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Welcome to Coventry University Business School Dear Prospective Intern Thank you for your interest in our Masters Company Internship module which is a feature of all our Business Masters Programmes. This brochure has been designed to answer some of the questions you may have about undertaking a Masters level Internship at Coventry Business School. Coventry Business School is one of the largest providers of business related degree courses in Europe with over 4500 students studying courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and at PhD level. Many of the courses are recognised by UK Professional Bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). The

Coventry University Business School believes that graduate employability is a priority. It is a key factor in the reason why a student invests a considerable amount of time and money in their postgraduate studies. Therefore on all our Business Masters programmes, all students have the option of enrolling on the company internship. After completing the Internship, you are required to write an extensive report based on the managerial and educational experience derived from the internship itself and present your findings to both the employers and academic staff. Internships provide postgraduate students with an opportunity to undertake a significant workplace project on behalf of an organisation.

Business School has an excellent reputation for its teaching quality; the UK Government’s Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) declared the following courses as excellent - Business and Management, Economics, Accounting and Finance, History and International Relations and Geography. In May 2008, the Guardian Newspaper ranked the Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting as 19th nationally in terms of its teaching quality. “Students undertaking the internship module all agree that it was the most challenging but rewarding aspect of their masters programme. On completing their organisational projects they leave the university with enhanced employability skills, greater confidence and evidence of their achievements” Marie Hardie Masters Internship Programme Manger Coventry Business School

This provides you with a competitive advantage in the labour market by allowing you to acquire critical managerial experiences and enhances and develops your professional skills linked directly to your chosen career paths. We are delighted to be able to work in partnership with a wide range of host companies including organisations within the private, public and voluntary sector both locally, nationally and internationally. Donald C. Finlay Associate Dean (Post Graduate and Professional) Coventry Business School

About Masters Internship Programme Initiated in 2006 the Internship Module has been a resounding success at the Post Graduate Level. Based on the experiences and feedback from our past students it is an essential aspect of any Masters Program. The Internship module lasting 8-12 weeks provides students with an enormous competitive advantage in the labour market because students have to apply what they have learnt in class in a living managerial context. The objectives of the internship are many. You will certainly have your own personal goals for the experience. A main objective, however, is to help you develop transferable skills. Unlike specific vocational skills, transferable skills are those which can be transported from one context to another and from one field to another. Examples of such skills include: • • • • • • •

Communication skills. Professional interaction. Negotiating meaning. Cultural flexibility. Business writing. Research skills. Presenting in a business environment.

Building these skills in both an international and a multi-cultural environment will add a crucial dimension to your post graduation resume By the end of the Internship Module you will have had the opportunity to: • Work independently and within the guidelines and parameters of the sponsoring organisation. • Reflect on your working practice from a managerial perspective. • Identify, evaluate and propose possible solutions to an identified managerial issue. • Present and prepare a management report jointly to the employer and to faculty staff • Comprehensively develop a personal skill set enabling you to work successfully in any comparable organisation after completing the course.

Support The Internship Team, which coordinates all internships at the Post Graduate Level, is committed to ensuring your success on the module. From the beginning to the end of your internship experience, you will be advised and supported by the Internship Team in the following ways. • • • • • •

• •

Introductory sessions on the Internship Module and the benefits it brings to your Masters qualification. CV Preparation Workshops Sessions on interview preparation Researching and maintaining an extensive database of potential placements and organisations. Providing ongoing support and advice throughout the internship experience. Ensuring that placement organisations are aware of their responsibility to the health and safety of student while working within their organisation. Ensuring students are assigned an academic supervisor for their project Providing a comprehensive orientation to ensure the student is thoroughly prepared prior to placement. Arranging Guest Speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions Nature of Projects Working with SME’s offers students the opportunity to be fully involved in many aspects of business. The department has therefore focused on obtaining placements from a range of small to medium size organisations. Here are Some examples of recently completed internship projects include: • Strategic and business planning • Developing a communications and market strategy • Industry Analysis • Service redesign • Financial planning and analysis • Asset management • Launching a product in a new country • Market sector analysis Where might the internships be? Subject to the project being approved students can undertake an internship anywhere in the world. Internships are most likely to be in the UK but could take place in Europe or further afield. Students often prefer undertaking an Internship in the UK as it gives them an opportunity to explore UK business practices, challenges and cultural differences Companies The University works closely with companies across the UK and Europe to offer a wide variety of internships, within public sector organisations, not for-profit organisations, Small to Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) and large corporate businesses.

Eligibility Business MBAs

Specialist and specific industry focussed MBAs

MBA Finanace Management

MBA International Sports

MBA International Business

MBA International Tourism

MBA Marketing

MBA Risk and Disaster Management

MBA General Management

MBA Environmental Management

MSc MSc International Business MSc Strategic Marketing Management


MSc International Marketing

MA Marketing Management

MSc Finance

MA Advertising and Marketing

MSc Accounting and Financial Management

MA/MSc Sports Business Management

MSc Investment Management

MA/MSc International Tourism Management

To be eligible to apply for the Internship Module students must successfully meet the following assessment criteria: Academic – Successful completion of all Semester I modules including Research Methods at the first attempt CV Short listing – Submit a CV, which will be used for competitive short listing by the Internship Panel. Presentation – Prepare and successfully deliver a formal presentation Interview- Interview with the University Internship Panel.

Duration An Internship normally lasts between 8-12 weeks depending on the project itself, the requirements of the company and student availability. The actual length is agreed between the parties at the commencement of the internship. Dates Internships run during the third and final semester of the MBA, MSc and MA programmes normally between July to August for September starters and October to December for January starters. Placement Notification Having been successfully shortlisted by the University’s Internship Panel, you are asked to make a choice of 3 projects from a list of host organisations which interest you most in order of preference. The University will then notify you if you have been invited for an interview with the host organisation. If you are not successful with any of the projects of your choice the university will give you a further choice of Internship projects available. Payment The Internship Module is part of your educational experience which you earn credits for and it contributes towards your Masters Award. Most internships are unpaid. A few may be paid however these would be made aware to you when the list of host organisations is circulated.

Assessment The module represents 50 credits towards the 180 credits required to be awarded the relevant Masters degree. As part of the assessment you are required to submit a written management report of 7000 words backed up by a presentation of the key findings to appropriate managers from the host organisation and to university academics. In addition you are also required to submit a reflective journal on your learning and action plans for future development. The employer provides an assessment of your performance at the end of the internship quarter, including information on the quality of work and an evaluation that the original agreement has been accomplished. Support from Host Organisation The host organisation will provide you with a real organisational issue to work on which will allow you to meet the learning outcomes of the Internship Module. These are designed to develop personal skills and to apply theory to practice. Host organisations also have the responsibility to ensure the workplace you are allocated to, is safe for the task and, you have access to the resources required to complete the task. The host organisation will identify a work place mentor and, they will ensure that you complete a company induction including, the relevant Health and Safety training as if you were an employee of that organisation.

Support from University Once students have been successfully selected for the internship module, the university will assist with securing a placement. The university has relationships with a selection of employers for student placements. You may, however, have something specific you would like to follow and the university will support you in this to ensure your own placement meets the specific module requirements for the university and the Masters award. Once on the internship programme, you will have an academic project supervisor from the university who will have allocated time to converse with you (either in person or via telephone e-mails etc depending on your placement location). In some circumstances students who are to work overseas may require a visa to support their placement. In order to ensure students meet any relevant visa requirements their information is referred to the Immigration & Welfare Advisors in the International Office who will ensure they are made aware of the relevant regulations.

Student Testimonials Name: Pratik Sheth Course: MBA General Internship: GPS Vision Ltd Current: RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland)

“Right from day one, my internship kept me on my toes all the time. The task in hand was time constrained, challenging and complex. Most importantly the project was something the organisation had dreamed about and was one of their corporate goals for the next year. The task demanded effective application of skills, experience and knowledge gained during my MBA. Everything from working in a team and having meetings with client managers to making coffee for all and playing basketball at 3pm to beat stress was an extraordinary experience. The outcomes have been definitely worthy and something which would make any intern proud of.”

Name: Ambica Sharma Course: MBA International Business Internship: NHS Current: NHS (National Health Service) “I strongly believe that Management Training Program/Internship Programme was spectacular for various reasons. Firstly, I had the opportunity to select aproject that best suited my interests. This was great as I loved the work I was tasked to accomplish. Secondly, I received immense support from the BES faculty that helped me apply the principles of research methodology, strategic management, economics, finance and HRM to the Project. Thirdly, as an international student, this program

helped me gain an insight into the international corporate world. The NHS is a totally a different language and I learned every minute from my supervisor Jan Spalding. I learned the qualities that a good leader, manager or supervisor MUST have and I intend to follow them when I am in that position. Fourthly, this programme strengthened my analytical, problem-solving, decision-making and people skills. I realised the economics concept of opportunity cost made me a better professional. I now know what separates the MBA from other courses. The ability to go beyond set academic rules and beliefs, to deal with business uncertainty and complexity and to accomplish what has never been imagined.”

Name: Luis Viera Course: MSC Finance Internship: HeadQuarters, New Zealand Current: BNP Paribas

“My Masters Internship was definitely one of the most challenging individual treks of my life. I embarked on this Internship to push myself to the limits, but I went beyond those. It contributed immensely to increase my knowledge and expertise, and likewise my life experience. Following a tough selection process the project with HeadQuarters was the perfect match. Capitalising on my MSc Finance I prepared a Business Plan, and simultaneously maximised management information available, automated and improved the reporting enabling accurate monitoring and decision-making.”

Employer Testimonials Name: Ling-Wen Lin Course: MBA General Internship: Pixel Learning (Serious Games Institute)

“For me, the internship programme was a joyful and fruitful journey!! Although I have 7 years work experience, the internship programme was still challenging. With this management project, I had an opportunity to dedicate myself to the Serious Games industry, which was literally different from my expertise and past work experience in the Financial Service sector. I came out to suggest to the host company new business models and it is great to hear that they have said that I have provided what they were waiting for. Nothing could be better than that!! In consequence, it trained my capability of pointing out problems then making recommendations even in an industry that I am not familiar with, while this is exactly the competence that I expected to establish from the MBA programme. Furthermore, the internship programme was more realistic than any case studies in school because I experienced real life in the workplace of a British based company, and this is indeed a fantastic exposure to an international student like me”

Trevor Lewis Technical Director Fusion Soft

“Fusionsoft asked Coventry University to provide an intern student during the summer of 2008, in order to carry out market research into our prospective customers’ requirements and perception of one of our key products. The result of the student’s research was a very valuable report, which highlighted one very important issue with prospects’ perception of our product, as well as additional valuable insights into the key requirements of the market and of the expected pricing for this kind of product. The student was able to work from the initial brief with minimal further guidance from us. He gave us a valuable independent view of what our prospective customers are looking for and how our presentations are viewed by our customers. We received some very valuable feedback with a minimum of effort (and cost!) expended by us as a company. We believe that the student also got valuable experience from carrying out the project, so we didn’t feel that we were exploiting them in any way!”

“As a small but growing company, we are aware that research and development is vital for our success, but the work gets in the way! Our wish list has for some time included the development of our business idea into something which is a commercial software solution, and the internship seemed an excellent opportunity to move this on. As well as understanding the technical side of our business requirements, we needed someone who could understand the broader context of what we were trying to achieve. The student proved a diligent worker and we were impressed by how quickly he took this on board. His research will add greatly to our company body of knowledge.” Gail Sheppard Director GPS Vision

Jan Spalding Head of Workforce and Development, Coventry PCT, NHS

“Some of the joys came from the freshness of approach and new ideas and, whilst we are giving something to students, we get so much more back other than just the project. We have really valued the relationships which have built bridges across cultures and the fact that students have worked on real live projects has really added value. We have gained from having high calibre students who have undertaken projects which we simply did not have the resources for.”

Jo Cameron Managing Director Ur Hired

“My experience of hosting internship students from Coventry University has been exceptionally rewarding and beneficial. The value of students identifying the latest research has helped inform business practice. In addition the benefit of an impartial outsider helps and encourages thinking “outside of the box.”

EdBracher Chief Executive RDA “We have been very impressed and pleased with the whole experience of having a Masters Intern from Coventry University. The preparation and support from the University was comprehensive and helped ensure a successful programme.  Most importantly, the intern was excellently matched to our brief and has produced a well-researched and comprehensive piece of work.  I have no doubt that we will act on most, if not all, of her recommendations and that these will have a major and positive impact on RDA”

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this brochure is fair and accurate at the time of going to press. However, the courses, services and other matter covered by this brochure are subject to change from time to time, and no guarantee can be given that changes will not be made following publication and/or after students have been admitted to the University.

Masters Internship Programme Coventry University Business School Faculty of Business, Environment and Society Priory Street Coventry CV1 5FB United Kingdom

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