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Class of 2022 Sending Off

Class of 2021 2


Introduction of the Inaugural Yearbook


las! It is out with a bang! You have been curious, waiting, and now the wait is over. You are holding in your hands the Inaugural edition of the CTSSS Yearbook, put together by our unrelenting team of editors. This maiden edition of the CTSSS annual Yearbook is poised to showcase, celebrate, and send forth our graduating students of 2021! These set of students showed their resilience through all the upheavals the year placed their way. Thank God they all showed up and showed out, through the obstacles COVID put their way. We are using this medium to celebrate them, and send them out, prepared to take up the challenges of the world. Our hope is that this wonderful school of ours has prepared them enough to make positive changes in our world. In this maiden edition, we will also be showcasing the growth of our school thus far, and you can catch a glimpse of our plans for the future of CTSSS. Also, watch out in the coming months for the publication of the schools magazine, emanating from this great citadel of learning, put together by the Saviour Scope team. As a teaser, expect articles sparked from the heightened interests of our students in the skills of writing, with intriguing and brain racking articles, poems jokes, wise sayings and more. As a sneak peak, you will be reading interviews conducted by our crew that made a voyage to Amafor-Imerienwe, Ngor-okpala, the country home of a notable, reverend and renowned Proprietor and Founder, Monsignor Anselm Nwogu to tap from his profound and expertise reservoir of knowledge and experiences, an erudite scholar Arch Bishop AJV Obinna, highly versed in secular, spiritual and ecclesiastical matters, who humbly granted us interview in his office at Assumpta Cathedral Owerri. I salute you sirs. You are to say the least, balanced personalities. I also doff my cap to my indefatigable principal, Rev. Sister Emmanuella Mbanude, a dogged administrator who does not take "no" for an answer. Her insistence for a perfect work has made this publication very possible. Our esteemed parents and the public are thus admonished to procure and peruse this publication. Their suggestions, contributions and motivation will encourage us for a better and future production. I urge you parents and the General public to bring your wards to the school where their intellects are sharpened; a well-protected serene environment where there is a total development of a child-body soul and spirit. Follow the train of CTSSS and cruise to the climax of academic and intellectual attainment. Congratulations Class of 2021!

Madu Lawrance Chukwuemeka


From the Principal Rev. Sr. Mbanude Emmanuella (SFCC)

entrepreneurial activities such as confectionary, cosmetology, young farmers both crops and livestock, art, and craft. Club activities develop kids mainly in their cognitive as well as affective knowledge, such activities like, peer educator, talent hunts, word games, literary and debating, drama, press, JET/STEM under the supervision and mentorship of their teachers who are professional in such areas. Sports, both indoor and outdoor games are not left behind especially with the conducive environment meant for such activities. The school therefore trains intellectual giants, future job creators and not job seekers and future world changers.

“Education as a process, trains a person to become a fulfilled being. It transmits the culture, values, knowledge, and aspirations of people from one generation to the other”. Worthwhile education serves as a means to an end and in correlation with other adequate facilities such as ICT, music, clubs, sports to mention but a few. Its role embraces teaching, learning, research, and entrepreneurial activities. Effective and functional education therefore prepares one for one’s intellectual, moral, emotional, spiritual and financial ventures.

The magazine in your hand right now is being made possible by these students. They go beyond the borders and frontiers of the nation to win laurels in both literally and sports competitions. We therefore encourage the parents and the general public to enroll their wards into this great citadel of learning that produces generation of future leaders, high fliers and world changers.

Our school, Christ the Saviour Secondary School (CTSSS), was established on very solid foundation with the sole purpose of developing a total person. The development of the potentiality of a child begins from the cradle of his school career. The school in her wisdom has therefore provided all the resources man (well trained teachers, articulative management theme) and materials (well equipment computer, Chemistry, Biology, Home Economics and Physics Laboratory) to achieve this purpose.

The taste of pudding they say is in the eating. You are most welcome.

The school knows the importance of skills in one’s life and on this note the school has a wide range of 4

From the Office of the Vice Principle General Academic Analysis Sporting Activities:

Teaching and Learning:

As we all know that "all works without play makes Jack a dull boy". The school makes sure that the students participate actively in games.

The school has a crew of teachers whom are grounded academically and they do all their best to make sure that the kids are carried along in the area of learning.

The school has both indoor and outdoor games that help sharpen the minds of our kids.

School Structure:

Among these are Scrabble, Chess, Football, Table tennis, badminton, urban myth games, to mention but a few.

The school has a serene environment for learning, well equipped laboratories (Physics, Chemistry Biology and Computer), Library (both American and Nigeria standard), good refectory and comfortable examination hall.

Moral Behaviour: The school prides itself in the formation of the students. We mould and sharpen them to be better individuals.

Internal and External Examinations: The school has recorded very wonderful results for some years now and believes that it will continue that way as the teachers put in their best to educate the kids.

The school does not only train the child on the area of academics but also forms them morally, mentally, socially and culturally.

For internal exams, we don't compromise standards. The kids always give in their best as they know that an award awaits them at the end of each academic session.

CTSSS is a better place to be so we urge our parents to always play their part in helping us to form these kids. Rising to a higher standard.

Abaraonye G.A. (Mrs.)



Life Life at at CTSSS CTSSS


HOUSES Lemon - LIFE White - PEACE Yellow - JOY Purple - HOPE Red - LOVE

GAME TIME Scrabble





Volley Ball



Physics Lab

Chemistry Lab

Computer Lab

Biology Lab


Clubs Confectionary



Young Farmers

School Brigade

Arts and Craft Cultural


Press 9

Spiritual Life C h r i s t t h e K i n g P ro c e s s i o n


Excursions Red Cross Orphanage


Class of 2021






“A GREAT and WONDERFUL INSTITUTION” Christ the saviour secondary school… What a great and wonderful institution of learning and academic excellence, with effects on the students both morally, socially and spiritually. Christ the saviour secondary school had taught, nurtured and groomed me since the day I was admitted in 2015 the second week of September till date. The school has so many positive and effective rules and regulations surrounding its academic walls with the help of our dearest principal (very Rev sister Emmanuella) who has taken her time to stretch, trace and improve the school with her brilliant and effective ideas and decisions. The school's moral, social and spiritual activities are always heart and breath taking whenever they are being organized or displayed, this is too show the wonderful co-operation between the students and teachers. Christ the Saviour is truly a great institution of academic upbringing in the past 14 years of its existence with all the wonderful staff that joined hands in making it possible. I want to say thank you first and foremost to God who is the greatest and to my proprietor Rev. Msgr. Anselm Nwaorgu for setting up this wonderful school and to all the staffs for their teaching, support and their advice and to the cooks for their good food, not forgetting the securities for their safeguarding. God bless you all and I appreciate everything. I am very proud to be called a student of Christ the Saviour secondary school. Thanks and God bless


Nnadi Anita Ahunnaya

Nick Name: Annabella Brooks Post Held: Hostel perfect Ambition: To make my family and myself proud Best Quote: There is nothing hidden under the sun Favorite food: porridge plantain Hobbies: singing and dancing Course: Mass communication Occupation: News casting


“A GREAT ALMA MATER” performance which seems explainable to me. I have

Christ the Saviour Secondary School, Abakuru whose

withstood so many competitions being done in or out

motto is Rising to a higher standard, molded me to

of the school and we always have amazing grades

who I am today from when I got admitted in 2015 till

and awards. To be motivated in academics does

date. I had so many positive changes in my

many things, it inculcates the habit of reading and

behaviour and grammatical language. I can still

also making out ideas. Having responsible leaders

remember when I was a small kid, I used to tell my

and teachers does excellently good than harm in

parents that I would not go to a boarding school,

school especially in CTSSS. Responsible leaders

meanwhile CTSSS was where I discovered my true

inculcate discipline virtues in the students. I also helps

self. The school is more than a home to me. Teachers


including the academic and non-academic staff,







hierarchical way.

never failed to correct and discipline students whenever it was required. Though some thought of

I am very grateful to God for seeing me through this

them as being over strict, I knew they were just

journey and I also thank my teachers for instilling

striving so hard to produce disciplined children. In

knowledge in me. Leaving my Alma mater gives me

most boarding schools I got interviewed, I got so

joy that I have taken one step into a bigger world.

irritated by their food but when CTSSS came in view, I

Once again, I thank you all

was so excited about their cafeteria because their

for your contribution in

food looked so much like home food.

molding me. Thank you very much

In the religious and moral aspect, I give CTSSS a

for being a part of my success. I

thumbs up. Before I was admitted to this school my

will never forget everything

spiritual life as I have now, wasn't appreciating but

you have done, I will always

now I am a prayer warrior. The Catholics in the school


are always engaged in catechism every Sunday, so

to God for you all and

also the Pentecostals in Bible studies. This school is

may the school keep

morally upright. It brings out the spiritual and moral

"Rising to a higher

part of a student's life. What an ecole and


uluakwukwo that brings out the language spirit of the

Hail Alma mater


Hail ecole






standards to speak outside with others in French and

Hail uluakwukwo

Igbo most especially. Igbo is compulsory rather than

Hail Christ the Saviour

optional (which would have made students create a

Secondary School

lackadaisical attitude for Igbo language). CTSSS is


great school which grows the academic standard of

Nmesoma Onunwa

students. The important standard of a child that

Class of 2021

matters is the academic growth. The students of CTSSS





standard 16

“A SCHOOL FILLED WITH GREAT MEN AND WOMEN” My stay in this great institution of learning has been a great one. I have really "risen to a higher standard". When I began this school in 2015, I was scared at first. Changing environment wasn't really my thing. I learnt to be bold and courageous. My academic life took a new dimension. My teachers helped in instilling good morals and godly principles in me. Christ the Saviour Secondary School helps in improving a child's whole being. Our teachers drill our brains and prepare us for competitions outside the walls of the school. Christ the Saviour Secondary School is a big family united as one. CTSSS is a school that every child will dream to be part of. Hail my Alma mater! A school filled with great men and women. I say a very big thank you to everyone, for your time and support, in advising and guiding me through out my say at CTSSS. My prayer is that God in his infinite mercy will guide and keep us safe.


Okorie Glory Tochukwu

Nickname: Nicky Splash Post Held: Ex. Assistant Social Prefect

Ambition: To make a good degree and be successful Best Quote: There is nothing impossible with Him Favourite Food: Fried rice and chicken Hobbies: Singing and reading novels Course: Law Occupation: Performing legal work for individuals


“A GREAT SCHOOL” My name is Ndubuisi Valentine Ndubuisi. I am a CTSSS (Christ The Saviour Secondary School) graduate. This great school has changed so many lives throughout my stay in the school from SSS 1 to SSS 3. Several things which this great school has changed in my life are self-dependence, self-discipline and good conduct. The self-dependence in me, made me to standout without looking for help from anyone. The academic and nonacademic staff have impacted so much good moral behaviours in my life both academically and personally, which at the end makes me a better person in the school, my family and also to the society at large. I owe them my respect. The school has very good and qualified teachers, and it has a good conducive environment for learning. It also has good basic amenities for students and teachers, such as electricity, lockers, comfortable chairs, etc. Lastly, I will like the school to improve in their sporting equipment, creative arts, and music to bring out what is hidden in the students. By doing this students will be able to participate in one or more sporting activities and partake in inter school sports competition. This will thus bring out the creativity in them. The school needs to make provision for clinic, so that in case of emergencies, the lives of the students will be saved. Also they can make available good qualified doctors and nurses to take good care of the students in need. I deeply want to appreciate the principal Rev. Sis. Emmanuella and the staff of the great CTSSS for your love, time, advice, support and guidance. I pray that the good Lord will continue to bless each one of you and also keep the school "RISING TO A HIGHER STANDARD" Thanks, and God Bless! NAME:

Ndubuisi Valentine Ndubuisi

NICKNAME: Mac Don Vallyman POST HELD: Outgoing Refectory Prefect AMBITION: A successful businessman BEST QUOTE: There's no food for a lazy man FAVORITE MEAL: Jollof rice, salad and chicken with chilled drink HOBBIES: Football, Table Tennis, Singing and Listening to Music 18


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