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Organizing Affairs User Guide

It is essential to have your loved one’s and your own affairs properly organized. If there is a health crisis in the future, it is very difficult for someone to step in and manage another’s affairs. Will you know what those affairs are or who to contact for help? In addition, do you know what documentation is needed to move forward with legal proceedings?


Has your loved one drafted a Durable Power of Attorney/Mandate/Living Will (name may differ based on locale), which is a document that designates another person to manage our health and financial affairs in the event we are no longer able to do so. It is imperative that if your loved one is able to understand the purpose of this document and designate a representative, they should do so IMMEDIATELY, to prevent any complications at a later date. Consult with an attorney (or notary is some states/provinces) for details and to arrange for the service.


A Durable Power of Attorney/Mandate/Living Will is NOT a banking power of attorney, which is a document that gives another permission to perform activities on ONLY the account for which the document was drafted, and ONLY WHEN THE PERSON IS ABLE TO MAKE THIS DECISION. In other words, once someone is deemed inapt, incapacitated, or unable to make decisions for oneself, the banking power of attorney is null and void. Included in this tool kit are the following:


Organization of financial affairs: This quick and simple form organizes the information necessary to assist your loved one at a moment’s notice, such as banking and investment information.


Organization of personal affairs: This simple form organizes the many details and forms needed when we begin to assist our loved one, such as birth and death certificates, insurance information, etc.

Organization of health care: This tool organizes the details of your loved one’s health records, including names and contact information for physicians, medication history, etc.

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Organizing Affairs - User guide  

Organizing Affairs - User guide

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