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Developing Strategy for Your Web Project

The Discovery Phase 1. Developing any strategy starts with extensive research in order to really get a complete understanding of the industry and business itself. 2.

A deep analysis of the competitive landscape is imperative to the success of your project, both from a strategy and design perspective.


It is crucial to have a mix of both qualitative and quantitative research, such as examining current website metrics, engaging in competitive research, and having conversations with stakeholders will provide you with findings that are going to be relevant throughout the entire strategy process.

The Audit Phase 1. The culmination of the discovery phase brings you to the audit—the first real deliverable, that you should be presenting to the decisionmakers of your website design project. 2. It’s at this point that you want to take all of your insights from the research you conducted regarding audience, competition, and the current website and use them to present an actionable plan for your website design and pinpoint any goals based on the analysis. 3. if the client is a start-up, comparing them to competitors can lead to completing a branding audit that can verify their positioning and presence in the industry, which will further narrow down the goal of your strategy.

The Web Strategy Phase 1. Once your audit is presented, it’s time to move on to the web strategy phase. At this point, you want to focus on taking the insights found through your audit and turning them into legitimate recommendations that integrate various creative and design elements. 2. During the strategy phase, you need to create or envision a funnel that will reflect the buyer journey, and how the consumer is likely to go through the decisionmaking process. 3. You may have certain conversion points at the top, middle, and bottom of the conversion funnel, but if they aren’t in the correct places on the site they may be useless.

Effective Processes Drive Achievements 1. While you are developing your web design strategy, every action should be supported and backed up by the specific business objective it will achieve. 2. You want features and content that will constantly keep people coming back. By conducting thorough research, analyzing the insights you find, and applying them to recommended actionable tactics, you can align your business for success and convey a creative branded design for your clients.

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Developing strategy for your web project  

Developing any strategy starts with extensive research in order to really get a complete understanding of the industry and business itself....

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