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Weddings by Fontellla

Here Kitty, Kitty! A interview with Kittyx7xBlaq


Don’t stress, let Fontellla do it for you!

One of IMVU’s Top Models Introducing MsDeeDeeDiva39

About the Magazine:

We plan to feature in the pages of this magazine, some of the hottest photos of imvu’s best models and everyday people. As well as featuring some of the best products for sale by imvu’s hottest known and unknown developers. We hope that you enjoy what you see, and support those developers and models that will be featured. Thanks Cttwin1

A. B. C.

Created by Ct Design Studio for C&c Enterprise


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Weddings by Fontellla Cttwin1: So give me a little background info about yourself. Fontellla: Lets see, I’m from VA, 36 and single. How long have you been on imvu? It was a year in January. So do you have a career on here? Yes, I do wedding and event planning. Nice, so tell me a little about the business. Well lets see, I have been in business for a little over 5 months. I do weddings, birthday parties and baby showers. I do invitations as well and I have 1 son MasterFitz II. Ok cool, so tell me how does it feel to be asked to be in the debut issue of A.B.C. magazine? I was so excited when you asked me, its a honor in itself. Have you ever considered modeling before? Never, never been asked, but I love fashion. I do my best to look as good as I can every day. And you do a good job, as the pictures will show. Thank you. Your welcome. So is there anything else you'd like to say before we let you go? No... Just thank you for letting me be in your magazine. It was our pleasure. So tell everyone what the name of your business is and times you operate? Weddings by Fontellla. I’m open Monday thru Friday, from 10am to 5pm and I do appointments after hours. I have rooms set up for viewing. That's great, our mission is to help developers and business owners get more clients, so we hope the doors get knocked off the hinges after this shoot. Me too! Alright Fontellla, thanks for being such a great model. Thank you again.

Outfit by: HeavenlyTribalBioti

Hair by: xxmrsjeyezxx

Swimsuit by: legacy

Hair by: HeavenlyTribalBioti

Shoes: musilla

Dress by: xxmrsjeyezxx

Hair by: rosyqbaby

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For more information Contact: Cttwin1 Or XxChrisettexX

Here Kitty Kitty! When we set out to do this project, we searched for someone that we could feature and present to everyone as our debut cover model. We’re proud to introduce to all of you, Kittyx7xBlaq… Cttwin1: Hello Kitty, please have a seat. Tell me what attracted u to the site? Kittyx7xBlaq: Well one of my friends who is no longer on imvu told me about i tried it and I’ve been here ever since. What has your experience been like since you've joined? Well its been fun.... I have learned that the way people are in real are mostly how they are on have to roll with the punches. Yes that is so true. So other than Kittyx7xBlaq, has there been any other name changes? Ummm yes...there are too many to I kinda flow with the seasons, if you know what I mean. I feel you. So how much time and thought did u put into creating your avi? You mean how much rofl Lol. Well I know that was costly, so we won't ask. I designed my avi to look like how I do in real life.... I’ve come a long way but I’m here now. That's nice, so u have to be one very fine woman in real life. Yes I am but I don’t brag… I’m just blessed to have good looking parents. Lol Thank God for your parents, lol. You’re a mess. Lol. Since joining, what have been your interest on imvu? Fashion, modeling and acting. Have we seen you in anything those far? Well I’ve modeled for a few developers. Oh that's great. Thank you very much.

Judging by how comfortable you were with the shoot, you seem to be a very passionate woman? Yes I’m very comfortable with myself and my body. No one can tell me anything about me that I don’t already know. I’m a very romantic person. Nice. You had so many hot looks and fashions for the camera, what is your favorite look? Do you like being dressed up or more laid back? Hmm let me see, I love all of them but I guess my favorite would be lingerie or nothing at all. I consider myself a sex symbol so I love the sexy look. I’m a laid back person, if I could be nude all the time I would. Oh wow, now that’s hot! Like I said, I’m comfy with me. I have to tell you, you’ve been chosen to be the feature model for the launch of the magazine. Oh wow! How does it feel that you’re on the cover? Well it’s an honor that a magazine would want me to be their feature model, I can say I won’t let you down. That’s what we like to hear and hopefully, this won’t be your last cover. Just don’t forget about us little people once you blow up. I won’t, like I said, I model for some developers so if they are not considered little to me, then your magazine won’t either.

So in your own words Kitty tell the readers and potential employers about yourself. Well I’m a driven individual with lots of experience. I just want to be myself out there and shine. Well we’re going to do our best to help you with your goal. ~smiles~ We want to thank you Kitty for giving us your time today, and we look forward to working with you again in the near future. Well thank you for having me.

Hair by: Java Outfit and shoes by: MsEXQuisiteDIVA Jewelry by: TiaraStone

Hair by: SugaSexy


Hair by: 1Vetta


Jewelry by: catoeyes

For information on products and pricing Contact: SirFitzSr or MrsQu33nFitz


One of imvu’s Top Models

Cttwin1: So, tell me a little about yourself Dee. msdeedeediva39: Well I’ve been on imvu for 1 yr and during that time I became a top model in different groups. I also just recently got married to a wonderful man. Ok nice, I'm sure he'll appreciate that, lol. I know right, he is my heart. I’m also a Group leader and club owner and a promoter, so I juggle a lot of hats. What's the name of the group? The name of the Group is Boss Bitch Entertainment, it is Co-owned by Marie n Cocoa. And how long have u ladies had the group? Since March of 2010. I started off as an officer and they gave me chance to prove myself. I was promoted to Group leader shortly after but its more then just a group, its a sisterhood. So you must've really made things happen within the group. Yes we have So you guys just host parties? Yes we do How often do you have your events? Each of us has our owner skill. We do host events every weekend and we try to make it fun and exciting, but it’s a lot of work. Lol, but we love doing it. I can believe you. So have you been in any ads that we may have seen? Yes, I recently did a hair ad for Myrianna93. Nice. I also did an ad for mcicy and I’ve also did ads for FemmesPassion and Kiatrina just to name few. Impressive, I see why you have been know as a top model. Yes, it’s hard work but I enjoy it Very good. Thank you. Well we want to say thank you for gracing us with your presence in our little magazine and we hope to do more shoots with you in the near future. Aww, you’re welcome, but I know its gonna be big. Thank you. You’re welcome ~smile~ Thank you for having me, this was a pleasure.

Outfit by: Dashing

Hair by: Ph

Boots by: anadepa

Outfit by: Caralolita

Hair by: MrsSupreme

Shoes by: Electrivibe

Swimsuit by: Designer

Hair by: Ph

By: Cttwin1

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