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Women’s Apparel

` The longest shelf life.

h Trax H

Trax H is a slim horizontal slot display system installed into various panel arrangements - continuous or end capped. The sleek profiles (3mm, 6mm and 8mm) of Trax H can bear numerous shelving, front arm displays, hang rails and other CUBIC accessories.

r Rax C

Rax C is a mid-floor racking system with a fail safe lock and mechanical height adjustment feature. Simply lift the upright to raise, or depress the release button to lower. Arms and rails are easily attached to the uprights and are just as easy to interchange. Whether on a steel base or mounted on a plinth, Rax C is necessary racking for retail.

s Boutiqx

Boutiqx dangles merchandise before the consumer in either an adorning position or in a lucrative impulse purchase point. Simple concealed height adjustment and a variety of easily interchangeable accessories allow for flexible display options. Customised supports can be designed and developed for your project requirements.

d Flex D

Flex D allows for simple single point attachment and detachment of display arms, shelves, rails and customised forms. Flex D can be installed into most panel arrangements, modular structures, glass and plasterboard. To further this system’s appeal; Flex D boasts flush, slim collar and stainless steel capping options which can be installed from the rear or front of the panel.

k Trax VQ

Trax VQ allows for simple single point display or multiple displays on continuous vertical profiling. The single point or strip profiles are simple to externally mount onto solid walls, wood and glass panels; with both single and double sided installation options. Slip the accessories onto the strip and with a click Trax VQ is all set. Trax VQ accessories can be used interchangeably between the perimeter system and the mid-floor system known as Linx Q.

p Strux

Strux is a heavy duty tension mounted pole system that stems the gap between floor and ceiling. The sleek concealed height adjustment mechanism makes Strux an easy but sturdy installation by one person. Strux allows for visual displays to be presented at any height and in all directions. The Strux LCD TV mount furthers the systems ability to deliver effective and innovative merchandising displays.

Women's Apparel Display Solutions  

display, system, retail, store, fixtures

Women's Apparel Display Solutions  

display, system, retail, store, fixtures