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REFUGEE & IMMIGRANT CENTER ASIAN ASSOCIATION OF UTAH 1588 S. Maint St. Salt Lake City, UT 84115 Tel: (801) 467-6060 Email: Monday - Friday 8:30AM to 5:30PM

There are refugees and immigrants from all parts of the world living in Utah right now. We welcome them to our communities and encourage all residents of Utah to befriend them, get to know them, and appreciate the diversity and excitement they bring to the community.


Established in Salt Lake City, Utah

Our mission is to improve the qual-

General education, employment

in 1977. The Asian Association of

ity of life of refugees and other im-

services, mental health treatment,

Utah and Refugee and Immigrant

migrants. We provide culturally-

domestic violence counseling, sub-

Center a private, community-based


stance abuse treatment, elderly

non-profit organization.

social services that include:



services, and language classes.

In 32 years, we have served over

We work closely with other resettle-

Our agency is composed of four

7,500 with job placement; 40,000

ment agencies, as well as state

major departments.

hours of counseling, over 9,500

protective services, alcohol and

youth and families in prevention

drug prevention and treatment pro-

• Employment & Social Services

programs, and 1,450 families in

grams to help with the cultural and

• Counseling & Family Services

parenting skills training.

psychological adjustments of set-

• ESL &Life Skills Department

tling into a new environment.

• Interpreting & Translation

EMPLOYMENT & SOCIAL SERVICES The Employment and Social Services Program

This Program serves as a one-stop employ-

at the Refugee and Immigrant Center (RIC)

ment and social services center for refugees

have an established track record of success-

in need of social and employment services.

fully placing refugees into employment. Since

The intensity of our clients’ individual needs

the year 2000, the Employment and Social Ser-

varies; nevertheless, they are all founded on

vices Program has assisted more than 7,700

the same basic principles of acculturation and

individuals with employment and social ser-


vices. Their greatest challenges are related to lanOur clients include Refugees who have reset-

guage barriers, job readiness, health prob-

tled in Utah and Asylees, Secondary Migration

lems, and cultural adjustment to a new society.

Refugees, Special Interest Visaholders, and

We utilize a holistic model to address these

Victims of Human Trafficking.

basic challenges as well as other secondary challenges that arise.

One of the main goals of the Program is to achieve self-sufficiency for refugee individual and families. This is directly linked to employment and career development. Our inter-departmental efforts have assisted in creating effective strategies that lead to improvement of quality of life.


Lina Smith

Employment and Social Services Director (801) 467-6060

COUNSELING & FAMILY SERVICES RIC offers affordable, cultural sensitive, and language specific

portance of prevention and relaying this knowledge to those in

counseling that will meet the needs of immigrants and refugees.


We are licensed by Utah Department of Human Services and

Activities and Services Offered

are well qualified to provide services in outpatient substance abuse, domestic violence and mental health services. The agency’s training allows for diversity sensitivity and will allow us obtain our goal of improving emotional and social functioning. Services are specific to your needs and can be conducted in your native language.

•Weekly individual one-on-one counseling •Home visits •Counselor or school team meetings •Attendance and advocacy at court appointments •Competency development and social learning techniques •Recreational therapy through planned group activities Model Parenting Programs

Our experience in providing for the holistic care of a refugee

•Dare to Be You

and other immigrant youth have helped us understand the im-

•Parenting Wisely


Steven Ha

Prevention & Clinical Services Director (801) 467-6060

ESL & LIFE SKILLS DEPARTMENT Our mission is to enable our students to become self-sufficient

Our classes are taught by state board-certified instructors. To

and reach their full potential as members of our community. Our

ensure we are giving our students the best education services

ESL program is unique in the Salt Lake County area. The ESL

we limit our classroom sizes to twenty students. For our stu-

program is designed for all adults, of all nationalities. We wel-

dents who are working and are not able to attend daily classes,

come students from many different sources of referrals.

we offer flexible scheduling, personal weekly lesson appointments and classes at other locations and vworksites.

Our program features free or low-cost, full time or part time classes (up to 23 hours per week) which range from keyboard-

By improving our students English and knowledge of U.S. cul-

ing, basic grammar, internet lessons, employment search and

ture we will help prepare them to enter the job market, obtain

life skills.

a high school diploma or GED at a local program, become a U.S. citizen, enter college, and much more. With these skills we

hope to help families adjust to their lives in the U.S. We have found that parents who achieve these goals soon see our influence in their lives and futures of their children.


Marilyn Nu単ez

Department Director (801) 467-6060


XXXXXXXXX Department Director (801) 467-6060

INTERPRETING & TRANSLATING The Asian Association of Utah and RIC provides medical, edu-

Asian Association of Utah also provides on-site and phone in-

cational, occupational and court interpretative and/or transla-

terpreting services with minimum advanced notice. Most refu-

tion services to all refugees. Translation services can be provid-

gees and immigrants have language barriers and need inter-

ed to organizations and private individuals along with refugees.

preting services in order to access essential programs. They

This service provides comfort to refugees, letting them know

are unable to communicate with the providers without interpret-

that they have someone to help them feel at home in their new

ers. RIC Interpreting and Translation Services work to help all


who have English language barriers become integrated into the community through access to services and information.

RIC translators also translate all types of informal and official government documents. Interpreting and translating is avail-

RIC provides on-site language specific interpreting assistance

able in 45 different languages and dialects. The languages are

for refugees and immigrants. Interpreters adhere to RIC’s policy

as follows: Albanian, American Sign Language, Amharic, Ara-

of confidentiality and HIPPA regulations. Interpreters represent

bic, Swahili and more

each gender in each language. This is to accommodate sensitive cultural needs of clients.


Why? Why should I donate to this cause? This is why... The United Nations has officially declared that by the end of 2008 there are a total of 42 million forcibly displaced individuals worldwide. According to the UN 2008 Global Trends: Refugees, Asylum-Seekers, Returnees, Internally Displaced, and Stateless Persons report, 839,000 people submitted asylum applications and 121,000 refugees were presented for resettlement. The United States received only 60,200 refugees in the last fiscal year. We can do better that this with your help.


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