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Frequently Asked Questions Q: Is my contribution to the Buff Club tax deductible?

Q: Can I pay Buff Club donation in installments?

Q: How is my gift to the Buff Club used?

A: You can make monthly payments toward your Buff Club pledge. Equal monthly payments can be charged to your credit card on the 1st of each month. If your donation is tied to athletic benefits of any kind, your balance must be paid in full by June 1. Please contact a Buff Club staff member to discuss payment plan options.

A: Yes, the Internal Revenue Service allows a full deduction on contributions where there is no tangible or intangible benefit to the donor, otherwise an 80% deduction is allowed when the benefit is received. Contact your financial advisor for detailed information.

A: Your gift to the Buff Club is used for student-athlete scholarships, facilities, academic services and general operating budget needs of the athletics department. With over 300 student-athletes on campus, the role the Buff Club plays is essential to the success of the Colorado Buffaloes.

Q: How many members are there in the Buff Club? A: There are currently over 9,000 active Buff Club members.

Q: Who can join the Buff Club? A: All CU fans are encouraged to join the Buff Club.

Q: Can I join the Buff Club if I don’t want season tickets? A: Yes, the Buff Club is Colorado Athletics main source of private support. Being a Buff Club member at any level helps CU Athletics build sustainable excellence in strengthening its athletic programs and helps to drive CU’s stature as an elite national university. A successful athletic program needs funding to provide the resources critical to the success of its student-athletes. Annual gifts to the Buff Club are what make all of this possible.

Q: Does my Buff Club donation qualify me for football and basketball season tickets? A: Your cumulative annual donation amount qualifies you for season tickets in football and men’s/women’s basketball. The total gift amount corresponds to seating locations that you are eligible for based on your annual giving level and availability.


Q: What are priority points? A: The Buff Club uses a priority point system to provide a fair and equitable method to reward the generosity and loyalty of supporters to Colorado studentathletes. Priority points help determine athletics benefits such as priority for upgraded season ticket locations and parking, away game tickets and postseason ticket allocation.

Q: Can I transfer priority points, tickets, or parking? A: Tickets can be transferred and the Buff Club would be pleased to discuss this process with you. Unfortunately, priority points and parking cannot be transferred, as these benefits are uniquely associated with each individual donor.

Q: What is the relationship between my annual giving level and priority points? A: All Buff Club members are ranked first by their annual giving level and then by their points. For example: Donor (A) gives $2,500 annually which makes Donor (A) an All-American level donor. Donor (A) has 2,000 priority points. Donor (B) is also an All-American level donor and has 1,000 priority points. Therefore, the ranking of the All-American level would be Donor (A) in position one and donor (B) in position two. Donor (A) would be eligible to select benefits such as tickets and parking before Donor (B) in this example. Further, if Donor (C) has 3,000 priority points but is only giving $1,000 at the Coaches level in a given year, Donor (A) would still select benefits before Donor (C).

2014 CU Buff Club Membership Guide  

All you need to know about joining the Buff Club and supporting the Colorado Buffaloes.

2014 CU Buff Club Membership Guide  

All you need to know about joining the Buff Club and supporting the Colorado Buffaloes.