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Claire Ptak is 38, originally from California and she is the owner of Violet. What was the inspiration to build this place? I had a market stall in Broadway Market and I did that for about 5 years. I was desperate to have a place that was there all the time, that didn’t have to set up and take down every Saturday. We still have the stall but it feels a lot easier having the shop so I think it was the natural progression from having the stall. What’s special about Violet? We bake everything here, its really a bakery, its small and open but all the cakes that we bake comes from this tiny kitchen and that’s pretty cool. Its on a really small quiet street, and people come and find us here from all over the world; from Japan, the US, its quite nice that people actually come and find us just right in the street I live in! What kinds of people come here? All kinds! People that are actually interested in nice food made from great ingredients. Also people that want appreciate coffee and that like the feel of the shop, feels really homey, cozy and warm! Tea or coffee? Coffee. I always think that I should be a tea person but I drink a lot of coffee! Double shot espresso and I little bit of milk, no sugar. I get the sugar for the cakes! What’s your background? I was a pastry chef in California, then I started doing the stalls and also I work as a food stylist. What do you like to do in your free time? I love walking my dog! What’s your favorite moment in the store? One thing I was really excited about was when Todd Selby came and photographed the store. He has become a really good friend since that, and got chosen to be in his book, which it was something I really admired.

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Cuchara Magazine Vol.1  
Cuchara Magazine Vol.1