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CUCS Committee 2007-2008

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Arthur Shek Kristy Wong Clement Lau Clara Cheung Tinnie Chau John Chiu Phoebe Lau

Fitzwilliam Robinson Clare New Hall Gonville and Caius Churchill Newnham

Cambridge University Chinese Society Michaelmas Term, 2007

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Covers by Bryan Tsang

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A Word from the Editor First, thank you for reading the first issue of 劍映 in this academic year! Also I have to thank all members for letting me to take up this challenging role as an editor. Since this is my first time to publish a newsletter, I have learnt a lot throughout the editing and publishing process. This issue we decided to focus on two main topics: food and travel, two of the four important elements in our daily life: 衣食住行. Same as ar C’s newsletter last year, we have active contributions from our fellow members. A special thanks to all the writers namely Koel, Jeremy, Cherry, Flora, Leslie, Bryan (who has designed the covers as well), Clara, Tinnie and Francisco. Finally, I hope you will all enjoy this newsletter. Should you have any suggestions or interesting materials to share with our fellow members, please feel free to contact me any time at

John Chiu Publicity Officer 18-9-2007

Cambridge University Chinese Society Committee 2006-2007 and 2007-2008

President Arthur Shek Fitzwillium College Economics-year 2

President’s Word Hi everyone! A very warm welcome on behalf of the whole CUCS committee! I am Arthur, and I will be serving you as President of CUCS for the coming year. My job is to lead the committee into realising my visions towards the society and to maximise the welfare of all our members. To those who don’t know me, I do economics at Fitzwilliam College. Apart from studying, my greatest passions are football, computer games, magic tricks, and playing the violin, so hopefully you won’t find me too boring =) This year we have set very high aims for our society and I am confident that you guys will enjoy the activities that we have planned for you. Through our events I hope you will be able to strike up lifelong friendships with other members in our Chisoc family, have lots and lots of fun, and find those memories which will define your colourful journey through Cambridge. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my committee members for their hard work and dedication for Chisoc, especially JohnJohn for taking up the responsibility to publish this magazine. I am sure we will work together seamlessly in the coming year to take Chisoc to new heights.

Wish you all a joyful and successful year!

Vice President Kristy Wong Robinson College NatSci (Biological)-year 2

Hi everybody I am Kristy, the Vice President of CUCS. I am mainly responsible for the administrative work of the committee and the welfare of our fellow society members. So if you have any problems, especially freshers, please don’t hesitate to contact me or your “parents” that we assigned to you. If at any point of your life, you’ve worried about your social life disappearing after coming into Cambridge, don’t worry! We are here to assure you that you will see the best of all Cambridge during this coming year. Just pop into our events ranging from night punting to career fairs! And we promise to help you find the best side of University life. May I wish you all a prosperous upcoming year.

Treasurer Clement Lau Clare College Engineering-year 2

Hi all! I am Clement, your CUCS treasurer. So basically I am the ‘money guy’ and you guys don’t even dare to owe ChiSoc any event fees or otherwise you will be deeply disturbed XD Anyway, hope you all can have a (or another) fantastic year in Cambridge :) Freshers don’t need to feel panic or worried. See? All of we second years somehow managed to survive. Feel free to find me if you need someone to talk to. Of course, joining our events is certainly a good way to get used to the uni life and meet new friends. Looking forward to seeing you in the upcoming events!

Internal Secretary Clara Cheung New Hall NatSci (Biological)-year 2

Hello! I am Clara, the Internal Secretary of CUCS. I deal with the society’s paperwork and send weekly emails to members. You will be informed of updated Chi Soc events and career opportunities through the emails, please do not be afraid to click the ‘reply’ button for enquiry! A new year is always a good time to explore new things and meet new people, we hope to bring you exciting activities to spike your university life up! It was great meeting the freshers at O camp, I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces riding bikes around Cambridge very soon. Good luck and have fun in the coming year!

External Secretary Tinnie Chau Gonville and Caius College NatSci (Biological)-year 2

YO! I’m Tinnie, the external secretary of Chi Soc 2007. My job is mainly to link the members of the society to external organisations. I have been known as the ‘CEO’ (Chief Entertainment Officer) by our members since my first step into Cambridge. So do feel free to drop me a call or send me an email when you are really not tolerating the boredom in Cambridge. I have plenty of alcohol in stock. On behalf of the society, we are proposing a day trip to Alton Towers on one of the weekends. Wish you all a great start to the LIFE at Cambridge—if there’s one =P and I’m very much looking forward to meeting you again at Cambridge.

Publicity Officer John Chiu Churchill College Engineering-year 2

Hi all, this is John, a name which is a bit too short for people to say. Maybe that’s why people tend to call me Johnjohn instead. I’m the Publicity Officer of ChiSoc, I’m responsible for all the society’s publications, especially 劍映, which will be published twice a year. If you wish to contribute any ideas or materials to our next issue, do let me know! To all freshers: Cambridge is a place where you can work hard and play hard. Since school terms are short, so I suggest you all to seize every opportunity to try new stuff. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you need any help. I hope you will all have a great time in Cambridge!

Sports Secretary Phoebe Lau Newnham College NatSci (Physical)-year 2

Dear all, I am Phoebe from Newnham college. I m a second year Physical Natural Scientist. Many of you might have known me thought orientation camp and annual dinner and gathered that I’m a sports enthusiast. I hope to provide you all with a variety of sporting events and opportunity to indulge yourselves in the excitement of sports with your friends every weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing you all in Saturday’s basketball and badminton sessions as well as football training on Sundays.

Sub-committee Design Consultant Bryan Tsang Pembroke College Architecture-year 2 As the design officer I am responsible for the artwork involved in the publication of the newsletter. Feel free to contact me if you would like to contribute artwork or if you have any suggestions!

Web Master Aaron Chan Fitzwilliam College Mathematics-year 2 Hi, I am Aaron, reading Maths in Fitzwilliam. I am one of the subcommittee this year who is responsible for all CUCS official website related works. If you want to make any comments or suggestions on our website, feel free to contact me on or any other way you can think of. I hope you all have a great year in Cambridge.

These posts are currently empty and are open to all of you. The requirements are stated obviously by the title itself. if you wish to apply for this post, feel free to email Kristy Wong at

Mandarin Officer Post-Grad officer


ChiSoc Events


Churchill formal 13-2-2007

The Churchill formal was held on the day before The Valentine’s Day. Over 30 members had a taste of “good” food without the restrain of a gown. In the spacious hall of this modern College, exciting members were showing their pennying skills as usual and everyone had an enjoyable time.

CNY dinner 18-2-2007

Chinese New Year is one of the most important Chinese festivals. In order to let our members celebrate this wonderful festival in Cambridge, last year CUCS organized a dinner, with all the food prepared and cooked by last year’s committee members. After the dinner we played various games, including solving riddles (燈謎). All of us have got a good start in the new year!


Variety Show 2007- ENTwineD 3-3-2007


-show is an annual flagship event of CUCS and this year our theme was ‘ENTwineD’ (半醉人間). It was held at Wolfson Hall of Churchill College on 3rd of March 2007. The show was a tremendous success and has attracted over 300 audiences, from Cambridge and other UK universities. As its name has stated, the show consists of a large variety of items: singing, dance, play, fashion show, juggling, unplugged band, video production, musical, game show and band.

Each item is linked with alcohol and has its own item leader(s). Nearly everyone was involved in the show and thanks to the hard work of everyone; the show was able to be launched in such a tight schedule. Carry on with the good work and we are looking forward to seeing you in next year’s V-show! Check out the V-show 2007 website to find out more: http://www.srcf.ucam. org/vshow/ Clement Lau Vice Producer



tepping forward to be the Producer of “Entwined� was definitely one of the best decisions I made in Cambridge. From the elections to the after party, it had never been easy. I went through all kinds of ups and downs emotionally but ultimately the satisfaction of seeing everything fall perfectly into place on the night made it all worth. Many invaluable friendship bonds were formed during the process and the sense of unity within the Chisoc family was strengthened as we all did our part towards our common goal of producing the best Vshow in UK. Behind the scenes of the superb performances on stage were hours and hours of tiring rehearsals and sometimes frustrating meetings, and I would like to thank you all again from the bottom of my heart for going through all of it with passion and devotion. And to freshers, I strongly recommend you to take the initiative to participate in this amazing and rewarding event which will definitely have a place in your best memories in Cambridge.


Arthur Shek Producer

V show After party @ soul tree The Vshow was a great success and same as all great shows, it was followed by a even more successful after party. We managed to book the whole penthouse of the best club at Cambridge – Soul tree! at a ridiculously low price exclusive to our own that night, which allowed us to let everyone in for FREE, embracing both the audience & performers into the joy of the party. Under the influence of drinks on special offer and the super high levels of adrenaline that seems to linger in the blood vessels of everyone… let’s just say that not many people managed to walk out straight that night.

AGM 9-3-2007

Innovative candidates handling tough questions raised by our members are always the main focus in our AGM – Annual General Meeting. AGM is one of the most important events of CUCS, which gives the current committee a night to summarise the work they have done throughout the year (and the 06-07 committee did a great job indeed!), and the members can witness the handover of the committee each year after the election that takes place at the same night. This year we have got 9 candidates running for 7 positions. After hours of questions-firing session, the new 0708 CUCS committee was elected. Take a look at the first few pages to find out who they are!


Annual Dinner UK@Selwyn College 10-3-2007

This year’s annual dinner was held in Selwyn College the day after ChiSoc’s AGM. This dinner marks the transition from the old committee to the new committee. Over 80 members gathered in the hall of Selwyn College enjoying their lavish three course meal. There was an excessive amount of alcohol on the committee table and pennies were flying all from around. The dinner was fabulous overall and we got too excited at the end that we were banned from Selwyn this year!

Football Varsity 29-4-2007

After our 5:1 thrashing of Oxford Hong Kong football team in last year’s varsity match, an unofficial rematch was organized two months later. We did not have a full squad because of the short notice and our players were badly affected by the pitch conditions as our ‘white rice fish’ sports shoes were not suited to the slippery astro turf surface. Despite a respectable performance by our team, we lost 2:0 to our rival in a tight, physical contest. We treated the Oxford team to beer and a meal in ‘Gum Ling’ Chinese restaurant later in the evening. With the addition of several quality freshers this year, I have every optimism that we will have our revenge in next year’s varsity match.

Basketball Varsity (cancelled) 6-5-2007

Despite of the fact that Oxford couldn’t make their basketball team to Cambridge, we had pre-exam basketball session to reanimate ouselves instead.

Football Tournament (cancelled) 16-6-2007 16

According to the tradition of our Chinese Society, a 5-a-side football tournament would have been held in June right after our exams. But unfortunately, it had to be postponed to next term because of the pouring rain.

Joint Society Garden party 17-6-2007 If the typical Cambridge tripos exam period is classified as hell, then perhaps the Garden party hosted during May Week could be classified as heaven. Held on the famous suicide Sunday, there were 2 other HUGE garden parties held on the same day (competition competition!). Yet this didn’t stop our members from supporting us, as ~40 of us gathered together chilling out on the grassy grounds of Robinson garden. A selection of bites were provided after hours of hard work from our very own CUCS + CAS chefs. The quality has been proven be to extremely high as the food managed to vanish in 5 mins (or perhaps it’s just guys being hungry). All was washed down by a range of juices, fresh fruit punches and the must-have of all garden parties – ice cold beer. The afternoon breezed by with a series of games and music from CB3 (our very own band). Not bad for a post exam chill out eh*

The F Word @ Finds 11-8-2007

You can FEEL the heat at your FINGERTIPS at FINDS that night. ‘The F Word’, our joint-university clubbing party was presented by University of Cambridge, Oxford, Chicago and Michigan on the 11th August. With an overwhelming number of supporters and shooting bar sales, the dance floor was jam-packed with red and smiling faces. This event did help to boost reputation and ticket sales did reveal that Cambridge people are not entirely nerds! With the FLIRTACIOUS music and FAST FLOW of the rhythm, it was easy to both FIND and FORGET, nevertheless, I am sure everyone brought home a FOND memory of the night.


Premiere @ Dragon-i 27-8-2007

Our second clubbing event ‘Premiere’ was held in the glamorous Dragon-I @ LKF. With a trademark red carpet and models zooming in-and-out on the dance floor, this party was highly popular among the English universities. With dazzling faces and classily dressed company, many would have found new friends that night. Many freshers have appeared supportively at Dragon-I and they contributed greatly to the success of the party on top of the cheerful ticket sales. Keep the party going people!

Annual Dinner HK@ Marco polo hongkong hotel 31-8-2007

Our flagship event, the Hong Kong Annual Dinner 2007 was held in the glorious setting of the Marco Polo HongKong Hotel this year. More than 100 freshers, current students, and alumni enjoyed the wonderful company and also the scrumptious Chinese banquet. We were honoured to have Mr. Wong Yan Lung, the Secretary of Justice of Hong Kong to be our guest speaker, and he delivered an light-hearted but inspiring speech which provided much good for thought. The evening concluded with our ever-popular games session where our students displayed both their wit and intellectual capacity. A very enjoyable evening!


Orientation Camp 2007 YMCA Wu Kai Sha Youth Village 10-12/9/2007 I know your name. We’ve shaken hands before, but I don’t remember – you must be in Engineering. It’s the safest bet anyway. Why do you remember everything about me, but I don’t seem to recall a thing? Oh of course, you must be one of the Tony’s. No, you can’t be, I think I’ve got all the Tonys – Tonies – straight, so you must be… Anthony, same thing. Or… Henry. Why does Cambridge attract a certain small finite set of names? I keep getting them mixed up! And after two years’ studying abroad, all Chinese boys look exactly the same… Oh no, you’re a second year?! I hope you didn’t realise that I thought you were a fresher for the first half of the conversation… * * * * Fresher woes. O-Camp – the trials and triumphs of having to place 70 names to 70 faces to 70 courses to 70 colleges, in 3 short days and 2 long nights. Of endeavouring to appear sociable and friendly, while in fact forever struggling to find the next sentence to say before he finishes his sentence, dreading the inevitable Dead Air – and wishing life were like Facebook where you get all the time in the world to try and resurrect your half of the conversation. Of hoping, above all, that I’m not the only one.


* * * We’re having lunch in Café de Coral. It’s crowded, and our team is scattered over a few tables. Another guy on my team sits down in the empty seat next to me. We’re on the same team, and we spent the last half hour obsessively folding stars out of paper strips together. I know him, he’s a mathmo, at least we have something in common. But I can’t think of anything to say. Oh no, if I don’t say something, he’s going to think I’m inch. People always think I’m inch because I come from DGS and don’t talk to people. This is O-Camp, I’m supposed to socialise… Thank goodness he’s not opposite, so our eyes don’t have to meet. Oh, I wish he would say something, anything. “So… how was your summer?” I almost laugh with relief. Phew! Sure, that was the most mundane thing to say, I could have thought of that, but why didn’t I think of that? This guy’s a genius! Yingxin Jiang

Future Events 20

Summer fiesta boat trip Societies Fair Freshers’ Squash Night Punting


The answer is at the back~


Scientist’s Corner!


, 一條繩索垂入海 底,到達三千米 時,會因繩索本身的重 量而折斷。現在以相同 材料,制作一條比之前 粗四倍的繩索。那麼, 這條繩索可深入海底多 少米呢?


, 大型噴射機在即將離開地 面,和位於離地面一百米平 行飛行的噴射機,那一個在地 面上投下的影子比較大呢?


, 圖中是空中表演圖片,現 在鞦韆大幅振動,到振幅 的最高點的一瞬間放手,則會 從圖的那一方落下?


, 有一個人在高山 上秤蘋果,發覺 蘋果在山上比在地面 上輕。那麼,蘋果在 礦井底下比地面輕或 是重呢?(暫不考慮地 球自轉)


The answers are at the back~ 取自田中之 <<創意科學謎題I,II>>

Food Matters!


Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Flora Yu


he origin of burger attribute to the Russian tundra about a million years ago. The nomadic Mongolian and Tartar warriors with a penchant for raw steaks, softened their fillets by placing them under the saddles of their horses on their way to war. At meal times, the filet having been tenderized on horseback, would be eaten raw. Fast forward a million years later, the burger has increased its span of variation and luckily us, too, have become more civilized. Lurking in the quiet corner after Pizza Hut, GBK is ready to serve its customers. The airy and well-illuminated setting gives you the right set of mind for new touches to traditional warriorsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; food.


Besides its adventurous catering style, another noticeable specialty of GBK is its portion size. The 4-inch-tall burger is a solid but satisfying eat. The fluffy sesame-flecked bread, the prime quality of its fillings, the relish and sauces are just neat. And if the burger wasn’t enough, feel free to order chips, salad or milkshake. Spoilt for choice? Ask a member of their friendly staff who would be more than willing to help you. Whether it’s just a break from the pub-scene smoking, or the all too familiar meal deal menu, GBK may not be a bad place for gatherings or a grab and go. Kiwiburger Scotch beef, beetroot, egg, pineapple, cheese, salad & relish Thai Chicken Chicken breast, Thai red curry sauce, grilled pineapple & salad Chicken Camembert & Cranberry chicken breast, camembert, cranberry sauce & salad Chicken Avocado & Bacon chicken breast, avocado, streaky bacon, salad & relish Chorizo Spicy Spanish sausage, sweet potato, rocket, tomato & relish Venison Fresh Venison, spiced red currant & cranberry sauce & salad Aubergine & Goat’s Cheese (v) Aubergine, goat’s cheese, sun-blushed tomatoes, mixed leaf salad & relish Gourmet Burger Kitchen 43-45 Regent Street, Cambridge, CB2 1AB Telephone: (01223) 312 598 Fax: (01223) 313 198


TIRAMISU – Blessing from Heavenly Tuscany


your eyes there lies a verdurous expense of montane pasture, set against a glaciated mountain range, towering into the softest yet richest shade of powder blue. A gush of light Alpine air cleanses the mind of worldly thoughts, and the fertile strips of rolling foothills are caressed by ephemeral rivulets singing nature’s lullaby during the most peaceful of springtime days as they explore the gentle valleys. As you drift along this temperate European Shangri-la at the periphery of the cradle of the ancient Roman civilization, a healthy dairy cow strolls leisurely into view. An indige-


Koel Ko nous gamut of fragrant herbs, crystal clear water source and the inexhaustible abundance of top-notch fodder bestows a luscious taste to the milk of these fortunate animals. There you have it – you find yourself in Tuscany, a peaceful province in Northwestern Italy lucky enough to boast the invention of the world’s most heavenly dessert – whereas a minute ago you were sitting at some friend’s dinner table after a satiating meal for want of some unidentifiable ingredient key to the consummation of a perfect gathering! This luxurious gift from heaven is Tiramisu, otherwise

The origins of Tiramisu may have dated from the Renaissance, when Italians worked out impromptu an ingenious way of preserving dairy products on their way to expiry – with modest addition of liqueur the cream can be kept fresh for much longer. There are stories in which Tiramisu features as an aphrodisiac, yet unfounded as tales are, nobody would be surprised if women in the medieval times would have loved to share their passion for this dessert with their husbands! known as “Tuscan Truffle”. Those who have merely treated themselves with a fleeting spoonful of Tiramisu will realise that an overwhelming pleasure enveloping all their five senses would send the pickiest gourmet spiraling limp to the floor in elation, while his soul embarks upon a splendid journey miles into the surrealistic castle in the clouds. How could a humble smear of Tiramisu escalate the notion of a simple mixture of raw eggs, ladyfingers, whipping cream, cocoa and espresso coffee into


m o s t sought-after dessert of all times? The answer resides both in the lavish dose of Marsala wine, Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, Myer’s Rum or in fact any spirits you dare to experiment with, and the soul of tiramisu – Mascarpone cheese, a smooth, creamy cheese that blends the fragrance of alpine herbs with the modest sweetness of quality milk from cows tenderly cared for by Italian farmers. A modest fat content of 45-75% in Mascarpone may put dedicated dieters off put


one spoonful of this addictive mix, but no – one simply cannot wait to indulge in a world of Hansel and Gretel where all the houses are made of Tiramisu! To treat your family and friends and yourself with Ti- Recipe: ramisu, the procedure is sim- Eggs (4) ple and enjoyable – production Sugar (6 big spoonfuls) line starts with isolating the egg Mascarpone Cheese (450 g) yolks and mixing in a generous Whipping Cream (250 g) smidgen of sugar, beating this Liqueur (1/4 glass) Espresso Coffee (1/2 Glass) up to a fine cream then adding Rum (Suit yourself) in the mascarpone cheese. After smoothening this already richly tasty paste, sequentially mix in beaten whipping cream, and then the egg white from previously opened eggs beaten till completely raised. With this light golden source of happiness beside you and a cocktail of espresso coffee, rum and brandy (or liqueur of your choice) concocted in your favoured proportions, there remains the architectural art of layering ladyfingers at spaced intervals, then filling in the concrete mixture and gracing the top with an ecstatic amount of cocoa powder, and repeating for two or three layers as appropriate.


Try it out and you’ll be surprised at how easy and fun it is!



紅豆沙是一款相當通行的中式甜點/糖水,也 是我的最愛。(我超級超級鍾意食呀!!)但 從前在香港與友人通宵耍樂時,每每做的,只 會是椰汁西米露或腐竹雞蛋糖水。因為這兩款 做起來都快靚正~ 不知道是否因為劍橋的空氣太散慢,令人做出 一些平日不會做的事來;還是因為真的是“此 物最相思(鄉)”?在Michaelmas Term學期 末的某天,某人昂首踏“車”,前往於Mill Road的中國超級市場,憑著依稀的記憶及諮詢 了老闆娘的意見,買了成份所列的材料,煮了 她第一窩蓮子百合紅豆沙。然後四方城的弟兄 們不幸地當了白老鼠也不知道。XD XD XD XD XD XD XD 圖一

Lent Term還受 CUMaS之邀,幫 他們的Malaysian Food Feast 做 甜品 – 馬來 西亞式的紅豆 沙。那是一段 有趣的經歷 ~:)


蓮子百合紅豆沙 成份: (5-6人) 名稱 紅豆 (Red Bean)

份量 1包

蓮子 百合 陳皮 冰糖 水

少許 少許 少許 1盒 15± 2碗

(Lotus Seed) (Lily bulb) (orange peel) (Sugar)

備註 在Sainsbury也有發售,但價錢較 貴。 通常以包裝發售,1包能作多次 用。買蓮子時盡量買已去心的。 找不到用砂糖亦可 視乎個人喜好,適量調校。(多 水較稀,少水較漿。)

以上材料均可在劍橋的中國超級市場購買 做法: 1. 先將紅豆隔夜在平底煲浸泡,見發漲即可。圖一可見發 漲了的紅豆,那是過百人的份量啊~ 2. 於平底煲注入大概15碗水,煮沸。或用電水煲先將水煮 沸再注入平底煲。 3. 把浸泡過的紅豆輕放進沸騰的水裏。大火煮至沸騰後, 轉用文火煮約半小時,不時用大湯匙攪拌。 4. 加入洗淨的陳皮,蓮子和百合,文火再煮約半小時,不 時用大湯匙攪拌。 5. 最後放進冰糖,份量視乎個人喜好而定(記住試未啊~ ~)。待所有冰糖均融入後,用大湯匙拌勻,便可熄火備用。


備註1:千祈千萬不可以省略第一步,要不然煲十世都煲不 成“沙”!!!!!!!(數下有幾多個感嘆號就知有幾重要 啦,1個為滿分!) 備註2:現在市面的蓮子大多是已去心的。但如果不想糖水變 苦水,蓮子買回來清洗時,最好再多檢查一次,把蓮心(綠色 的)挑走。(偈後語“啞子吃黃蓮”的啞子便是吃了未去心的 蓮子了XD XD) 備註3:放紅豆,陳皮,蓮子,百合或冰榶時,離水面愈近愈 好。離水面太高,平底煲就會高唱何詩詩名曲-水花四濺。如 果無信心,在放材料進水前,先把火關掉,待材料沈澱後才再 開火。

Leslie咋咋呧學整蛋糕  之 Chocolate Bailey’s Cheese Cake篇^^ Leslie處男作,“焗”Chocolate Bailey’s Cheese Cake。 在眾多芝士蛋糕的口感中,我最欣 賞的是New York Cheese Cake被焗出來的口感。至 於味覺享受,Bailey’s Chocolate Cocktail實 在是 Homemade Cocktail 之最>< 可惜一般Bailey’s Cheese Cake都不會被焗,而會用魚膠粉使 蛋糕固體化。上網找“焗” Chocolate Bailey’s Cheese Cake食譜卻往往不識合身處劍橋的蛋糕新 手使用。以下食譜是專為身處劍橋的蛋糕新手而設 ^^ 希望可以為大家平日苦悶的日子帶來些 微甜蜜啦 ^^ 友情提示:我曾經把弄好的Cheese Cake 放在Newnham College某 Kitchen 雪櫃裡,打算雪過 夜… 第二日發現個Cheese Cake 比人偷左去… (好食 都可以留番D比我掛)=_=” 材料: • 7-8 塊消化餅 • 60g 牛油 • 400g 忌廉芝士 (Philadelphia Cream Cheese) • 125g 沙糖 (Caster Sugar) • 2隻蛋 • 25g 可可粉 (Cadbury Baking Chocolate Powder) • 70ml 百利甜酒 (Mini Bailey’s) • 裝飾用:士多啤利+朱古力碎+(奇異果,你喜 歡啦^^)


製作步驟: • 忌廉芝士室溫攤軟1小時 • 之後.預熱焗爐170ºC

一半蛋液倒進Mixing Bowl 內 • 用攪拌機再攪Mixing Bowl 兩 分鐘... (分開兩次攪... 蛋 糕會更加滑^^) 餅底製作: • 把可可粉倒進Mixing Bowl • 將所有消化餅放進一個透明膠• 用攪拌機攪Mixing Bowl 直到 袋,並把消化餅打碎成粉末, Mixing Bowl 內Mixture 顏色 把餅碎倒進蛋糕模 完全一致... • Microwave一碗60g牛油30 • 把Bailey’s倒進Mixing Bowl 秒,把牛油完全溶解 • 用攪拌機攪Mixing Bowl 直到 Mixing Bowl 內Mixture 顏色 • 把牛油和餅碎混在一起 完全一致... • 用spoon 把牛油和餅碎壓成一 層平坦的餅底 • 把Mixing Bowl 內的Mixture 倒進蛋糕模 • 把蛋糕模放進雪櫃裡10分鐘 • 把蛋糕模放進焗爐中層,焗大 餡料製作: 概30分鐘 (越小的焗爐須時 越短) • 蛋黃連蛋白發好兩隻蛋,把蛋 液放進一個小碗內 • (當手指輕觸蛋糕表層而不再 黏手時或蛋糕出現小裂痕就代 • 把忌廉芝士放進1個Mixing Bowl 表蛋糕已被焗夠) • 不要開動攪拌機!!! 用攪拌機• 把蛋糕放進雪櫃雪一晚 (最小 先插實Mixing Bowl 內的芝 4小時) 士,然後才開動攪拌機 (如果• 裝飾: 不這樣做的話那些芝士會飛到• 雪完後蛋糕表面會出現裂痕 整個廚房!!!) • 大家可隨意運用各樣裝飾物來 裝飾蛋糕 • 把芝士攪到軟為止 (大概要攪 一分鐘...) • 本人建議用士多啤利+奇異果 • 把沙糖放進同1個Mixing Bowl 完成^^ • 用攪拌機把沙糖和芝士混合一 起... 直到你見不到固體一粒 粒沙糖為止 • 從小碗裡把一半蛋液倒 進Mixing Bowl 內 • 用攪拌機攪Mixing Bowl 兩分鐘... • 從小碗裡把剩餘


叉燒for CARE-less

Jeremy Ma

材料: 豬肉一舊. 叉燒醬一樽 造法: 先幫豬肉煎皮拆骨, 再將豬肉用叉燒醬醃大約一小時 再放入焗爐焗至全熟(即係切開一半都係熟既)即可食用 (注意: 可食用不代表好食!)

Advancing叉燒 (4-6 人用) 材料: 豬肉一舊(星記pork joint),叉燒醬及蜜糖各 一樽 造法: 先將豬肉去皮, 切至半個 拳頭大(如果手細, 借人地 隻手一用)。再用蜜糖和叉 燒醬醃大約一小時 (如果 時間不容許, 可醃三十 分鐘quality應該唔 會減半),期間請 隨便替豬肉按摩 醃完之後放進 焗爐, 執行以 下程序: 1. 如果肉 表面的醬焗

乾而未有上色 (變到紅紅 地呢), 在表面加上叉燒醬 (不要按摩!!!!!) 2. 如果肉表面焗成紅 色, 將肉反轉, 然後repeat 1 3. 如果兩面都已焗成紅 色, 塗上蜜糖再焗幾分鐘, 完成!


決戰四方城 雀友C 受雀友J所託,小弟於此介紹一下我們雀友們 週五聚會的主要活動(除撲克外)-麻雀。 麻雀雖然變化無窮,但其實其原理極為簡 單。所有糊牌的牌型(除十三么及花糊外)都 是3-3-3-3-2的組合。碰(3隻牌一樣)或上(3隻牌 順序)組成每個3的組合, 加上一對眼(2隻牌一 樣)作為2的組合。 很多時候我們都會遇上叫幾飛(有幾隻牌都可 糊牌)的情況。如果看漏了,就白白浪費了糊 牌的機會了。以下有幾個叫糊的牌型,大家 來挑戰一下吧!

1題先來簡單一點 (提示:叫2飛)

一 一 一二二三四五六七 八 九九 萬 萬 萬萬萬萬萬萬萬萬 萬 萬萬

2題 (提示:叫5飛)

一 一 一二二三 三四五六七 八 九 萬 萬 萬萬萬萬 萬萬萬萬萬 萬 萬

3題 (提示:叫 8 飛)

一 一 一三三三 四五六七八 八 八 萬 萬 萬萬萬萬 萬萬萬萬萬 萬 萬 最後一題 (提示:這牌型叫做九蓮寶燈)

一 一 一二三 四五六七 八 九九 九 萬 萬 萬萬萬 萬萬萬萬 萬 萬萬 萬


The answers are at the back~



Bryan Tsang


hen it comes to summer travel, somehow Finland never seems to find itself to the top of the list of European destinations. Perhaps the bleak perception of the far north deters the odd traveller too easily, or maybe there is just not much of particular interest to see. Such were the thoughts in my mind when I hopped onto the 3-hour flight from Stansted to Helsinki. To be perfectly honest, if it weren’t for the architecture I would have probably gone somewhere else! All that I knew of Finland were saunas, forests, lakes and … that’s pretty much! However, after 10 days treading round the country, my initial stereotypes dissipated as I found myself in a land of truly stunning beauty and warm and friendly people. The capital Helsinki, where I began my trip, lies on the southern coast of the country. Originally just a small fishing village, Helsinki had undergone considerable development in the 19th century after being chosen to be the new capital under the Russian Empire. In the summer this coastal city teems with life as the café-lined streets bustle with tourists and street performers alike. The market place on the harbour front is especially buzzing,


with stalls selling traditional delicacies such as reindeer meat as well as a wide range of souvenirs. On the first day, having walked a long way with a poorly packed (and therefore heavy!) rucksack, I decided to sit down and have some of that fried fish at the fishmongerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s-finally a taste of Finland! Yet I never expected that the seagulls hovering above the stall were as hungry as I was and before long my feathered friends began attacking my fish (and me too)! Neglecting the embarrassment factor, eating food with one hand and the other fencing off aggressive birds turned out to be a memorable experience of some sort! Moving on from Helsinki, I spent a week or so travelling north along the western coast by train, stopping at several towns to look at buildings. Finland is often called a country of thousand lakes and islands, and there is no better way of experiencing this breathtaking scenery than by train. Looking out of the carriage window, gaps in the thick coniferous forests open up unexpectedly to vast expanses of lakes. Sometimes it could even be difficult to decipher which is the sky and which is the lake, until the solitary figure of a water skier breaks through the still waters. The odd surprise and tranquillity of the passing landscape made the long tedious train journeys a delightful experience. After all, how often does one have the time and peace to contemplate?


Through out the trip financial restraints left me no choice but to go for the cheapest accommodation. Although hostel dormitories are not the most attractive of places to stay, sometimes they do offer an ‘experience’ that hotels could not. The first night in Finland was highlighted with a bit of drama as one girl in the room kept shouting in her sleep! On the whole the hostels were decent, though many of them do not have locks for their toilets and showers; and never before until Finland have I got to use a bathroom with one hand clenching the door handle so tightly! Guess this is what they regard as open-mindedness in Scandinavia… The train gradually wound its way all the way up to Rovaniemi, a small town situated just outside the Arctic circle. There I took a bus to Santa’s village (Yes seriously it does exist!!) and entered the Arctic Circle – it felt a bit odd in the absence of icebergs and polar bears but replaced by ubiquitous midge clouds and elves sweating in their thick winter outfits! Having watched the midnight sun - which was like a sunset that just never managed to set – I journeyed back down to Helsinki, and was ready to go home! Though a bit shy, the Finns are in fact a very warm and helpful people. On a few occasions when I have


lost my way they have helped me patiently, and once I was even given a lift in a car to where I was going! Once you have engaged them in conversation you would be surprised at how chatty they could be! The trip to Finland concluded in a series of backaches, but all the chance encounters and discoveries along the way had made it worthwhile â&#x20AC;&#x201C; something to laugh over in the coming years I am sure. Located on the geographical periphery, Finland may not be the most eye-catching of travel destinations. But if you are looking for a place to relax and to daydream a bit, Finland would be a good place to go. It may take some time to discover the riches it has to offer, but these hidden treasures are well worth the wait.


~A short Tour Round Macau~

Tinnie Chau


acau, the ‘’Monte Carlo of the East’’, a lovely speck of China steeped in mixed history and culture. The Portuguese established the city of Macau in 1557 to be a trading post and a bastion of Christianity as well. Thus from the very beginning the fledging town was called “City of the Name of God, Macau”. The many catholic churches: St Paul’s Cathedral, Macau Cathedral, St Dominic Church, St Anthony, Guia Chapel and Lighthouse, etc. are dotted around the whole of Macau. With 66 stone steps leading to the facade, the ruin of St Paul’s Cathedral serves as a landmark of Macau. On the right of St Dominic Church is the main square, Largo do Senado, with its Portuguese pavement of wave-patterned stones and globular fountain. Further on is the famous street, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro (San Ma Lo). The narrow thoroughfare


stretches from the Avenida da Praia Grande to the Inner Harbour. In less than a mile the street offers a capsule commentary on Macanese life. At the beginning, note the mosaic-picture paving, potted plants and street lights in old lamplight style. An essential part of any Heritage Macau Travel is the A Ma Temple. This is the oldest of the three principal old temples of Macau. It already existed before the city of Macau came into being. May says that the name “Macau” was derived from the Chinese “A-Ma-Gau” meaning “Bay of A-Ma”, referring to AMa Temple. A more modern sight: The Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, the first theme park in Macau, is a place you should never miss in your stay in Macau. She commands attention with her colorful collection of architecture based on waterfront buildings from around the world. One can catch their first glimpse of scenes from what could be Miami, Rome, Old England, or even Mount Vesuvius and indulge oneself in such a culture mix during a night walk along the river bank. Recipes from Macau may include Macanese, Portuguese, Chinese food - with all its variety Cantonese, Shanghai, Sichuan, etc. and also Italian, American, and more. To find out where to eat, look out for ‘’the Menu of Macanese FOOD’’ in our next Issue of 劍映!


Costa Rica


Clara Cheung

aybe everyone who has been to Spanish-speaking places will feel this way— people are so incredibly friendly that they seem to take you as his best friend upon your first encounter. I have always a certain obsession with Latin American things, salsa, merengue, Shakira, tanned sexy brown skin, sun and white sand beaches, etc. What prompted me to join the International Student Volunteer Program was the prospect of living in an out-of-the-blue exotic country for a whole month. I bet there are people reading this article who do not know yet where Costa Rica is. The one week Spanish course, two weeks of community development project and two weeks adventure trip made the highlights of my summer. 1st week- Español Arriving at San Jose International Airport (capital of Costa Rica) without knowing a word in Spanish made me very out of place. I struggled without much success to introduce myself and explain why my flight was delayed at Miami for 3 hours to my host family. I managed to get by with an awkward dinner with lots of big smiles and a one-way conversation in my first night. However idiotic I was throughout the week I stayed at my Tico (Costa Rican) parents’ house, mixing up names of spoons and knifes, they still said I was special and were on the verge of tears when I had to leave. It was hard to believe how attached they were to me.


At Heredia (the ‘big’ city next to San Jose, even so, they are desperately in need of traffic lights to avoid pedestrians, mostly foreigners, to get hit by crazy cars), I attended my first Spanish lesson. I really did fell in love with that language. There is so much character and passion in it and so different from everything I know. I met curious people in town: the security guard who only says ‘Pura Vida’ (local jargon meaning ‘pure life’) and nothing else; the suspicious shopkeeper who keeps endangered species like toucans at his back storage; the fat lady who charges very arbitrary at the internet cafe and random people on the street who are absolutely fascinated by tourists and whistle and stare at us around every corner. I love Costa Ricans for their unsubtle emotions and unbelievably explicit amiability. The school offer Spanish dance classes in the afternoons and they brought us to a discotecque (a local dance club) on the Wednesday night. Dancing salsa and merengue and other queer

freestyle Latin American dances with the locals make you feel like you are the best dancer in the world. They make you do twists and turns, drops and spins like you are a natural born. By the end of the first week, I surprised myself by being able to make reasonable conversations with my host parents and bargain at local stores. 2nd & 3rd week- Community Project My second and third week in Costa Rican was one of the hardest times I have had. Arriving at Limon (the Southern coast of Costa Rica), I could hardly breath because the air became so saturated with humidity and heat. The eleven of us, together with our project leader Laura traveled for 6 hours on the bus to get to our project destination- an organic banana farm called El Yüe. We dragged our backpacks and luggage past fields of mud to get to the very unornamented wooden cabins we were to stay for two whole weeks. I remember taking a peek at our toilet and frowning at the prospect of taking cold showers for the next four weeks. On our first few days, we were made to carry heavy tree trunks which were cleared for better canopy growth. We had to carry hundreds of these chopped-down trees across the farm to a compost area, walking across muddy grounds with our heavy knee-high rubber boots. The clothes I wore for work were always sweaty and smelt so bad that I had to throw them away. We were taught how to build new cabins for volunteers. Using manual saws and rusty nails made our hands blistered. We had to be so careful of the splintering wooden planks and had to wear thick gloves to work. Later on in the week, we get more interesting tasks like planting medicinal plants, teaching local children basic English words and phrases, building a chicken coop and painting classrooms, iron bars and a mural (a big empty wall) at a local school. Talking about the school, I was so stunned by the way it is run. The ‘school’ basically contains two classrooms and a field for football. There are two teachers and only two classes can be run simultaneously, the rest of the students had to wait for their turn. What luxury we all are living in! Getting towards the end of our two weeks community project, I finally started to real-


ize the change we have made in the neighborhood. A new orchid nursery was built, hundreds of meters of disorganized and cluttered trails in the banana forest were cleared, lines of cucumber seeds were planted, the new volunteer cabin now had wooden walls and cute mosaic tiles laid carefully on clay. I have gained skills that made me a stronger person and gave me a stronger personality. These days, I am fine living with only an electric fan inside a mosquito net and I became such an expert in hammering, shoveling and pushing wheel-barrels. Most importantly, ugly crawling creatures cease to bother me as much! 4th & 5th week- Adventure Tour The last two weeks in Costa Rican was heaven. It made all the hard work worth it! When I say adventure, I mean REAL adventure, I mean waking up on an island next to the island where Jurassic Park was filmed and woken up by howler monkey screams every morning. I have never been so close to nature, the proximity to green rain forest trees, live iguanas and swinging white-faced monkeys, endangered sea turtles and rare toucans, free swimming whales and dolphins... impressed me like a new born baby looking at nature for the first time. Rappelling 80m down beside a waterfall took my breadth away when I almost lost my grip and thought I was going to freefall down to the bottom of the valley. White water rafting and zip-lining (see photos) were two of my favorite activities: Defeating the class IV rapids and zooming across vast forests made me feel like I was on top of the world and there is nothing else to fear. Challenges and new things did push my limits and I have grown so much in those five weeks. Meeting new people and exploring places made me realize this world is so much bigger, there is more learn, much more than from just books, lectures and internships. Joining the ISV Program to Costa Rica gave me some of the best experiences in my life, sometimes I really believe that we should grasp our youthful spontaneity and just go ahead and do whatever you want.


Last of all, when it comes to drinking and having fun, the group of Americans I was with were absolute specialists. There is a good cheap beer called â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Imperialâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; to get the party going if any of you decided to visit Costa Rica=)


Francisco Hoi


是一個充滿南歐浪漫風味的小城鎮,她 也是進出中國大陸的要門戶之一,因此 一直是國內外旅客前往的熱門旅遊地區。在這幾年 來,各航空公司的都不斷強力促銷澳門,方便了國內 外旅客的往來,加速澳門旅遊業的發展。無論是大三 巴牌坊或是葡式蛋塔,不僅是賽車或是賭場,甚至是 美味無比的葡國餐飲,都是澳門吸引世界所有遊客的 重點。 其中「賭」令澳門聞名於世,素有「東方蒙地卡羅」 之稱,現更有「東方拉斯維加斯」的美譽。現在我為 大家介紹幾間比較出名的賭場 永利澳門 (Wynn Macau) 渡假村娛樂場面積約10萬平 方尺,可容納200張賭檯及 350臺角子老虎機。而第二工 程將包括一個85,000平方尺、 能容納150張賭檯、500臺角 子老虎機以及運動博彩設施的 賭場。

澳門金沙娛樂場(Sands Casino) 現時為全球賭檯最多之賭 場。賭場總面積為229,000平 方英呎,合共設有740張中 西式賭檯、以及1254台角 子機。賭場內設有貴賓區域 「御匾會」(Paiza Club)、 非吸煙區「明珠坊」(Pearl


Room)、新增建位於2樓的「如意坊」(Level of Fortune),以及 於3樓的新設之”百樂坊”(Treasure Level)。

威尼斯人渡假村 (The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel) 現面積超過55,000平方米。 第一期有870張博彩桌以及 3,400台角子老虎機,是全亞 洲最大的娛樂場了。

新葡京酒店 (Grand Lisboa) 面積38,000平方米,和葡京酒 店以行人天橋及隧道連接,賭 場暫設240張賭檯及340台角 子機。

星際酒店 (StarWorld Hotel) 星際酒店娛樂場有兩個大型博 彩廳和貴賓樓層,面積達14萬 平方呎,共有近290張賭桌和 371台老虎機。


Answers Stereogram:

Scientist’s Corner: 1, 三千米 2, 一樣大 3, 2 4, 輕

決戰四方城: 1, 叫二、九萬 2, 叫一二三六九萬 3, 叫二三四五六七八九萬 4, 叫所有萬子! 不信可以自己來組合一下:)


大江南北 Chinese Experience Tel: 02074 370 377; 02074 370 378 Address: 118 Shaftesbury Avenue London W1D 5EP E-mail: Website:



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