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by Edward

Cttwin1: Tell me a little bit about the Alexis sisters? HuniiAlexis: Well we have known each other for 3 yrs now and we became triplets about a year and half ago. And what brought about you ladies becoming triplets? Well we figured since we were really close why not become triplets. We had the same style. That's cool, so where did the name Alexis come from? I and my sister Karamel thought of it, we said we needed our own name. And you guys just decided on Alexis. Yes, now our family has the Alexis name. So what do you ladies like to do? Well me and Karamel are more of the keep to ourselves sisters. MrsGood is the party girl. We party sometimes but we are the more laid back types. Gotcha, so who has kids on here? Well I and MrsGood do. She has twins and I have 6 grown kids So the Alexis family is growing, lol. Yes we are pretty big. I have 30 grandkids just me. WOW! Yes, you guys are deep. Lol, yes very. Are any of you married? Nope. Cool, so any single guys reading can come and find you huh? Yes. Alright, in closing, in your own words, tell me something you may want others to know about you guys? The Alexis sisters are fun loving women. We don’t like drama nor do we tolerate it. Once you get to know us, you will know the entire Alexis dynasty. It’s about 40 of us. We like to have fun, so don’t be afraid to stop by and say hi. Well I just want to say thank you for your time, and we hope to see u again very soon. Ok no problem, anytime.

Cttwin1: So tell me, how long have you been on imvu? rMarieX81: Almost 2 years, it seems longer. I know the feeling, do u have sisters on here Yes I do CoCoaDee and msdeedeediva of course. Also Aj, our family is growing. And you're one of the co owners of Boss Bitch Entertainment is that correct? Yes it is a sisterhood that we love. What is your role in the group? Lol, I'm like the rebel, I do what I want and it drives Cocoa crazy, I go as the ideas know? Ok, you guys have a new club open now right, let us know a little about it? Yes, yes :) ~ Sierra Leone ~ it's a mellow spot for lovers to come and date, get close and have a little romance and fun, a good chill spot. Ok, that sounds good and when is it open? Pretty much every night between 9 pm EST till whenever, we don't close it. Ok cool, so tell me, how are you enjoying motherhood? Oh I love it! I have good babies, Imani and Armani ...hard work though, but I'm enjoying every minute. And how is the balance between managing the club and spending time with them working out? Well it not as hard as you may think, I have all day with them and they stay with the nanny at night when I'm working. But the hard part is missing them while I'm gone. I can certainly understand that. Well I do want to thank you for taking time out to do the shoot and the article. No problem Ct, I'm honored to be a part of this. Thank you and we hope to see you soon in up and coming issues. know it! lol

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