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Alice is a 24 years old girl from south London and she is the café manager at Kahaila.

Joe is 26 and she lives in London but she is originally from Brighton.

What’s your favorite product? The cakes but the coffee is amazing too, I love it all!

What’s your position at the shop? I work as a part of the café staff but I also handle a part of the charity side of it at a prison.

What do you think is special about this place? That we are community focus, we are not for profit. We are trying to build a community and I think that is quite different, obviously coffee shops already have that vibe anyway but we are quite intentional by trying to get to know all the people that come in and give the people a nice experience and a bit of a community feel to it. What kind of people comes here? It varies, a lot of tourist but its 50/50. A lot of people that are studying and or have move to London to work, so not Londoners or British by nationality but people that now live here. At the weekend a lot of tourist that come on Sundays for the market.

Why did you start working here? I was part of the charity beforehand and I knew I wanted to start prison work but I needed money! So I started working here! It’s a way to join both things up. Your favorite product? I really like all the cakes! And the coffee! And the soup I’m a big fan of too. What is for you special about this place? I think its very friendly, cozy and I guess the charity side of it it’s a bit unusual as well. Tea or coffee? When I’m here coffee, at home tea.

Tea or coffee? Depends if I want a cuddle on a mug or a kick on the butt side. Haha!

What did you do before? I was a student for quite a long time, and then I did a lot of internships in politics and things like that.

What did you do before? I was a youth worker. What do you like to do in your free time? I dance and me and Joe are starting a band!

What do you like to do when you are not at work? The free time I have I like to watch films a lot and hang out with my housemates.

What’s your favorite moment at the shop? I love when people feel like they can open up to us. They just sort of find a space here where they can

What’s your favorite moment here? We put live events in the shop, sort of live exhibitions. We’ve done two of them and they went down

be themselves, be open and honest.

really well! 135 Brick Ln London, Tower Hamlets E1 6SB 020 7998 1388


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Cuchara Magazine Vol.1