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Vol.2, Edition #1


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TRANSFORMING BODIES 10 The Healing Power of Sprouts 15 Raspberry Ketone: All-Natural Weight Loss Support 26 Whey: Beyond building muscle 30 Floss to Live Longer - Dental Health 32 Fad Diets 50 Top 5 Tips for Luscious Locks 51 Oh My Aching Back! Physiotherapy Support 53 Sweet Potato Soup Recipe 54 Face, Body & Skin (Plastic Surgery)

STRENGTHENING MINDS 09 Tony’s Tips - Get Beach Body Ready 11 No More Bullies with Stuntman Stu 49 Dollars & Sense - Healthy Finance 56 Couples & Fitness - Relationship Advice

LIFTING SPIRITS 18 Facetime with Greco Owners 29 Tips to Optimize Your Fertility 31 Fitness Freak - Cycling 34 One-on-One with the World Champ - Georges St-Pierre 38 Canada’s Morning Fun with CTV morning show hosts 52 Winter Hibernation Rehab 58 Blown Away with Carrie Underwood 60 The Greco Gives Back Gala - Event Photos 61 Lightweights - Funny Fitness Moments


HEALTHY LIVING 07 Hot Stuff 13 On the Go 17 Gear Up 22 Black Dog Bistro/Manotick - Profile 28 Perfect Fit 40 Sports Inspiration - How bad do you want it? 42 How to Make Your House a Home 43 Celebrity Chefs of Canada at the NAC 44 Modern Living Ideas 59 TotalFit Marketplace 62 Directory Vol. 2, Edition #1

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The official magazine of Greco Lean & Fit, distributed to all members. Publisher/Co-Founder Cu Van Ha

Co-Founder Jessica Kerzner

Editorial Direction Tony Greco Editorials Kristin Braginetz Karis MacDougall Robin Clasper Caroline Petit-Turcotte Photography Jessica Deeks Gord Weber Rémi Laprise Giovanni Lori Hoddinott Richard Smith Published by Cuative Publishing Legal Deposit 2012 National Library of Canada ISSN 1925-4415 Cuative Publishing & Media 260 St. Patrick St. Suite #202 Ottawa, ON K1N 5K5 Publications Mail Agreement No. 41149597 Printed in Canada. Special Advertising & Features: Please contact the publisher/Cuative Direct: 613-262-4908 All materials © 2012 Copyright. Cuative Publishing. All rights reserved. TOTALFIT Magazine welcomes contributions. Materials must be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope if they are to be returned. Cuative Publishing is not responsible for unsolicited material. All opinions expressed are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publisher or its advertisers. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without prior permission from the publisher. Every effort is made to ensure that the advertising and editorial in TOTALFIT Magazine is derived from reputable sources and is accurate. However, TOTALFIT Magazine cannot accept responsibility for transactions between readers and advertisers nor for injuries arising from following any advice or training programs in this magazine. Please consult your doctor and/or personal trainer before performing any exercises illustrated in this magazine.

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t’s time to celebrate one year of premium fitness tips and inspirational stories of healthy living. Happy Birthday TOTAL FIT Magazine! We are the champions my friend!!! We want to thank all our readers, sponsors and contributors for a great year.  It’s also time to get out there, enjoy the weather, and just plain have fun outdoors!  


Vol. 2, Edition #1 Georges St-Pierre

GSP photo courtesy of GSP-RUSHFIT Tony Greco photo by Matthew Perry

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Recovering from injury, UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre probably finds it frustrating to be sidelined. But that does not mean he has been idle.  Check out our exclusive one-on-one with him about his training DVD GSP Rush Fit. Find out about his training routine (as he is gearing up for his return fight in November), his healthy eating tricks and positive attitude, which make his lifestyle such an inspiration (Page 34). Have you ever wondered how the TV hosts of morning shows prepare for their early-hour routine and why they look so happy so early in the morning?  Do they have a special diet or training tricks? Find out more on Page 38. After a pleasant day outdoors, what better way to unwind than to sit in a nice bistro, in good company, and have a tasty meal?  The newly renovated Black Dog Bistro in Manotick will welcome you with a broad offering of local products, in a modern bistro style.  We sampled some delicious dishes with the mother & daughter owners (Page 22).  We are not responsible for the cravings we create! As usual, you will find inspiration in our numerous product reviews, from Gear Up to Perfect Fit and our new modern living ideas, and home products for clean living (Page 44). We hope you enjoy our anniversary issue and wish you a very active season.  Get out there and be Totally Fit! We always love to hear from you, so write us at and share your tricks for a fit lifestyle.  You might be part of an upcoming issue!

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Publisher & Co-Founders Greco TOTALFIT Magazine

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photo: Lori Hoddinott

Cu & Jessica

Jessica with Ottawa Senators hockey player Erik Karlsson at the 4th Annual Greco Gives Back Gala & Cu with Chef Lynn Crawford at the 2nd Annual NAC’s Celebrity Chefs of Canada event.

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TOTALFIT Contributors P R E M I U M



SUE HALL As a holistic nutritionist and lifestyle educator, Sue specializes in customtailoring individual plans specific to each person’s unique body chemistry. She utilizes the latest tools to assess the body’s ongoing environmental, dietary and emotional influences. Page 10


DON GAUVREAU Don Gauvreau is recognized in the dietary supplement industry as an R&D and product formulation expert. Don has also competed as a national-level bodybuilder and has two degrees; a bachelor’s of kinesiology and a master’s of science. Page 15



KARIS MACDOUGALL Certified Plastic Surgeon M.D., M.Sc., F.R.C.S.(C), specializing in both pediatric plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. MedicSpa is her state-of-the-art facility for surgical and nonsurgical treatments. Page 54 Franco is the CEO, President, and Research Director of Biologic Publishing Inc. and Biologic Nutrigenomics Health Research Corp.; is an adviser to industry companies involved in human and animal nutrition. Page 26

Karis is a Toronto/LA based freelance writer specializing in lifestyle, fitness, and entertainment. She’s covered the writing gamut with one-on-one interviews with celebrities & athletes, coupled with stories on Toronto International Film Festival and notable charitable causes. Page 34, 38





DR. JOEL Dr. Harris practices dentistry in the KanataStittsville area. In his free time, he leads an active lifestyle playing ice hockey and spends his time at Greco doing Lean+Fit classes. He is married with a newborn baby boy. Page 30 Jennifer specializes in custom tailored space planning, personalizing your rooms by balancing aesthetics and functionality. Creation and execution of a design plan, from drawing to finished room. Your home will be beautiful! Page 42 Miryem has extensive public health experience; she worked as a nutritionist at Age Concern UK involved in educating the elderly on various aspects of healthy eating. She was involved with ‘myweigh’, an anti-obesity program. Page 32





STEVE WARNE Darrin has been a registered physiotherapist for the last seven years and is the president and co-founder of Joint Reaction Physiotherapy and Massage. He specializes in myofasicial pain/dysfunction and the rehabilitation of injuries of all natures. Page 51



Vol. 2, Edition #1 Arlene Dorey is an Ottawabased entrepreneur working in the IT project management field, as well as an independent consultant with Arbonne International. Arlene is also involved with several charities including Ride the Rideau, which supports the Ottawa Cancer Centre. Page 52 Shannon provides counseling and therapy services for individuals, couples and families in and around Kanata. See her relationship advice for couples and fitness. Page 56 Stuart Graham is a financial advisor with 17 years of experience in risk and wealth management. In today’s world it is hard to make one dollar into two, but there are ways to do so. Page 49 Korey has a knack for describing the thought and science in food creation. Korey was named a “Mompreneur” by the Globe and Mail for running a dynamic business while raising a family. Korey travels from coast-to-coast delivering her down-to-earth style of cooking and recipe creation. Page 53 Naturopath Dr. Joel is the clinical director of revIvelife™ Ottawa Naturopathic Clinic, Pharmacy & Labs and the CEO of enerjiVe Food. Watch her on revIvelife™ by Naturopathic Dr. Joel on Rogers Channel 22, Mondays at 3pm. Page 50

Steve Warne is an Ottawabased writer and broadcaster. He co-hosts Tony Greco’s weekly health and fitness show on Team 1200 radio in Ottawa. He regularly covers sports, entertainment and health issues and devotes countless hours to autism charities. Page 58 ● like us on Facebook



HOTSTUFF What more can we say? Hot Stuff comes in all shapes and sizes, so check out this edition’s super smokin’ items!

Get your clean water with style

Tired of the boring filter pitcher that clutters your kitchen? Bobble offers a stylish, recycled, recyclable and slim filter pitcher, available in many colors so you can match your kitchen or your mood. The Bobble Jug holds more water and takes up less space than the traditional slow-filtering pitchers, and it is so cute you can use it to serve water to your guests! With this great follow-up to the Bobble water bottle, you can continue to do your part for the environment. Every drop counts!

Kill the draw er clutter!

If your kitchen drawers are an unruly mess of spoons, spatulas and other cooking utensils, this item will help you rule over the tools. A compact base that holds a handle and 5 attachments are all you need to cook a delicious meal. The handle snaps into the attachment end with an easy click, which you can single-handedly release when you are done. Made of food-safe plastic, all items are dishwasher friendly, including the base, making clean-up time a cinch. Now all you need is a great recipe! Vol. 2, Edition #1


L-Carnitine is an amino acid known for its role in burning fat, increasing energy and improving resistance to muscle fatigue. Dymatize Nutrition offers Liquid L-Carnitine 1100 in a generous 31 serving bottle. It’s a convenient and flavorful way to get pure L-Carnitine, for heart health, endurance and fat loss. ● like us on Facebook






749 Bank Street

499 Terry Fox Drive

309 Richmond Road

130 RioCan Drive







Tony Greco Canada’s Leading Fitness Specialist


t’s that time again, the days are getting longer and warmer, and it’s time to start working on your beach body. Tony Greco is back with the best tips to make sure you look great on the beach this year.

Now is the time to break out of your routine and start working the big muscle groups like the core, quads and biceps. These will burn the most fat by getting your heart rate up. Try adding some exercises that target your glutes, hamstrings and quads, to work a very large muscle group and get your heart rate up. Tony also recommends interval training to get a great warm up, bike for one minute followed by one minute of skipping rope, back and forth for ten minutes. Another great way to maximize your results and burn lots of calories is high-intensity cardio in between your sets, or what is known as Active Recovery. Diet is another important part of getting that great beach body. Evaluate your meal plan and see where you can cut down on unnecessary calories. Take advantage of the great access we have to local produce here; most of the fruits and vegetables that are imported are covered with chemicals and preservatives. Another great tip is to try adding a little unpasteurized honey to your diet. It’s a great natural sweetener and it is packed with Vitamin B. Meat eaters should look into purchasing their meats from local, free-range producers as well. There is a lot of false advertising out there, so be sure to do your research and make sure that you are eating as healthy as you think you are. The most important step to getting that great looking beach body is to find a balance in your life that you are comfortable with. If you do something that makes you happy and is beneficial for your body, you won’t be looking for excuses. So get out and enjoy the weather while it lasts!

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~ How to Guide ~

Sue Hall Nutritionist and Lifestyle Educator

The Healing Power of Sprouts

Mother Nature’s super food! Sprouts are one of the most powerful, nutrient-dense foods on our planet. Grown from the sun, sprouts are living foods that contain amazing nutritional value. They contain incredibly high levels of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll. Chlorophyll’s molecular structure is very close to that of human blood, and when consumed, will help to make the body less acidic, assist in detoxifying the liver, blood and colon, and aid in cell renewal.

THE BENEFITS OF SPROUTING Sprouts are a “living” food. Eating sprouts is like eating the life force energy from the sun, providing the body with vitality, renewal, and a feeling of rejuvenation. The process of soaking releases enzyme inhibitors, the compounds that keep seeds in their dormant state, allowing easy assimilation into the body. What this means is that the body is not required to call on its own enzymes, allowing for easy digestion. The sprouting process breaks down macronutrients into their simplest forms, dramatically increasing the nutrient profile: higher levels of protein, trace minerals, and vitamins (especially C and B complex, and B12, which is hard to obtain from plant sources). THE MIRACLE OF SPROUTING Virtually any seed, bean, nut or grain has the potential to be sprouted. Some of the more common sprouts are alfalfa, mung beans, chickpeas, quinoa, sunflower, clover, fenugreek, and almonds. During the sprouting process, these little miracles undergo many changes. In just a few days these dormant little seeds will sprout into vibrant plants that will nourish and sustain you. It is so easy, and lots of fun! WAYS TO EAT SPROUTS Sprouts should always be eaten in their raw state to get the most nutrients, as cooking will destroy their healing power. Sprouts are a great addition to any meal. Added to salads, sandwiches, wraps, or yogurt (to name just a few), they will provide an added punch of pure energy and vitality to any snack or meal. My absolute favorite way to eat them is adding them to a blended green smoothie. Mother Nature has a plethora of super foods such as wheatgrass, barley grass, coconut oil, seaweed, and many more. Next edition find out how to incorporate them into your healthy eating plan.


Vol. 2, Edition #1

LET’S GET STARTED The best way to start sprouting is by using the simple jar method. Your checklist: Organic seeds, nuts, grains or legumes of your choice. 1 large wide-mouthed Mason jar, Mesh top for the jar to allow air to flow through and water to drain off. (You can purchase mesh tops at health food stores, or use a piece of cheese cloth.) Dish rack to hold jar at an angle to allow water to drain. The first step is to measure what you would like to sprout. (See sprouting chart at Rinse them well and add to your sprouting jar. Next, fill the jar with water and cover with the mesh lid or cheese cloth, leaving the seeds to soak for the required amount of time. The next step is to drain and rinse the seeds well under clean cold water, draining off as much of the water as possible. Place the jar at a 45 degree angle in a dish rack or bowl, dispersing the seeds up the side of the jar. Proper drainage is very important in the prevention of rotting and mold. The sprouts are happiest when you are rinsing and draining them two to three times daily, continuing until the length of the tail of the sprout is the same length as the nut, seed, bean or grain that you are sprouting (usually two to seven days). Once they’re ready to harvest, remove the sprouts from the jar and put them in a colander. Rinse and drain well. Gently pat them with a paper towel and store in a glass container. Sprouts will stay fresh when refrigerated for approximately one week. Smoothie recipe and growth chart. ● like us on Facebook

photo: Jessica Deeks





ll Ottawans are familiar with the voice of Stuntman Stu. He gets us out of bed in the morning on Majic 100 and then he gets us fired up for hockey as the announcer for the Senators. For many years though, Stu Schwartz as he was known then, had a hard time getting himself out of bed or fired up about anything. In high school, bullies and bullying had made Stu’s life almost unbearable. Last year when reports came across his desk of increasing bullying and teen suicides, Stu had to take matters into his own hands. Stu feels that bullying has become too big of an issue to ignore. So, together with his Majic 100 co-hosts Angie Poirier and Trisha Owens, he is travelling around the Ottawa area to spread his message against bullying. He starts out each presentation by calling a few kids up to crumple paper into a ball; he then asks them to flatten the paper out again. Though the paper is flat, there are still scars, just as there are scars from bullying that won’t go away. Some 25 years later Stu still feels those scars.

Vol. 2, Edition #1


For so long bullies were something that kids dealt with on their own, but there is only so much kids can do. Stu says that parents should speak with their kids about school, and trust their instincts on bad situations. Already, Stu says that he has seen an enormous response from parents and teachers who do not know where to turn. No stranger to the Internet, Stu knows that bullying doesn’t just stop when the school bell rings. So he has made the internet an integral part of his campaign. He tweets using the hash tag #NoMoreBullies and has created a Facebook group for people to share their stories. The fight to end bullying is going to be hard, but if we can work together and remind those facing bullies that they aren’t alone, it’s going to be worth it. ● like us on Facebook


50 Laurier Ave E, Ottawa, ON. 613.695.5600

98 Sparks St., Ottawa, ON. 613.695.8338

More Canadian locations online ordering available visit




Now you can take fitness wherever you go, thanks to these cool innovative items. So put your kicks on and go, go, go!

 A natural approach to cosmetics, the broad line of products from Suki in-

cludes skin care, makeup, and hair care products. Designed to harmonize with your body’s natural biological processes, Suki products are 100% synthetic-free. Skin care products are divided into two categories; “Nourishing” or “Balancing”, based on the benefit they will provide your skin. In either case, these little containers pack a lot of goodness.

ORGANIZED AND DURABLE Finding your sandwich squished in your lunch box part of your daily routine?

Concerned about chemicals from the plastic wrapper leaching into your food? Kids complaining that the foods are touching each other? A savvy, green-minded mom has a solution for you. Inspired by the Japanese Bento boxes, the ECOlunch box is a food-safe, environmentally-friendly, durable solution. The standard kit comes with 3 stackable stainless-steel containers, available in various shapes and sizes. Check out all the clever accessories, such as the bamboo utensils. The ECOlunch box will surely help you reduce plastic use and waste, while keeping your lunch neat and organized. Let’s go eat!


The New Protein Edge Lite Bar is a delicious, convenient, nutritious, Protein Bar. Each bar is Gluten Free, has Zero Trans Fat, and is packed with 15 grams of Protein, 4 grams of Fibre and is only 190 Calories! The Lite Bar comes in 2 delicious flavours: Caramel Peanut Crunch and Chocolate Chip Crunch. Packs a punch to your hunger!

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body Don Gauvreau R&D and Product Formulation Expert

All-Natural Weight Loss Support

A natural compound found in red raspberries can attack fat in 3 different ways!


t’s well understood that shedding fat and losing weight are no easy tasks. Of course, an increase in daily physical activity and a healthy diet are essential to weight loss, but sometimes even that’s not enough. This is when the right fatburning supplements can make a big difference in helping you reach your fat-loss goals. Raspberry ketone is one fat fighting ingredient that’s gotten a lot of good press lately, so let’s take a closer look at exactly how it works to boost fat loss.

Firstly, what exactly is raspberry ketone?

Raspberry ketone is the main aromatic compound found in red raspberries. It’s a natural phenolic compound that has health promoting antioxidant properties and can also enhance fat loss.

Ok, so how does it work?

Research shows that raspberry ketone can improve fat loss in three different ways:

It Reduces Fat Absorption & Build-Up

When you eat dietary fat it’s digested by an enzyme called pancreatic lipase and then absorbed by the small intestine. Raspberry ketone can inhibit pancreatic lipase enzyme activity, and thus reduce the amount of dietary fat that’s absorbed by the body. But the good news doesn’t end there! A high intake of sugars, like glucose and fructose, can also cause weight gains. Although scientists aren’t quite sure exactly how it works, research studies do show that raspberry ketone can reduce fat accumulation in visceral and subcutaneous fat tissues, caused by the over-intake of sugars.

It Increases Calorie Burning

One of the fastest ways to improve weight loss is to increase the amount of calories you burn on a daily basis. So obviously,

Vol. 2, Edition #1

you can increase daily calorie burning by increasing your daily physical activity. But, research shows that raspberry ketone on its own can help you burn more calories in a day. It works in two different ways. First off, it increases oxygen consumption, which is directly correlated to an increase in calorie expenditure. Secondly, it can activate thermogenesis, which is the process of heat production in the body. Both an increase in oxygen consumption and an increase in thermogenesis will result in a major increase in calorie expenditure and support greater overall fat loss.

It Increases the Rate-Limiting Step in Fat Breakdown

Fats are mostly stored as triglycerides in the body and are an important energy store. When needed, triglycerides are broken down into diglycerides or free fatty acids (FFAs) and glycerol. However, in order for triglycerides to be broken down, an enzyme called hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL) is needed. HSL is the body’s most powerful fat-burning enzyme and must be activated in order for triglyceride breakdown to occur. In fact, HSL needs to move from one part of the fat cell to the part called the lipid droplet to do its job and breakdown the triglycerides. Raspberry ketone increases the breakdown of fat (triglycerides) by increasing the movement of HSL to the lipid droplets in fat cells. This is the most powerful effect that raspberry ketone has on enhancing fat loss.

The Final Word on Fat Loss!

If you’re trying to shed fat and lose weight, then the addition of a raspberry ketone supplement to your regime could give you a healthy boost! Just remember, the key to weight loss always starts with a healthy nutrition plan and regular exercise routine. ● like us on Facebook


@HOME Everything for you and your house to be @home S T UC ! D E O R PR TO S W E IN



OTTAWA @ Home, 231 Elgin Street, Ottawa, On. K2P 1L6, t.613-569-9344 KANATA @ Home, 400 Earl Grey Drive, Kanata, ON. K2T 1B9, t.613-270-1121




Check out these goods to get you pumped, primed and ready for any fitness challenge.


Anatomically and biomechanically correct, made for comfort AND performance, these minimalist shoes aim to reduce interference and maximize efficiency. Forget all the bells and whistles the other performance running shoes have relied upon so far; these shoes focus on your feet, with features like asymmetric lacing and Zero-drop design. Wearing them is as close as it gets to running barefoot – the way nature intended! The Skora shoes will make you hit the ground running, and you only need to stop when you’ve had enough. Run Real runners!


Are you feeling weighed down, sluggish or a little overweight? Precision Extreme Detox is designed to cleanse & detoxify your body of the harmful toxins that build up and bring you down. This detoxification will help you lose weight, increase your energy level, improve your complexion, eliminate bloating and optimize your physical and mental performance in everything you do.


K2 Escape Inlines - Available in Men’s and Ladies. Part of the K2 Fitness line, the K2 Escape Inline Skates will keep you comfortable while you experience the fun of inline skating. If you are looking for style, performance and value, look no further than the Escape. The K2 Escape features the Original Softboot, which gives you the best fit and comfort on the market today. The composite frame on these skates will absorb any road vibration making for a smooth ride. The 78mm wheels with ABEC 5 bearings combine with the composite frame to give you a smooth, slightly fast roll on any surface. Escape to a world of fun and exercise by slipping these comfy inline skates on.

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FACETIME with GRECO OWNERS Photography by Jessica Deeks (

Location: BEECH/LITTLE ITALY, 34 Beech St. Favorite Snack: A good ‘ol, crunchy red apple. The skin contains a high amount of antioxidants, they are also a great source of fibre and vitamin C; an apple a day keeps the Doctor away! Favorite Exercise: Anything related to Abs while practicing Yoga; the Boat Pose (Navasana) for example, strengthens the abdominal area as well as the lower back muscles. You can’t go wrong with this one! There are so many factors that contribute to the recipe for fitness success that Greco offers.  The core of the offering is the fusion of personal training and group fitness, which provides an environment where our members always stay motivated to work out – HARD!  Combined with meal


Vol. 2, Edition #1

plans, pro-athlete designed programs, advanced personal training options, modern facilities and our trained staff, it is simply a model that produces great results, which continue to meet and exceed our member’s fitness goals. Now open for business to Greco members and non-members, Greco Yoga is a new franchise that offers Hot Yoga with a Greco twist. Very few yoga studios have implemented the special radiant heating, such as we have done. In addition to the traditional yoga styles offered, we also focus on Hot Power and Yoga Lean, which incorporate the power moves from our Lean and Fit Programs into a Yoga style format. Those options combined with our ultra-modern facility, tea lounge and great staff, make for an all-around amazing yoga experience. ● like us on Facebook

spirit Location: SPARKS/DOWNTOWN, 132 Sparks St. Favorite Snack: EnerjiVe Snack Crisps Favorite Exercise: Playing hockey Greco Sparks is located in a beautiful heritage building at 132 Sparks St. It’s an amazing urban location right in the heart of downtown Ottawa, servicing all the business and government community. At Greco Sparks, we offer our legendary 10-week Lean and Fit program that is designed to get you in the best shape of your life. We offer all of our Specialty programs (6-pack Abs, Kettlebell, Strength, and Overdrive) and are also going to be implementing some Yoga classes to the schedule. When you come to the Sparks location, you can sit outside on our patio and enjoy

a healthy smoothie or espresso, while appreciating scenic Sparks St. You can also enjoy any one of our healthy snacks, including the EnerjiVe Snack Crisps, as we are their official downtown supplier. Greco Sparks was designed to give the busy downtown crowd an opportunity to enjoy one of the best workouts of their lives, during their 1 hour lunch break. With an amazing urban feel, high ceilings, and great showering facilities, we are able to provide a location within walking distance for hundreds of thousands of workers. We are able to provide corporate programs designed for larger groups from one specific organization, or tailor specific corporate group workouts. 

Location: QUEENSDALE/UPPER HUNT CLUB, 1650 Queensdale Favorite Snack: Danny is a vegetarian so he loves tofu. Especially in a stir-fry! Favorite Exercise: Armand loves pulling the sled! I pile on the weights, and it’s a great total body workout, especially for the legs. Our location has two studios, one upstairs for Lean and Fit and a private Personal Training studio with private change rooms on the lower level. We offer Lean and Fit for Life, Extreme Lean and Fit, and Greco specialty programs. We bring in regular health affiliates for seminars and product sampling.

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Location: BARRHAVEN, 3023 Cedarview Rd. Favorite Snack: Strawberry mango shake with greens & protein. Favorite Exercise: Push-ups Greco Barrhaven is the original location, open since 1992. We are the only location that teaches Martial Arts and it is the school where the SNI certification training takes place.

Location: MANOTICK, 5700 Longshadow St. Favorite Snack: Greco Protein Shake!!! Favorite Exercise: Bicep Curls!!!! “You Can’t Flex Cardio”!!!! Ha! Our location has a very comfortable, relaxed feeling, and we pride ourselves on knowing every member, so we can help them achieve all of their goals!  It’s a real honor to be the owner, work with terrific people, and have amazing members! “Living the Dream”!


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Location: KANATA, 100 Schneider Rd. Favorite Snack: I would have to say a good protein shake. It’s like getting a prize for completing a great workout. There’s something about the perfect mixed berry shake that really gets me going! Favorite Exercise: Is the one I actually hate the most because it’s the best one for us; a reverse lunge with a clean and press. Thinking about my mixed berry shake at the end gets me through the last set every time. Our Kanata school is located just off the west end of Carling Avenue, serving the residents of the Kanata, Stittsville, and West Carleton communities. Programs are geared to all age groups, ranging from youth (Junior Train like a Freak) to 55+ (Lean & Fit 4 Life). Not only can our guests expect a physically challenging experience with every visit, but a mentally rewarding one as well, all topped off by a great cup of espresso. Our location is in the heart of Kanata North and is home to the Greco Train like a Freak program. We offer several different types of classes throughout the day, seven days a week, with each one being tougher than the last. We pride ourselves in knowing that our team of trainers each bring something unique to every class. Whether they’re challenging us with their unconventional bonuses or entertaining us with their singing in class, we strive to provide an exhilarating experience for all guests who walk through our doors.

Location: COLONNADE, 46 Colonnade Rd. (COMING SOON) Favorite Snack: Strawberry / Mango shake with “the works”. Favorite Exercise: This would be a toss-up between skater’s lunge, plank and jumping jacks. I also love to play hockey and run. We will offer the legendary Lean and Fit program, all speciality programs and personal training. We are located on Colonnade Road, between Merivale and Prince of Wales Drive. We have lots of green space, with soccer fields directly across from us, which will enable us to offer some unique outdoor training. Our facility of 5500 square feet includes a second level, with a lounge/meeting area overlooking the lean and fit room.  We will also have a separate personal training room.  

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BLACKDOG BISTRO BIGGER AND EVEN BETTER Food Photography by Jessica Deeks (


he Black Dog Bistro is located on the outskirts of Manotick on Main Street and it might just be the best-kept secret in the Ottawa region. Though it won’t be that way for long as this small 60-seat restaurant has finally gotten too big for its breeches. They are just finishing up an incredible expansion that will more than double the capacity, make it handicap accessible and give the talented chefs a great new kitchen. Since owner Dot Janz took the reigns some 8 years ago, the Black Dog has been building a strong reputation. Being packed every night and limited by a tiny kitchen finally drove her to expand the restaurant. The renovations will add 80 seats, a new front entrance, a fireplace and lounge area, new washrooms, and a beautiful back terrace/patio. Most importantly, the renovations will expand and refresh the kitchen so her talented staff can develop and build on their already diverse menu.


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living “The renovations will expand and refresh the kitchen so her talented staff can develop and build on their already diverse menu.”

ROMAINE SALAD – Toasted almonds, sundried cranberries and crumbled feta cheese on a bed of romaine drizzled with cranberry dressing. EDAMAME DIP – Made in house (healthy high protein green soybean) with fresh vegetables & crackers. HOT SMOKED FISH TRIO – A medley of hot smoked fish with various dips and assorted breads

Manotick is a small town that is known for retaining its heritage, and the Black Dog kept that in mind as they expanded. The building was built in 1826 and they will keep the façade of this building to retain the look and feel. The original restaurant was actually built before 1826 as an icehouse. This building functioned as a gathering place for the community, and Dot wanted to foster that feeling. So, those who are concerned that the Black Dog will be losing their welcoming, cozy feel need not worry. The commitment to the community will also stay, as local artisans made much of the furniture and all of the meat and produce on their menu are locally sourced.

MARGARITA – hand shaken, silver Tequila, Triple sec, fresh lime juice CRANBERRY ROSE – Bombay Sapphire gin, cranberry juice, fresh sprig of rosemary

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MARIPOSA FARM CHICKEN – Medallions of local organic chicken breast with a wild blueberry ginger sauce with rice or roasted potatoes and fresh vegetables SALMON – Poached and drizzled with vermouth bouillon, rice and fresh vegetables

Dot has worked in the restaurant industry for a while, but she will be handing over control of the Black Dog to her daughter Kristin, once the renovations are complete. So this signals a new chapter in the history of the Black Dog. However, with the Black Dog’s location just far enough from downtown to escape the thrum for dinner, it won’t be long before those 80 new seats are filled every night too.

photo: Rémi Laprise


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body Franco Cavaleri Biologic Publishing Inc. and Biologic Nutrigenomics Health Research Corp

WHEY: Beyond Building Muscle! From basic development in children to preventing premature aging.


here’s no doubt that whey protein plays an important role in fitness and sports nutrition, but whey protein is important for everyone. Research shows that whey protein strengthens the immune system, builds bone density, increases cognitive function, improves cardiovascular and intestinal health, and it’s even good for your teeth. It is a true elixir. WHEY PROTEIN IS A POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANT. Even one serving of whey a day provides the quality precursors (glutamyl cysteine dipeptide) for the glutathione antioxidant without any unnecessary fat or carbohydrate calories. Whey protein is rich in the precursor the cells can use for glutathione (a crucial detoxification agent) production. Whey protein is a better source of glutathione for the cells than even glutathione supplements, because the body can absorb the smaller whey precursor faster than it can absorb the larger glutathione tripeptide. WHY IS HEALTHY GLUTATHIONE STATUS VALUABLE? A hustling and bustling lifestyle takes a heavy toll on glutathione stores, leaving us even more vulnerable to disease and infection. Our children are exposed to just as much mental and physical rigor as we are, if not more. Schools also put stress on a child’s immune system, creating demands for glutathione that exceed those of an adult. One serving of whey every day can support a healthy immune system and keep us all at the top of our game. DID YOU KNOW THAT A PROPERLY PROCESSED UNDENATURED WHEY PROTEIN DELIVERS ANTI-INFLAMMATORY ACTIVITY? The interesting paradox we all face when we workout is that the physical work produces oxidation. Research shows that uncontrolled oxidation in the body creates more inflammation.

Whey helps control oxidation and subsequently provides spontaneous control over inflammation. In fact, whey supplementation improves recovery rate from physical work and reduces post-workout soreness. We are all faced with multiple sources of oxidation. These can add up over time to overwhelm our immune and other restorative and maintenance systems. Improving glutathione saturation is one huge step towards improving your health and reducing your disease risk. It also makes the body better able to recover from injury and reduces the physical effects of aging. WHEY HELPS CONTROL APPETITE. The high glycomacropeptide (GMP) content of a properly processed whey helps improve satiety or the feeling of fullness, as well as improve glycemic response from a meal. It also provides an abundance of branched chain amino acids that energize the mind and body. The incidence of obesity is skyrocketing today but the addition of a GMP-rich whey supplement to the diet can benefit your child greatly. Not only does it boost the immune system but it also teaches them to value nutrition and healthy eating. A properly processed undenatured whey protein is an important foundation supplement for the whole family. Whey protein sets the stage for a healthy metabolism and better tolerance of adversity. Get with the program and serve up the whey of life for every family member each and every day!

About Prof Franco Cavaleri BSc NB Nutraceutical Biochemist Franco Cavaleri is a graduate of UBC, majored in Nutritional Science and Biochemistry. His postgraduate research efforts continue today on the latest gene-related (Nutrigenomics) and insulin-related nutraceutical research. His postgraduate efforts in scientific research and development have led to the accumulation of several awards in the Canadian Health Industry, including nine formulation awards and bestseller status for his recent book: derived from his thesis, POTENTIAL WITHIN A Guide to Nutritional Empowerment; ISBN 0-9731701-0-7. Franco is also the author of; YOUR DOG’S HEALTH; ISBN 978-0-9731701-1-5. Franco has experienced success as an athlete; having won several bodybuilding titles, including the PRO qualifier, IFBB North American Bodybuilding Championships. Today Franco is the CEO, President, and Research Director of Biologic Publishing Inc. and Biologic Nutrigenomics Health Research Corp., is an adviser to industry companies involved in human and animal nutrition, and regularly presents his findings in lectures to University level pharmacy, practicing medical and layman audiences. In April of 2004, Franco was inducted into the CHFA’s Sports Nutrition Hall of Fame for his efforts and contributions to the health care and sports nutrition industries. Professor Franco Cavaleri lectures throughout North America on this standard setting nutrigenomic research and the autoimmunity link. His new book on the latest nutrient-gene interactions and autoimmunity will soon be published to unveil the latest clinical findings on the gene-nutrient-immune system connection. 26

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Great style is not just for after the workout! Check out these items, guaranteed to turn heads no matter how much you’re sweating!



This Men’s Charged Cotton® Storm Fleece Hoody may feel like a regular cotton sweatshirt, but it’s anything but ordinary. Its unique, water-resistant finish actually repels water, without stifling airflow. You’ll never again be weighed down when training in the rain. Lightweight comfort, stretchable mobility and all-weather warm, this is the most powerful performance sweatshirt you’ll ever put on, whether it’s 5 or 25°C. Relentless athletes deserve relentless performance. With this hoody, Mother Nature will need to quit before you have to.


You work hard, you like to play even harder, and every day is a battle you win against yourself by having the right attitude. Now let your clothes speak volumes about your positive lifestyle. This new line of t-shirts designed by the team of Unsung Hero Apparel and NHLer Claude Giroux will inspire, motivate and drive your workout to new limits.


If you run for speed, then this shoe needs to be part of your gear. Lightweight, built with comfort and performance in mind, these shoes have the ABZORB technology that increases shock absorption at the heel and forefoot. Available in many color combinations, they will cater to your sense of style in addition to your need for speed.


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spirit Dr. Tannys Vause Ottawa Fertility Centre

TIPS TO OPTIMIZE YOUR FERTILITY W ith the arrival of warm weather, many people venture outdoors. New parents with strollers abound, while children play in the park. It is the time of year when many couples begin to think about starting their own family.

Due partly to the fact that many women now wait until later in their lives to conceive, infertility rates have risen. Approximately 15% of couples experience infertility. For women who are trying to conceive, there are several natural ways to improve your overall health and chances of conceiving. During this season, there are endless opportunities to get outside and be active. Whether you’re out walking or jogging, rollerblading, or participating in team sports, the summer provides a great opportunity to improve your fitness. Be open to trying new things! For example, kettlebell training has become popular in recent years. Look for these versatile weights at your gym or purchase one at your local fitness store.

Vol. 2, Edition #1

I love to take my kettlebell outdoors to do my workout in the backyard or at a nearby park. You can also try incorporating intervals into your regular training to challenge yourself and maximize the cardiovascular benefits of your exercise. To stay motivated with your workouts, enlist some help! Pick activities that you can do with your significant other. This will improve both your physical and relationship health. You can check out my blog at to see how my husband and I embrace fitness as a couple. It’s now also a great time to reassess your nutritional habits. Farmers’ markets and grocery stores are full of fresh local fruits and vegetables. You can also get outside to barbecue lean meats and veggies on your grill. By improving your fitness and nutrition, you can achieve greater health and optimize your fertility. The key to success with natural fertility boosters is to make fitness and proper nutrition part of your everyday lifestyle. The decision and power to make these changes rest with you – so start today! ● like us on Facebook




Dr. Harris Prehogan B.Sc, D.M.D

This can cause gingivitis, an infection of the gums. When your immune system steps in to fight this infection your gums become inflamed, and may bleed when you brush. Were this same type of infection to appear anywhere else in your body, you would no doubt go running to the doctor for treatment, but bleeding, tender gums are often ignored. Untreated, this tenderness will turn into gum disease. This inflammation can cause the gums to ulcerate, destroying the soft tissue and bone that anchors teeth to the jaw. It also sends inflammatory substances throughout the body. Researchers are discovering that out of control inflammation may prove to be the engine that drives an ever growing list of greatly feared, chronic illnesses; from clogged arteries and heart attacks to arthritis and cancer. This link is just one of a number of hypotheses explaining how chronic oral infection may trigger or intensify systemic diseases! Often, it is a dentist who first discovers a larger health problem. Since they see their patients frequently (2-4 times a year), dentists can easily see changes in a patient’s gums. This may lead them to ask if patients have had their blood sugars checked recently. In fact, a doctor may refer a patient with uncontrolled blood sugars to a dental professional.


s far back as we can tell, people have tried to keep their teeth clean. The ancient Egyptians used myrrh (tree resin) and antiseptic herbs to treat infected gums. They also drank beer that contained the same bacteria that produces tetracycline (a commonly prescribed antibiotic today) to treat their unhealthy teeth. Today, gum disease has passed tooth decay as the most common cause of tooth loss in adults. Termed ‘the silent epidemic’, gum disease affects 80% of Americans over the age of 65. Given the state of public health, good oral health is more important than just preserving your smile. Growing research suggests that gum disease may play a role in a variety of health problems; including diabetes, respiratory illness, pregnancy complications (e.g. preterm births) and heart disease. So, what exactly is the connection between your mouth and your overall health? The primary culprits are the millions of bacteria that lurk in your mouth. Some of the 500 species of bacteria in your mouth can be harmful. These bacteria build complex colonies of ‘sticky’ plaque. This plaque (tartar) is composed of durable coral reef-like structures that build up at the gum line and in the crevices around teeth.


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New research suggests that periodontal disease can affect a diabetic patient’s ability to control blood sugar levels.

The mouth is a gateway to the rest of the body. The perception that dentists care for your teeth and gums and doctors look after everything else is breaking down. There is no separation between oral and whole body health. Staying healthy and keeping fit requires more than just exercise and a good diet. It is just as important to our health to brush and floss regularly and get dental checkups. Keep that smile bright and you will really have something to smile about! ● like us on Facebook

photos: Jessica Deeks



From landscaping to wheeling along: A passion going on for miles and miles and miles…

W take him?

ayne Skemer is a landscape entrepreneur, who was looking for a new way to keep active and fit, in order to continue to enjoy life for a long time. Did he know how far it would

Wayne has always enjoyed outdoor sports. He has been involved in hockey for more than 20 years, as a goal judge in the NHL and with the Ottawa 67’s. He skis, is an avid walker, and also bikes casually. That was until 4 years ago, when Wayne became a bike nut, at 55 years old. Who said bikes were for kids? For Wayne, cycling went from a leisure activity to a full-blown passion. Last summer, he joined a competitive bike club, where twice a week they compete against other clubs. During the summer season, there are also a number of long distance road races that Wayne participates in. Clearly, distance does not faze him; the Rideau Lakes tour has about 3000 participants, who start off from Perth, bike to Kingston, then back to Perth, for a total distance of 240 km. But for Wayne, it starts and ends in Ottawa, adding 150 km to the outing. Why stick the bike on a car when you can just pedal a little longer, right? As part of the Kunstadt bike team, he will participate in 4 or 5 long-distance tours this summer. In case you are wondering, this is not a senior’s tour. Wayne is actually one of the oldest racers on the tour, and the oldest member

Vol. 2, Edition #1

of the Kunstadt team, where his teammates are all in their 20’s! Wayne’s training routine includes biking alone 3 days a week in the countryside. Looking to enhance his leg strength and cardio to better tackle the hills, he joined Greco (at the Queensdale location) in November 2011 and now trains with Armand three times a week. Although cycling is a total body workout (using legs, cardio and core), additional training in the gym helps improve overall fitness, in addition to enhance specific aspects. His favorite exercise is dragging tons of weight on the sled to build up his leg strength. Wayne is mainly a road cyclist; he devours the pavement on his many wheels, but only two at a time. He owns 4 bikes, including a top of the line Carbon fiber racing machine. He purchases all his equipment directly from Kunstadt, and recommends you get the proper equipment for the type of cycling you wish to do; each style having its perfect instrument. If you are interested in taking up cycling, a professional outfitter, like Kunstadt, will fit you with a bike for your level of experience, which you can upgrade later as you develop your skills, as Wayne did. While Wayne may not have known how far cycling would take him when he took it up a few years ago, it’s a sure bet that he is on the right track to achieve his personal goal to stay healthy and strong and enjoy life to its fullest for a long time. ● like us on Facebook




Miryem Salah Nutritionist

“When I get calls about the latest diet fad, I imagine a trick birthday cake candle that keeps lighting up and we have to keep blowing it out” (Brownell, K).


here could not be a better way to express my point of view towards these ‘fashionable diets’ that have become an integral part of Western media. Fad diets consist of limiting the intake of some macronutrients or the avoidance of specific foods, proclaiming immediate and drastic weight loss. However, their popularity quickly fades when it is realized that these restrictive, non-palatable diets seldom deliver and can cause numerous side effects that can prove harmful to one’s health. The Atkins diet remains the best example of a problematic weight loss plan: while this high-fat diet held a possible acute weight loss benefit, it resulted in harmful effects on lipid profile, promoting atherosclerosis and increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease (Anderson et al, 2000). Another treacherous negative aspect of fad diets is yoyo dieting, which consists of a sequence of weight loss followed by subsequent regain. This weight cycling can result in tremendous weight gain over time.

When it comes to weight loss, the complexity of the relationship that we have with food combined with the Western way of life promotes alternatives requiring little sacrifice. It is well reported that individuals will choose the option that requires the least amount of effort to achieve a change. It is therefore very important to understand that there is no miracle pill to lose weight; however, once it is clearly understood what nutritional or psychological aspect is affecting our intake, positive change can be adopted. Don’t get me wrong — a hypoenergetic balanced diet (HBD) should be adhered to as a sustainable option for weight loss, and this requires giving up some favorite foods and indulging less, but it is mainly a matter of learning to say no. Efforts have to be made and if negative energy balance is sustained, positive results will be achieved. Unfortunately, what sounds easy in theory can be complex in practice, and HBDs often result in weight loss at rates that are too slow to encourage individuals to continue their efforts and achieve a healthy sustainable weight. Hence the importance of increasing the impact of dieting by complementing it with activities involving energy expenditure: exercising, dancing, walking, or anything of interest to the person in question. In fact, it was strongly emphasized in a meta-analysis comparing different obesity therapies that exercise plays a crucial role in weight loss (Anderson et al, 2001). In addition, many other psychological and environmental factors affect food choices and eating behaviour. Psychological determinants of eating are crucial and can be addressed using behavioural therapy; for example, many people report ‘boredom eating,’ and this can be addressed by planning activities during the at-risk times. There is no single perfect therapy, miracle pill or fad diet that will easily shed the unwanted weight. Weight loss can and will be achieved and maintained if one understands the triggers of overeating and/or addresses his or her unhealthy nutritional and lifestyle factors accordingly. So blow out the candle, plan your healthy meals and hit the gym.


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t. 613 825 LEAN Kanata * Beech St. * OAC * Manotick * Barrhaven * Sparks St. * Upper Hunt Club Colonnade (Coming Soon) * Kanata South (Coming Soon) *

“I always loved martial arts so it was just a normal continuity.”


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Written by Karis MacDougall Photography courtesy of GSP RUSHFIT


nquestionably one of the most gifted athletes of this century, Georges St-Pierre (GSP) re-defined conventional standards in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Known as one of the most lethal MMA fighters, St-Pierre attributes his training regimen, nutrition, and dedication as the formula for maintaining his UFC Welterweight title. His warrior-like mental strength is comparable to that of Lance Armstrong or Muhammad Ali: stopping at nothing to achieve the pinnacle of his chosen sport. The buzz around this fighter is undeniable – with an impressive 400,000+ followers on Twitter and quickly reaching 3 million Facebook “likes” on his fan page – this man has quickly become one of the most fascinating athletes of the century. In a one-on-one exclusive interview with GSP, we spoke of his Canadian roots on the international fighting stage, his RUSHFIT training program, and the importance of incorporating sports as part of a well-balanced lifestyle.


I was first interested in the sport when I saw Royce Gracie fight in the early 90’s. I always loved martial arts, so it was just a normal continuity.


As Mr. Matsui told me in Japan, waiting is also training. I do train during my rehab but differently.  Getting injured puts things into perspective.

WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO TRAIN WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE AN UPCOMING FIGHT? WHO OR WHAT INSPIRES YOU? To win motivates me. All the energy of my fans is also a huge motivator. But there isn’t a bigger motivator than being a world champion.

HOW IMPORTANT ARE REST DAYS WHEN YOU ARE TRAINING? HOW OFTEN DO YOU TAKE THEM, AND HOW DOES IT VARY WHEN YOU ARE TRAINING FOR A FIGHT AND WHEN YOU ARE NOT? Rest days are very important. Before I used to say: “I’ll sleep when I die”. This was one of dumbest things I said.  Rest is very important.  Your body needs to rest. Too much of anything is too much.

DO YOU FEEL PRESSURE TO MAINTAIN A HIGH LEVEL OF PHYSICAL FITNESS AT ALL TIMES DUE TO YOUR STATUS AS A FIGHTER, OR, IS THAT SOMETHING THAT HAS BEEN WITH YOU YOUR ENTIRE LIFE? It’s been with me my entire life. I am hyperactive, so I need to be moving all the time. Staying physically fit helps me to stay mentally fit as well. It helps me have a balanced life.


My diet doesn’t really change. I should say that it’s really the week before the fight that I change my habits.  Food is like life: balance is everything. I do eat properly, but if I want to eat a chocolate, I do eat it.

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It’s not the training itself but the intensity of it and the pressure ramping up. Close to a fight, it’s 24/7.


I do. Right now RUSHFIT is helping me share my sports knowledge and training techniques.  I have a super busy schedule, so I’ll dedicate more time in a couple of years.

WHEN BUDGET CUTS COME TO SCHOOL SYSTEMS, TYPICALLY PHYSICAL EDUCATION IS ONE OF THE FIRST SUBJECTS TO BE CUT. HOW IMPORTANT DO YOU FEEL PHYSICAL FITNESS IS IN THE LIVES OF YOUTH, AND WHAT ROLE DID IT PLAY IN YOUR CHILDHOOD. It played a huge role in my life. My behavior changed when the karate school was closing for summer.  Going to school is the #1 thing kids should focus on, but doing sports will keep your life balanced and your body healthy. It’s not just doing sports, it’s also eating well.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING GOALS AND FUTURE PLANS, WE HEARD RUMORS OF YOU PERHAPS WRESTLING FOR CANADA IN THE 2012 OLYMPICS? WHAT ELSE IS ON THE HORIZON? No, I won’t go to the Olympics. To go to the Olympics I should be practicing wrestling every day and dedicating my life to it. As well, I would need to compete (in wrestling) but I don’t have the time. To live the Olympic dream would be fantastic.


I should say that I train so much that I don’t really have time to practice another sport, but I really enjoy hockey.


I should say that I have high regards for Anderson Silva. The precision of his strikes is phenomenal.


I’ve never met stronger people than gymnasts. Their body coordination is just phenomenal.

TELL US SOMETHING THAT WE MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU? That I try to keep my private life private. It looks like GSP will have some difficulty maintaining his desired level of privacy. With the popularity of his high intensity RUSHFIT System, and being named Canadian Athlete of the Year by Rogers Sportsnet in 2008, 2009, 2010, this French-Canadian current UFC Welterweight champion will continue to dominate the ring, hoping to place yet another championship belt around his waist while still in the octagon. GSP RUSHFIT is available at 36

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“It’s not the training itself but the intensity of it and the pressure ramping up. Close to a fight, it’s 24/7.”


To mimic my exact training regimen is really hard. Although, RUSHFIT is a great way to see what it looks like as it incorporates wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and stand-up moves. RUSHFIT is adapted for everybody, for all levels of fitness.  RUSHFIT is minimal in terms of equipment, so it’s like having your own gym at home.

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Aamer Haleem & Norma Reid


Total Fit Magazine wakes up very early for some healthy living tips from Canada’s favorite morning show hosts. CTV Morning Live, CP24 & Canada AM



“My alarm goes off at 3:15am Mon-Fri and while most people think you might get used to it - YOU DON’T. Every morning when I hear the alarm I think “you must be kidding”. But the moment you put one foot in front of the other, it all falls into place!” - Bev Thomson



Dez Melenka & Rob Williams

As early as 2:00am and some of us a little later around 4:30am. Lots of fresh coffee 1st thing. Take naps after work and hit the gym mid-day, get to bed early.


Especially for our working hours, fitness and healthy living is vital. It helps you sleep better and can even help you quit smoking says Steve Anthony. We run, bike or walk with our kids, walk our dogs, lots of sports, boxing, swimming, slow pitch baseball, marathons, golf, hockey, climbing, yoga, hiking and gym.

With a combination of moisturizers & healthy eating, we also drink lots of water, don’t eat much after supper, limit junk food, plenty of rest, exercise regularly, and use sunscreen.


Jefferson Humphreys & Aisling Tomei

Jonathan Glasgow & Lindsay Dunn



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Heidi Petracek & Jason Baxter

“I believe the more active you are the more energy you‘ll have. As soon as the show ends at 9am I head to the gym (just don’t tell my boss) it helps me unwind from the show and after sitting on my duff for 5-hours” - Kept Secret


Yogurt & Fruit, Vector Cereal, Granola & Bananas, Oranges, Grapefruit, Walnuts, Flax seeds, cinnamon, protein shakes, fruit, hemp seeds, orange juice, boiled eggs, oatmeal with maple syrup, apples with natural peanut butter, veggies, poached eggs, egg-white soufflé, turkey bacon.

of Canada, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Charles H. Best Diabetes Foundation, Aga Kahn Foundation, Cross Cancer Institute, WIN House, ihuman, Oilers Community Foundation, Good Neighbours Fund, Diabetes Association, Edmonton Down Syndrome Society, Princess Margaret Hospital, Canadian Stem Cell Foundation, Special Olympics, Artbound and Free the Children, Regina Humane Society, Canadian Cancer Society.

Special thanks to Shannon Gallagher. Photos courtesy of CTV


Wayne Gretzky, Sidney Crosby, Mohammed Ali, Tiger Woods, Jack Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Phil Jackson, Magic Johnson, Terry Fox, Dez’s Grandma, Lianne’s Dad, Steve Yzerman, Pinball Clemens


Kurt Stoodley, Lianne Laing & Jeff Hopper


● Guess who’s alarm goes off at 2am? ● Who gets lots accomplished while sleepwalking? ● Who uses his wife’s Olay moisturizer and steals his daughter’s favorite snack: nuggets/fries? ● What guilty breakfast options do they all enjoy? ● What inspires them to wake up before the rest of Canada and reveal their most memorable stories that they have covered?


Steve Anthony & Melissa Grelo


Kris Laudien & Eleanor Coopsammy

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Photos by Gord Weber (

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living Jennifer McGahan Interior Designer


“In this Client’s dining room, the wallpaper is meant to be the showstopper. It is bold, and it makes a statement of personal style. All of the other elements in the room are kept simple, solid colored, and neutral, to allow for the wallpaper to be the focal point.”


ave you ever walked into a room in which you instantly felt a sense of ease, comfort, or peace? Could you figure out what it was about the room that gave you that feeling? I would bet it was in alignment with your own personal style. I believe that good design should not only be beautiful and functional, but also reflect who you are. Your space should be an extension of your life, your personality, and your style. I often recommend that clients have a look in their closets to give them an idea of their preferred aesthetic. Do you wear mostly black, white, and shades of grey? Do you wear a lot of bright colors? Florals? Are you a risk taker when it comes to fashion, or are you most comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans? Fashion and interior design are close relatives. Home design trends tend to follow fashion trends, although home décor trends move more slowly, as they are not as easily changed from season to season. So doesn’t it make sense that your personal style (as reflected in how you dress) should also be reflected in your living space? Your space should look like you, and you should look like you belong in your space. A beautiful home, just like a wardrobe, evolves over time, piece by piece, and grows in character with the experiences of the people who live in it. Whether it’s a 400-square-foot condo or a sprawling estate, it should tell a story of personal style. Does yours?


Vol. 2, Edition #1

To further illustrate my point, there are some very basic rules of fashion that can be applied to home décor. They include; 1) Invest the bulk of the budget on acquiring quality basics for your wardrobe and supplement it with cheaper, trendy pieces that will likely be out of style next year. This applies to home design as well. I like to focus my budget on a good-quality, clean-lined sofa that will last for decades, and save on more easily replaced items like an area rug. 2) Accessories make the outfit! A classic tailored black suit needs fantastic jewellery to finish it. I see the beautiful chrome goose-neck faucet in a bathroom or the crystal chandelier in a dining room as the jewellery in the room. A little sparkle goes a long way! 3) Make a bold statement of color or pattern in one place (i.e. a dress shirt), and balance it with a solid colored piece (i.e. a pencil skirt) to anchor the space. This is akin to using boldly patterned wallpaper on one wall as a statement and focal point, but anchoring the room with a dark hardwood floor and neutral-coloured furnishings. 4) Know yourself, develop your own personal style, and buy what you love. Don’t feel the need to follow every fleeting fashion trend. (Anyone remember harem pants or the neon craze?) A classic, timeless look is a better long-term investment. If you’re not sure what your style is, I recommend browsing through décor magazines and ripping out pages that speak to you. If you do this enough, you will start to see a pattern, and your designer will be able to pick it out very quickly. 5) Avoid matchy-matchy! Your shoes don’t have to match your handbag and your belt! You’d be surprised how many people think they have to buy the entire showroom dining room set — chairs, table, sideboard and hutch all in the same finish. It is much more interesting to mix it up and have it appear that you have been acquiring pieces over time that all magically work together in harmony. ● like us on Facebook


Canada’s culinary superstars at the NAC’s 2nd Annual Celebrity Chefs of Canada Photos by Giovanni



NAC Chef Michael Blackie & friends; featuring Master Chef Susur Lee, Food Network’s Lynn Crawford and Vancouver’s Vikram Vij. Showcasing the newest culinary trends and best cuisine from Canadian chefs, the event once again featured live cooking demonstrations, a food and wine tasting reception, and new this year, a chic after-party where guests mingled with the chefs.




6 CHEF TEAMS                                                       




1.) Lynn Crawford, Ruby Watchco (Toronto), Michael Blackie, National Arts Centre 2.) Susur Lee, LEE (Toronto), Matthew Carmichael, Restaurant e18hteen 3.) Vikram Vij, Vij’s (Vancouver), Cesare Santaguida, Vittoria Trattoria 4.) Jeremy Charles, Raymond’s (St. John’s), Jonathan Korecki, Side Door 5.) Ned Bell, Four Seasons Hotel (Vancouver), Patricia Larkin, Black Cat Bistro 6.) Jason Bangerter, O&B Canteen | Luma (Toronto), Jason Duffy, ARC Lounge 7.) Quang Dang, West Restaurant (Vancouver), Marc Lepine, Atelier 8.) Jason Parsons, Peller Estates Winery Restaurant (Niagara-on-the-Lake), Clifford Lyness, Brookstreet 9.) Patrick McMurray, Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill (Toronto)

A.) Patrick May, STEM, Wine Group Inc. B.) Maryse Campbell, Pelee Island Winery C.) Dimitri van Kampen, Spearhead Brewing Company D.) Laureen Harper & Jayne Watson

A Vol. 2, Edition #1



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MODERN LIVING IDEAS Courtesy of Clear Designs (

Lighting Mini Kelvin LED light, Designed by Antonio Citterio

MINIKELVIN LED adjustable LED desk lamp providing direct lighting, with pantograph arm and adjustable head. Body made of fused aluminium alloy. Available in chrome. On/off switch is electronic with optical mechanism located in the head. Antonio Citterio was born in Meda, Portugal in 1950. He graduated from Politecnico di Milano University with a degree in architecture in 1972. The same year, he began work as a designer and consultant in the field of industrial design.


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Cardboard Softwall + Softblock modular system (with LED lighting)

These innovative designers have won numerous international and local awards for their designs and creations. They are a studio of committed designers researching materials with the exploration of space making in mind. Made with cardboard, this product is green and innovative, while incorporating acoustic qualities, lighting, flexibility and texture into spaces. They are walls that create temporary space that can move and change form. Made in Vancouver!

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ECO Wallpaper

Wallpaper is still amongst the finishes used for interiors. Used in a modern application, typically one wall is treated with an accent of texture, pattern or colour. Gone are the days of wallpapering all walls of a room or space. Keep it minimal and fashionable. The techniques are now wasteless with green processes, while providing sought after urban, modern wallpapers. Aimée Wilder is providing trendy, modern and classic patterns that meet the requirements of a green wallpaper. If you’re looking for unique, modern, and fun, look no further! All patterns are hand silk screened with care on clay-coated paper. All left over inks from the printing process are salvaged and reused – nothing is wasted or washed down the drains.


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Modular Carpet Tile

Carpet tile is the next wave to hit the floors of all types of spaces. This is a great option for corridors in condo buildings, office spaces and even for the home. It’s warm and cozy feeling is perfect for the bedroom, or for the basement where moisture might be an issue. This product is versatile, stylish, easy to maintain and easy to clean: its durable low fibres make it difficult for spills to penetrate. Should a major mess occur, you can just pop out the damaged tile, and replace it with a new one! The tiles are hypo-allergenic, alleviating any allergy-related concerns. Last but not least, the tiles are eco-friendly, as they are made with recycled material. Locally manufactured in Belleville, Ontario. Vol. 2, Edition #1 â—? like us on Facebook


mind Stuart Graham Financial Advisor



Have you seen the movie “Moneyball”? You need to be like Brad Pitt’s character, Billy Beane and find the players who will best suit your lineup. Fund selection is very much like that.  Is it better to have three superstars in your lineup, or is it better to have lots of solid performers to fill up your roster? Obviously, most of us would go for the superstars if we knew who they were, but the better strategy is to diversify your lineup in case you cannot find that cleanup hitter. Sites like are a great tool to help you analyze different investments. Just as Billy Beane had Peter Brand to help him with his team, be sure to sit down with your financial advisor since they are best equipped to help you sort out your investment roster. 


Yes, it is possible that the creditor insurance has confirmed that your husband is insured and yet your husband is not. It is very important to go back to the application and see how the health questions were answered.  While your husband may have answered no when asked if he had cancer, there is another catchall question to see if he has had any tests performed. If he said that he had not had any tests and he consulted a

Vol. 2, Edition #1

We all know the benefits of staying in shape, but your financial fitness is just as important. Here to keep your wallet in top form is Stuart Graham, Financial Advisor. doctor a month before completing the application it would be best to get in touch with the insurance company to make sure your husband is covered. Once the insurance provider makes sure the health questionnaire was properly answered, they will confirm whether or not he is insured. If he is not eligible they will return all the premiums you have paid to date. It is important to know that creditor insurance does their investigation at the back end and not the front end like a personal individual policy. This means that you could be paying your premiums, without actually being insured.

I CANNOT HELP BUT WONDER IF I WILL HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO RETIRE ON IN THIS MARKET. HOW CAN I MAKE SURE I WILL HAVE ENOUGH TO RETIRE ON?   Make a retirement plan. The idea being that if you know the destination, you are going to enjoy the journey. Without a retirement plan it is like taking a trip to Florida, but you end up in Cleveland. In the old days we would get a map and plot out the route on our own. Nowadays though, you can work with your financial advisor like a GPS. They will work closely with you to plan your route, and tell you when to make the appropriate adjustments to get to your destination. In the end, if you know the number you need to get to and you know what you have to do to get there, the journey will be far more enjoyable. ● like us on Facebook


body Dr. Joel Naturopathic Doctor

Top 5 Tips for Luscious Locks!

With the warmer weather comes swimming, sunning, resting and relaxing. It’s all good, right? To get your summer beauty routine working for you, try these top five tips for naturally full and shiny hair. #5: PROTEINS Include high-quality, lean sources of protein such as organic chicken, turkey, beans and legumes, nuts and seeds in your diet. Without adequate protein (or with low-quality protein), one can experience weak and brittle hair, while a profound protein deficiency can result in loss of hair color. Poultry also provides iron with a high degree of bioavailability, meaning your body can easily reap its benefits. #4: DIGESTIVE ENZYMES To allow optimal digestion and absorption of all your hair nutrients. #3: SALMON When it comes to foods that pack a beauty punch, it’s hard to beat salmon. Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, this high-quality protein source is also filled with vitamin B-12 and iron. Essential omega-3 fatty acids are needed to support scalp health. A deficiency can result in a dry scalp and subsequently dry hair, giving it a dull look. Vegetarian? Include one or two tablespoons of ground flaxseed in your daily diet for some plant-based omega-3 fats. #2: ESSENTIAL OILS Studies suggest that some essential oils are biologically able to promote hair growth. Essential oils for hair growth are excellent for cleansing, nourishing, and strengthening the hair follicle and shaft. Add two or three drops to olive oil, mix well and apply to towel-dried hair, leaving it on for at least half an hour, then rinse out with your normal shampoo routine.

Useful Essential Oils for Hair Growth:

Lavender Lavender essential oil is used to treat a variety of conditions including alopecia (hair loss). It has been shown to promote the growth of hair and increase the rate of wound healing. In one particular study, it was found that people suffering from alopecia who massaged their scalps with lavender and other essential oils daily for seven months experienced significant hair re-growth. Jojoba Jojoba essential oil can be used with any hair and skin type. The healing qualities of jojoba oil are beneficial for extremely damaged or breaking hair. Apply the oil to towel-dried hair and leave on for at least half an hour. Additionally, a very small amount applied to the skin of the face will help prevent hair dye stains when dye is applied. Burdock Burdock essential oil is good for the scalp, encourages hair growth, and helps with the problem of hair loss. It is also good for skin, scalp and hair cell renewal, and stimulates blood flow to the root of the hair. Rosemary and Clary Sage Essential Oils for Hair Growth Rosemary encourages hair growth. When used externally with clary sage, it proves extremely beneficial to anyone wanting to grow their hair.

#1: NUTS Do you go nuts for thick, shiny hair? You should. Brazil nuts are one of nature’s best sources of selenium, an important mineral for maintaining the health of your scalp. Walnuts contain alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid that may help condition your hair. They are also a terrific source of zinc, as are cashews, pecans, and almonds. A zinc deficiency can lead to hair shedding, so make sure nuts are a regular on your healthy hair menu.

BONUS TIP Have your hormones tested. Imbalances may have an impact on the health of your hair. Both men and women tend to lose hair due to hormonal changes, in particular due to androgen in the body. Androgen is the male hormone that plays a very important role in both hair loss and hair growth. This metabolism of androgen gets involved with an enzyme, the 5 alpha reductase, which tends to combine with testosterone to create DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). DHT is a natural metabolite of the human body and is the main reason for hair loss.

Sources: National Health Service (NHS) UK, The Mayo Clinic, Wikipedia, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) USA, National Institutes of Health (NIH) USA. 50

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body Darrin Mathews Registered Physiotherapist

OH MY ACHING BACK! A s spring is upon us and summer approaches, it is once again the season to continue to fulfill our New Year’s resolutions. Spring brings warmer weather and increased activity, but that nice weather can lead to individuals being overzealous when it comes to exercising. Unfortunately, this increase in our activity level often leads to back pain for many people, as they venture out to start gardening, take up running, or just generally become more active.

It is known that roughly 60-90% of Canadians will suffer from some sort of back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain accounts for a large amount of lost time in the workplace — as much as 40% (Worksafe BC). If the pain is left untreated or if the injured person does not receive any therapy, this pain reoccurs at a rate of 90%. This is where interventions such as physiotherapy, massage therapy and a good back rehabilitation program can be of benefit: to stop the pain from recurring, to help give pain relief, and to allow patients to get back to work and to their daily lives. WHAT CAN CAUSE LOW BACK INJURIES OR PAIN? Many things can cause low back injuries or pain, including muscle strains or spasms, sprains of ligaments (which attach bone to bone), joint problems, or a slipped disk. Contrary to popular belief, the disk does not slip but rather bulges. The most common cause of low back pain is using your back muscles in activities or ways that you’re not used to, like lifting heavy furniture, playing basketball, shoveling snow, doing yard work and even bending over to tie up your shoe. A slipped disk (medically know as a disc bulge) happens when the disk between the bones bulges and presses on nerves. This is often caused by twisting and bending while lifting; however, many people won’t know what caused their slipped disk. This pain can be felt down one or both of the legs and is commonly known as “sciatica.” Back pain can also follow normal activities such as bending over the sink to brush your teeth. This pain may be made worse by stress, long periods of inactivity or being in an unusual position for a long time. If you are experiencing back pain, be sure to monitor your symptoms.

Call your doctor or seek medical help (from a physiotherapist/massage therapist) if:

• Pain goes down your leg below your knee. • Your leg, foot, groin or rectal area feels numb. • You have fever, nausea or vomiting, stomach ache, weakness, or sweating. • You lose control over your bladder or bowel. • Your pain was caused by an injury. • Your pain is so intense you can’t move around. • Your pain doesn’t seem to be getting better after two to three weeks.


• Don’t lift by bending over at the waist. • Lift an object by bending your hips and knees and then squatting to pick up the object. • Keep your back straight and hold the object close to your body. • Avoid twisting your body while lifting. • Push rather than pull when you must move heavy objects. • When starting an exercise program, start slowly with a gradual build-up. • If you must sit at your desk or at the wheel of a car or truck for long hours, break up the time with stops to stretch. • Try not to sit at your desk for more than 45 minutes straight without a short break. • Think about your posture. (No, bad posture is not genetic!) • When wearing shoes, try to wear ones with heels that are less than two inches. • Warm up for 10 minutes whenever possible before engaging in physical activity.

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spirit Arlene Dorey Independent Consultant with Arbonne International


am so excited. The warmer weather is finally here. But wait, something very mysterious happened over the winter. It would appear that my clothes dryer has begun to shrink clothing. My favorite jeans, oh no! I did manage to get them over my hips after a few jumps and leveraged pulls, but the zipper was more than a little stubborn. I lay down to tug, rolled around and pulled, and then finally had some success. After some serious deliberation over this mysterious and disturbing situation, the only thing I could reasonably conclude was that I was in TOTAL DENIAL! As I reflect over the past few months, I realize I have done what many Canadians do during the winter — hibernate. The colder the weather becomes and the deeper the snow gets, the further into hibernation I go. Missed workouts, comfort food, the Christmas social season, glasses of wine by the fireplace instead of going for a workout — it all adds up. This past winter was also a time of many life changes for me and my family, selling a home, moving to a new neighborhood, finding a new location to work out, a new trainer and finding a schedule that worked. Challenges? Yes. But the challenges became excuses, albeit really convenient ones. Surely most of us have fallen off the healthy lifestyle wagon at some point or another, but it really is critical to get back on track immediately. Write down what has made you successful in your health goals in the past. Try to remember what it’s like to sleep well, wake up energized and feel like you’re on a high all day long. Find what motivates you, tap into it, grab onto it, announce it if you have to, and focus your energy on it. If this is all new for you, set achievable lifestyle changes and incorporate three healthy habits each month. Don’t set daunting goals — I guarantee, you’ll become discouraged and give up. I do promise that if you develop a monthly plan that focuses on adopting lifestyle changes, the results will be what you are seeking and will often exceed your expectations.

What works for me? Planning and scheduling. I schedule my workouts for the entire month — this way, I know what social events and commitments I will need to work around while still finding time for my minimum weekly workouts. Although I don’t plan meals in the traditional sense, I do have some basic habits which I find successful. I always have fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and protein shakes readily available. HERE’S MY PLAN FOR THE COMING MONTHS TO GET BACK ON TRACK: • Workout three times per week — minimum! • Nutritional planning: For breakfast, I always have a protein shake with acai berry concentrate. • Eat a minimum of three colorful things from the ground every day. I like to bring fresh green beans, carrots, various berries and nuts with me to munch on all day. On the run and missing lunches? I keep portions of protein powder and a shaker with me to mix with water. Easy, fast, and you won’t sabotage yourself later in the day due to missed meals. • I love to drink chlorophyll with a Fizzy Tab mid morning and mid afternoon (lots of energy!). If you’re like me and tend to eat out a fair bit, plan on what you’ll eat and look forward to it. Don’t be swayed by other tempting items on the menu. Ask for your meal to be prepared the way you want it. • My motivation: I love to feel physically strong, sleep well, and have tons of energy (and zip up those jeans easily!). Cycling season is around the corner and I want to hit the pavement flying. MY FAVOURITES FOR WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: #2069: Fit Essentials Vitamin/Mineral Shake (with pea and cranberry proteins and vitamins/minerals) #2079: Fit Essentials Energy Fizz Tabs (with vitamins/minerals; increases the metabolism) Available at:


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body Korey Kealey Culinary Artist



orkouts, along with weight loss, require proper nutrition for success. When looking at different approaches, nutrientdense foods with low sugar and lots of flavour seem to be key elements to a successful plan, yet incorporating them into our busy lives is often easier said than done. Soup appeals to most people, with the added benefit of hydration and the required veggie boosts. The sweet potato is a nutrient powerhouse, full of color, a little sweetness and flavor. This neutral soup base is delicious on its own and can be dressed up and enhanced with some simple toppers. SWEET POTATO SOUP: Serves: 4-6 Prep time: 8 minutes Cooking time: 25 minutes This flavorful basic soup hydrates, fills the belly and tastes delicious. Switch up the flavours with the different soup toppers listed below or create your own! 1 tbsp olive oil 1 large onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 stalk celery, chopped 1 large carrot, peeled, chopped 3 large sweet potatoes, peeled, chopped 6 cups low sodium vegetable broth

and broth; bring to a boil, then reduce heat to simmer for 18 minutes or until vegetables are fork tender. Remove from heat. Using a hand immersion blender, puree soup to desired consistency. Ladle into bowl and top with 2 tablespoons of your favorite toppers (see below). SOUP ENHANCING IDEAS: 1. In small bowl, combine 1 hardboiled egg (finely chopped), 1 tbsp finely chopped celery, 1 tbsp finely chopped red pepper, 1/4 tsp dried dill and 3 minced capers (optional). Sprinkle on top of soup. 2. Add 1/2 cup cooked quinoa to the soup to make it more of a stew, loaded with easily digested protein. 3. Swirl 2 tbsp of La Grand basil pesto on top of soup (available at Natural Food Pantry and Produce Depot). 4. Top with Salsa Fresca: try Farm Boy’s in-store salsa. 5. Get creative and try to combine a couple of the tips! Korey’s tips: keep hard boiled eggs on hand in the refrigerator for a quick snack. Sprinkle with a little truffle salt for a tasty treat. Super Quick Mashed Sweet Potatoes: Wash well and poke sweet potato with knife. Microwave on high 3-5 minutes, turn over and microwave an additional 3 minutes or until soft. Let cool slightly. Slice down centre and fluff with fork. Top with a couple tablespoons of Farm Boy salsa.

Heat oil in large saucepan over medium high heat; sauté onion and garlic for 5 minutes or until softened. Add celery, carrot, potatoes

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body Dr. Patricia Berbari Certified Plastic Surgeon


owadays, more and more women and men care about their fitness and appearance. Diet books, as well as training programs are flooding the market. Body shaping may be popular, but it is no easy process. Firstly you must have the motivation to make a change. Once your mind is set, the second step is to find a training program and diet that will work for you. You should set a realistic goal so you can enjoy the experience without being stressed out. Once you’ve made your decision and started your program, it might be a good idea to consult a plastic surgeon to see how they can help you reach your goal. Depending on your age, the amount of weight you are looking to lose and your health, different procedures may be required to help you fully achieve your dream. Plastic surgeons offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical options to help you look how you want to look. For example, losing fat in your face can make you look tired and older. You can either try Botox injections or fillers that will give you a youthful look, or you could try a facelift, especially if you are older and have more severe signs of aging. As well, breast volume will also change with weight loss in both men and women. Breast lifts, breast augmentations or outright skin removals would be a great way to improve your confidence. As you lose more weight you may also be interested in tummy tucks, or an arm and thigh lift. Everyone has a dream figure they want to achieve, but are often held back by health, or age. Consult with a certified plastic surgeon today to see how they can help you look and feel better.


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Shannon Lawless Relationship & Sex Therapist


pring is a time of growth, renewal and rejuvenation — three important areas that provide nature with balance and opportunity. These aspects provide a natural balance to the seasons, and they can also help to provide balance and health for you and your relationships. In seeking out balance and health in ourselves, it is also important to consider balance and health in our relationships. Part of this balance involves taking care of ourselves emotionally, physically and relationally. Capitalizing on the opportunity that spring offers us by creating a balance in our physical and relational selves allows us to experience the benefits of health in all aspects of life. Exercise has been shown to help with our physical and psychological health on an individual level, but have you ever considered the relational benefits to physical health? The benefits of exercise are also applicable to our couple relationships at any stage: increased energy, positive impacts on mood, reduced anxiety, and increased strength. Let’s take a closer look at each of these areas within the context of relationships. Check online at for tips on how to use this information at different stages in your relationship. INCREASED ENERGY If you’ve ever had a period of time when you have been less active followed by a return to physical exercise, you will know that it will take lots of energy from you at the outset, but with some consistency, physical activity can actually increase our energy levels. This increase in energy makes the act of getting the exercise you need an easier task. Relationally speaking, the same idea holds true. The first step in creating change is often one of the hardest, but when we stick with it, the change becomes second nature and no longer requires our undivided attention to complete. For example, making your partner a priority (e.g. date night or a small act of caring) takes some planning and effort at first, but practice and consistency can make this a natural part of your week together. You’ll find that you’ll have more energy to spend on, and with, your partner once you are able to make steps in meeting one another’s relational needs in a more consistent fashion. POSITIVE IMPACTS ON MOOD Research has shown that physical exercise can have a positive impact on depression. The endorphins that are released during exercise help to create more chemical balance in the brains of those experiencing depression, resulting in an increase in positive effect. When we consider this in the context of couple relationships, the things that cause us to feel hurt or sad are those that we need to express, rather than bottle up. The cathartic nature of exercise (getting the nega-


Vol. 2, Edition #1

tive energy out) can be very important in couple relationships. When we hold in the negative thoughts and feelings that we have about our relationships, they can fester and breed resentment. But when we give them enough space in our conversations to move past them, they can actually be an opportunity for growth and connection. REDUCED ANXIETY For many people, the experience of worry and insecurity that comes with anxiety can be reduced through physical activity. Releasing energy through a physical means provides more peace of mind and can help to increase confidence. This idea relates to our couple relationships through attachment and a sense of security. Not feeling safe and secure in our couple relationships (e.g. unresolved conflicts, not being able to be vulnerable with your partner, or not having trust in your relationship) can bring about relational anxiety. Relational anxiety can invite us to act in ways that are not supportive of our relationship and thus breed less trust and security. Developing more trust and security in our relationships can significantly reduce relational anxiety; it takes effort and intentionality. INCREASED STRENGTH As we take care of our physical health, our muscles are fed and nourished by some foods and not others, and some exercises strengthen our muscles while others can hurt them. The benefits of increased strength in our bodies include the ability to experience less pain, a reduction in the effects of illness, and a greater ability to take on the challenges that come our way. In relationships, we create strength through connection, trust, caring and communication. The benefits of building and maintaining this strength is that over time as a couple, you will be able to communicate through any challenges that come forth in your relationship. The strength in your foundation as a couple allows you to manage conflict in a more effective manner. If you can focus on building the health of your body and relationship simultaneously, you should be noticing the improvements and be in great shape in all aspects when swimsuit season comes around! Additional advice & tips for new and long-term relationships. ● like us on Facebook

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Whether you are a man or a woman, you will find the services well suited to your needs. You will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere where you can put your worries aside during your visit...

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Steve Warne Writer & Broadcaster, Co-Host Team 1200 Sports Radio

‘Good Girl’ Carrie Underwood Shares her Passion for Health and Fitness

Images courtesy of Arista Nashville


arrie Underwood’s new album, beautifully titled “Blown Away” is one of the most eagerly anticipated country albums of 2012.  The first single, “Good Girl,” is a lively, catchy country-rock track. It blew everyone away when it debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Digital Country Songs chart. Carrie’s fans were also blown away by her picture on the front of the album. Underwood has obviously been working hard in the gym, she looks stunning.  She’s come a long way from the girl who won American Idol in 2005. “I’m from Oklahoma,” says the 29-year-old songstress.  “Fitness is not a lifestyle there. We don’t have a gym in my hometown [Checotah, Oklahoma]. Never have. All the restaurants in my hometown are fast food. Once I got out of my teens, it hit me so hard. When I was in school, I played basketball, I played softball, and I was a cheerleader. So I was working it all off. Once I got out of high school, I packed on about ten pounds and then on American Idol, another 10 pounds.” “I’m a little person. I’m 5’3” and I was about 130 pounds. My metabolism was slowing down because I wasn’t doing anything. I carry all my stress weight and my potato chip weight around my mid section and you gotta fight genetics sometimes. Working out, I feel a lot better now.” Underwood’s husband, NHL player Mike Fisher, was traded to the Nashville Predators last year.  During Fisher’s time with the Ottawa Senators, he and Carrie both used to work out with Ottawa-based trainer Tony Greco. Tony Greco says, “In the gym, she accepts everything you throw at her.  She manages to keep pushing forward and I think that’s probably why she’s been so successful – in the gym and in her career.  She has great balance in her life. That’s why she’s a winner.”  58

Vol. 2, Edition #1

While Underwood always tries to maintain a healthy meal plan, she refuses to deny herself completely. “You have to enjoy life,” Underwood advised. “I eat. I love food. I will be good six days out of the week so I can go out and enjoy dinner one night, so I can have that little extra dessert.  Don’t go crazy or anything.  But it’s really important, to be able to feel good about yourself and not be on a ‘diet’ all the time.  You just live a healthy lifestyle and every once in a while, if you do the work, you can have a little treat.  There’s nothing wrong with that.” Underwood is a vegetarian, not an easy choice for someone raised on a beef farm in Oklahoma.  It’s harder still when your husband’s passions include hunting.  “Mike swears [joining her as a vegetarian] is never going to happen,” she laughs. “But we tag team it. We cook together. We’ll make a lot of grilled veggies then I make my protein and he makes his. He wouldn’t want me cooking his meat for him. I wouldn’t know what to do with it.  It’s work but it makes dinner fun, too.” “I completely respect the [meat] industry but it’s just not for me.  Back home on the farm, the cows were like my dogs, the idea [of eating meat] just weirded me out.  It was a difficult choice at first because I spent the first 20 years of my life eating meat.  But I’m just one of those people who decides she’s going to do something and does it.” Her career and fitness success leave little doubt about that.  Underwood’s new album, “Blown Away” will be released in May 2012. ● like us on Facebook




The 4th Annual Greco Gives Back Gala Photos by Richard Smith & Lori Hoddinott


ogether, Sponsors, Clients, Greco Schools and friends helped raise $60,000 for the Foundation To Fight Obesity in Children. It was a fun and fancy evening with guests dressed to the nines and ready to bid and support kids and their community! Mrs. Laureen Harper, MP Pierre Poilievre and Mayor Watson also attended. Several Ottawa Senators and their wives joined in the fun, donating signed jerseys for the auction and a special cheque presentation by Popeye himself with an additional $4971. A special thanks to Bell Media’s Graham Richardson and Kurt Stoodley for MCing as well as Stuntman Stu for his suave auctioneering skills! The Foundation would like to thank the Corporate Partners;

Popeye’s Health Supplements, Minto, Jason Shinder, CanvasPop, GRC Architects, Engel & Associates, Kelly Santini, Deloitte, Preston Hardware. This year the Foundation has committed $10,000 to Holy Spirit School in Stittsville and $25,000 to Ottawa Community Housing (Carson’s Rd Re-Development) This money will be spent on outdoor playgrounds for the kids. 6 guests from the Carson Community were generously hosted by GRC Architects. Thanks also to the team of volunteers! Arlene, Karen, Michele, Sean, Savannah, Dave, Carolyne and Miriam. 60

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Who said working out is serious business?


A BIT TOO RELAXED Both of my sisters were getting married in the same week; 2 weddings to manage so you can imagine it was quite hectic. My mother was running around a lot and one night, she did her nightly yoga routine to relax. During the night, we came upstairs and found her sleeping on the yoga mat! Talk about relaxing… We laughed so hard it woke her up. Once she realized what had happened, she had a good laugh too!

CAUGHT IN THE ACT Working in the fitness industry at one of the Greco locations, I know how important it is to present a fit and healthy image. Members at the gym look to their training staff for tips on workouts and most importantly, diet.  One year, I decided to dedicate myself to training and dieting for a fitness competition.  The training routine was strict and the meal plan rigid, with no exceptions. A few days before the show, my fitness coach let me in on a little secret about preparing for the stage: most of the competitors sneak in a few candy bars to eat before they go on!  The purpose is to get your body some quick carbs and sugar, to help bulk up your muscles, making them stand out in the spotlight.  So before I left town, I stopped by a local convenience store to do a little shopping.  I walked up to the cash register with my arms full of every kind of candy bar in the store, and when I turned, I saw two members from the gym, in line right behind me.  Not exactly a picture of fitness!


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Total Fit Magazine Issue 4 - Georges St. Pierre - Fitness & Health  
Total Fit Magazine Issue 4 - Georges St. Pierre - Fitness & Health  

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