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. Shootsand Scores!! The other day I had a vision into the future; it was the 7th sudden death overtime! Luongo passed the puck to Kesler, who was to his left, beside the boards, on the centre line, from the middle of the net. Kesler then passed the puck to Burrows, who was 42.5ft. awav, on the centre of the rink. Burrows then

quickly passedthe puck backto Kesler.Keslertook a quick slap sho! the puck went flying in to the middle of the net right over the goalieshead. WOOHOO, THE CANUCKS WON TFIESTANLEYCUP!! I know the length from net to net is 74ft.,but I wonder how far the puck had to travel to get from Keslers'stick to the net?


Shoots and Scores