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Securing the

future of Colorado Athletics

Endowment Giving


esigned to establish personal, life-long connections between benefactors and CU student-athletes, the Endowment Donor Program is ideal for donors who value academic achievement and the student-athlete experience as the highest priorities. Endowment giving provides an opportunity to establish a legacy of support for CU Athletics that will survive in perpetuity. Comprised of over 80 funds, CU Athletics’ endowment is currently valued at approximately $13 million. While we are grateful for the contributions of so many loyal endowment donors, this figure is dramatically lower than many of our peers and competitors throughout the Pac12 Conference and the nation. Scholarship endowments allow a donor to establish an endowed fund in support of any CU athletic program. Each year, distributions from these endowed funds are awarded to deserving student-athletes; and through regularly planned events, you will have the opportunity to meet with the recipient of your scholarship award.


Scholarship endowments can be established at three levels:


(Payable as pledges over 5 years)




• Silver Level: • Gold Level: • Platinum Level:

$100,000 $250,000 $500,000 and above

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Newport Beach, California

Our ultimate goal at the University of Colorado is to build a scholarship endowment large enough to fund the annual cost of each and every scholarship we provide, and we must increase our focus on this vital source of revenue as we strive for Sustainable Excellence. Join us in our pursuit! Contact a member of our development staff today to learn more about establishing a scholarship endowment for CU Athletics.



2014 CU Buff Club Membership Guide  
2014 CU Buff Club Membership Guide  

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