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Vol.1, Edition #2

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STRENGTHENING MINDS 09 Tony’s Tips - Getting Back on Track 10 Snack Pack Smarts 15 All-Natural Testosterone Support 26 Fat or Fiction 51 Healthy Finance - Dollars & Sense

LIFTING SPIRITS 18 The Perfect Catch - Seafood Recipes 34 One-on-One with Claude Giroux 54 Feeding the Soul - Wine & Cheese Gal Pal Therapy 58 Fighting for Fitness - Pat Miletich 61 Lightweights - Funny Fitness Stories



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The official magazine distributed to all members of Greco Lean & Fit Publisher/Co-Founder Cu Van Ha

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Editorial Direction Tony Greco Photography Christopher Schlesak John Kealey RÊmi Laprise Mitch Lenet Editorial Kristin Braginetz Robin Clasper Intern Hannah Rauhanen Published by Cuative Publishing Legal Deposit 2011 National Library of Canada ISSN 1925-4415 Cuative Publishing & Media 260 St. Patrick St. Suite #202 Ottawa, ON K1N 5K5 Publications Mail Agreement No. 41149597 Printed in Canada. Special Advertising & Features: Please contact the publisher/Cuative Direct: 613-262-4908 All materials Š 2011 Copyright. Cuative Publishing. All rights reserved. TOTALFIT Magazine welcomes contributions. Materials must be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope if they are to be returned. Cuative Publishing is not responsible for unsolicited material. All opinions expressed are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publisher or its advertisers. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without prior permission from the publisher.

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Edition #2


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‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ is a popular saying, but here at TOTALFIT Magazine we say sweat everything! After all, it is a new season – time to try new things and to push your body, mind and spirit to new unfathomable limits.

Jessica & Cu at the Premiere Edition Launch Party at Fratelli’s Restaurant Check out photos from the event

To us sweat is something that should be embraced, celebrated and pursued as often as possible. Why? For the simple reason that it is a symbol of strength and determination, as well as a resolute commitment to your goal to lead the best life possible. Nothing worth having comes easily. The only person who can make your dreams come true (fitness or otherwise) is you. It’s a serious mission to be sure, but a noble one that we are here to help you achieve every step of the way. To that effect, we’ve packed this issue with intense workout after intense workout. But that’s not all! Peruse the delicious seafood recipes, supplement insights and restaurant reviews that emphasize healthy eating without sacrificing that important element – taste! Learn how to trim down your financial fears with Stuart Graham’s healthy financial advice, soak in Dr. Joel’s engaging discussion about hormone health, and sit down for a one-on-one conversation with Claude Giroux of the Philadelphia Flyers. Of course, our slick glossy pages possess lots of other content too, but to find out exactly what, you’ll have to keep flipping! As always, special thanks to our amazing sponsors, new contributors and resident experts for helping us put together another outstanding edition! Don’t forget to write to us at with your own fitness stories. We’re always on the lookout for killer content to use in future issues!

Cu & Jessica

Publisher & Co-Founders Greco TOTALFIT Magazine


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Edition #2, Vol. 1 Tony Greco with Claude Giroux Photo: The General Studio Location: RA Centre, Ottawa

Edition #2







DON GAUVREAU Stuart Graham is a financial advisor with 17 years of experience in risk and wealth management. In today’s world it is hard to make a dollar into two dollars but there are ways to do so. Page 51 Don Gauvreau is recognized in the dietary supplement industry as an R&D and product formulation expert. Don has also competed as a national-level bodybuilder and has two degrees, a bachelor’s of kinesiology and a master’s of science. Page 15




SHAWN MOZEN As a holistic nutritionist and lifestyle educator, Sue specializes in custom-tailoring individual plans specific to each person’s unique body chemistry. In her practice, she utilizes the latest tools to assess the body’s ongoing environmental, dietary and emotional influences. Page 10 With 20 years experience in the holistic health and wellness field, Nelson Narciso is a herbalist, Reiki practitioner and member of the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners. He is a well-respected writer and educator on natural health products and hosts his own Rogers TV show, Precision Fitness Challenge. Page 26 Arlene Dorey is an Ottawa-based entrepreneur working in the IT project management field, as well as an independent consultant with Arbonne International. Arlene is also involved with several charities including Ride the Rideau, which supports the Ottawa Cancer Centre. Page 54

Mitch photographs fashion, style, art, design, food and lifestyle. You will always find him exploring his creativity on location, in studio or in his production office.

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RÉMI LAPRISE Rémi used to work as a draftsman, professional engineer, CEO of his own software development company, and artist agent. All the skills he has learned allow him to live the life he has always dreamed of: taking pictures of people’s feelings to remember how beautiful we are. Page 22


Edition #2

Steve Warne is an Ottawa-based writer and broadcaster. He co-hosts Tony Greco’s weekly health and fitness show on Team 1200 radio in Ottawa. He regularly covers sports, entertainment and health issues and devotes countless hours to autism charities. Page 58

Armand has been a Greco trainer for over 3 years and is part owner of the new Greco Upper Hunt Club location. He enjoys living the Greco Lean & Fit lifestyle in all aspects of his life. Page 29 Chris and John are Ottawa photographers born and raised, longtime friends and now co-founders of The General Studio. John uses Canon, while Chris likes his Nikon. Page 44 Shawn is recognized worldwide as an authority on kettlebells, martial arts and functional fitness. Shawn has appeared on US and Canadian TV shows such as VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, Miami Ink, and Off the Record. Shawn is the president of the Canadian Kettlebell Sport Federation. Page 30

DR. JOEL Naturopath Dr. Joel is the clinical director of revIvelife™ Ottawa Naturopathic Clinic, Pharmacy & Labs and the CEO of enerjiVe Food. Her mission is to inspire vitality, balance and empowerment. Watch her on revIvelife™ by Naturopathic Dr. Joel on Rogers Channel 22, Mondays at 3pm Page 52


HOTSTUFF What more can we say? Hot Stuff comes in all shapes and sizes, so check out this edition’s super smokin’ items!

FIGHTING WORDS In Train Like a Freak with Dan Boyle, find out how the

hockey superstar achieved his childhood dream of winning an Olympic gold medal for Canada, how he stays focussed on his goals, and how he’s learned to overcome any obstacles that stand in his way. Proceeds benefit the Foundation to Fight Obesity in Children.


If you’re serious about strength, this supplement from Pharmafreak Technologies might be just what you’ve been looking for. The Concentrated Creatine HCl and Beta-Alanine will saturate your muscles and stimulate new muscle growth, plus increase strength, power, endurance, athletic performance and recovery. It’s also easily absorbed and proven to enhance the mindmuscle connection between the brain and muscle cells.

Edition #2


Used for both myofascial therapy and core workouts, The Grid from Trigger Point Performance Therapy is quickly becoming a feature on many fitness buffs’ must-have lists. Bonus: since this revolutionary foam roller is so lightweight and compact, you can take your workout wherever you go.


Arbonne’s anti-aging line, RE9 Advanced, delivers some seriously impressive results. On the outside, lines are noticeably reduced and skin is smoother and more radiant. On the inside, the product makes its way to the cellular level, attaching itself to cells and delivering a dose of vitamins A, C, and E. What more could you ask for in a skincare product?


64 George St., 613-789-7575

Ottawa’s Italian Grocers Located In The Heart of Byward Market-Ottawa


Tony Greco Canada’s Leading Fitness Specialist


onTrack Now is the time to start a new regimen. What I suggest to people is to set a goal that is achievable; otherwise, it will never be anything beyond a wish. It could be something as simple as adding a cardio kickboxing class to your routine or maybe joining a friend in yoga. Whatever it is, make it a realistic goal for your lifestyle and write it down to keep yourself accountable!  Don’t be afraid to try out a few different options until you find something that’s going to fit into your new healthy lifestyle.   Variety is just as important in diet as it is in exercise. Now is a great time to introduce new, healthy foods into your diet. If you are struggling to find good recipes, try meeting with a chef or taking a cooking class to inspire creative ideas for nutritious, delicious meals for you and your family.  When you’re planning out these new meal ideas, it’s worth looking into the amount of protein, carbs, healthy fats and calories you are getting out of your meals to make them as positive for your body as possible.  When you’re setting a goal, it’s okay to cheat a little, but be aware of what you are putting into your body so that you know what it will take to get you back on track.   This is also the time when kids are heading back to school, so it’s important to pack healthy snacks for them.  This will get them used to eating well, and it makes good, wholesome food fun! Another really important thing for kids to be including in their diet is lots and lots of water.  Lots of the products parents give kids may claim to be 100% juice, but they often contain other additives, so read labels and be aware of added preservatives and sugars.  Avoiding added sugar in your kids’ diets will help them to avoid that mid-morning crash.  Getting your kids to drink lots of water and eat healthier foods will help to keep their energy and attention span consistently strong throughout the day.

Edition #2



Sue Hall Nutritionist and Lifestyle Educator

SNACKPACKSMARTS Bridging the Hunger Gap: The Art of Smart Snacking

It is 2pm in the afternoon and you have the sudden urge to munch! Having forgotten to pack a snack, you take a quick walk around the corner from your desk and voila, you find the vending machine smiling at you, arms opened wide, beckoning you to make your choice. How many times does this happen to you? For many of us, all too often. Life is busy and it is difficult to make wise choices when hunger strikes and we are not prepared.


It is important to spread your meals evenly throughout the day and this is where a well-balanced snack will provide you with the nutritional boost you need to keep your metabolism working in overdrive. Snacking is a great way to add to your nutritional quota. Fibre foods, veggies, fruits, yogurt, nuts and seeds all help to keep blood sugar on an even keel and concentration levels from fading. Macronutrient-balanced snacks from whole foods that combine small amounts of protein, carbohydrates (which will fuel your muscles and brain), and healthy fats to slow digestion will bridge the hunger gap and actually help you to not overeat.


Nuts and seeds are great sources of protein, essential fatty acids, vitamin E and minerals. Easy to ‘grab and go,’ they are sure to be a favourite. Always purchase raw, unsalted and whole to get the best nutrients.


Yogurt provides protein, calcium and a good source of bacteria lactobacillus acidophilus. Great for the digestive system, yogurt improves intestinal health, helps to lower blood cholesterol levels and enhances the immune system. The best way to gain nutrients from this snack is to purchase plain organic and add your own berries and seeds for the crunch factor.


Edition #2


Veggies are the powerhouse of all foods. Eaten raw they are ‘live’ foods full of enzymes. A rich source of vitamins and minerals, vegetables build the body. They also prevent disease and illness, maintain weight and should be included in most meals and snacks. So eat your veggies! Fruit, so sweet and so delicious, cleanses the body. An excellent source of antioxidants and phytochemicals. Easy to pack when on the run, fruit can easily be thrown into your purse or backpack for a quick pick-me-up snack. No excuses!


The key to successful snacking is to plan, plan, plan! Your snacks should hold the same importance in planning and preparation as your main meals. It becomes all too easy to grab that bag of chips, a chocolate bar or other snacks that are high in sugar and will sabotage any chance of weight loss. Choosing whole foods that are low on the glycemic index and nutrient-dense as snacks between meals will help with weight loss and concentration. They will also balance blood sugar levels and provide you with the energy you need to get you through your very busy day.


PACK-AND-GO GRANOLA BARS Serving: 6 bars Protein: 10g Fibre: 4g

Ingredients: ¾ cup oats 1 scoop protein powder 1/3 cup almonds, chopped ½ cup hemp seeds ¼ cup pumpkin seeds 2 tbsp. pure maple syrup ¼ cup unpasteurized honey


Preheat oven to 325F. Line a baking pan with an oversized piece of parchment paper and set aside. 1. Mix dry ingredients in a medium mixing bowl. 2. Liquify honey and maple syrup without boiling. Add honey mixture to dry ingredients and mix well until all ingredients are well coated. 3. Turn mixture out onto parchment paper. Shape the mixture into a 9x5 rectangle using the side of the parchment paper. 4. Cut the excess parchment paper. Cut into 6 bars. 5. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until lightly browned along the edges. Cool completely.

IDEAS FOR HEALTHY SNACKS A handful of fresh, unsalted nuts or seeds; plain organic yogurt with fresh fruit and sunflower seeds; berries with organic soy milk, pear with 8-10 almonds; raw carrots, celery, bell peppers, cucumber, and other veggies served with hummus; boiled egg and cherry tomatoes; apple slices with almond butter For more visit

Edition #2




Now you can take fitness wherever you go, thanks to these cool innovative items! So put your kicks on and go, go, go!

TRAINING BUDDY All-around athletes need an all-around trainer: enter the Garmin Forerunner

310XT. Designed for triathletes, this waterproof wonder tracks your distance, speed, and course. When you’re home, it sends all that data wirelessly to your computer. And with an optional quick-release bike mount, it can go from your handlebars to your wrist in seconds. You also can track weight, body fat, body water and six other measurements. Multitasker, much?

TAKE IT TO HEART It looks like a wristwatch, it acts like a wristwatch,

but this little gadget is so much more than a wristwatch. The Polar FT7 is also a heart rate monitor and calorie-counter, among other things. Additionally, it comes with a comfy chest strap that measures your heart rate and transmits it wirelessly to your watch.

LIGHT&LOVELY Yoga enthusiasts know that a

comfy workout is a happy workout, and that a good mat makes all the difference. Check out Lululemon’s The Mat*Lightweight, a lighter version of their original mat, perfect for a particularly sweaty session – it’s pretty much impossible to slip off of this thing.

Edition #2

RAISING THE BAR Designed to take you to the next level in your

performance, whether you are in basic training or a pro athlete. It keeps the sodium levels low, using quality protein (whey isolate), heart healthy fats (no trans fats) and low glycemic carbohydrates.


mind Don Gauvreau R&D and Product Formulation Expert

your ability to build ALL-NATURAL Enhance muscle, burn fat and increase by maintaining healthy TESTOSTERONE strength natural testosterone levels. SUPPORT Commonly known as the muscle-building hormone, testosterone stimulates protein synthesis and helps build and repair muscle tissue. But did you know that you can optimize your natural testosterone levels too?


Research shows that your calorie and dietary fat intake can significantly influence testosterone production. For instance, undereating or overeating can result in low testosterone levels. So in order to optimize testosterone secretion, you need to ensure you’re eating an appropriate amount of calories to meet your daily energy requirements. Healthy fats, such as omega3s, 6s and 9s are essential for optimal natural testosterone production, so make sure you include plenty in your diet.


High-intensity exercise, such as weight training, can stimulate an increase in natural testosterone release. In order to take full advantage of your efforts in the gym, you need to make sure you’re primarily working your major muscle groups, such as legs, back, shoulders and chest. On top of that, keep your workouts to a maximum of 45 to 60 minutes in length. If you continue to exercise longer than 60 minutes your testosterone levels will begin to rapidly decline.

proven supplements are an amino acid called d-aspartic acid (DAA) and an herb called fenugreek.A recently published study in the journal Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology examined the effects of d-aspartic acid supplementation on testosterone secretion in healthy young men. In the study, subjects were given a daily dose of 3,120mg of DAA for 12 days, whereas the control group was given a placebo. After 12 days, the subjects supplementing with DAA experienced, on average, a 42% increase in testosterone release. 1 A specific form of fenugreek, called TESTOFEN®, has also been tested on healthy men. The results from multiple studies confirm that the TESTOFEN® brand of fenugreek can have a significant effect on natural testosterone secretion.


For quite some time, professional athletes have understood the powerful effects that testosterone has on muscle growth, strength and recovery. So if you’re looking to take advantage of optimal testosterone levels and improve your performance, then try following the advice outlined here. Just remember that a proper diet and exercise routine is essential in helping you reach your goals, no matter what they are! Reference: 1. Topo E, et al. (2009). Reprod Biol Endocrinol, 7, 120. For more visit


There are some excellent natural supplements that can help promote healthy testosterone levels. Two of the most research-

Edition #2






749 Bank Street

499 Terry Fox Drive

309 Richmond Road

130 RioCan Drive







GEARUP Check out these goods to get you pumped, primed and ready for any fitness challenge.


We’re all different, so naturally, that means we all have different feet. Superfeet took this into consideration when designing their line of ultra comfortable insoles. No matter what activities you’re into – walking, running, skiing, hiking, you name it – they’ve got you and your tootsies covered. Visit an authorized Superfeet dealer to find your perfect fit.


If you’re after some serious protein, look no further. Extreme Isolate 97 provides 37g of protein, 1g of carbohydrates, and less than 1g of fat per serving. The protein source is BiPro WPI 97® (Whey Protein Isolate 97%), and is completely gluten-free. The supplement’s ingredients combine to increase lean muscle mass, minimize the breakdown of muscle tissue, increase endurance, regulate blood sugar levels, and lots more.


We all know how important it is to get enough veggies every day – they provide us with the nutrients we need to strengthen our immune systems, support cardiovascular health, and regulate blood pressure, among other things. But try as we may, we’ll probably never match the variety that’s offered in VegeGreens: this powder provides over 60 land, sea and cruciferous vegetables. In fact, each small scoop is the equivalent of six to eight servings of fresh vegetables.


Hang on tight with these leather lifting gloves from Kapur. They’re comfortable, stylish, and most importantly, they work. Also available for women.

Edition #2

Show your pride with this Heart of a Lion tee, created by Unsung Hero. The local company designs clothing that exemplifies the passionate, positive, never-give-up attitude of its wearers. And of course, it all looks pretty good, too.



perfect catch Reel in the season with these delicious and healthy seafood recipes. Photography by Mitch Lenet ( Starring: Alaina Rossiter & Christopher Sisto Seafood provided by Merivale Fish Market & Seafood Grill (


Edition #2


Edition #2


Shrimp & Pineapple Kabobs Serves 2

INGREDIENTS 1/4 cup barbecue sauce 1/4 lb large shrimps, peeled, deveined 1/4 lb fresh pineapple cut into chunks 1/4 onion cut into wedges 1/2 green pepper sliced 1.) Place shrimp, pineapple and veggies on skewers. 2.) Grill kabobs 4 to 6 mins. turning and brushing occasionally with the barbecue sauce. Serve with hot cooked rice. Calories  260

Lemon Dill Cod Serves 2

INGREDIENTS 1/2 lb fish fillets 1/2 cup Greek yogurt 1 tbsp. mayonaise 2 tbsp. lemon juice 1 tsp. dill weed 1/2 tsp. grated lemon zest 1.) Mix mayonaise, yogurt, juice, dill and peel. 2.) Brush fish fillets with half of the yogurt mixture. Place fish on greased grill over medium heat or rack of broiler pan 4 inches from heat. 3.) Grill 5 to 10 mins. 4.) Pour additional sauce over fish Calories 240

Grilled Salmon Serves 2

INGREDIENTS 2 salmon steaks 1 green onion, chopped 1/4 cup barbecue Sauce 2 tbsp. brown sugar 1.) Mix onion, sauce and sugar 2.) Grill fish for 4 mins. on each side. 3.) Brush generously with sauce. 4.) Turn occasionally and brush with remaining sauce. Calories  350


Edition #2

Edition #2



Edition #2


RIDINGHIGH WAKEBOARDING with Jordan Sien Interview by Jessica Kerzner, Photography by Rémi Laprise

t’s no small feat what wakeboarder Jordan Sien has accomplished in just 21 short years. The champion Iwakeboarder competed on the international level in Canada and the United States, winning several awards including the 2006 silver medal at Wakestock Canada and silver at the Ontario Provincials in 2006. As an extreme sports athlete, sponsored by major companies like O’Brien Wakeboards & Spy Optics, Jordan’s passion for the sport developed at age ten while training under Frank Good of Good Times Wakeboarding School, and continued to flourish while training with the likes of pro rider Dave Briscoe in Florida. Jordan’s life became entirely devoted to the sport of wakeboarding. He took his passion and turned it into a career by opening a wakeboarding school in Manotick, Ontario, called RIDE THE WAKE ( We sat down with Jordan to discuss the school, life as a pro boarder and the indescribable rush of being on the open water.


I learnt just south of Manotick, in Osgoode, at Good Times Wakeboarding School when I was ten years old. It’s been a long time, eleven summers now.


Right now I am sponsored by O’Brien Wakeboards, Straight Line Ropes and Handles, Jet Pilot, Clubhouse Sports, Hurst Marina, Proverb Shoes and Spy Optics.


Ride the Wake is my wakeboarding school that I’ve been running for the past 6 years. We offer everything from single to group lessons, private sessions, and summer camps that run week-long for students. We also do clinics per city in places like New Brunswick and Timmins. Our goal is to grow the sport by teaching as many people as we can.


We run the school out of Hurst Marina, which is awesome because of all of the accommodations that Hurst has to offer the students. My friends help me to run the school. They enjoy

Edition #2

being on the water, on the boat, and taking part in all the activities and are always more than willing to help out.


We do wakesurfing, which is pretty cool. We load down the weight on one side of the boat going about 10 miles per hour. When the wake is big enough, you get up (like a wakeboard) and find the sweet spot where you let go of the rope. You free-surf like you would on the ocean, meaning there are no bindings on the board. It’s like a real surfboard, just a lot shorter, and has a little foam pad for grip. We also do wakeskating, which is more of a skateboarding feel. The boards have no bindings and have grip tape and foam. You see a lot of skateboard-like tricks – kickflips, shuvits, tricks like that. We do all three variations of wakeboarding.


At Hurst Marina we have an Olympic-size trampoline, with a wakeboard rope tied to the fence. We also have a trampoline board that we use to simulate a wakeboard so you can bounce around on the trampoline and try out tricks you want to try out on the water, whether it’s fins, different grabs, even flips.


I loved the idea of opening up a wakeboarding school to expand and push the sport, and also to give people who are interested a chance to learn all about it. The best thing about it is taking people who have never heard of or even seen a wakeboard and getting them up behind the boat to show them what they’ve been missing all along. Since the sport is still growing, it feels awesome to be a part of the growth process because eventually my friends and I won’t be able to wakeboard anymore. This means that all the people who I have taught and that have come through the school are the next generation of the sport. Wakeboarding isn’t just a young rebellious thing to do; it’s a family activity, so it’s great to have the opportunity to have full families come out and learn together.



Edition #2


I usually compete every summer. There are a few different levels of competition – provincials, nationals, and the big one, which is called Wakestock. There is also usually a provincial tour with three or more stops around Ontario. I’m moving out of the competitive side and zoning in more on the business side. Still riding for fun, just a little bit less competitively. Instead of competing at the various stops, I am a level-two judge currently working on getting my pro-level judging status.


Wakeboarding is such a unique sport because every rider brings something different to the table. Each rider has different strengths and weaknesses compared to the next, but also a completely different style of riding. That is what makes wakeboarding so unique – everyone rides in their own way and finds a way to make each trick their own so the same trick done by two different riders may in fact look completely different. Pro-level judging and amateur-level judging are similar in a sense because both look at the riders’ overall run; the difference between the two is the pointing and scoring system. In both pro and amateur there are three judges. In pro, each judge gives one score out of ten. The scores are then combined in a computer system to get an average score out of 100. Amateur judging is similar as the scores are added for a final score out of 100, except each judge is to score the rider one to ten in three different categories. These categories are intensity, which is how big the rider is going, composition, which is the mixture of different tricks completed in his run, and finally execution, which is graded on the level of perfection each trick was completed under. 


Wakeboarding is such a great sport because it is a total body workout. Your arms, shoulders, and back are all used to help you while you are being pulled by the boat. You are also using a lot of core strength to adjust your body as you and the board are always moving. And finally you work your legs when you’re testing out those awesome jumps!


I go down to Florida and keep wakeboarding. Because it’s such a unique sport, you have to go where the wakeboarding is. I’ve been to Florida, the Philippines, wherever the weather and the waves are right!


Keven Henshaw. He’s a Canadian rider from out west, British Columbia. He’s a great rider that can hold his own whether it comes to riding the boat or hitting the rails.


The most important thing is to keep your arms straight, staying in a ball, and let the boat do all the work. The boat is accelerating, reaching speeds of 20 miles per hour and if you start trying to resist the boat, it’s just like tug-of-war and you’re going to lose every time. That’s the biggest mistake people make – trying to pull themselves up. You need to have a lot of patience and wait until you’re on the water to stand up. It’s definitely not a sport that requires strength, it’s more technique and finesse that gets you success. My top advice is to smile and have fun, no matter what happens! Inspiring young kids and adults to be active and try wakeboarding is what Jordan does best. He’s the perfect example of how following your dreams and fulfilling your passions can help make the impossible a reality. He says there’s really no better way for kids to spend their summers than at his camp. “The toughest part is having to end a great day on the water,” says Jordan. Without question, catching a wave on a board may be the most exhilarating part of your summer, not to mention a help in obtaining those chiseled abs you’re looking for! To take part in any of Jordan’s classes please call the school at 613.371.WAKE (9253) or visit


Definitely. A lot of wakeboarders do other sports and activities to help them in their wakeboarding, like biking, cardio, and hitting the gym for weight training.

Edition #2


mind Nelson Narciso Herbalist & Reiki Practitioner


For years we’ve been told that consuming fats will make you fat and increase your risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. In general, the message has been that fats are bad for you. While consuming too many of the less-desirable fats such as saturated fats, animal saturates and trans fats can most definitely be detrimental to your health, there are some fats with proven health benefits.


These bad fats aside, many other fats have numerous health benefits and should be an important and regular part of your diet. One such fat that has an ever-increasing body of evidence supporting its health benefits is fish oil. Fish oil is rich in the essential fatty acid (EFA) and alpha linolenic acid (omega-3). EFAs are fats that we can’t manufacture in our body and must therefore consume in our diet. There are two EFAs: omega3s and omega-6s. Of these two, omega-6 is being over- consumed and omega-3 under-consumed. Studies suggest that we’re getting a 20:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 when a ratio between 1:1 to 4:1 is optimal. Although omega-6 fats are essential, an excess consumption of them has been associated with an increased risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity, inflammation, diabetes, depression and auto-immune diseases. Omega-3 fats are very much the polar opposite in terms of their impact on our health. They reduce the risk of all the previously mentioned conditions and recent evidence suggests they may increase life expectancy. Fish oils may even offer athletes numerous benefits, such as protecting muscle fibers from stress associated with intense exercise, reducing inflammation, and protecting athlete’s brains from concussive damage.


There are two other forms of omega-3 fats that have both a different structure and function than alpha linolenic acid. They are EPA and DHA. Omega-3 fats are converted in the liver and enterocytes into EPA and DHA. This conversion, however, has been shown to be very poor. Omega-3 conversion into EPA is between 5-10% and 0-5% for DHA. Omega-3s from plant sources (flax, hemp, chia, walnuts, etc.) can’t provide us with EPA and DHA, but fish oil provides all three. Many experts have shown that consuming omega-3 fats from plant sources alone aren’t enough and one should include both EPA and DHA from fish oil.


We’ve established the need for omega-3 fats, EPA, DHA and their health benefits, so what should one look for in a quality fish oil? For starters, we need to appreciate that some fish harbour unwanted contaminants like mercury, PCBs and dioxins, to name a few. To reduce the likelihood of contaminants, choose smaller species of fish like sardines, anchovies and mackerel. Through a process known as bioamplification, larger fish accumulate more of these unwanted compounds than smaller ones. Our oceans are so polluted that this alone may not be adequate, so look for fish oils that have been filtered using a process known as molecular distillation. For added security, ensure your oil has been tested by a recognized and independent third party lab. IFOS is a renowned lab that sets some of the highest industry standards for fish oils. They measure potency, purity and rancidity and if all three pass with flying colours they’re awarded an IFOS 5 Star rating, the highest possible. They go as far as to list fish oil companie’s test reports on their website.


Fish oils are very sensitive to oxidation. When oils oxidize, they can easily become rancid. A rancid fat not only loses its benefits, but it becomes a toxic fat too. Studies have shown that some fish oils on the market have gone rancid well before their expiration dates. To prevent rancidity, the oil should be stabilized with antioxidants like vitamin E, green tea extract and grape seed oil. Ideally the bottles holding these oils should be nitrogen flushed. In this process, nitrogen gas is pumped into the bottle, displacing the air and in turn reducing the likelihood of oxidation. A quality fish oil should provide a healthy dose of both EPA and DHA and a balanced ratio of the two. As an example, a fish oil with 1000mg of EPA and 550mg of DHA providing a 2:1 ratio would be a great place to start. Armed with the right knowledge, you can now separate the fat facts from fiction, or as the title suggests, ‘fat from fiction.’ For more visit


Edition #2



Great style is not just for after the workout! Check out these items, guaranteed to turn heads no matter how much you’re sweating!


Defend your dentist’s hard work with the ArmourBite® Mouthguard from the pros at Under Armour. Not only does it protect your mouth during full-contact sports like hockey, football, and rugby, it also stops you from clenching your jaw – a seemingly harmless reaction that actually does more damage than you think by triggering the release of cortisol, a hormone that causes excess fatigue, stress, and loss of concentration.

SHINE A LIGHTThe Tikka XP2 shovels aside Darkness doesn’t stand a chance when you’ve got the Petzl Tikka XP 2 Headlamp strapped to your noggin. Using the latest in LED technology, the lamp also has a small red LED light that provides eye-catching signals or lets you tone down the brightness when reading. It’s the perfect lamp for exploring everything from a cave in Borneo to the crevices of your attic.


From the local designers who brought you the aforementioned Heart of a Lion tee (see pg. 17) comes the Empty the Tank Tee. Wear it on those days when hitting the gym is feeling like a particularly daunting task.


Edition #2

The team at Arbonne know that beauty starts from within. That’s why they developed Figure 8, a complete line of products that assist in achieving or maintaining your desired body weight. Shakes, chocolate chews, fizzy drink tabs and fibre boosters provide a delicious yet nutritious way to stay on top of your weight.

body Armand Wahab Head Trainer Greco Upper Hunt Club

STEPITUP Here are the ABCs of four leg exercises to get you standing tall!

BULGARIAN LUNGE A. Commence in a lunge position with back foot on a step. B. Hold weights by your side and perform a lunge, bringing your knee towards the floor. C. Ensure back stays straight and that front foot is out far enough that a 90 degree bend is created when lunging. D. Perform 12 reps each side.

STEP UP A. Start with front leg on step. (Be sure that the step height allows for the front leg to be bent at 90 degrees.) B. Holding weights by your side, push off of front leg and bring back leg onto the step. C. Step back down with the same leg. D. Perform 12 reps each leg. Benefits: This technique is very effective for isolating quads and glutes to give added definition.

Benefits: This exercise combines a fantastic glute workout with a good stretch. Ideal for increasing flexibility.

Photos by Remi Laprise, taken on location at Greco Beech St.

Edition #2

SINGLE LEG DEADLIFT A. Begin standing on one foot holding a pair of dumbbells. B. Keeping back straight, slightly bend the knee and lean forward bending from the hips, reaching for your foot until you feel a stretch in your hamstring. C. Perform 12 reps with each leg. Benefits: By standing on one leg, you engage more stabilizing muscles, therefore working more of the muscles in your leg compared with a traditional deadlift drill.

SKIPPING A. Start off with one-minute workout durations. B. Gradually increase your time as you improve! Benefits: An excellent cardio exercise that is ideal for burning calories. The constant jumping action will really work the legs, especially those calf muscles.



body Shawn Mozen CEO of Agatsu Inc., President of Canadian Kettlebell Sport Federation



Since I first began introducing Kettlebells to Canadians in 2003, there has been a tremendous growth and interest in these amazing fitness tools. Now a common staple in gyms across the country, this “new” fitness fad is actually a timetested tool dating back to the 16th century. With a long history in Russia and across Europe, the Kettlebell has stood the test of time as an ideal weight for training strength and endurance simultaneously. With everyone’s busy schedules, there is no doubt a weight that can be used effectively for short full-body workouts would have mass appeal. As a result, Kettlebells have been marketed to everyone from Olympic athletes to couch potatoes trying to get back into shape.


The American Council on Exercise (ACE) conducted a study on Kettlebell training and determined that for each minute of Kettlebell training, participants were burning 16.6 calories per minute aerobically and 6.6 calories per minute anaerobically. In other words, training with Kettlebells can burn 20.2 calories per minute - something that ACE compared to cross-country skiing up hill. Why the high calorie burn? Consider the method in which Kettlebells are typically used. Kettlebell training generally comes in two forms of exercise: swings and presses. Both are done as compound movements where the entire body is used to overcome the resistance of the weight. Swings, for example, are performed by generating power from the ground up with minimal use of the arms. Employing full-body motions like swings, snatches, and jerks taxes major muscle groups and the results show both in the sculpted bodies and increased strength and endurance of those who train with Kettlebells.


Because the full body is used to move the weight, it is very important to learn the proper form from a certified Kettlebell instructor. Training with someone who understands proper technique and safety will save you time, effort and help you move toward your fitness goals a lot faster than if you stumble around on your own. Your trainer should select an appropriate weight for you that will be challenging while still allowing you to perfect your form. Although very light Kettlebells have become popular on the market, they serve little purpose to those with experience in Kettlebell training. Remember that you are using your entire body to move the weight, and even if you are out of shape, there isn’t much challenge or effect when swinging five pounds using your legs, gluteus, core, back and arms. Using such a light load can and often does result in the development of poor mechanics and will actually make it harder for participants to perfect their form. Have a qualified trainer select a weight for you and help you develop a solid practice with excellent form. If you are looking to shake up your training, Kettlebells offer a proven, time-tested, fun way to get in shape and stay there. Find a local certified trainer and find out why athletes, celebrities and other Kettlebell enthusiasts are hooked on this training. For training ideas and much more visit

Photos by Shawn Mozen, taken on location at Crossfit Montreal.


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Thank you MRI Plus, Thank you Gatineau Orthopaedic surgery, Thank you MRI Plus, Thank you Gatineau Orthopaedic surgery, Thank you MRI Plus, Thank you Gatineau Orthopaedic surgery, Thank you

This is an actual MR I image of my torn ACL

I injured my knee and golf season was near. There was no diagnostics or treatment available for 6 months in the public system. I wanted better. Three weeks later, here I am recovering from my surgery. Thank you MRI Plus, Thank you Gatineau Orthopaedic surgery.

61 Laurier St., Gatineau, QC J8X 3V7 Tel:819.771.1MRI (1674) Toll Free:1.877.771.1MRI * When booking please ask for the Greco discount.*



Minimalist running part i

Re-learn to run with minimalist running tips by Karen Allen

There are five key steps to learning the minimalist style of running. STEP 1

Learn everything you can about proper running technique and form. Read books, browse websites and watch videos. You may want to try a minimalist running course, like the Re-Learn to Run clinic offered by Sports 4 on the last Sunday of every month (see for more information). You can also go to places like Solefit Orthotics to get a complete assessment of your running technique.


Do exercises to improve your flexibility and strength, which will help your overall running form. You can do anything from yoga or stretching to Pilates and ball exercises.


To find the best running shoe for you, get professionally fitted at a store like Sports 4 or New Balance Ottawa. They will measure your feet, do a gait analysis and answer your questions. Try to buy shoes that are flexible, lightweight and have the lowest profile (thinnest sole) possible. But be sure they meet your particular needs and goals.


Work first on increasing your cadence (or stride rate) to roughly 180 foot strikes per minute, and on shortening your stride length. This will naturally help you avoid over-extending your leg in front of your body and land with your foot below your hips. It will also encourage you to land either on your midfoot or forefoot, instead of on your heel. You may find it helps to practice drills before heading out on a run.


Start slowly and progress gradually. Begin with five minutes a day of minimalist running in your new shoes, four to five times a week. (Many people find it easiest to do this either at the beginning or end of their run, since it’s hard to switch shoes mid-run.) Try to maintain correct running form even when running in your old shoes. Gradually increase the time you run in your new shoes and wean yourself off the old ones. Increase the total distance you run by no more than 10% each week. Try to switch your running style in the off-season, not in the middle of training for a big race. Sports 4 ( Browse the minimalist running shoes available at Sports 4 and get the schedule for Re-Learn to Run clinics. The Running Clinic ( Learn more about how to prevent running injuries, with tips and drills from renowned sports physiotherapist Blaise Dubois.


Edition #2

“Fit is What We Do” © 2011 New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.


Kanata Centrum (near Chapters) 613.271.7597

149 Bank St.

(between Slater and Laurier) 613.234.6562

College Square Plaza

(Baseline and Woodroffe) 613.224.2424



CLAUDE GIROUX Interview by Laura L. Benn Photography by The General Studio


Edition #2



ust a small-town boy from Hearst, Ontario, 23-year-old Claude Giroux has grown into a force to be reckoned with in the NHL. This right-winger for the Philadelphia Flyers has devoted his life to the game he loves and was signed to the big leagues when he was only 19 years old. Toting a recent endorsement deal with Nike Bauer and a smooth down-to-earth charm, there is no doubt that this young man has a future as bright as the blazing lights that illuminate the arenas he plays in.


I remember winning a tournament when I was a novice, about eight years old and still growing into my skates. We won a tournament, which was pretty huge for us at the time. I remember being super excited and having the time of my life.


I played a lot of sports when I was a kid and I was always pretty good. Hockey was definitely my favourite and at some point I decided that I wanted to see how far I could go with it. My parents and sister helped me out a lot. They were always encouraging me and thanks to them I was able to get to where I am now.


Honestly, I enjoy everything about it. It was always a dream of mine to play in the NHL and now that it’s come true I feel very lucky. It’s pretty fun to play hockey, travel and visit different cities. It’s my work. Some people are lucky and love their work; I definitely belong to that group.


During the season you want to work out in the gym a little bit, but at the same time you don’t want to push too hard. You’re constantly playing three or four hockey games a week and it’s important to rest. That sounds strange, but you need to give your body time to recover through rest.


Off-season it’s all about working out. Come July you want to get out onto the ice once or twice a week, but I try to stay off-ice and really focus on working out. I work on getting faster and stronger. I live in Ottawa over the summer and train with Tony Greco. I have been for six years now. Every year I feel like I’m improving and I get to work out with my buddies, which is always a blast. Tony makes the workouts hard, but upbeat and fun too.

Edition #2



Edition #2


ONE-FOOTED SQUAT JUMP OVER HURDLE WITH RESISTANCE BAND PULL Pull resistance band across the body as you go down into a one-legged squat. Explode out of the squat and hop over hurdle. Repeat with both legs. Remember to absorb your landing with a bent leg; landing on a straight leg causes eight times your body weight in pressure!

KETTLEBELL AROUND-THEBODY SWING String a resistance band through a heavy kettlebell handle, and swing the weight around your body with your arms over your head. Perform three full circles going clockwise, and then switch and perform three in the other direction. Remember to engage your core by tightening ab muscles and keeping your feet planted in a wide stance.

SQUAT ON FORZAS Perform a regular squat with feet on two Forza Discs. The discs will create an unbalanced base, forcing you to really tighten that core! To get to the next level with this exercise, hold a medicine ball straight out infront of you.

FORWARD LUNGES WITH RESISTANCE BAND Get your trainer to wrap a resistance band around your waist, and stand behind you, creating an opposing force. Alternate legs in a forward lunge, working those quads, calves and glutes. Remember to keep your back straight and make sure your knees do not go past your toes, keeping everything aligned.

Edition #2



Like I said, I’ve been with Tony for six years now and I’ve never had the same workout twice. He always comes up with new exercises and drills. The guys and I never know what to expect. I wouldn’t say that we’re nervous about it, but we know it’s going to be hard and a challenge. It’s really, really intense. Tony pushes us. For example, one time Tony made us run this huge hill after a regular workout. While you’re doing it you’re hurting and really tired, but once you’ve finished and you’re sitting down you feel on top of the world. It’s a great feeling to know that you’ve pushed yourself that little bit further, because it’s going to help you in the long term. Tony’s great at pushing us to push ourselves.


When I was younger I had a really bad work ethic, but then I joined Tony and he made me realize that if I was serious about getting into the NHL I would have to change my attitude. Tony is great at working with the mind, staying positive and encouraging a healthy thought process. My work ethic has improved for sure and now I really love going to work out.


SPARE-TIME HABITS: Going to the movies


FAVE IPOD TUNES: Kenny Chesney



Last year we went to the Stanley Cup finals and in game three I scored the overtime goal. That was a big goal – the kind of goal that you dream about as a kid. It was a very surreal moment.


Oh geez. Well, two years ago it was our first game of the year right here in Ottawa. All of my family and friends came out to watch and cheer us on. We ended up losing seven to four and I set an NHL record with a minus six rating. It was no good.


When I was younger, about 17 or 18 and playing for Gatineau, I didn’t work on eating well. But when I started working in the NHL and saw how the other guys ate and really took care of their bodies, I knew I had to make a change. So yeah, I’m really conscious about eating healthy.


Anytime you think you’re not going to make it, don’t quit. You can’t quit. I know a lot of people who stopped believing in their dreams and themselves, but that’s not the way to go. When obstacles come up, just keep skating. I never got drafted in the OHL, but I kept playing because I love the game. If I had given up I wouldn’t be where I am today. To learn more about Claude Giroux and his charity Centre Claude-Giroux Centre, please visit


Edition #2

Edition #2


Escape to Les FougÈres by Robin Clasper, Photography by Mitch Lenet


ocated just fifteen minutes from downtown Ottawa and tucked amongst the Gatineau Hills in Chelsea, Les Fougères is a great place to get away from it all. This picturesque space, opened almost 20 years ago by two Toronto restauranteurs, has everything it takes to help you feel far away from the city. Just outside of Gatineau Park in Old Chelsea, the food at Les Fougères emphasizes local, organic ingredients and wholesome food that will make you forget how close you are to Ottawa. Les Fougères was founded in 1993 by Charles Part and Jennifer Warren-Part who were looking to escape the frenetic pace of the Toronto restaurant world and raise a family. They decided to return to Jennifer’s old stomping grounds just outside of Ottawa, in Chelsea. There, they started a restaurant that focused on local, organic food, seasonal cuisine, and what the French call terroir. The term terroir is hard to define; it refers to a sense that you can actually taste the place around where the animal was raised or where the crops were grown. A spoonful from Les Fougères will instantly transport you to the gently rolling hills, soft breezes and thick forests of the Gatineau Hills


Edition #2

whether you are sitting in the restaurant’s flower garden or enjoying takeout in your own home. The 75-seat restaurant is warm and inviting, with a 30-seat terrace where you can sit and watch the chefs pick the edible flowers that garnish each dish. The simple, rustic decorations and the friendly staff make you feel like you are at a friend’s cottage rather than fifteen minutes from the nation’s capital. The cuisine is uniquely multicultural in a way that emphasizes its Canadian-ness. Head Chef Charles originally hails from England, but don’t expect your traditional British cooking here. Dishes come from all over; there are curries, sausages, hamburgers, pastas, tourtières, foies gras, even house-cured bacon. This astonishing array of ingredients comes almost entirely from local producers, all of whom provide organic edibles. We can’t leave out the wine list garnishing a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence in 2009 and 2010, it features a strong showing of Ontario and organic wines. For more visit


OurMenu Picks

Chilled spinach soup garnished with Matane shrimp and home-pickled ginger

Salad Fougères – mixed greens tossed with sautéed home-cured and home-smoked lardon bacon, fresh Papineauville chèvre and homemade vinaigrette

Lightly smoked and grilled Baffin Island wild Arctic char with maple soy glaze and bonito flakes, served on truffled potato salad

Maple syrup pie served with chantilly cream

Edition #2


It may sound as though Les Fougères only serves the kind of food that would have most folk trudging out to Gatineau Park for a very long calorie-burning hike. This is not the case at all; they have a full vegetarian menu that offers choices as enticing as their regular menu. They offer a variety of fish dishes (depending on the season) as well as an alluring array of soups and salads. For those looking for something a bit lighter, Les Fougères also offers a tasting menu that serves smaller portions (both a six and ten-course meal). As well, all of the produce and livestock they use is raised without the use of antibiotics or chemical fertilizers. Les Fougères indulges, but it won’t leave you feeling guilty. Starting in 2004, Les Fougères opened a production kitchen to sell their famous meat pies to the wider public through their storefront. Recently, they invested half a million dollars to expand their production kitchen and sell their products to local grocery stores (Quebec only). In addition to the frozen goods, they have a special take-out menu for the weekends which changes each week; a great option for entertaining (and no one needs to know you didn’t cook it yourself).


Edition #2

“The Mouth of the St. Lawrence” - PEI mussel fumet, Clark’s Harbour salt cod ravioli, potted Matane shrimp, seared farmed scallop and spring vegetables

Courts Photography by The General Studio Starring: Jenny & Zhenya Location: Rideau Tennis Club Gear: Fred Perry, Nike, Adidas & Technifibre (Kunstadt)


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tship Edition #2



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Edition #2



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mind Stuart Graham Financial Advisor



The good news is that you don’t have to choose anymore; there are now a variety of products offered by financial institutions that combine both a variable and fixed rate. They can blend a secured line of credit and your mortgage into one product. This gives you a lower interest rate with the flexibility of a revolving obtainable pre-approved credit. This is a great way to consolidate all of your high-interest loans into one place. The difference between ‘secured’ and ‘unsecured’ is the financial institution willing to give a better rate of interest due to the fact they have the security backed by an asset, such as your house, which reduces the risk for them. Also, use a mortgage broker to shop the market for you. They do not work for any one institution, but they can help you to get approved with less work involved and with lower rates than simply going to your financial institution directly. The reason why they can usually do a better job for you is the volume of business they provide their suppliers. In addition to all those flexibilities, you should be looking into a type of account where the institution applies all money not attended in your daily account and applies it to your credits or gives you a fair interest rate. By doing this, you should take care of your mortgage in lesser time.


It is important to consider the financial aspects of the house you are looking to purchase in addition to those of location, schools and so on. Obviously we want the best value, so we need to examine more than just the cost of the house. Location

Edition #2

We all know the benefits of staying in shape, but your financial fitness is just as important. Here to keep your wallet in top form is Stuart Graham, Financial Advisor with Stuart Graham Financial Services Ltd. often dictates price, so be aware of the area in which you are looking. Many homes outside of the downtown core are substantially cheaper than similarly sized homes in the city. Just keep in mind that the time it will take you to commute, plus gas or public transit expenses, may offset the money you save by moving out of the city centre. Another factor to consider is how your house will increase, retain, or lose its value in the future. You should also consider property taxes, the size of the mortgage, the size of the living area and lot size, as well as heat, hydro, repairs and maintenance. If you have a young family, there are many tax credits that may be available to you depending on where you live. Needless to say, buying a house is a huge step and there are many different factors to consider. Speaking with a financial advisor may help you make the best choice when buying a home.


The question isn’t why can’t we have fixed long-term interest rates, but rather why would we want long-term fixed rates? Banks are run as a business and as such, have to turn a profit. If they were to have long-term fixed interest rates, they would need to be very conservative in their projections in order not to lose money. This would cause the banks to raise interest rates to a ridiculous level. It works a little like the ‘take term insurance and invest the difference’ philosophy. If you have money above your mortgage payment, then pay your mortgage off faster with the difference. For more visit



Dr.Joel Naturopathic Doctor

5TIPSFOR HEALTHYHORMONES “Last one,” you say to yourself as a bead of sweat drops onto the floor and you finish your last bicep curl. You’ve motivated yourself to be at the gym now at least three days a week. You’re doing great, you can zip up those stairs at work now without a huff or puff and your energy is definitely higher, but you’re still not a hundred percent there. There’s still that extra weight around your middle, difficulty getting a full night’s sleep, forgetfulness, slow results in your strength or cardio training and just not having that zip you used to. Would you believe it could be as simple as hormones? The one that gets everyone’s attention is always the ‘tire around the middle’ hormone. First, you should check with your doctor to make sure that it’s not related to digestion or bloating, so get your food allergies and intolerances tested. That can make a big difference. Now back to hormones! There are quite a few to consider: insulin, cortisol (which is released under chronic stress), estrogen or testosterone (for women), low DHEA (an anti-aging hormone and a precursor to estrogen and testosterone), growth hormone (an anti-aging hormone that supports immunity, tissue repair, sleep and counteracts the effects of excess cortisol) or even excess inflammation. Complicated right? That’s why it’s not so easy to get rid of! I recommend getting hormone testing to sort out what is going on specifically with you. As nature would have, it our hormones affect every cell in our body and naturally begin to reduce around the age of 30. Guys, this includes you too! Yes, ladies and gents, there is a male menopause called andropause (which causes lower DHEA and testosterone). So maybe you can blame that shiny red sports car or motorcycle sitting in your driveway on a lack of hormones like serotonin (the feel-good hormone) and dopamine (the addictive need-for-speed-and-excitement hormone). Being under chronic stress can also lead to hormonal imbalances, which causes those changes to occur much faster. We get more wrinkles (due to excess insulin, cortisol and low estrogen) sagging skin (due to reduced estrogen or growth hormone), more weight around the middle, mood changes (reduced serotonin, dopamine or oxytocin, the ‘cuddle hormone’) and generally just look older. This can even put you at higher risk for certain cancers. Not great, right? This is where pro-aging medicine steps in! We have the ability to fine-tune hormones through healthy living, which includes


Edition #2

diet, exercise, life balance and reducing environmental factors that can influence hormones such as BPAs in plastics or the added hormones in our foods.

DR. JOEL’S TOP 5 TIPS FOR HEALTHY HORMONES: 1. RESTORE WITH SLEEP – Get at least seven hours of sleep a night. Research shows that lack of sleep can lead to an increase in body fat by as much as ten percent for every hour you miss. Wind down with a book an hour before you go to bed. 2. REJUVENATE WITH EXERCISE – Exercise naturally stimulates many mood hormones including serotonin and dopamine. Those are the same hormones that are stimulated when guys (or gals) buy a shiny sports car, but it’s much easier on the wallet. Do add more “sports dates,” like a nine and dine or a jog with the whole family, but don’t be afraid to relax and have a laugh. The boost in serotonin will do you wonders. 3. REVITALIZE WITH HEALTHY FATS – Hormones require essential fatty acids. Do get plenty of DHA-enhanced eggs and eat fish a few times a week. Good sources for fatty acids are wild salmon, mackerel, sardines and tuna. For veggie buffs, Do add avocados, nuts, flaxseed, vegetable oils (walnut, avocado, almond, flax, olive) and seeds to your next recipe. 4. REDISCOVER WITH RELATIONSHIPS – Oxytocin is

another feel-good hormone often called the “cuddle hormone”. We get an increase of oxytocin when we feel love, trust and comfort. It can be even more powerful than serotonin. If you need a lift, just spend some bonding time with your significant other, family members or friends. Do remember that we need to see and touch to get the best sources of this hormone, so no, texting and Facebook do not count.


and digestive repair is important to ensure you are getting all the right nutrients to build hormones. Specifically: For the guys, I recommend having a complete male hormonal panel done annually including blood levels of free testosterone or saliva. For the gals, I recommend having a complete female hormonal panel done annually including a monthly mapping to show variations that occur day to day.

• For more health and wellness tips from Naturopathic Dr. Joel: • To catch her live and ask your questions: on Rogers 22 • For foods that help you eat clean and stay lean:

Hair with Personal Style always in mind! 372B Rideau St., Ottawa | Tel: 613-789-5504


Whether you are a man or a woman, you will find the services well suited to your needs. You will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere where you can put your worries aside during your visit...

555, boul. de la Gappe, Gatineau QC. 819-243-7667 or Toll-Free: 1-866-343-7667

Laser Hair Removal. Wrinkle Treatment. Photorejuvenation. Microdermabrasion. Massage Therapy

spirit Arlene Dorey Independent Consultant with Arbonne International

FEEDINGTHESOUL Wine, Cheese & Gal Pal Therapy

While finishing up a workout recently, I overheard a couple of ladies commenting how they wished they could cut out wine and cheese nights from their diets so that they could avoid the gym entirely. I nearly fell off the weight bench in horror. Give up wine and cheese? Were they insane? Wine and cheese nights are a rite of passage! Forget for a moment the obvious fact that wine and cheese are simply delicious. This amazing food and beverage combo harbours all sorts of health benefits that completely justify the increased calorie intake. For example, wine is high in antioxidants, and studies show that moderate drinkers have a lower incidence of heart disease. Let’s not forget that wine and cheese nights are a much-loved social tradition, a staple for many gal pals and therapy in disguise! These get-togethers are a bonding ritual above all. We pour a glass of vino, nibble at some cheese and chatter until the wee hours. We discuss partners, children, work, politics, the perfect lipstick and whatever else is pressing on our minds. We philosophize and analyze, we debate, share ideas, brainstorm solutions and best of all laugh until we can hardly breathe. Wine and cheese nights strengthen our sense of sisterhood. They create a bond that transcends the children leaving home and outlasts marriages.

Wine and cheese nights are like an emotional tonic, positively impacting our well-being, which, when you think about it, actually inspires us to do better all around. When you feel good about yourself, you tend to pursue more positive goals, like going to the gym. So ladies, please do not sacrifice a few extra calories to avoid a few more minutes at the gym. Instead, embrace a guilt-free evening with your BFFs and feed your soul with positivity. I believe that it is important to have ‘cheat days’ when living a lifestyle that includes eating well and exercising regularly. If you do not allow yourself to indulge from time to time, the lifestyle will not be sustainable and will become harder to manage. It pays to take the pressure off for that girls’ night and consider it part of a healthy lifestyle.


– light and refreshing with fewer calories and less alcohol.

RED SANGRIA: 1 part red wine (Valpolicella) , 3 parts low-calorie sparkling fruit juice (PC Diet Pomegranate Sparkling Soda – 0 calories), and frozen berries.

WHITE SANGRIA: same recipe as above but with a white wine (Pinot Grigio). Mix PC Diet Mango and PC Diet Lemonade Sparkling Sodas (0 calories) add frozen mangos, pineapple and peaches. Serve lighter cheeses such as Swiss, Jarlsberg, or goat cheese Camembert. Swap crackers for fruit! Serve the Swiss and Jarlsberg on slices of Granny Smith apples and more pungent cheeses, such as the goat cheese Camembert, on slices of Red Delicious apples. Blue cheese pairs well on slices of Anjou pear.


Some LCBOs have entire sections devoted to organic wines. Frogpond Farms Organic Riesling 2007 Santa Julia Organica Malbec Rosé 2009


Camembert Damafro Le P’tit St-Damase Alfred le Fermier ‘organic’ - Quebec 54


Edition #2

Greco Lean & Fit 4 Life Program Revolutionary fitness concept of strength, flexibility and endurance.

t. 613 825 LEAN

Kanata * Beech St. * OAC * Manotick * Barrhaven * Sparks St. * Upper Hunt Club * Kanata South (Coming Soon) *




Olive oil does far more than simply dress up a salad or a piece of bread. It is a nutritionally rich substance that comes from an historic Italian heritage and is laden with health benefits that push any meal over the top.


Extra virgin olive oil is made simply by pressing olives together and involves no additional physical or chemical treatments.


Olive oil has a bitter and spicy flavour because of the many natural antioxidants that are present, such as tocopherols and hydrophilic phenolic substances.


Extra virgin olive oil naturally increases HDL levels (good cholesterol) and decreases LDL levels (bad cholesterol).


The regular use of olive oil can help prevent cardiovascular illnesses.


Some researchers believe that olive oil, taken regularly, can help elderly persons maintain their mental faculties.


Studies indicate that when consumed in moderation by pregnant women, olive oil can improve the intelligence of their children.


Olive oil also improves digestion, the absorption of minerals and can delay cellular aging. So put aside those heavy creamy dressings and dips and opt for olive oil instead. Delicious, healthy and light - what could be better than that? For more visit


Edition #2


Steve Warne Writer & Broadcaster, Co-Host Team 1200 Sports Radio


Ufc pioneer pat miletich shares with totalfit Magazine what it takes to be a champion – outside the ring Some people continually strive to take their workouts to the next level. It’s hard to imagine a higher level than a Mixed Martial Arts workout.

 Pat Miletich was the first Welterweight Champion in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) a title he held from 1998-2001. He’s since seen incredible growth in the sport, with the UFC now drawing an average of roughly 1.4 million viewers per event.

 The Croatian Sensation, now 43, is still very much involved in Mixed Martial Arts, both in broadcasting and training more champions (11) than any other trainer in the world. However, according to Miletich, 90 per cent of people who train for MMA have no intention of ever stepping into the ring. Most do it to get in the best shape possible or for self defence.

 “It’s wrestling, it’s boxing, it’s kickboxing, it’s jiu jitsu,” Miletich said. “I don’t think there’s a sport out there that has that kind of aerobic/anaerobic crossover. It’s very unique. The boxing and kickboxing are aerobic type of activities. The wrestling and submission grappling are anaerobic.” “But that’s just the conditioning. Imagine how long it takes you to train and get good at any one aspect of the sport. Just boxers, for example. Most of those guys have had 120-150 amateur fights before they turn pro. As you go through all that, you develop physical and mental toughness.” Naturally, when working out like an MMA fighter, you have to adhere to a strict meal plan.
“For over a decade,” Miletich remembers, “I lived on hard boiled egg whites, oatmeal, boiled chicken, broccoli, brown rice, spinach and fish. A little red meat here and there. I’m a huge fan of red meat. I remember hard boiling 48 eggs at one time and then having to peel them all. I’d also steam a giant pile of broccoli. I’d boil two or three chickens at one time then strip all the meat off. 


Edition #2

“Then I’d put them all in tupperware containers so I’d have healthy, easy food to eat for the whole week because, after a day of hard training, you’re too dang tired to make anything healthy. You just want to throw something in your stomach and go to sleep.” Miletich believes preparing your meals ahead of time is a good plan for anyone trying to eat better.

 Miletich remains a fan of people who are able to commit to a goal and work hard. However, he sees a real change in attitudes now. “People these days want instant gratification,” Miletich said. “The internet, cell phones and video games are all part of it. So it’s hard for young people when they walk into my gym. They’ll say, ‘ Yeah, I want to fight in the UFC. I want to fight tomorrow.’ When I break the news that (laughing), you know, it’s not gonna happen, a lot of them are shocked.”

“And they’re even more shocked when I tell them all the basic training that needs to happen, even before they’re allowed to move up to intermediate and then advanced.” As with fitness, MMA stars like Pat Miletich aren’t built overnight. 
 Pat Miletich currently runs the Miletich Fighting Systems gym in Iowa. He’s also a colour commentator for Strikeforce MMA which airs on CBS/Showtime.
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1. 3-mile timed runs, aiming for a time of 16-17 minutes
 2. Swimming laps
 3. Running up hills
 4. Sprint work - 5-minute rounds of sprints for 25 minutes
 5. Functional fitness
 6. Bodyweight exercises 7. Olympic explosive lifts
 8. Sparring, wrestling and grappling


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Who said working out is a serious business?


It’s tough being the new guy! When a new co-op student joined our team at the OAC, he was in for a special welcome.  For those of you who are familiar with our legendary Lean and Fit Program, you know that it is  a circuit training class with eight different challenging and creative exercises.  When this new employee decided he was ready to demonstrate these exercises in front of the class for the first time, he didn’t know how creative they would be.  The other trainers at the OAC had prepared a special “prank class” for that day, filled with ridiculous and embarrassing exercises.  Some of these crazy stations included standing and bouncing a stability ball, squeezing the weight grips between your hands, bending down to touch your toes over and over again, etc. Only after the rookie explained and demonstrated each one of the stations did the staff announce to him and to the entire Lean and Fit class that this whole thing was just a prank, and continued by explaining the REAL class!


At Greco we try to be innovative and use a variety of the latest equipment in different and interesting ways. In one of our personal training sessions, a client was working one-on-one with her trainer to get ready for an upcoming beach vacation.  The trainer was pushing her through each of her exercises to get her the glutes she’s always wanted.  His next idea to get her in shape was to have her do squats while standing on a Bosu Ball, an inflated half-circle.  The purpose of doing this would be to cause her to be off-balance, requiring her to use her core and leg muscles to keep her body straight.  Unfortunately for our client, when she hopped onto the Bosu Ball with excitement, the ball popped and immediately collapsed, deflating her hopes of that perfect bikini-body!


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