savory duck-fat fries with cheddar curds. Few gastropubs can boast Tavern on 2’s top-shelf culinary mastery. Executive Chef Patrick Parmentier brings his years of experience at the best Long Beach restaurants to Tavern’s menu, reimagining some familiar dishes and polishing unfamiliar items with a distinct pub feel. The Poblana is inspired by a Mexican-style sandwich from Puebla with beef milanesa, a breaded fillet on a traditional Latin roll. Topped with queso fresco, chipotle, avocado and sweet onions, it’s a Central American revision of the classic pub burger. Of course, none of these would be complete without a refreshing pint, so

Tavern on 2 has eight specialty beers on tap, including Weltenburger Kloster’s Anno 1050: which is literally the oldest beer in the world. And for a special finish to the evening, we strongly recommend the Coconut Porter Beer Float. Purists may pause, but one taste of this delicious mingling of ice cream and brew will leave only the muffled sounds of delight. Its tall, frosty mug is rimmed with coconut and filled with Maui Brewing Co.’s Coconut Porter. Finished up with a hefty scoop of vanilla ice cream and homemade whipped cream, it’s a treat unlike anything you’ve ever had. From appetizers to desserts, Tavern On 2 is an experience on a higher plane.

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Cuizine Issue 2  

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