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Autumn | Winter 2017





Autumn/Winter 2017! Jay aims to create intelligent gifts and homewares, taking influences from Science, the Arts, History and more. Our stellar creative team is ecstatic Jay is featured in the most renowned Museums of - Fine Arts, Natural History, Science Academies, Planetariums and Botanical Garden gift shops worldwide, as well as, myriads of progressive specialty stockists. The immensely popular range – Biologica, is expansive with new designs and products including paperweights, and more shapes and sizes of mugs, trinket trays and platters. We are over the moon, literally, for Celestial – new astronomy plates to join our celebrated space collections – Planetaria and Cosmos. Our very elemental view of life is exemplified by our Scientific range - Periodic Table. Newly offered this season, Pulp – creatively fictionalizes the Pulp Fiction era of the thirties & forties. Another colour option is introduced to our modern revival of an old favorite – the Letter Board. Of course, we’ve kept all our bestselling ranges; Anatomical, LAB, Roboutique, Wanderlust, Folio and Pocket Folio, Live Fast Dine Young and Gifts. Collectively, they all offer a unique perspective to the gift market!

Jay is a vegan owned brand with a strong ethical core. With an un-wavering commitment to avoid using animal products in manufacturing (you will find no bone in any of the china) and a continued donation of a percentage of profits to selected animal welfare charities, Jay is the proud bearer of the Vegan Society trademark.

cubic products llc Telephone: +1 (781) 990 3886 UK Office: +44 (0)20 3174 2152 Email: Magpie & Jay are distributed by Cubic Products LLC Goods Warehoused and Shipped from Buffalo, NY

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Pulp Biologica Celestial Planetaria Periodic Letter Board Cosmos Roboutique Anatomical Lab Pocket Folio Wanderlust Live Fast Dine Young Gifts

Giving a platform for creative talent, the Pulp Fiction era in the thirties and forties allowed newsstands to be covered in popping covers and clever fonts. Inspired by this aesthetic, Pulp features six fictional books that have been cleverly used on tins, textiles and notebooks to bring the unique offering once found on every street corner to a new audience.

Book Tins | Book-shaped storage tins. 8.66” (H) x 6.3” (L) x 1.5” (W) | $12.50 | Min: 2

Hell Hath No Fury JA0260

Honey Trap JA0261

Spawn of Jupiter 9 JA0262

Trip to Hell JA0263

Night of the Seven Dolls JA0309

Spawn of Jupiter 9 JA0310

Trip to Hell JA0311

Night of the Seven Dolls JA0268

Spawn of Jupiter 9 JA0269

Trip to Hell JA0270

Tea Towels | 100% cotton tea towel tied with ribbon. 27.5” (H) x 19.7” (W) | $6.00 | Min: 6

Harry Hook JA0306

Hell Hath No Fury JA0307

Honey Trap JA0308

Notebooks | 100 lined pages. 7.1” (H) x 4.3” (W) | $5.50 | Min: 6

Harry Hook JA0265

Hell Hath No Fury JA0266

Honey Trap JA0267

Pulp | JAY | 03






A study of Natural history, Biologica features a plethora of moths, butterflies, fish, flowers, fungi and skulls, all from the Wellcome Collection imagery archive. Building on the success of the initial launch, the collection now includes glass paperweights, large trinket trays, mugs and espresso sets, to complement the already existing wall charts, melamine platters, bell jars, kitchen textiles and notebooks. 04 | JAY | Biologica

The Wellcome Collection is a London museum for the incurably curios, exploring the connections between medicine, life and art in the past, present and future. Home to a Library with more than 750,000 books, journals, manuscripts, archives and film, the museum also houses Wellcome Images; an unrivalled, award-winning collection of the most unique images.

Coasters JA0316 Set of four cork backed lacquer coated coasters in a recyclable gift box. 4” (H) x 4” (W) x 0.16” (D) $6.75 | Min: 6

Large Trinket Trays

Vegan Fine China tray. Gift boxed. 7.87” x 7.87” | $16.50 | Min: 3

Butterfly Collection JA0276

Magnolia JA0312


Vegan Fine China in matching recyclable gift box. (10 fl oz) 3.54” (H) x 3.14” (D) | $6.75 | Min: 3

Beetle Collection JA0283

Butterfly Collection JA0284

Magnolia JA0301

Skeletons JA0302

Egg Collection JA0285

Espresso Set

Set of two cups (3 fl oz) and saucers in recyclable gift box. Vegan Fine China. Cups: 2.08” (H) x 1.77” (D) | Saucer: 4.4” (Dia) $14.00 | Min: 3


Glass paperweight. Comes in black gift box. 3” (Dia) $11.25 | Min: 3 1. Butterfly JA0281 2. Bee JA0278 3. Red Beetle JA0279 4. Skull JA0282 5. Beetle JA0280

Butterfly Collection JA0304

Magnolia JA0303

Biologica | JAY | 05

Bell Jar Small JA0239 6.7” (H) x 6.7” (W) | $13.00 | Min: 4

Bell Jar Large JA0241 11” (H) x 10” (W) | $22.00 | Min: 2

Bell Jar Medium JA0240 9.05” (H) x 8.46” (W) | $19.00 | Min: 2

Scroll Wall Charts

Giant 55” 100% cotton printed wall charts with wooden batons to secure the print. Ready to be hung on the wall with handy loop hook attached. Gift boxed. Approx: 55” x 27” | $32.50 | Min: 4

06 | JAY | Biologica

Moths JA0230

Beetles JA0231

Butterflies JA0232

Magnolia JA0233

Fungi JA0234

Phosphorus JA0235

Melamine Platters

Melamine Platters

Huge 17” diameter melamine platters to serve or decorate the home. $22.00 | Min: 3

Beetle Platter JA0253

Skull Platter JA0257

13” diameter melamine platters to serve or decorate the home. $15.00 | Min: 3

Butterflies Platter JA0254

Beetle Collection JA0286

Egg Collection JA0288 Magnolia Platter JA0255

Moths Platter JA0256

Tea Towels

100% cotton tea towel, individually tied with black ribbon. 19.7” (H) x 27.56” (W) | $6.00 | Min: 6

Butterfly Collection JA0287 Crystal Skull JA0024 Glass skull. Fill with sweets, popcorn or even flowers. 6” x 5” x 6” $9.00 | Min: 6 Butterflies JA0249

Moths JA0251

Magnolia JA0250


96 lined pages. 8.26” (H) x 5.6” (W) | $5.50 | Min: 6

T-Skull Glass Tealights Set of 2 Beetle JA0243

Butterflies JA0244

Magnolia JA0245

Moth JA0246

Skull JA0264

JA0030 10.1cm (H) x 6.3cm (W) $8.00 | Min: 6

Biologica | JAY | 07

Focusing on astronomy, this collection explores the relationships between the stars and planets. With twelve deep blue ceramic coasters, the signs of the zodiac come to life with accents of golds, drawing the lines between key stars to create the iconic imagery we’ve come to recognise.

Trinket Dish | Vegan Fine China with gold rim and stars. 3.93� (Dia) | $4.50 | Min: 3

Aquarius JA0317 ( Jan 21st - Feb 19th)

Pisces JA0324 (Feb 20th - Mar 20th)

Aries JA0318 (Mar 21st - Apr 20th)

Taurus JA0327 (Apr 21st - May 21st)

Gemini JA0321 (May 22nd - June 21st)

Cancer JA0319 ( June 22nd - July 23rd)

Leo JA0322 (July 24th - Aug 23rd)

Virgo JA0328 (Aug 24th - Sept 23rd)

Libra JA0323 (Sept 24th - Oct 23rd)

Scorpio JA0326 (Oct 24th - Nov 22nd)

Sagittarius JA0325 (Nov 23rd - Dec 21st)

Capricorn JA0320 (Dec 22nd - Jan 20th)

08 | JAY | Celestial

Following on from Jay's successful Cosmos range comes Planetaria, a delve into the primary planets (and dwarf planet) that compose our solar system. With science and science fiction often pre-occupied with exploring deep space, it's perhaps humbling and fascinating to recall that no human has ventured beyond our own moon. Front

Set of 9 Coasters JA0223 Set of nine cork backed lacquer coated coasted in matching gift box. Coasters: 3.93” x 3.93” $15.00 | Min: 6


Big Mug JA0224 Vegan Fine China Gift boxed. (15.58 fl oz) 4” (H) x 3.34” (D) $7.25 | Min: 3

Large Trinket Tray JA0227 Vegan Fine China Gifted boxed. 8.18” (H) x 11.6” (W) | $16.50 | Min: 3

Tea Towels JA0228 Set of two tea towels. 100% Cotton 19.7” (H) x 27.5” (W) | $12.00 | Min: 6

Planetaria | JAY | 09

2016 marked the completion of the Periodic Table of Elements, a mere 147 years after Dmitri Mendeleev began it. To coincide with this momentous year for scientists and science fans everywhere, Jay is pleased to launch its own vintage-style Periodic Table range which includes tea-towels, ceramic trays and an incredible 121 piece wooden block set.

Wooden Block Set

Wooden Block Set JA0238 121 beech blocks, each printed with a different periodic element. Comes packaged in a giant element gift box. Each block: 1.18” x 1.18” | $53.00 | Min: 2

Tea Towel JA0237 100% cotton tea towel, tied with ribbon. 19.7” (H) x 27.5” (W) | $6.00 | Min: 6

10 | JAY | Periodic

Large Trinket Tray JA0247 Vegan Fine China. Gift boxed. 8.18” (H) x 11.6” (W) | $16.50 | Min: 3

Evoking memories of days past; browsing the menu in the local café or getting a trim at the barbers, our letter board is the perfect blank canvas to make messages for all occasions. With space to write declarations of love, playlists, to-do lists, weekly planners, poetry and so much more, the letter board can quickly be changed to suit the daily mood, key dates or events.

Black Letter Board with Gold Frame JA0236 Gold aluminium frame with 286 white ¾ inch letters and numbers. Ready to hang and gift boxed. 17.7” x 11.8” $32.50 | Min: 6

White Letter Board with Black Frame JA0329 Black aluminium frame with 286 black ¾ inch letters and numbers. Ready to hang and gift boxed. 17.7” x 11.8” $32.50 | Min: 6

Pink Letter Board with Black Frame JA0330 Black aluminium frame with 286 black ¾ inch letters and numbers. Ready to hang and gift boxed. 17.7” x 11.8” Available Late Autumn $32.50 | Min: 6

Yellow Letter Set JA0242 The perfect addition for either board, the yellow letter set includes 286 ½ inch letters and numbers. $7.50 | Min: 6

Letter Board | JAY | 11

Big Mugs

Porcelain mug in recyclable matching gift box. 15.58 fl oz. 4” (H) x 3.42” (D) $7.25 | Min: 3

‘57 Shuttle Big Mug JA0082

‘60 Rocket Big Mug JA0084

‘63 Comet Big Mug JA0086

‘68 Cosmonaut Big Mug JA0087


Hand wash only. 11.5 fl oz capacity. 5” (H) x 2.9” (Dia) | $5.50 | Min: 6

Arguably humankind’s greatest achievement came in venturing beyond our humble planet and into the mind-bogglingly vast cosmos. Gagarin’s pioneering first orbit of the planet and Armstrong’s “small steps” onto the moon not only awakened humankind to how precious our life-supporting planet is in such a hostile universe, but also paved the way for a myriad of technological advances which are now largely taken for granted. Cosmos is a colourful celebration of those pioneering days of space exploration, taking influence from the vibrant soviet era artistry commonly seen on postage stamps, posters and associated space race ephemera.

Plate Set JA0109 Set of four porcelain 7.5” plates in a recyclable gift box. | $19.00 | Min: 3

12 | JAY | Cosmos

‘59 Launch Glass JA0111

‘60 Rocket Glass JA0112

‘63 Comet Glass JA0113

‘68 Cosmonaut Glass JA0114

Set of Four Mini Glasses JA0118 Four mini glasses in gift box. 2 fl oz capacity. Hand wash only. 2.36” (H) x 1.96” (Dia) $13.50 | Min: 6

Coasters JA0136 Set of four cork backed lacquer coated coasters in a recyclable gift box. 4” (H) x 4” (W) x 0.16” (D)

$6.75 | Min: 6 Back Pack JA0181 Cotton with vegan leather trim and embroidered patch. 11.2” (H) x 11” (L) x 6.7” (W) $26.00 | Min: 2 Set of Four Boxes JA0117 A set of four nesting cardboard boxes. (Height x Width x Length): S: 3.54” x 4.52” x 4.52” M: 4.33” x 5.5” x 5.5” L: 5.11” x 6.49” x 6.49” XL: 5.9” x 7.49” x 7.49” $13.50 | Min: 4

Wash Bag JA0179 Cotton with vegan leather trim and embroidered patch. 5.11” (H) x 12.2” (L) x 5.9” (W) $15.00 | Min: 5

T-BOT Caddy JA0157 Waste disposal robot ceramic caddy. 5.7” (H) x 4.9” (W) x 3.34” (D) $10.00 | Min: 3

Tea Towel Duo JA0130 Tea towels set tied with ribbon. 100% Cotton. 27.56” (H) x 19.7” (W) $12.00 | Min: 6

Travel Pouch JA0180 Cotton with vegan leather trim and embroidered patch. 6.88” (H) x 8.66” (L) x 0.39” (W) $8.00 | Min: 5

T-BOT Tea Infuser JA0175 Silicone tea infuser in a recyclable gift box. 3.14 (H) x 1.77” (D) $6.00 | Min: 6

Large Platter JA0110 A large bamboo fibre platter. 2.79” (Dia) $10.00 | Min: 6

Cosmos | JAY | 13

Inspired by 50’s and 60’s robots, designs see fictional characters taking a life of their own, each with a unique powers! Bright and colourful, even the packaging gets a retro design with worn corners, making each piece look like it has just been found in a vintage store.

14 | JAY | Roboutique


Big Mugs

Hand wash only. 11.5 fl oz capacity. 5” (H) x 2.9” (D) | $5.50 | Min: 6

Vegan Fine China in recyclable gift box. 15.58 fl oz. 4” (H) x 3.42” (D) $7.25 | Min: 3

Mr Talbot JA0160

Pugila JA0161

Raptor JA0162

Mr Talbot Glass JA0119

Pugila Glass JA0120

Raptor Bot Glass JA0121

Sheriff Glass JA0122

Sheriff JA0163

Plate Set JA0169 Set of four 7.5” plates in a recyclable gift box. Vegan Fine China. $19.00 | Min: 3

Cork Coasters JA0199 Set of four cork backed lacquer coated coasters in a recyclable gift box. 4” (H) x 4” (W) x 0.16” (D) $6.75 | Min: 6

Tea Towels

Tea towel set tied with ribbon. 100% Cotton. 27.5” (H) x 19.7” (W) $12.00 | Min: 6

Mr Talbot & Sheriff Tea Towels JA0166

Raptor & Pugila Tea Towels JA0167

Roboutique | JAY | 15

Plate Set JA0044 Set of four porcelain 7.5” plates in a recyclable gift box. | $19.00 | Min: 3

If you’re one of those people who can strip and re-assemble a car engine blindfolded but hasn’t got a clue what’s going on beneath the bonnet of the greatest biological machine in the known universe: your own body, then Jay’s Anatomical range might be a good place to start. The human body is incredible, yet for many it remains one of the greatest mysteries. The Anatomical range comprises basic medical illustrations of four bodily strata: the muscular system, nervous system, skeleton and major internal organs. Complete with medical annotations the range looks great, is a fantastic introduction to what actuallymakes you tick, and a guaranteed talking point when you serve up your mugs of tea and plates of biscuits.

Big Mugs

Porcelain mug in recyclable matching gift box. Dishwasher and microwave safe. 15.58 fl oz. 4” (H) x 3.42” (D) $7.25 | Min: 3

Muscular System JA0045


Nervous System JA0046

96 pages. 32 graph, lined and plain pages. 8.58” (H) x 5.59” (W) | $5.50 | Min: 6

Organs JA0047 Muscles Notebook JA0070

Nervous System Notebook JA0071

Skeleton JA0048


Hand wash only. 11.5 fl oz capacity. 5” (H) x 2.9” (Dia) $5.50 | Min: 6

Set of Four Mini Glasses JA0198 Four mini glasses in gift box. 2 fl oz capacity. Hand wash only. 2.36” (H) x 1.96” (Dia) $13.50 | Min: 6

16 | JAY | Anatomical

Organs Notebook JA0072

Skeleton Notebook JA0073

Muscles Glass JA0054

Nervous System Glass JA0055

Organs Storage Tin JA0060 Individual storage tin with four compartments. 2.63” (H) x 5.35” (W) $12.50 | Min: 4

Skeleton Storage Tin JA0061 Individual storage tin with four compartments. 2.63” (H) x 5.35” (W) $12.50 | Min: 4

Skeleton Tea Towels JA0059 Tea towels set tied with ribbon. 100% Cotton. 27.56” (H) x 19.7” (W) $12.00 | Min: 6

Skeleton Platters JA0064 Individual serving platters. 12.7” (Dia) $10.00 | Min: 6

Organs Platters JA0063 Individual serving platters. 12.7” (Dia) $10.00 | Min: 6

Kitchen Organs Apron JA0053 100% cotton. Adjustable neck strap. Wraparound waist tie. Packaged in 100% cotton storage bag. $13.25 | Min: 3

Organs Tea Towels JA0058 Tea towels set tied with ribbon. 100% Cotton. 27.56” (H) x 19.7” (W) $12.00 | Min: 6

Giftwrap 19.7” (H) x 27.56” (W) $1.25 | Min: 25

Organs Giftwrap JA0092

Posterwrap Organs JA0091

Coasters JA0065 Set of four bamboo fibre coasters. 5” (D) $6.00 | Min: 6

Catch-all Tray JA0062 A set of four bamboo fibre trays. 5.5” (D) $11.50 | Min: 6

Skeleton Giftwrap JA0093

Anatomical | JAY | 17

Sandtimer Half-Hour 30 minutes print JA0155 7.08” (H) x 2.1” (D) $8.50 | Min: 6

250ml Brown Apothecary Jar JA0156 8.45 fl oz - 5.3” (H) $5.00 | Min: 6

500ml Brown Apothecary Jar JA0141 16.9 fl oz - 6.4” (H) $8.00 | Min: 6

1000ml Brown Apothecary Jar JA0142 33.8 fl oz - 7.6” (H) $10.00 | Min: 6

Sandtimer Hour 60 minutes Print JA0154 9.3” (H) x 2.9” (D) $13.50 | Min: 6

250ml White Apothecary Jar JA0143 8.45 fl oz - 5.3” (H) $5.00 | Min: 6

500ml White Apothecary Jar JA0144 16.9 fl oz - 6.4” (H) $8.00 | Min: 6

1000ml White Apothecary Jar JA0145 33.8 fl oz - 7.6” (H) $10.00 | Min: 6

If you know the periodic table isn’t something you fold away after a picnic; if you know the water cycle isn’t something you’ll find Sir Bradley Wiggins sitting on, then the chances’re a science boffin, which means the chances are you’ll recognise these Erlenmeyer Flasks, Florence Flasks, Beakers and Petri dishes from those heady days in your Chemistry, Physics and Biology classes. Made of science grade borosilicate glass, Jay presents the LAB range: bringing science chic into the home. There are numerous uses for the flasks: vases, wine decanters, water jugs, grain or pulse recepticles, whilst the petri dishes make the perfect dipping bowls, complete with printed molecular structures for both Oil and Vinegar on the base (for those in the know!). Jay’s LAB range is unashamedly scholarly, unapologetically nerdy and undeniably cool.

18 | JAY | Lab

Giftwrap JA0173 19.7” (H) x 27.56” (W) $1.25 | Min: 25

150ml Storage Jars Cork Lid - Set of Two JA0153 5 fl oz - 3.54” (H) x 2.36” (D) $7.50 | Min: 6

250ml Storage Jar Cork Lid JA0152 8.45 fl oz - 4.05” (H) x 2.75” (D) $5.00 | Min: 6

1000ml Science Beaker JA0040 33.8 fl oz - 5.8” (H) $10.00 | Min: 6

Set Of Three Science Flasks JA0039 Set of three 250ml science flasks. 8.45 fl oz Height: 1: 5.5”, 2: 3.74”, 3: 5.3” $10.00 | Min: 6

500ml Storage Jar Cork Lid JA0151 16.9 fl oz - 5.3” (H) x 8.3” (D) $8.00 | Min: 6

1000ml Science Erlenmeyer Flask JA0041 33.8 fl oz - 8.85” (H) $10.00 | Min: 6

Petri Dish Set JA0043 Set of Two Dipping Bowls. 3” (Dia) $5.00 | Min: 6

1000ml Storage Jar Cork Lid JA0150 33.8 fl oz - 6.14” (H) x 4.17” (D) $10.00 | Min: 6

1000ml Science Florence Flask JA0042 33.8 fl oz - 7.87” (H) $10.00 | Min: 6

100ml Set Of Three Mini Science Flasks JA0129 Set of three 100ml science flasks. 5 fl oz - Height: 1. & 3. 4.33”, 2. 3” $8.00 | Min: 6

Lab | JAY | 19

A range of practical storage tins designed to mimic the appearance of outsized reference books. With five unique mid-century designs, themed to encompass the broad categories of junk which multiply and thrive in our clutter drawers, the Folio range will hopefully make life a little less stressful the next time you’re frantically searching for that elusive smart phone instruction manual; crucial passport; treasured family recipe for banana bread; spare button for your best suit or photo of you and your sibling at the seaside when you were just children. Cunning! Also available in actual notebooks.

Folio Book Tins

Extra large book shape storage tins. 10.03” (H) x 8.07” (L) x 3.46” (W) $14.50 | Min: 2

Gadgets Book Tin JA0106

Photography Book Tin JA0107

Cookery Book Tin JA0105

Arts & Crafts Book Tin JA0104

Travel Book Tin JA0108

Folio Notebooks

96 pages. 32 graph, lined and plain pages. 8.58” (H) x 5.59” (W) $5.50 | Min: 6

Our Pocket Folio mini tins make great gifts. These mid-century styled, book-shaped metal tins come complete with practical and helpful tools: from the puncture repair kit supplied with ‘On Yer Bike’ to the bandage and medical swabs provided with our Arts ‘First for Beginners’ tin. With six different kits, from sewingTravel to grooming, bike repair to first aid, & Aid Crafts Cookery Photography DIY to colouring, there’s a Pocket Folio for most situations! Notebook JA0131 Notebook JA0132 Notebook JA0134 Notebook JA0135 20 | JAY | Pocket Folio

Dimensions: 4.3” (H) x 3.5” (W) x 1.2” (D) $10.00 | Min: 6

Creative Drawing - Pencil Kit JA0214 Contains 8 coloured pencils and a sharpener.

Darn it - Sewing Kit JA0215 Contains scissors, thimble, 8 coloured threads, measuring tape, buttons, needles and safety pins.

D.I.Y - Multi-tool Kit JA0216 Contains stainless steel multi-tool with 11 uses.

First Aid - First Aid Kit JA0217 Contains bandage roll, scissors, tape, alcohol swabs, adhesive bandages and dressing pad.

On Yer bike - Puncture Kit JA0218 Contains 2 tyre leavers, 6 adhesive patches and sandpaper.

Perfect Gentleman - Grooming Kit JA0219 Contains nail clippers, nail scissors, cuticle tool and tweezers.

Pocket Folio | JAY | 21

Earn your patches! Whether it’s trekking up Eagle Mountain or following trails in Blackwater Falls National Park, the Wanderlust collection marks achievements! Based on vintage collectors patches, the bright and colourful Wanderlust print rewards camping, rescue and challenges. Patches adorn enamelled mugs, bottles, kitchen textiles and tin kits ready for the next adventure!

Enamelled Mugs

17.9 fl oz. 3.54” (H) x 3.93” (D) | $6.50 | Min: 3

Blackwater Falls JA0201

Trekking Team JA0202

Wilderness Camping Wildlife Guide JA0203 JA0204

Tin Kit - Multi-Tool JA0221 Contains stainless multi-tool with 11 uses. 1.6” (H) x 4.3” (L) x 2.9” (W) $8.00 | Min: 6

Tea Towel JA0212 100% cotton tea towel with storage bag. 27.5” (H) x 19.7” (W) | $6.50 | Min: 6

22 | JAY | Wanderlust

Tin Kit - First Aid JA0220 Contains first aid essentials. 1.6” (H) x 4.3” (L) x 2.9” (W)

$8.00 | Min: 6

Water Bottle JA0209 750ml Stainless steel water bottle. BPA free. Dishwasher proof. 25.3 fl oz 9” (H) x 2” (Dia) $9.00 | Min: 6

Mini Glasses JA0211 Four mini glasses in gift box. 2 fl oz 2.36” (H) x 1.96” (Dia) $13.50 | Min: 6

Big Mugs

Porcelain mug in recyclable matching gift box. Dishwasher and microwave safe. 15.58 fl oz. 4” (H) x 3.42” (D) $7.25 | Min: 3

LIVE FAST DINE YOUNG If cooking is the new rock ‘n’ roll then the Live Fast Dine Young range from Jay is the Jimi Hendrix of the dining table. Photographic images fired onto a set of four side plates: a Daltrey-esque microphone, a battered snare drum Bonham would have been proud to hammer triplets on, a grinding lead guitar if you fancy a solo snack, and a richter-scale rumbling bass even Lemmy couldn’t ignore. Live Fast Dine Young is everything any self-respecting rock ‘n’ roll nihilst would be happy to eat off and then smash to pieces in their hotel suite...(best buy a couple of sets then!). And once the eating is over, let the drinking commence...from one of two Live Fast Dine Young Large Mugs: a guitar fret for any budding Johnny Ramones or a keyboard for any potential Stevie Wonders or Ray Manzareks. Forget about tomorrow... (they are dishwasher safe anyway so you don’t have to worry about that) and just cut loose with the cookies today. Live Fast Dine Young!

Guitar Big Mug JA0034

Piano Big Mug JA0036

Plate Set JA0032 Four 7.5” porcelain side plates in recyclable gift box. Dishwasher & microwave safe. $19.00 | Min: 3

Live Fast Scribe Young - Notebooks JA0088 Set of four 48 page notebooks printed on 100% recycable paper. 7.1” (H) x 4.4” (W) $7.50 | Min: 6

Live Fast Dine Young | JAY | 23








Word Word W Word U U oUrd U to consent; comply without protest; yield


“What else could I do but acquiesce to her request; what with all those people watching and listening.”


in a world dumbing



[ hahy-p







n ggeratio ious exa ent and obv overstatem intentional rhetorical for effect; of accused Earl of being of risk lack “At the I think the rt of a hyperbole, s is nothing sho rating bag not exagge Grey tea crisis! I’m national either.”


rld dumb

in a wo




-lee ]


Word Up! - Vocab Flashcard Set JA0206






[ ri-kal-s

i-truh nt





example: resisting authority or control; rebelliou s; difficult to manage “I’m not surprised they fired was very Gavin. He talented but impo recalcitr ssibly ant.”


[ ah k-wee-es ]

[ foh ]

fake; imita

tion; artifi

in a world

in a world




“Have you been is that a faux on holiday or suntan?”





With a selection of 100 woefully under-used and under-appreciated words to choose from, complete with a guide to pronunciation and context, Word Up! is the perfect gift for those who simply love words and the power they command.

$6.75 | Min: 6

Totes Emotes - Emoji Flashcard Set JA0205 Totes Emotes is a pack of 50 flashcards featuring commonly used emoticons with explanatory notes on meaning, usage and potential pitfalls which can be used as a discreet reference or brazenly displayed for the entire office to see. Includes featureless cards to allow you to create your own unique emojis.

$6.75 | Min: 6

Grey Squirrel Nut Grinder JA0009 Chopping up nuts can be a dicey affair. You end up with more on the floor than in the bowl. So get a squirrel on the case. Just tilt his head back, place in some shelled nuts and turn his bushy tail! Voilà! Chopped nuts and no spillage! Squirrel nut jar comes with a screw fit measuring jar for ease of use.

Cuppasaurus Tea Infuser JA0197 Silicone tea infuser in a recyclable gift box. $6.75 | Min: 12

$12.50 | Min: 6

Tweetie JA0019 Jay’s tweetie is a stylish bird-like multi-opener, serving as a screw top gripper, bottle opener and ring puller. $6.00 | Min: 6

Also Available Orange Squirrel Nut Grinder JA0016 $12.50 | Min: 6

Nothing For The Person Who Has Everything JA0027 Nothing is the sound of one hand clapping. It’s the hole of the doughnut. Open the pack and be enthralled when nothing happens. If something does happen return for a full refund.

$3.75 | Min: 20

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To determine zone, take the first three digits of ZIP code to which parcel is addressed and refer to chart below.

USA Shipping Charges ZIP Code Check

UPS ZONE CHART from Buffalo, NY

We offer preferential volume rates through our UPS Ground shipping account EX Buffalo, NY warehouse according to Zones and ZIP Codes below. Shipping to commercial addresses in the Continental USA is a percentage of invoice value and will be added to the total amount charged. Please understand if your address is deemed by UPS as a residential address, it will be necessary that we also add a $3.50 surcharge. Alaska and Hawaii zones 44 and 46 will be quoted by invoice but, our preferential volume rates still apply to afford you best possible rates. Cubic Products LLC reserves all rights to increase rates at any time should UPS increase rates or add fuel and remote area surcharges. All export orders will be shipped via UPS to customer’s freight forwarder within the Continental USA. Additional charges may apply for ship documents required other than the customary Commercial Invoice and all import duties and taxes for export orders are the customer’s responsibility.

UPS Zone

Shipping Cost























Alaska & Hawaii Estimated 50%

ZONES Dest. ZIP Ground 004-005 3 010-013 3 014-051 4 052-054 3 055-056 4 057 3 058-059 4 060-061 3 062-065 4 066-083 3 084 4 085-089 3 100-118 3 119 4 120-129 3 130-132 2 133-135 3 136-149 2 150-156 3 157-158 2 159 3 160-169 2 170-176 3 177 2 178-187 3 188 2

ZONES Dest. ZIP Ground 189-217 3 218 4 219-223 3 224-225 4 226-229 3 230-243 4 224 3 245-253 4 254 3 255-259 4 260-268 3 270-289 4 290-292 5 293 4 294 5 295-297 4 298-329 5 330-337 6 338 5 339 6 342-346 6 347 5 349 6 350-369 5 370-372 4 373-375 5

ZONES Dest. ZIP Ground 376-379 4 380-384 5 385 4 386-394 5 395 6 396-399 5 400-418 4 420 5 421-427 4 430-443 3 444-445 2 446-449 3 450-455 4 456-458 3 459-479 4 480-489 3 490-491 4 492 3 493-499 4 500-516 5 520 4 521-528 5 530-539 4 540 5 541-545 4 546-548 5

ZONES Dest. ZIP Ground 549 4 550-574 5 575-577 6 580-582 5 583-588 6 590-591 7 592-593 6 594-599 7 600-611 4 612 5 613-619 4 620-623 5 624-628 4 629-669 5 670-672 6 673 5 674-679 6 680-689 5 690-711 6 712 5 713-714 6 716-729 5 730-739 6 740-744 5 745-748 6 749 5

ZONES Dest. ZIP Ground 750-779 6 780-785 7 786-787 6 788 7 789-796 6 797-799 7 800-810 6 811-816 7 820 6 821 7 822 6 823-825 7 826-828 6 829-834 7 835-838 8 840-847 7 850-858 8 859 7 860-864 8 865-885 7 889-961 8 970-986 8 988-994 8

USA Terms of Trade 2017 Magpie & Jay is distributed by Cubic Products LLC Orders: Mainland USA: Opening order minimum is $300 and can be any combination of Magpie and Jay or just one brand. Minimum reorder is $150. Overseas/Export Orders: Including to Hawaii, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands are subject to higher minimum order requirements and will be shipped FOB Buffalo, NY to the customer’s appointed freight forwarder at a mainland USA ship location. Cubic Products LLC reserves the right to charge extra for additional shipping documents above the customary Commercial Invoice required for export shipments. By placing an order with us you confirm you have read, understood and agreed to our Terms and Conditions. Backorder Policy: If we are unable to fill your entire order by your requested delivery date, we will ship the order noting on the invoice styles on backorder. All backorders under $75.00 will automatically cancel after 60 days. Delivery: All goods are shipped FOB Buffalo, NY at the customer’s expense and risk. All damages or shortages must be notified in writing within five days of receipt of goods. Returns: Goods may only be returned by formal agreement. For defective and damaged merchandise claims, email your request directly to within five days of receipt. All return shipment expenses will be the purchaser’s responsibility unless the goods are faulty. Brochure & Pack Sizes: Individual pack sizes & cost prices can be found in the pricelist hard copy and online. The minimum order is an inner pack size according to each style and multiples should be in same increments. The outer quantity is a case pack. Price Increases: Cubic retains the right to increase prices as necessary. Customers will be notified and it will be updated on the order confirmation. Payment Terms: Goods are invoiced in USD dollars by Cubic Products LLC. Payment is proforma to be paid by credit card. We accept MasterCard, Visa and AMEX. Once we have your payment details the bank will authorise the total amount of the order to your credit card. The authorisation will temporarily freeze the total amount of the order on your bank account and make the funds inaccessible for other transactions. When your order has been dispatched, we only take payment for the goods plus shipping costs if expedited on our shipper’s account on your delivery note. Once the invoice has been raised and the total taken out of your account, your bank will automatically release any remaining funds back into your account to use again. Depending on your bank, it can be anywhere between 12-72 hours for the remaining funds to be available again in your account. You may establish payment terms for subsequent orders after acceptance of an application for credit account. Contact us for more details. Reservation of Title: 1.1 The goods shall be at the Buyer’s risk as from receipt of said goods. 1.2 Despite delivery confirmation, the goods shall not pass from the Seller until

the Buyer has paid the invoice in full plus freight. 1.3 Until property in the goods passes to the Buyer in accordance with clause (1.2) the Buyer shall not hold the Goods on a fiduciary basis as the bailee for the Seller. The Buyer shall store the Goods (at no cost to the Seller) separately from all other goods in its possession and marked in such a way that they are clearly identified as the Seller’s property. 1.4 Until such time as property in the Goods passes from the Seller the Buyer shall upon request deliver up such goods that have not been resold to the Seller. If the Buyer fails to do so the Seller may enter upon any premises owned, occupied or controlled by the Buyer where the Goods are situated and repossess the Goods. Online selling: You may sell our products with prior agreement on your own branded websites but we do not allow selling on ANY 3rd party portals such as eBay, Amazon etc… We do not sell to solely eBay or Amazon traders. If we find this happening we will no longer be able to supply. In placing an order with us you are agreeing that you will not put any products on any 3rd party portals. Offering our lines for sale online before you have paid or received an order is against our terms. Your order will be cancelled if we find this happening. We do NOT offer a dropship service; we insist our customers stock our products before they offer them for sale. All Magpie images uploaded on the worldwide web must be only images we supply via our on-line portal. Receipt of a login/ password directly from us implies our express permission for use of our logo and images in accordance with our Terms of Trade. Should we find images or references to our brand and products on your website other than those we supply or approve, we will require all unapproved images and web linksto be entirely removed.In addition, we will cancel all future orders. Trademark & Copywright: All content (images and copy) is protected by copyright and as such is not available to copy, distribute or use by any company without our written confirmation. We only give permission for content to be used once a company is set up and has placed and paid for their initial order. Even then, the only product imagery and copy that can be used is only for the items ordered. We do not allow web stores to add our products without an active account and an order for the product being made first. If we find web stores purporting to sell any product lines that have not been ordered and paid for we can and will insist the full content is taken down immediately. Please email or to request contact details for your territory. Magpie and Jay are trading names of Cubic Products LLC registered in USA. Address: Cubic Products LLC, Unit 1 ZK Park, 23 Commerce Way, Croydon, CR0 4ZS | | Find the nearest showroom and all contacts for your territory sales representatives here: Company Reg: 4727317 | VAT: 814 6464 27

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