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Will Barr Emre Koyuncu English 106 24 October 2011 Cover Letter For assignment 2 which was the research paper, I had to correct quite few mistakes, mainly minor ones though. First off, I had to edit the format of the paper and fix the MLA mistakes specifically the ones regarding block quotations. I also fixed the other grammatical errors you edited throughout the paper. When it came to the section where you marked the paper as digressing, I removed a paragraph that was unnecessary and moved a paragraph from that section into an earlier topic brought up in the paper which made a lot more sense. I also fixed some of my in text citations and included the author within the statement instead of the website or url. Instead of jumping right into the topic of the paper, I introduced the story with some questions the reader could relate too. I feel this is a non-abrupt and good way to introduce the subject and characters of the paper. To conclude the paper I went back to describing the characters and subject of the story in a way the reader could relate too. This way, the reader could narrate the story for himself in a way that works best for him. I also changed the font of the works cited to the correct times new roman and included which number each citation was from Norton’s MLA book. Overall for this project I agree with the recommendations you had. At first I did find it difficult to compose such a dense paper about this subject, but after working in class and reading other’s work, I realized it was a lot easier to complete than I had anticipated. For the photo essay, assignment 3, I did not have to make many editorial changes. All I did was increase the size of the photo by a couple hundred pixels which is equivalent to about an

inch per side. Unfortunately I accidently deleted my previous version of the project off my flash drive and could not retrieve the file back so I could not really edit the margins without having the redo the whole project basically. I would have redone the project, but given it is finals week, I had to dedicate most of my time studying for finals. The rationale paper associated with the photo essay did not need any changes made to it so I just left it alone and kept it the same as the previous version I had turned it. I liked this project because it was a definite change from the normal writing an essay or paper. I also found it easier to relate the story when pictures are provided along with the story and when the essay is broken down into several segments. In the end, I found this project as a beneficial alternative to writing a boring essay.

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Cover Letter for Assignment 5

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