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CUE is a non-profit educational organization that offers custom professional training for school districts in groups from 25 to as large as 1000.

2020 Professional Learning Partners

energy and “Amazing and “Great passion! applicable Infectious attitude to get me ready for Distance Learning. I was extremely nervous and this helped ease those nerves and made me feel empowered.


inspiring at the start “Soof the year - THIS year

Your comments about teachers’ collaboration during Distance Learning impacted me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with others. I am now as always, excited for a new school year.

of all years!

I really appreciated the message about slowing down, be comfortable with students. His approach to student engagement is important to remember. I really enjoyed the energy and positive nature of the keynote speaker.

Custom Professional Learning Options With the unprecedented onset of COVID-19, CUE has shifted to an education crisis response team to meet the urgent calls for virtual professional learning across the state. To mitigate learning loss, CUE has handpicked highly skilled Lead Learners from our membership of over 25,000 to provide training and support to educators during this educational crisis. CUE Lead Learners are active practitioners who often hold multiple education badges (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Adobe). VALUE ADDED CUE professional training is available at any size school or district, customized to the needs of the local educators and offered locally. CUE professional learning is focused on “upskilling” educators in the areas of pedagogy and the seamless use of technology. CONTACT: Joe Marquez, Director of Academic Innovation • (925) 414-3800

Custom Professional Learning Options REMOTE LEARNING


Whether you are a Google, Microsoft, or Apple district we will help you use the tools your teachers have access to and create an immersive, engaging, and effective online learning environment. We will amplify your skills on your current video learning platform, harness the power of breakout rooms, implement Universal Design for Learning frameworks (UDL), showcase the effectiveness of data-driven instruction, and help create a workflow conducive to innovation while mitigating learning loss in your classroom.

Focusing on student enrichment, engagement, and growth is a key factor in any learning environment. See how using your current learning ecosystem (Microsoft/Google/Apple) along with real-time interactive applications and Universal Design for Learning frameworks (UDL), can create a seamless learning environment for students learning in the classroom and from their home workspaces. Learn how your student cohorts both in class and at home, can work in groups synchronously while completing enrichment activities for the mitigation of learning loss asynchronously.



Basics: Over the course of our customcreated sessions participants will learn the basics of GSuite and focus on the successful integration of the Google platform into your daily instruction.

Basics: Over the course of our custom-created sessions participants will learn the basics of Office365 and focus on the successful integration of the Google platform into your daily instruction.

Level Up: Over the course of our customcreated sessions participants will take a deeper dive into the Gsuite ecosystem Leveling up their skills to take the Level 1 Google Educator Certification exam.

Level Up: Over the course of our customcreated sessions, participants will take a deeper dive into the Office365 ecosystem Leveling up their skills to become a Microsoft Innovative Educator.

Advanced: Over the course of our customcreated sessions educators will learn advanced features and uses of GSuite products, learn how they all work together, and gain enough insight to pass the Google Level 2 Educator Certification exam.

Advanced: Over the course of our customcreated sessions educators will learn advanced features and uses of Office365 products, learn how they all work together, and gain enough insight and skill to apply to become a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert.

Consider this Sampling of Past Sessions BREAKOUT SESSION Using GSuite and Autocrat to automate teacher feedback from observations In this session, you will learn how to create a Google form that you can use while observing teachers both virtually and in-person to give meaningful and automatic feedback. Powerful Interactive Presentations Engage your audience better by learning the art of presenting quality presentations with interactivity built-in perfect for remote-teaching.

STRAND FOCUS Administrator, Google Suite

All Levels (K-12), Google Slides

Building a Classroom Community in Google Classroom Google Classroom isn’t just a place to post assignments and grade student work. It is a place where you can foster a sense of community, a critical component in designing a successful virtual learning experience. In this session, you will learn how to maximize Google Classroom settings, tools, and activities to make this digital space a place where your students feel a sense of community belonging.

K-12, Google Classroom

Teams: Make the Most of Your Team Learn how to maximize collaboration with Microsoft Teams. In this session, we will learn how to navigate the Teams interface and create/join a Team. We will also learn how to collaborate with your team via chat, live meetings, and integrating apps within your Team.

Microsoft, Classified, Administration

Assess Student Learning with Flipgrid Listening and speaking standards can be difficult to assess regularly. However, Flipgrid is a video platform that can be used as a formative assessment. In this session, participants will gain more knowledge on how to seamlessly use this tool as a method to evaluate grade-level speaking and listening standards for all, and during the Designated ELD block. Going the Distance: A Round Table for HS ELA Teachers Come prepared to discuss ways to engage secondary ELA students while strengthening online distance learning and student success. This presentation will be conducted in a round table format. Best Virtual Practices for Reading and Writing Workshop (TCRWP) Overview of how to virtually run your engaging reading and writing workshop. Loaded with resources and takeaways.

K-8, Flipgrid

High School


A Sampling of Past Sessions Continued BREAKOUT SESSION Using GSuite to help build and maintaining school culture during distance learning In this session, you will learn different tools that can be used to build and maintain school culture while students are learning at home. We will also collaborate on new ideas throughout the session.

STRAND FOCUS Administrator, Google Suite

Student Paced Online Lesson Design HyperDocs and Multiple Text Sets can be used to increase opportunities for student-paced and differentiated learning. These models can be used across all grades and subject areas for formative assessments while creating student agency.

K-12, HyperDocs & HyperSlides

FORMative Assessments Using Google Forms, other Google Apps, and web tools for formative assessments to keep the feedback loop going for remote teaching and learning.

K-12 (All Levels), Google Suite

Office365: Your Office in the Cloud Learn how to access Office365 in the cloud and explore a variety of apps to increase productivity. In this session, we will explore how Artificial Intelligence has enhanced familiar apps such as Word and PowerPoint online. We will also learn how to use OneDrive and Forms to increase collaboration and feedback.

Microsoft, Classified, Administration, K-12

Better Presentations: Yours, Your Staff and Your Students With some basic learning related to design, storytelling, and resources, all learners can be delivering better presentations today.

Administrator, Google Suite

Making Manipulatives Work Online Using technology in creative ways, so you can still watch students work with manipulatives at home. (Google Slides, Kami)


Pear Deck in History and Science Using Pear Deck in online classes for interactive questions & formative assessments

Junior High, High School

Project-Based Learning: The Ultimate Pedagogy Project-based learning is really the ultimate pedagogy to address learners’ many needs. If you want real-world problem solving, skill development, student engagement, tech applications, better collaboration, community connections, and more ‌ PBL is the path.

Administrator, PBL

Getting Started with Seesaw for Hybrid Learning A quick start to using Seesaw for the primary classroom. We will explore as a student, teacher, and parent.




Everyone Has A Story: Developing Empathy Through Interview Empathy begins with understanding ourselves and others by sharing each others’ stories. First, we identify our own biases. Next, we ask “What’s it like to be someone who ….?” Then we use tech tools to (1) gather information including interviews with the NPR StoryCorps app), (2) sort, (3) synthesize, and (4) share our stories.

6-8, Cross-curricular

Designing for Synchronous and Asynchronous Teaching and Learning Designing teaching and learning in a virtual or hybrid model is complex. Balancing synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning is key. But how do you do this? How do you plan for this? In this session, you will learn how to prioritize standards and plan what is best taught synchronously (whether it is in person or during a video conference call). Learn how to keep kids engaged in extended video conference calls. Also, you will learn what is best taught asynchronously. You will learn how to flip learning and design Hyperdocs to support learning.

K-8, G Suite

Engage Students with the 4Cs Sometimes it is challenging to figure out ways to incorporate the 4Cs (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication) throughout your lessons. Adopting AVID practices at the elementary level has helped teachers create more engaging activities. In this session, participants will learn ways to incorporate technology into strategies like Note-Taking, the Jigsaw, Exit Tickets, and Reflections with G Suite Apps.

K-12, G Suite

Sketch ‘n Tell “Draw” what you learned! Kids love drawing & will enjoy this “check for understanding” activity.

3-5th Grade

Teaching with Nearpod Learn step-by-step how to create an interactive and engaging lesson for your students.

Upper Elementary, Jr. High, and High School

Distance Learning for those who seek Meaningful Change This session will provide the mindset shift required for administrators to lead meaningful change in these uncertain times.


3-V Glasses for Critical Thinking In a world where the loudest opinion is often (incorrectly) taken as fact, use the “3-V Glasses” activity to help students make seeing others’ points of view a reflex. They can master tools to (1) distinguish between facts and opinion, (2) identify the assumptions behind questions, facts, and opinions, and (3) validate information and sources.

7-12, Critical Thinking

Level up your Google Classroom This session is designed to take your Google Classroom usage to the next level by showing you how to make it work more efficiently for you. Tips include differentiating assignments, grading with rubrics, organizing through topics, and leveraging the power of Add Ons and Apps that integrate directly into the Classroom.

K-12, Google Classroom

A Sampling of Past Sessions Continued BREAKOUT SESSION


Tools and Apps for Digital Engagement In this fast-paced session, we will explore tools and apps for digital engagement. Some of the tools we will explore are EdPuzzle, Flipgrid, Pear Deck, Padlet, Hyperdocs, and many more. This will be a quick overview of most tools, with some hands-on activities. Learn how to engage your students in digital and blended learning!

K-8, Google & Other Tools

Not just VFTs, VCs! (VFT=virtual field trip, VC=virtual context) Virtual Contexts make use of Google Earth (web) Projects, Jamboards, and storyboarding with Slides and can be customized to align with many content areas. VCs are similar to VFTs, but the students are the creators, not just consumers. VCs rock the 4C’s! In this session, you’ll create your first VC!

K-12, Science

Bitmoji Classroom Learn tips on how to create your own Bitmoji Classroom.


Distance Learning for those who seek Meaningful Change This session will provide the mindset shift required for administrators to lead meaningful change in these uncertain times.


Setting Up Your Online Classroom for the 1st 2 Weeks Learn best practices, tools, and strategies for cultivating community and teaching content in your online classroom. Experience an engaging online classroom yourself as you plan to deploy your own. Bring materials you plan to teach at the start of the school year.

7-12, Jamboard

G Suite for Science Google apps offer a powerful selection of tools for science educators and students. In this session, you will learn how to apply these tools to foster deeper learning, collaboration, experimentation, data collection, and work publishing. You will also be introduced to Google Science Journal, a free digital science toolbox that allows students to become scientists using their personal devices. Break up with your lecture using Multimedia Text Sets Multimedia text sets are collections of content that you can curate, package, and efficiently push out to students using Google Docs. This session will take a look at how using Google apps for packaging and workflow can greatly enhance your instruction especially through remote learning. Each participant will leave the session with new thinking about how to effectively integrate digital instruction, along with multiple lessons and ideas for use in any classroom.

K-8, Science

K-12, Distance Learning

BREAKOUT SESSION Teaching students to ask great questions: The Question Formulation Technique How can we build the capacity of all students to ask better questions and drive investigations of scientific phenomena?


In this active, participatory webinar, learn the Question Formulation Technique (QFT), a simple, powerful strategy to teach students how to ask, work with, and strategically use their own questions. Explore how and why the strategy works. Together we will explore how student questions can drive investigation of phenomena and deeper conceptual understanding. We’ll use Jamboard as we engage in a QFT experience together. Participants leave with a treasure trove of open-access online resources. Campus Ministries from a Distance Explore how to continue a vibrant and thriving campus ministries program while students are off-campus. Quizziz, PlayFactile, and other resources Interactive content review providing the basics


Useful for Grades 3+ and Above

Creating Community Confidence with Creative Communication One of the constant struggles of a distance learning or hybrid environment is making sure all our education community stakeholders have all the information needed to be confident in the learning taking place. Emails alone will not be enough to curb confusion. Join us as we see how district/site administrators, Technology departments, and classroom teachers can create confidence with creative communications.

Administrator/Staff, Ed Tech Tools

NGSS Science Standards Focus: Teaching Science with a Systems Approach As the sheer volume of scientific information increases, we are increasingly in need of a framework of concepts and skills for making sense of the world around us. How can you simplify and organize this large and complex place so it is easier to understand? One way is to think of the Earth as a system. In this session, we’ll explore the basics of systems thinking through a “student-ready” systems thinking activity. You’ll also leave with a library of activities and resources you’ll want to use with students right away.

K-12, G Suite

Sticky Learning- Purposeful Digital Lesson Design With HyperDocs How long do your lessons stick? What is it that makes a concept memorable? What kinds of experiences engage thinking in a way that leaves an imprint? Join in to learn how HyperDoc lessons allow you to practice different comprehension strategies to examine these questions. Learn ways to create powerful digital instruction, perfect for remote learning, and examine ideas about designing lessons that work for all students’ needs.

K-12, Hyperdocs

A Sampling of Past Sessions Continued BREAKOUT SESSION


Engaging All Students in Hybrid Environments with Interactive Learning In this session, we will explore how the interactive features of Nearpod, Zoom, and Google Suite can be used to enhance any Hybrid Learning Environment. Engage your students and provide opportunities for assessing learning and building relationships using these tools—and having fun doing it!

K12, Hybrid Learning

Tech & Collaboration in the Writing Process At the end of the day, we still need to teach students how to write well. Come experience how technology and collaboration impact the writing process from brainstorming to publishing.

6-8, ELA

Set-up School at Home Resources to share with parents to support at-home learning


How to keep the principles of SDA learning in a virtual classroom This session will explore ways to maintain the mission of SDA education in a virtual classroom - examining principles such as balance, service, and developing the whole child.


Get Fancy with Google Classroom (Level 2) You know the basics of GC - Create an assignment, update stream, grade student work, and provide unique comments. In this session, learn to 1) sync common tools with Google Classroom (ex. EdPuzzle, Nearpod, Pear Deck, Quizizz), 2) organize for distance learning with the use of topics and emojis, 3) differentiate assignments for groups of students, and 4) create comment banks for faster grading. Get ready to click together and make adjustments to your GC to maximize its utility for distance learning without getting lost in all the posts and assignments!

Intermediate Google Classroom

The Power of Simple Video in Distance Learning Create directions, prompts, and assessment possibilities with simple screencasts and Flipgrid responses. Used properly, these tools will allow you to use your online teaching time more effectively, and also provide an avenue for meaningful assessment. And, they’re easier than you think!

Video and Voice Tools

Hack Presentation Design with Google Slides Designing in Google Slides can be intimidating for educators who think of themselves as non-graphic designers. No worries! There are some simple guidelines for organizing all the slide content, graphic elements, and images to create presentations that can be read and understood.

Google Slides Tips/Tricks/Activities



Engage Learners using Google Tools and Nearpod Let’s learn about creating interactive lessons that will engage your students using Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Jamboard, and Nearpod. You’ll get some hands-on experience with each tool as we discuss different ways to use them in any classroom environment, both synchronously and asynchronously!


Google Slides: Tips, Templates, & Tutorials Create interactive HyperSlides via Edit the Master. GOOGLE SLIDES are magical if you know how to un-tap their secret powers. This session will guide participants on how to use Google Slides in the classroom to support students learning while also showcasing tips & tricks to level up their Google Slides game. Participants in the session will walk away with a Slides challenge to practice their new skills.


Building Relationships Virtually Get to know your students through meaningful interactions. SmartStarts are EduProtocols with the purpose of setting up success from Day 1. Frayer a Friend, Things that Rock, Thin Slides. Set up routines that build trust and confidence.


Using G Suite to Become Effective and Efficient In this session we will cover how to use create and share in google drive; create, send and analyze google forms for data collection; use and share calendars; and get the most of Gmail functions including organization, quick responses, and great how to’s.

GSuite, Classified Staff

Best Practices in Distance Learning with Google Classroom Google Classroom is a great tool for classroom collaboration, but using it during remote learning requires different skills and strategies to execute. Come learn how to help your staff adjust to remote learning with Weekly Topic Strategies, video instructions, streamlining classroom communication, and more.

All Levels

Got UDL? Now, more than ever, the range of students’ skills is going to be vast and deep. How can we design lessons with strengths in mind? Create access, engagement, and expression options for students to “show what they know.” Participants will be provided with time to “UDL” a lesson idea.


Now We’re Talking! Engage students remotely through active learning via Nearpod and consistent verbal communication using tools like Voxer and Mote.


Fostering Collaboration Remotely Templates and strategies to foster student collaboration with their peers. Participants will be walked through how to use Flippity for grouping and Flipgrid to house asynchronous collaborations/ discussions.


A Sampling of Past Sessions Continued BREAKOUT SESSION


Assessment Buffet Learn how to create & customize assessments and check for understanding activities in a snap. In this session, we will explore Quizizz, Flipgrid, Quizlet, and Forms.


Google Classroom for Beginners This session is centered around the basics of Google Classroom. Most of the session will involve a live demonstration of Classroom so you can experience the teacher AND student sides of this simple learning management system.

Beginner Google Classroom

Google Classroom: Level Up! If you are a current Google Classroom user and are looking for ways to take it to the next level, this session is for you! Learn some tricks for organizing your Classroom like a pro, and discover new ways to use this versatile platform.

Intermediate Google Classroom

A Slide as a Lesson Learn how to design slides to help students work asynchronously as a self-contained lesson.

Google Docs and Google Slides

Google Forms uses in the Distance Learning Classroom Let’s learn how to use Google Forms to support your work in your Distance Learning classroom. Design a daily check-in, attendance tracker, and more!

Google Forms and Google Sheets

Google Sites for Teachers: Maximize your Workflow Learn the basics of creating teacher and student websites using Google Sites. Add video, resources, announcements, links, calendar(s), and much more to your teacher site. See various examples of Google Sites to spark ideas! The creation and management of student-created sites will also be addressed.

Google Sites

Live Meeting Tips for Google Meet Learn how to make the most of live Google Meet meetings with students and explore the possibilities to make them interactive.

Google Meet

Become a Zoom Wizard In this session, you will learn how to use all the features that zoom has to offer, from breakout rooms to virtual backdrops and filters. Nearpod Got You Covered Learn the ins and outs of Nearpod as a one-stop-shop edtech tool to streamline your (a)synchronous lessons with various built-in checks for understanding and interactivity that will keep students engaged. Create lessons in PPT or Google Slides using the Nearpod Add-On and you’re good to go!





Exploring Engaging Tools for Active Learning (and Screen Recording) Let’s explore some of the engaging apps and tools for active learning. We’ll look at Flipgrid, EdPuzzle, Screencastify and Loom, Pear Deck, and many more! Some of these tools add interactivity to your learning and make it fun while others are super-easy tools to use for screen recording.

Flipgrid and Screencastify

Strong Starts for Online Classes If you want a good online class, start strong! We’ll look at several ways of getting a class going using breakout rooms, images, games, discussion tools, and short videos. This content can easily be carried over into in-person classes, as well.

AppyHour (3-4 Other EdTechApps)

G Suite & Classroom for IAs Let’s take a look at ways to effectively co-teach in Google Classroom, along with some awesome instructional strategies in GSuite. We will cover basics for Docs and Slides, and touch on Forms and Sheets. We will also dive into differentiating assignments and smallgroup work in a blended/hybrid environment.

GSuite, Instructional Aides

Meet Kami: An Introduction to Your “Digital Classroom Hero” Learn how to transform any document into an interactive learning experience that engages students and provides opportunities for collaboration.

Digital Ink, Annotations, 4-12

Engage Your Students with Edpuzzle! Bring lessons alive with videos! Integrated checking for understanding, live video sessions, and more!

Video, Assessment, K12

Google Classroom: Basics Google Classroom is a great starting point for your new responsibilities for Distance Learning. Join us in this workshop to get a walkthrough of setting up a class, adding students, posting resources, taking attendance by posing a question, connecting with students, adding assignments, and tracking student progress. This workshop will get you up to speed with Google Classroom so you are ready to begin connecting with your students.

Google Classroom, Beginner

Beyond the Basics with Google Classroom: Your Distance Learning Toolkit This session is designed to take your Google Classroom usage to the next level by showing you how to make it work more efficiently for you. Tips include differentiating assignments, grading with rubrics, organizing through Topics, and leveraging the power of Add Ons and Apps that integrate directly into Classroom.

Google Classroom, Intermediate

Google Drive, Docs, and Slides - Basics Come and learn the basics of Google Drive as we explore Google Docs and Google Slides. We’ll share ways you can create, collaborate, and share using these apps. We’ll also share some ways to begin organizing Google Drive. No experience necessary but this is a foundational class for any teacher or instructional aide.

GSuite, Beginner

A Sampling of Past Sessions Continued BREAKOUT SESSION


Google Drive, Docs and Slides - (Beyond Basics) Come and learn the more advanced features of Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Slides. Learn about how to use the explore tab, less known features for both apps, add-ons for productivity for teachers and students and walk away with lessons and ideas you can use tomorrow!

GSuite, Intermediate

G Suite: Jamboard Are you wondering how to get your students working together? Using manipulatives? Are you wanting to work 1:1 with students and get them to show their work in Math or Science? If so, Jamboard is the collaborative whiteboard tool for you! Jamboard’s interactive whiteboard directly into Google Classroom and can be used for free. Join us and discover everything that Jamboard can bring to your new virtual classroom.

Jamboard, GSuite

Screencastify In this session, learn all about the Chrome extension, Screencastify. Learn how to record lectures, capture your screen for instructional purposes, collaborate with colleagues, and how to further student learning through the use of this vital extension.

Video, K12

EdPuzzle for Distance Learning EdPuzzle allows you to add interactive questions into videos and track student progress as they work through them. Upload videos from YouTube, or even better, create your own videos and post them on EdPuzzle for effective asynchronous delivery of content. In this session, we’ll walk through a brief overview of setting up EdPuzzle, best practices for online use (including how to record your own videos on Screencastify), and Q & A.

Video, Assessment

Communication and Feedback Clear communication and authentic collaboration have never been more important. We’ll dig into best practices, strategies, and tools to better communicate and collaborate in an online environment. We’ll overview a curated shortlist of ideas to address challenges and get hands-on with a couple of strategies/tools you can use for feedback as well. Focus tools will include Google Forms, Google Classroom, and other digital assessment tools.

GSuite, Communication

Top Tips and Tools to Deliver Engaging Lessons Virtually There are a lot of tech tools, tips, and resources out there that you can use to deliver lessons virtually. It’s great to have options, but it’s also very overwhelming. So, we’ve pulled together our top 5 tools to use to deliver engaging virtual lessons and we’re walking you through how to use all of them.

Universal Lesson Design, Engagement



Connection Before Content - Student Check-ins and Maintaining Relationships Checking-in with students and maintaining relationships in a remote setting have never been more important. We’ll dig into best practices, strategies, and tools for building and maintaining culture in an online environment. We’ll overview a curated shortlist of ideas to address challenges and get hands-on with a couple of strategies/ tools you can use tomorrow. Focus tools include Google Forms, Pear Deck, and Google Meet.

GSuite, Communication

Pear Deck for Distance Learning Pear Deck allows you to turn your regular presentation slide deck into an interactive lesson by adding short answer text, multiple-choice, drag and draw questions directly onto your slides for students to engage within real-time. As the teacher, you can monitor and address student work, feedback, questions, and misconceptions during your online lesson. In this session, we’ll walk through a brief overview of setting up Pear Deck, best practices for online use, and Q & A.

Interactive Assessment

Remote Learning with Seesaw Seesaw is designed to give even very young students a simple way to SHOW what they know! Seesaw’s intuitive interface makes it perfect even for primary learners. Want a way for your students to access online content, scaffold your lessons for all learners, and help your students develop digital citizenship skills while providing a window into their thinking? Seesaw is one tool that does it all. In this session, you will experience both the student and teacher side of this amazing tool! Seesaw works on iOS, Android, as well as the Chrome Browser.

Creativity, Assessment

Flexible Lesson Design & Templates for Distance Learning One of the biggest challenges with Distance learning is designing lessons that will transition between synchronous and asynchronous instruction without spending a ton of extra time creating 2-3 different types of lessons. In this session, we’re giving you flexible lesson design strategies and tips, as well as templates that you can use right away and customize to fit your needs right now while you’re planning.

Universal Lesson Design, Distance Learning

How to Use Video to Deliver Meaningful Virtual Instruction This one is for the educator who already knows how to create video, but needs to know how to incorporate those videos into your instruction in order to have the biggest impact and engage your students at a distance. In this session, we’re showing you the best strategies and tools you can easily use to deliver meaningful virtual instruction with video. We’re keeping it simple here so there’s no tech overwhelm. These strategies and tools will allow you to easily add your videos into the lessons you designed to create a seamless creation and delivery process for virtual instruction.

Video, Assessment

Using Augmented and Virtual Reality in Lesson Design In this session, we will explore how Augmented and Virtual reality can add to lesson design for distance and Distance learning. Extend your learning outside the classroom or home walls by using Augmented and Virtual reality.

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality

March 18-27, 2021

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