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Witches Handbook

Monica Carretero

Text and illustrations:

Monica Carretero

Witches Handbook

Three days ago, my brother and I received a letter from Aunt Amarga. We hadn’t heard from her for a long time and were surprised. Could she be sick? Maybe she finally wanted to meet us. Or was it simply that, as she did every year around this date, she was writing to wish us a Happy Halloween? But this time was different. The letter hadn’t been delivered by the mailman, but an enormous crow so black it was truly frightening. Besides, the envelope smelled of recently extinguished matches and written in large red letters across the front it said: URGENT. “Read it, read it,” my brother said nervously.

Dear niece and nephew, There’s not much time left... Do you want to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know but have never before known because nobody has ever known? In short: Do you want to know if witches really exist? Yours, Amarga After reading the letter, I turned to Leo with a big smile and said, “My dear little brother, the adventure has begun!” We were soon ready to leave.

Because of course, we most certainly did want to know if witches really existed! But in order to find out, we would have to go to Aunt Amarga’s house. We were finally going to meet her! Leo and I wondered if she would have the answers to some truly interesting questions: Could all of this have something to do with the big family secret? Why didn’t mom and dad ever talk to us about her? Could Aunt Amarga possibly be a witch?

When we arrived, our aunt was waiting for us at the front door. She greeted us with a big smile and motioned for us to enter her gloomy mansion as in a thin, quavering voice she said, “Come in, dear niece and nephew. There’s not much time left and I need to share with you a secret which must never be lost.” She paused and added in a plaintive voice, “I fear that everything will be forgotten...”

“Dear children, I’m not going to beat around the bush, as we don’t have much time. I have every reason to suspect that I am the last witch left in the world,” she said as a tear slid down her cheek.

“I must tell you some of the secrets of the lives of the hundreds of witches like me who have lived throughout history. Everything is in this book, but legend has it that these pages will disappear when the last witch dies. And I am on the verge of moving on to a better life. That is why I must tell you everything, so that none of it will be forgotten. For although we witches are bad—far be it from me to deny it—most of us ended up this way out of loneliness and sorrow... Just one kiss would have done us so much good... But there’s no time. I will begin.”

Witches Handbook

What is a witch or a warlock? Witches and warlocks are crafty, eccentric, wicked and disorganized, although they are also very knowledgeable about any sort of business that is on the shady side. They are people with very, and I mean very, small hearts—so small that they do not know how to love. That is why they cannot give anyone a kiss, they cannot hug, and they do not know how to take pleasure in the happiness of others. A witch cannot stand kisses or hugs. And a warlock absolutely hates seeing people smile. It enrages them to know that people love each other. That is why they live alone and far away from the rest of humanity. But above all, witches and warlocks have extraordinary powers which they use only to make mischief.

Is she a witch? She does not look like one. It is usually easy to recognize a witch, as she will have an unmistakably outlandish style, but sometimes they try to trick us by adopting an innocent appearance.

Do not let them fool you! If you are not sure, all you have to do is approach her affectionately, acting ready to cover her with kisses. If she runs away, her face screwed up in disgust, you can be certain:


The geography of witches




Hundreds of witches and warlocks once inhabited our planet from north to south and east to west. Not one single continent escaped the fear of their presence somewhere in its lands. Some achieved fame and were known by all. Others, however, gave free rein to their mischief in the most complete anonymity.

Ha, hee, hi, hoo, hu! Hee, hee, ha! (laughter of witches and warlocks)

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Witches Handbook Text & Illustrations© 2011 Monica Carretero This edition © 2011 Cuento de Luz SL Calle Claveles 10 | Urb Monteclaro | Pozuelo de Alarcón 28223 Madrid | Spain | Original title in Spanish: Manual de Brujas Translated into English by Cálamo & Cran (Nedra Rivera Huntington) ISBN: 9788415241065 Printed by Shanghai Chenxi Printing Co., Ltd. in PRC, September 2011, print number 1227-5 All rights reserved

Doña Amarga sends a letter to her niece and nephew: “Dear niece and nephew, There’s not much time left... Do you want to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know but have never before known because nobody has ever known? In short: Do you want to know if witches really exist?” And you, Dear Readers. Do you want to know? Do you want to learn about potions and spells and what different types of brooms and flying styles there are? Well then, come with us to an unknown world and keep your eyes peeled.

Witches Handbook is an entertaining and “bewitchingly” illustrated guide that will delight those who dare to venture into such a mysterious world.

Witches Handbook