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Enjoy Your Vacation on a Seattle Alaskan Cruise

The Adventure Travel Trade Association’s website, states that the state of Alaska has seen a 30% increasein demand in tourism in 2011, when compare to bookings in 2010. A number of factors including an improving economy, successful marketing strategies can be attributed to the increasein consumer interests. In fact Alaska has been chosen as the world’s greatest cruise destination by UK’s leading travel experts.

Cruising in the Alaskan wilderness is all about enjoying the pleasures of nature. Travel onboard a Seattle cruise Alaskan cruise and marvel at the wildlife as whales, dolphins, sea lions, penguins, puffin birds skim the water as you passby. A stop at Ketchikan allows you to watch the majestic American bald eagles that almost engulf the area.

Cruising has always been a popular choice of people choosing to travel in style. Cruise liners too have decided to shed their past image by introducing activities and attractions geared to attract people of all age groups. Multiple dining options, large cabins with plenty of choices, enhanced spa services are some of the features to enhance customer satisfaction.

You could either book a cruise package on the internet or book it through a travel agent. The travel agent through his contacts with cruise liners is in a better position to help you with deals, added value and information. So if you are looking for the best cruise prices in Seattle, speak to a travel agent, who can help you in discounted rates, cabin selections, onboard credits, and other facilities that you can’t avail through DIY work.

The cruise agent can also help you in selecting the right cruise. Right from Seattle wine cruises to Seattle’s best Mediterranean cruises, the travel advisor has travelled extensively on cruise liners and is the best person to advise you about a cruise vacation that’s best suited for you. Travel agents usually determine the right cruise package for you by asking you questions about your thoughts of an ideal vacation and guide you about the right ship, package and destination, rather than guide you on the destination alone.

You could either choose from a premium cruise package or a mid-priced all inclusive package that

includes everything right from accommodations, dining, entertainment, and facilities like live music, fitness center, pool deck etc.

And for those looking for bargains, it’s important to start early. Try and book a package as soon as the cruise liner announcesits seasonal promotions becausethe best deals often have limited availability.

Colleen Turner is an authority on the best European cruises and Seattle’s best cruise line deals and has written extensively on the best cruise packagesin Seattle.

Enjoy Your Vacation on a Seattle Alaskan Cruise  

The Adventure Travel Trade Association’s website, states that the state of Alaska has seen a 30% increase in demand in tourism in 2011, when...

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