CU CHAMPION 2019 Output & Outcome

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CU CHAMPION 2019 Community Outreach Program : Output & Outcome

Learning Objectives in 2019 ● ● ● ●

Geriatric Care Health Literacy Medication Safety Cardiovascular Diseases

Service Learning Components ● ● ●

Lectures of the objectives Scenario Discussion Health check equipment training ● ● ●

Prepared by teachers of each discipline Slides, animations, & readings Students Learning Evaluation & Feedbacks ● ● ●

Serve with peers of all disciplines Applied skills and knowledge Interact with actual patients, evaluate their needs & provide immediate help

Disciplines in 2019

Pharmacy 藥劑

Medicine 醫學

Nursing 護理

Chinese Medicine 中醫

Social Work 社工

Biomedical Sciences 生物醫學

Public Health 公共衛生

Gerontology 老年學

Community Health Practices 社區健康

Food & Nutritional Sciences 食品及營養

Core Team 2019 Internal Team

Resource Team

- Volunteers Recruitment & Management - Team Affairs - Events Management

- Equipment Coordination - E-learning Management - Training Workshop Logistic

External Team

Research Team

- Promotion - Service Logistic - Social Network Platforms Management

- Prepare service questionnaire - Data Collection and Analysis

Volunteers Oct 2018 - Sep 2019





CUHK Students

High-school Students (Champ)

Local Volunteers in Sham Shui Po

Health Care Professional

CUHK Student Volunteers






Nursing & Gerontology

Public Health & Community Health Practice



28 23


Chinese Medicine

Biomedical Sciences

Social Work

Food & Nutritional Sciences


CHAMP 2019: Teenagers’ involvement Comprehensive Health And Mentorship Program ● ● ● ● ●

● ●

Carmel Pak U Secondary School ○ (迦密柏雨中學) Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School ○ (長沙灣天主教英文中學) Diocesan Girls' School ○ (拔萃女書院) Heep Yunn School ○ (協恩中學) New Territories Heung Yee Kuk Yuen Long District Secondary School ○ (新界鄉議局元朗區中學) S.K.H. Tsang Shiu Tim Secondary School ○ (聖公會曾肇添中學) Wah Yan College Kowloon ○ (九龍華仁書院)

Output in Community


57 39%

61% From Summer Outreach

From Fall, Winter, Spring Outreach

3723 81%



Children & Adults

● Duration: Jun 2018 - Dec 2019 ● District: Sham Shui Po district ○ Aging community ○ Problems on medication safety ● Service target: Elderly and local residents ● Funded by Community Investment And Inclusion Fund (社區投資共享基金)

計劃目標 推動社區參與






提升社區整體的健康意識 和疾病管理知識


組織護老者成立家訪隊、大學 生及中學生成立外展服務隊


建立跨界別協作平台,促進義 工、社福機構、醫療的專業人員 及地區持分者的聯繫和交流

深水埗區全民關注健康日 Health Awareness Day

17/11/2018 @ 長沙灣天主教中學 • Health check 健康檢查 • Game booth 攤位遊戲 • Workshop


• Mini-lecture



健康教育講座 Public Lecture Multiple health topics • Skin problems 皮膚問題 • Pain management 痛症處理 • “Three highs” 三高 • Medication safety 藥物安全 By • Pharmacists • Nurses • University students

藥劑師 護士 大學學生 14

社區護老者訓練 Caregiver Training

• BP Monitoring 血壓檢查 • Medication safety 藥物安全

• Social Welfare and Resources 社 會資源 • Home visit technique 家訪技巧


家居訪問 Home visit

• • • •

4 rounds of home visit were held in March and May 2019 2019年3及5月舉行共4次家訪 141 households were visited 共探訪141名長者


跨專業轉介及諮詢 Inter-professional referral and consultation

• • •

Social Worker 社工 Pharmacist 藥劑師 Chinese medicine practitioner 中醫師 17

H.E.A.T Health-literacy Empowerment and Assessment Team

About HEAT Train university students to deliver health education in the community and empower health literacy among older population in Hong Kong. The ultimate goals include: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Improve CUHK students’ technique in delivering health education to community older adults in plain and understandable language. Train students to organize and conduct community workshop to promote health literacy and education Enhance older adults’ health literacy and their ability to take charge of their own health. Empower older adult’s awareness toward available health resources in the community.

To learn more about HEAT, please visit :

Output of HEAT Topics ●

High blood pressure, high cholesterol and


high blood sugar, and Healthy Diet (三高與健康飲食) ●

Trained Volunteers

Medication Safety (藥物安全)

Use of Elderly Health Care Voucher (善用醫療券)

Prevention of Fake News (提防假新聞)



Community Partners

Elders Participated

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Health & Medication Safety Education

Basic Health Check

Professional Health & Drugs Consultation

Summer Community Outreach Service

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● ● Health Game

Health Interview

Our major event every year City-wide health service for elderly Students apply health knowledge from workshop and e-learning

Partners’ Services CU CHAMPION participated in community partners’ services.

❏ 香港聖約翰救傷隊少青 團健康家庭同樂日2019 ❏ 賽馬會e健樂電子健康管 理計劃「 全民關注血壓 月」 ❏ 香港醫學會 : 社居耆健 醫學堂葵涌長者探訪

Outcomes on Students’ Learning Percentage change in Healthcare Knowledge Score Among University and High-school student volunteers (Pre/Post test)

Healthcare Knowledge Change


28%* University Students

High-school Students

Significant improvement (p <0.001)

Significant improvement (p <0.001)

*Valid response: University student n = 81 High-school student n = 74

Before joining the program, we have designed a short online quiz to test the participants about some current health issues in Hong Kong. Questions pertaining to the Elderly Healthcare Voucher Scheme, Chinese Medicine Principles, common diseases in elderly and medication use have been asked. After four workshops and at least three practical summer outreach sessions, we observed a significant improvement, which reveals that participants actually acquired more healthcare knowledge via our program.

Impact on Students’ Learning Percentage change in Self-Rated Knowledge Level Among University and High-school student volunteers Understanding Elderly’s Needs

9.8% University Students

Significa nt improve ment (p <0.05) High-school Students


Medication safety



University Students

High-school Students

*Valid response: University students n = 89 High-school students n = 83

Geriatric Care

17.2% University Students

37.6% High-school Students

Significant improvement (p <0.05)

● ●

Participants are required to self-rate themselves in different aspects before and after the summer outreach. By participating in four workshops and summer outreach sessions which delivers health knowledge such as western and Chinese medicine and practical skills in using monitoring machines like blood pressure monitoring and ECG tools, we observed a significant improvement in numerous aspects, especially in geriatric care as our target of service are elders.

University Students’ E-Learning Experience ●

E-learning platform has been established for self-learning.

We observed a majority of participants spending around 1 to 2 hours per week in finishing online quizzes and visits out E-learning platform.

With 2 hours average spending per week, it is significant that improvement on healthcare knowledge has been achieved.

15% Think E-learning assisted in their learning with an average spending 1-2 hours per week Significant improvement (p <0.05)

University Students’ Interprofessional Education

67% ● Improved attitude towards interprofessional education Significant improvement (p <0.05)

Various activities such as HEAT workshop and summer outreach sessions have recruited students from different majors, aiming to facilitate communication and cooperation between them. The improvement in attitude towards interprofessional education before and after the activities is significant.

Overall Satisfaction Percentage of rating 4 or 5 in a scale of 1-5


Service Participants

84% Student Volunteers

Comments collected have revealed some of the good points of our program ○ "how elders perceive towards medical treatment", ○ "meeting new friends from different schools" ○ "improving their interpersonal skills and communication skills” There is also around 90% of participants told us they will highly recommend this program to their classmates and friends.

Health Literacy Assessment Among Elderly We conducted a health literacy quiz among elderly subjects who participated in Summer Community Outreach Service & HEAT workshop, the 35 questions quiz assessed their understanding on seven topics: ● Diabetes ● Hypertension ● Hyperlipidemia ● Medication Safety ● General Issues ● Health Voucher ● Fake News

Health Literacy Assessment Among Elderly Event

Summer Community Outreach Service

HEAT Workshop

Interviewed elders



Number of Quiz Questions

35 (Same Questions)

Intervention before quiz


Conducted 4 workshops about the 7 topics

Average Number of Correct Answers

17 (P<0.05)

21 (P>0.05)


Elders who attended our health literacy workshops performed better in the quiz. It is believed that the workshops are helpful to improve their health understanding.

Research components in CU CHAMPION ● ● ● ●

Health Questionnaire e


mp To i

E-learning Analyzed by

Research Team

Volunteers feedbacks Service subjects feedbacks

Service content Teaching Learning Volunteer experience

Sh Supervised by Professors and Research Staff

are d


Local and international academic conference ● ● ●

CUHK T&L Expo HKU Med Symposium Glasgow - AMEE 2020


Hours Scheme 2020




(Service Hours)

(Learning Hours)

(Learning Hours)

Volunteer Certificates Platinum





80 Hours+

70 - 79 Hours

55 - 69 Hours

40 - 54 Hours

10 - 39 Hours

CHAMPION 2020 Timeline CHAMPION (CUHK) Volunteers Recruitment

Mentors Recruitment

Core Team 2020 Recruitment

Champ 2020 School Tour

Champ 2020 School Application



Fall Outreach



Winter Outreach



Champ 2020 Workshops CHAMPION Workshops



Spring Outreach




Summer Outreach


Core Team 2020 Term ● January to December 2020 Requirement ● Full-time Undergraduate Student of : ○ Faculty of Medicine ○ Social Work ○ Food & Nutritional Sciences Important Dates

○ Registration Deadline : Nov. 12 ○ Interview : Nov. 20



CHAMPION Volunteer 2020 Term ● October 2019 to September 2020 ○ Volunteer ● March to September 2020 ○ Champ Mentor

Requirement ● Full-time CUHK Student ● ANY programs ● Commit to serve 3 or above sessions within the term period

Champ 2020 Term ● March to September 2020

Requirement ● ● ● ●

F.3 or above in 19 - 20 academic year Attend workshops (March to June) Participate in Summer Outreach Welcome returning Champ volunteers

Campaigns in 2020

Partners’ Service ● Medication Safety ● January to May 2020

Community Workshop ● Health Literacy ● February - September 2020

International Campaigns in 2020

May Measurement Month ● Hypertension ● May 2020

Pulse Check ● Arrhythmia ● March - May 2020

Local Campaigns in 2020

Summer Community Outreach 2020 â—? Geriatric Care & Interprofessional Collaboration â—? June - August 2020

We would like to express our gratitude to all volunteers, service participants, teachers, and community partners! THANK YOU very much for your unfailing support! - CU CHAMPION Core Team 2019

Slides Prepared by : CU CHAMPION Core Team 2019 Core Team Profile : About CU CHAMPION : Enquiries: