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Molitor Wengen, Switzerland

` The longest shelf life.

k Trax VQ

Trax VQ allows for simple single point display or multiple displays on continuous vertical profiling. The single point or strip profiles are simple to externally mount onto solid walls, wood and glass panels; with both single and double sided installation options. Slip the accessories onto the strip and with a click Trax VQ is all set. Trax VQ accessories can be used interchangeably between the perimeter system and the mid-floor system known as Linx Q.

t Physiqx

The Physiqx system connects forms to CUBIC’s display systems; this allows torsos and various forms the flexibility of being displayed on Flex, Trax, Linx and Rax. Upon consultation, a vast range of forms, torsos, mannequins and displays can be exhibited on CUBIC systems.


Index is signage that complements elegant merchandise. Its bold, minimal and neutral design makes Index the perfect signage solution. Index adapters for various CUBIC systems means even more options to communicate with customers where it counts the most.


View CUBIC project examples for your reference and inspiration. Email for more detail.

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