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DID YOU KNOW? The National Buff Club Cabinet consists of 159 members spanning 12 states and the District of Columbia.


he National Buff Club Cabinet (NBCC) is an exclusive program for CU Athletics’ most generous annual supporters. In appreciation for their impact on our pursuit of athletic and academic excellence, NBCC members are recognized with Silver, Gold, and Director’s Circle memberships. Designed to steward our most valued benefactors, NBCC members receive numerous benefits and event invitations throughout the year. We also convene the NBCC exclusively each year to discuss the current state of our programs and future plans for CU Athletics. Incredibly, members of the National Buff Club Cabinet accounted for 62% of total giving to CU Athletics in 2012-13. Today, we are poised to build upon the collective commitment of this loyal segment of the CU family to achieve our vision of Sustainable Excellence as a model intercollegiate athletics program.

Who are NBCC members? • Alumni

With over 35,000 CU alumni living in the Pac-12 footprint, it is vital that we capitalize on the transition to our new conference and galvanize support of Buffs across the country. With your backing, our ambitious goals are attainable, and we will soon be on the path to unprecedented academic and athletic achievements. This level of annual commitment from National Buff Club Cabinet members helps to fund scholarships, academic support, sports medicine, and other services that directly benefit CU student-athletes, while also funding CU’s margin of excellence through strategic enhancements such as facility improvements and coaches’ salaries. Without the generous support of NBCC members, this simply would not be possible. Consider becoming our newest NBCC member today!

• Parents • Friends • Business & Civic Leaders • CU Athletics’ Coaches & Administrators

NBCC Membership Annual Gift Levels: Silver: $10,000 and above Gold: $25,000 and above


Director’s Circle: $50,000 and above

2014 CU Buff Club Membership Guide  

All you need to know about joining the Buff Club and supporting the Colorado Buffaloes.